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It's like, why be all passive and lie?

Just say you want the holidays months off.

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This is used to be a board of clip watchers. Now it's a board of thumbnail readers.

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Cold chicken. It's all coming back to me.

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Kek this made me laugh

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mumei was streaming?

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HoloEN used to be a group of girls that streamed. Now it's a group full of girls that dodge their fans for months

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Roses are red
This board is blue
I won't watch your clip
And I won't give a (You)

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Just Gura and Ame

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guess who she is spending it with
hint: it's not (You)

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Fuck you.

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Fuwamoco can warm my chicken

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Fpbp, op a faggot.

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Not my fault you picked a subpar oshi.

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>Retard doesn't know what that meme even about.

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>anon makes a pun
>oh look a chance to show how i know more than you! I KNOW MORE THAN YOU
grow up sperg retard

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>inb4 my oshi is a holo even though i hate this hologirl

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I know this is a Mumei thread..
did anyone else notice that Fauna was nominated for Vtuber Awards.. an event sponsored by Fansly, in fact the category she is in is brought to you by Fansly... were the fuk is management when you need them

ppl need to complain about this. we don't need our idols associated with that filth

if you think collabing with males is bad, this is 1000x worse

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I don't hate mumei, I'm just saying
ESL sperg

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Anon, she already said she’s taking Christmas off, this is unrelated, unless one of the relatives she was going to visit suddenly died. There’s no lying here, except maybe in your head.
t. Third worlder

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>she already said she’s taking Christmas off
wonder why

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kek, read it like pic related

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To visit family, like most people in civilized countries do. The only people who think this is an issue are third worlders who think it’s like anime and that Christmas is a couples’ holiday everywhere. Either way, OP’s premise that she’s lying to get out of streaming on Christmas is false.

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fuck off with your doxxfaggotry

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That's where all the information is.

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I always thought this meant she would be. I'm too American to understand.

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Yes, you should huff that copium because you have to eat pagpag every day. If you were worth anything, you’d have known better.

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She didn’t expect to go on hiatus at the end of the year, so she ended up making a statement that aged like milk.

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>To visit family, like most people in civilized countries do

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isn't this how vesper was treated before disappearing

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Let her do what she wants she's cute

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No, not at all. Mumei said last week she wouldn’t be able to stream much because she’s got civ duties (college), got a migraine over the weekend that got in the way of her plans, then announced that she has to take a break from streaming. Best case is that she’s able to squeeze something in before traveling, worst case is she’ll be back after New Year’s.

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that sure is some convenient timing!

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>See you next year!

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Man, you guys are really mad she didn't join Selen's tourney huh? Really need to make 5 bait threads about this?

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People can't even google shit nowadays.

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I'm still wonder how hard Kiara had to whine and bitch to keep EN out of it.

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Not at all, it’s a normal American college schedule.
You don’t know the half of it. Someone in one of the other threads tried to claim she’s not streaming because she’s upset unicorns don’t want her to join the tournament.

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Admittedly, that could be off by about a week depending on which college you’re looking at, but that’s the gist of it.

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>she’s not streaming because she’s upset unicorns don’t want her to join the tournament.
Dramafags are just using this as some cope because Mumei didn't join the tourney, so now they have to find ANYTHING else to farm drama off of her. It's kind of ridiculous.