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Who in hololive doesn't shave their bikini areas? I can guarantee Marine has a thick, musky, steel wool-like 70s bush. On the other hand, Sora is either bald or neatly trimmed, because that's what a seiso idol would do.

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>who doesn't shave
So like, almost all of them?

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Everyone in top tier has outright stated onstream that they shave/wax/laser their vagoos completely smooth.
Iofi accepted Moona's offer to go to a beauty salon and get waxed today but they didn't state where.

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the only accurate tierlist ever made

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Why shave? Who goes to Japan and expects shaven pussy anyways??

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Moona and Coco said for hygiene reasons. The others never stated their motivations.

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Who tf wants to eat pussy and get hairs stuck on teeth?

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Actually wait, Nene might have said why. If I remember correctly she said something along the lines that all the cool girls in high school were doing it so she decided to do it too.
Which is typical Nene if you think about it.

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There's no goddamn way I believe Calli admitted to that. She won't even say "boob" out loud.

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She said in a members only stream that she's "smooth below the eyebrows". She was shitfaced on cheap wine.

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Has it been released for free on her channel yet? 'Cause I do enjoy me some socially lubricated Calli.

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Nene talking about it: https://youtu.be/vKQcOe6UkSA
Moona shaving onstream: https://streamable.com/cpz8c4
Coco lasering onstream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eple4P1a_2A

I don't have the other sources onhand. Kiara's was during a donation reading. I can't fucking remember when Choco said it.

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this is the hottest tier list ever created

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No it isn't. How do u even get off to that?

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I knew about Coco. The others were a surprise.

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No, it's all just your headcanon

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Moona can get her snatch lasered live but she needs coaching to work up the courage to talk to Pekora?

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I hope Marine has a huge bush and armpit stubble.

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This is false. There is no way they were shaving their coochie live.
>hey chat, today i am gonna shave my pussy on-stream

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This shit-tier board can transcript a yab of Ollie getting fingered but they can't clip Calli outright saying she's bald from the eyebrows down? Either you're full of shit or this place is even worse than I thought it was.

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I outright posted direct sources faggot. Hell, coco is common knowledge. You have to be a newfag not to know about that one. Even reddit does.
Moona and Calli are paywalled behind membership.
Pay for moona's membership and watch "【MoonASMR】Trim all the hair--- EN【Membership]" If you don't fucking believe me.

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>Moona shaving onstream: https://streamable.com/cpz8c4
based duck

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I believe the links you posted. I'm still unsure about Calli. I'm willing to pay if you can tell me the name of the stream.

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A-chan = Amazon

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Every woman who goes through the trouble to get their downstairs area hairless is currently receiving or planning to receive a regular cock clobbering

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If you think 99% of vtubers aren't getting fucked behind the scenes, you're delusional.

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It's not true

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Ina Ina inaaaa...

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I get pussy when I have the occasion but I'd rather fuck my oshi. I've never fucked a japanese or asian girl in my life, I just want to know if they really have a tight pussy and a hairy bush... onegai
Europoors w*men are so loose and smooth it's so boring. I want to go back to the jungle bros...

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Mikochi is confirmed as well

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>Fuzzy instead of fluffy

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Mikochi no...my little fuzzy girl...

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I can 100% assure you Mel is not smooth

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I also remember something in her ever growing list of "Achievements" that she showed it off once to Lamy who "proceeded to scream and throw stuff at Nene who felt she did nothing wrong." Mind you this is paraphrasing but it basically sounds like something she'd do.

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can confirm

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Can confirm

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good shit

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>Why shave? Who goes to Japan and expects shaven pussy anyways??

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Because distinguished gentlemen like beautifully bald mons pubis and immaculate coin-slot pussies. Anything less worth only your disgust.

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Nene didn't really say "why" so much as stating that it's totally normal and every girl does it. The conversation started when she was talking about their onsen date with Lamy and Lamy said that it looked like Nene was actually trying to show herself off. Well Nene said in fact she was, where else will she get to show off her perfectly trimmed hair?
For the high school part, she said that the girls would show each other what they did and one apparently shaved it in the shape of a star.

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The rest of your reddit tierlist ara408ne bullcrap

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Really what I took from their back-and-forth was that Lamy has Godzilla trapped between her thighs.

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Nene hanging out with sluts confirmed

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Really what I took from their back-and-forth was that Lamy has King Kong trapped between her thighs.

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So this board is for the mentally ill, and unironic losers that have nothing to live for except 3dpd uggos pretending to be 2D, right?

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Yeah, welcome home.

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Gura outright stated in the past and not too long ago again that she is clean shaven down there

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Link. I want to picture tidy shork cunny.

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>tidy shork cunny.
heretic falseflagger confirmed

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>implying Gura isn't rocking an immaculate coin slot pusspuss

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nah choco talked about people seeing her asshole while she gets a Brazilian

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feel free to show me the ollie source

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Source or it didn't happen, faggot.

