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>better singer than ensinger
>just wants to chill and play games
why is life so unfair?

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She's having a blast building the ferris wheel

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whatever you say mr schizobrain

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Listen man you might be right but there's already like three of these threads you didn't need to make this one.
As much as I love her karaoke and her singing she's at her best when she just having fun.

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>better singer than ensinger

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>anon bumping obvious shitpost bait
That's something people never learn

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>pepe edit falseflag

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You cope

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i bet your hearing would be better if someone would shit in your ear, jesus christ

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>posts evidence against it
yes, bait

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>seriously, unironically and even remotely IMPLYING Irys is a better singer than gura

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>pepe trash
Fuck off.

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Yes you cope... who's our little coper? Well yes you are!

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Learn to read ESLnigger

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She only sings for her paypigs.

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Pepes and wojacks do not belong on /vt/ and posting them should be a bannable offense. Their whole purpose is to create shitty bate and troll imagery out of the template. They are the epitome of low effort posting and shitposting and once you allow them your board is doomed. No board that uses that trash is a quality board. Yes, /vt/ should and MUST be like /a/ and posting such imagery should be a bannable offense by default.

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Probably replying to bait, but Gura is worse, but not based on raw talent.
Compare their covers of fly me to the moon side by side and you can tell that Gura's technical ability isn't as developed, because she's literally never had proper vocal training.
She gets gassed when she belts because of her inconsistent breathing technique, and she can't hit her lower register consistently.
She has a good ear, and her singing ability and improvisational skills are top notch, there's no doubt, but her main weakness is her inconsistency. She usually can't get through a song without hiccups.
Get her in a room with a coach and she'll improve in leaps and bounds. I'm surprised cover doesn't invest more in the personal development of their talents.

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>better singer than ensinger
[This is what Chumbuds actually believe]

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Don't talk to me about good singers not singing

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Why is gura so fucking shit?

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>better singer
Cope more

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What about the pepe drawn by ina and ame explicitly called their son, inarguably on topic posting

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