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It's been too long! I am making a Koopa thread! Cam on, Troopas! I know you're still out there!

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why thread if no stream though

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I still believe in Koopa

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I'm out of the loop, did anything more happen beyond >>5458877

Also, has 4chin abandoning her affected her viewership?

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This thread will go nowhere but I'm going to post KOOPA LOVE in it anyway

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She hasnt abandoned 4chan and even answered a question from the thread in one of her most recent streams. It was just a shitpost in VERY poor taste.

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Literally who?

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>Literally who?

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more like cuckpas, am I right?

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is this the cuck thread?

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Idk my morale feels pretty smashed just from shitposting, the atmosphere feels gloomy in here I just want to curl into a ball and roll out of here

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That's it? That's what everyone's so assblasted about? I thought people went to indies to get away from goslings and shit.

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why people stop making koopa thread?

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She hasnt streamed in a while due to her health.

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Have Koopafags who haven't given up yet never heard not to mix business with pleasure and then double down on being a retard? It's so fucking stupid on her part I can only laugh.

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She's a clout chaser just like Nyanners, except older.


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cucks are in a state of buyer's remorse.

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