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Hololive Production* only grows stronger

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>DEV_IS auditions
Interesting, looks like the new gen was a gigantic success despite /vt/ bitches crying about it

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Sisters who wish to join Hololive, stay away from the homos and your ugly Fujo ass will suddenly be more loved than you ever thought possible. Collab with them and you will be more hated than you are now.

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that was only the antis, anything with the blue triangle is destined for success

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>still pretending to hate males

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they struggle to get 300K subs
it's the same as with holostars
cover instead of focusing on their profitable branch, focuses on not profitable branches.

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So DEV_IS? Your made up scenario for success means nothing

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Why is a faggot talking to me?

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They have a much much more successfull branch called hololive, maybe you have heard about it, sister?

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Shiny new graphic aside, this just leads to the same application, where you'll get ignored if you have 0 streaming experience. Or if you were never more than a 2view.

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Again, DEV_IS? Thats HololiveJP gen 7
Keep crying you little bitch, you wasted months of your life being a anti for nothing

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They should focus on hololive. Hololive Japan, the main branch the most successfull one and make debuts in that branch.
Big hype. If cover wants to conquer japan they need to debut new holoJP members.

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You mean weaker. Everyone hates this shit.

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Hololive fans do not like non-holo shit, idiot falseflagger.

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Oh gee sorry mr gigafaggot, won't happen again sir, I mean ma'am.

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Sister, DEV_IS is NOT hololive gen 7...
DEVI_IS is an entire new branch.
Please go back.

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>the irony

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Do nijiniggers really?

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their ccv does not indicate this. in fact they seem to be doing just fine and even Ao is on an incline.
Shitting on dev_is is so weird, unless you're a sister or some sort of larping unikek

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Stupid fucking retard. Even Yagoo himself already stated that they're not gen7.

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For some reason there's a group of EOP schizos who still think Dev_is is holostars.

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No he didn't

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ccv is a cope fans came up with. sub count is what matters

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there is no point in dev_is
it should just be hololive
no reason to dilute with dev_is other than sabotage the main branch
are you a saboteur?

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>ccv is cope
>>subcount is cope
>sc amounts are cope
>>enagement is cope
>everything is cope if i want it to be
This is your brain on /#/rot.

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hololive literally advertises sub count, they bring up sub count in investor reports, they mention sub count on their website. subhuman numbercucks invented the ccv cope. in reality nobody gives a shit about it.

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That's because sub count is a number that only goes up.

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>regloss is not jp7

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no it's because it's the only actual real public metric on youtube

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>Auditioning ReGloss 2
>still acting like ReGloss isn't considered a side branch by Cover.

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Oh, so the very same retards that expect Niji to turn into Hololive and vice versa.

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>Auditioning ReGloss 2
That's not what's happening

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the audition tweet specifically mentions Dev_is. They're going to be looking for more Dev_Is members, like ReGloss. So Regloss is part of a sidebranch, it's not JP7

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Oh boy I can't wait for the new chuuba Ruruha Rosa to come out!

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That's not regloss 2. It's not dev_is 2 either since regloss doesn't seem to be dev_is 1

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i dont know if there is a term for this type of faggotry. I didnt create devis, all the girls have said they applied for JP7 and cover apparently thought there is a market for whatever devis is. All I said is that they are doing just fine.
Also the diluting argument can be made with any new gen that doesnt bring any outside viewership, as they are just diluting and spreading out the existing viewer pool a la NijiEN
I.e. its the only metric you have to make your narrative. Obviously cover has more information than that that they can use to decide whether a branch is successful/profitable

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You ARE going to audition right?

>> No.64060157

realistically theres no way right? I mean itd be hilarious if she came back but cover wouldn't re-hire her over anyone in what I'm assuming to be a massive pool of fresh faces

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Correct its JP7
It literally says so in their logo

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no shit cover has more metrics. i said it's the only real public metric. investors don't compare multiple groups private metrics, they don't have access to them.

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They still get decent ccv for having shit subs

>> No.64060497

Only their subs suck, partially due to Neal. Their CCV is fine.

>> No.64060507

Regloss views absolutely destroy EN shitters. Subs are the most worthless metric in existence.

>> No.64060587

Wanna know how subs are the most worthless metric in existence? Not even the copiest copist in the world will claim Kobo is more successful than Suisei, Miko, Aqua or Korone.

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>its for devis

>> No.64060679

that's only due to the geographic location of her subs

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>Also the diluting argument can be made with any new gen that doesnt bring any outside viewership, as they are just diluting and spreading out the existing viewer pool a la NijiEN
so IF they are going to debut a new gen it's better to debut hololive gen 7 rather than a completely new branch dev_is if it's gonna dilute might as well create bigger hype for the debuts and this way gain more attention and more new viewers and maybe it won't dilute viewers at al. I'm glad you agree.

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>#DEV_IS auditions
More ESG money

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>all members speak japanese
>targets the japanese market
>close ties to the other japanese speaking/japan-targeting girls
they're JP

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>he still thinks the 4 goirillion is worth something

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they're a japanese sidebranch. crazy concept and it definitely is why they lag behind, but it's how they're treated by cover.

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ao and ririka have 5K average
kanade hajime and raden 10K
thats below hololive entire branch average of 12K
and it's because they are dev_is and not hololive gen 7.
they would have gotten much more viewers if they were gen 7.
none of them have a 10K average

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They're a japanese sidebranch the same way ID and EN are a japanese sidebranch
You're a mouthbreathing troglodyte stop posting

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>Kanade Raden Hajime 10k
>None of them have 10k

>> No.64060907

my bad
i meant dev_is as a branch doesnt have 10K average

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Sisters and Gentlemen, I am posting here in this thread not to debate about the nuances of DEV_IS or HoloJP branches nor am I here to post about numbers and the absurdity of Holo vs Holo despite everyone benefiting from it. I am here posting because I know that any new addition to Hololive will always be a step in making it stronger and that it will make those of inferior quality seethe. That is all, cheers.

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DEV IS is inferior quality
They just dropped a new cover out of nowhere and nobody listened to it

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>New Dev_IS openings right after the announcement of Twtich no longer doing business in Korea

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God is a Holofag

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Is this the best ReGloss antis can come up with?

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In the name of Yagod, the Soda and the Holy A-Chan

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Closer and closer to breaking their box

>> No.64062939

more like dubious

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This is fact wrong, it's even worse. Raden dropped to 6k and kanade only has 10k is buff streams, her normal is 5k.
The only one doing well is hajime because she refuses to stream frequently and only does buffs but she dropped last month to 3k playing a rpgmaker game.

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>Raden dropped to 6k
9k right now retard

>> No.64063136

Anon, she got less than 7k top CCV in 7 out of her last 10 streams.

>> No.64063407

I was talking about their average ccv since debut
if their recent numbers are grimmer and reclining then thats more the reason to stop dev_is from producing more shitters and start debuting new holo JPs

>> No.64064071

Dev_IS 2 = HoloKR

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Subcount is for investor, you retard. If you have a billion sub but 1ccv, that an indicator you're not popular.

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they're doin fine..