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>Marine has a thick, musky, steel wool-like 70s bush
who cares, she has an ass so massive it has a noticeable gravitational pool

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>Marine has a thick, musky, steel wool-like 70s bush
who cares, she has an ass so massive it has a noticeable gravitational pull

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Its confirmed (pics) that noel has a fucking jungle down there

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>Polka with one of the hairiest bushes
I didn't think it was possible to get me hornier for this sexual clown but here we are

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>Moona only Holo ID smooth comfirmed
>others are trimmed and Risu has a fuzzy fleece

what is the shaving trend in Indonesia ?

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given what botan's roommate looks like, i can 100% guarantee you she is hairy af down there

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Botanchads just can't stop winning.

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Updated the tierlist.

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wheres the evidence for noel having a bush?

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You DO love your oshi's omanko no matter how hairy it is right anon?

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do your roommate paying reps, like all of us christians

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yeah i've done my reps. but none of what i've seen looks like its got bush in it and i ain't paying for asmr without bush ffs

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Matsuri is also 100% confirmed smooth

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Nah, she's a proponent of VIO.

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Daily reminder that over 85% of japanese women reported to a magazine poll that they "do absolutely nothing" about their pubic hair. 60% reported themselves as "extremely thick"pubic hair.

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good. natural is the way it should be

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Based Japanese women

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of course, Im not gay, omanko is omanko

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Is that actually Noel


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Do your roommate reps.

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Do (You) shave your sack?

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makes me hard

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Vouch for this guy

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This must be fake!!

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It isn't. Though it wasn't intentional and she edited it out of the archived video.

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What video is this from?

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gimme da pussi b0ss

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Where does Irys fall on this chart?

>> No.6496344 [DELETED] 

One of her roommate's asmr streams obv?

>> No.6496369 [DELETED] 

Ah, I don't know pretty much any JP roommates.

>> No.6496539 [DELETED] 

Then consider yourself lucky, it took a while to find it in archive when it was drawn out by "melu bush..." posts

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>He didn't know about Noel's roomate's Greek Godess tier body

>> No.6496575 [DELETED] 

I'm so confused about this picture, does her body get cut in half by that pipe or something? Where's the left half?

>> No.6496607 [DELETED] 

anon, she's turning to her right

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>Implying I wouldn't
you're weak like a baby and retarded like a downie.

>> No.6496623 [DELETED] 

The shade of her left arm is similar to the background

>> No.6496647 [DELETED] 

I'm retarded, I still can't figure out what's going on.

>> No.6496692 [DELETED] 

she's leaning into the wooden railing with her back towards "camera" and turning her head up and to the right

>> No.6496705 [DELETED] 

Everything left to the blue cable you think it's the background it's her arm

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Shaved pussy has always looked straight up ugly to me and I just don't get the appeal of shaved ones. It's like a retarded meme that has gotten way out of hand. A naturally hairy pussy is far more aesthetically pleasing and erotic. A shaved one is just... offputting. Like it's meant to be seen and used all the time. Like a public toilet.

>> No.6496909 [DELETED] 

How tf is that a Bush you can barely see any

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Ask a yakuza for a manslut job and work for them for minimum wage

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There should be a hair in that glass. Or several.

>> No.6497117 [DELETED] 

That's the most you'll see. She confirmed it on twitter and booked a waxing session afterwards.

>> No.6497133

Different anon, but I have unironically considerd that

>> No.6497163 [DELETED] 

Anon...she's even more famous than Noel

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Noo, goddammit! Why would she do that, the absolute travesty.

>> No.6497198 [DELETED] 

Holy shit, why is Mel so goddamn hot? She should have an OnlyFans.

>> No.6497239 [DELETED] 

Well in a recent video she didn't want to bend over because her jungle might peek out, so it's grown back nowadays.

>> No.6497242 [DELETED] 

her asmr is pretty damn good she shows a lot of ass
and has had a few nip slips

>> No.6497282 [DELETED] 

>She should have an OnlyFans
Because once she shows the goods, people will rapidely lose interest. And it would give antis prime material to spam all over twitter.

>> No.6497442 [DELETED] 

link where

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No, she said so herself on coco's 1M stream.

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That was Mel you fucking retard, not Noel.

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Agreedo, not my favorite either. Plus it's not like I'm about to wax my shit any time soon; I don't expect or demand that out of whoever I'm gonna be fuckin'.

>> No.6498190 [DELETED] 

Wasn't that Choco?

>> No.6498298 [DELETED] 

I too need a link, a hint or a lead.

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How did we go from discussing what holomems are/aren't shaven/hairy to roommate talk and personal preference

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I atleast expect some general maintenance. I might like a jungle, but I atleast want it presentable. Regardless of gender.

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very helpful

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what about the hologays?
need their cock measurements and pube stats too.

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I want my oshi to have a nice bush so I can fantasize about nutting on it and having my cum get stuck in her pubes

>> No.6509008

it's either because of hygiene, sex or both

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what an absolute tragedy

>> No.6510442

Suisei is hairy. I checked.

>> No.6510741

you should fuck asian women if you're not asian though.
racemixing is gross

>> No.6510801

fuck wanted to say *shouldn't

>> No.6511011

wanna sniff

>> No.6511057

Too late.

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unfathomably based

>> No.6511259

based european brother following in his ancestors' footsteps and wanting to cross the seas to fug dat sideways jungle pussy

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You expect me to believe that Kanata, whose room is so filthy that her Roomba can't move, is clean and smooth?

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