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It's not really a secret that most vtubers are Asian, right? I'd go as far as saying a good 70-75% of all vtubers are Asian or have some Asian mixed in. So I want some recommendations for non-Asian chuubas. Pretend you don't have yellow fever for one day and recommend some in this thread. White, black, hispanic, middle-eastern.as long as they're not Asian, post them in this thread.

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There is one Russian girl from idol her feet were perfect I came so good

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>I'd go as far as saying a good 70-75% of all vtubers are Asian or have some Asian mixed in
probably closer to 90%

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YT girl fetish list:

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Most Euro chuubas. Shondo, Yocci, Squ, Nina, White Lumi, Shirahiko

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The undisputed GOAT is Puerto Rican

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lemon whore

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I think HoloEN is currently 60% non-Asian.

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Calli, Gura, Kiara. 3 out of 10. That's 30%, you fool.

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You’re forgetting Ame, Fauna, Moom, Nerissa, and FWMC.

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Where I live the only people that are Asian are the China House restaurant owners. That's one family.
I always imagined there were flat out no Asians in the West. This has been a shock.
They never play it up either. It's just "Hey I'm Jim. I'm just like you."
I like Asians but brother you just snuck up on me wearing an anime mask and didn't think twice about it.

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No way are those little munchkins anything but japanese girls. Also Fauna's personality is way too asian for her to be caucasian. Moom is asian american. I can tell Nerissa is Japanese from her voice, too.

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They're like 5% of the US population. It's a lot more in Canada and Australia. Not sure about Europe.

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Haha you are in for a rude awakening

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You’re trolling. There’s no way this is a serious post.