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How can we stop this KFPbros, at this rate she'll overtake her soon and Kiara will be sad

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im a kfp and i am obligated to reply to this bait thread.

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i actually want to see iris surpass kiara

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I won't sub to either one.

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I am subscribed to both because I love Kiara and so far im enjoying IRyS.
I hope they collab together too!

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based falseflagger

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She will be sad? SEX

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No real KFPs would make a thread like this here of all places. I don't know what possesses this kind of petty, blatantly obvious bullshit, nor people's obsession causing it every day.

Get a better hobby. There are thousands of better things to do than farm shit reactions from the same three dozen people on a gossip board.

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So if IRyS surpassed kiara, what is Kiara reaction would be?

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Very interesting behind the scenes but just a tinge of sadness out in the open.

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My Tenchou has voice of an angel and she sings a billion times better than this tryhard new whore.

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Cries about it on twitter

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>Voice of an angel
Based falseflag

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>14 threads with her already
Can you stop samefaging?

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She'll cry to KFP and twitter. Be passive aggressive to IRyS if they ever collab.

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nothing special, maybe some friendly banter.
Ever since she came back to her home country where she has Her Friends, Her Cats and RMT her Mental state has been improved massively.
She want's to try out yoga and even got pressured into visiting an actual doctor.
She has found her spot as the "collab queen" in EN and might gain the confidence to fulfill that role again.
TLDR: chances are that she is the happiest and most successful she ever has been.

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She was the one who encouraged Gura to celebrate her 2 mil, and her concern about being last to 1 mil was more of a "am I not good enough" thing rather than a "fuck those other bitches" thing. I can't see her being antagonistic about the whole thing.

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I hope Kiara complains like she normally does when the KFP fail her.

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She'll call KFP "pity subs" again

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God I hate /vt/

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I guess that's the way she has to behave out in the open, but we'll never know how she truly feels. I think she pushes herself to hard, and in some way, that's what's holding her back. Am I the only one that feels that she is keeping up a persona and not being genuine in most streams? Might be just me, havent watch her streams lately

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URGE TO BACKSEAT HAS REACHED ITS ABSOLUTE LIMITS. holy shit am I going to backseat this new zhang bug sooo fucking HARD. Kiara's Arch Nemesis.

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Why are teammates like this?

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How could you tell.

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Why does KFP reply to bait so easy

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You need to find her mental weak point and then relentlessly keep attacking it until she breaks.

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based sheepfucker

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I want to see Kiara seethe when gets to know her true place in Hololive EN, below everyone else

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How can we stop this Takodachis, at this rate she'll overtake her soon and Ina will be sad
(Remember anons don't take bait seriously)

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im a tako and i am obligated to reply to this bait post.
Wait, no.

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>same three dozen people on a gossip board
All me

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How can we stop this Chumbros, at this rate she'll overtake her soon and Gura will be sad

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Nice bait, retard.

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Backhanded compliment and telling you to stream Sparks.

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congrats her with overload of emojis on twitter

>> No.6394250

Be happy for her like the retarded unityfag she is.

>> No.6394323

If you ever think she's actually happy for the other girls, go watch her unfiltered reaction to finding out Mori sang the Holo Alt OP during her Bloom watchalong. Chicken was seething

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listen to your admin and take your meds

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I'm dumping Kiara and giving IRyS a chance. She just sounds so much sexier.

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Most KFP just don’t know how to sage, and jannies are useless as always

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She also had a tantrum over the fact that Mori got a sponsorship over her. Kiara is never magnanimous and always jealous of others. I don't know why KFP even bother pretending she isn't a competitive bitch who seethes over the success of others.

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So the teammate backseaters have found their new target...

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Members only stream. She had a big whine over the fact she didn't get a sponsorship she really wanted and that the company picked someone else. A few days later it was revealed that it was Mori

>> No.6396785

My ass.

>> No.6396805

What sponsorship was it?

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She didn't have a tantrum, but she did make a few remarks about not getting chosen for Scarlet Nexus even though she was really interested. Nothing targeted at Mori though.

>> No.6396829

Amelia fans have always been pathogenic backseaters. What's new.

>> No.6396851

Scarlet Nexus

>> No.6396871

>collabs with nyanners

deserved. I sub to irys now despite that awful live2D

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Of course she didn't explictly name Mori but it's obvious who she was seething about

>> No.6397071

Kiara, Amelia and Ina are all far below Mori and Gura.

Who even cares who's at the top of the bottom pile when we're only talking a few thousand subs difference?

>> No.6397074

>twelve days until iRYs overtakes kiArA

>> No.6397097

Will we get a IRyS vs Kiara live subcount

>> No.6397117

Kiara should sub to my COCK

>> No.6397132

There's only one solution: STREAM SPARK CHALLENGER

>> No.6397290

It seems like she have issues with people asking for money and some "former friend" she ranted about on her roommates profile, wonder if that's her former roommate as in roommate, I think they used to live together for years so it's a bit curious that she moved out as soon as she got the money.

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File: 111 KB, 235x304, tumblr_ac77822f9e25396d605dedcf1a367943_a6a71031_250.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Gura and Kiara collab
>Do u have german viewers Gura? They should come attend my meet and greet
>I am alone with Gura's chat? All of you come to my channel. Gura's viewers haven't seen our collab song because its on my channel

Chicken is always bitter of other fanbases not supporting her. Chicken is a garbage can.

>> No.6397555

Yea this kind of thing is probably the main reason why she have so many antis even if most of their narratives are trash, Kiara have no filter combined with insecurities that's a mix for disaster and it constantly make her look worse than she really is.

>> No.6397604

Dont try kfp as the highest amont of backseater after gura and Ame.

Its just that Kiara doesnt get autist about it its only when the advice are wrong that she tell them to shut their dirty mouth.

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>KFP actually think they are dating Kiara

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I remember how bad kiara was in this collab and everyone saying she'll get better... she hasn't. That was 9 months ago.
IRyS is already off to a better start.

>> No.6399116

> Streams during dead hours
Kiara is endanger!

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Obey your overlord, discordniggers.

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She'd stream one last time on liveleak.

>> No.6401563

she already overtook gura and all of holoEN in terms of singing skill. numbers dont matter.

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Reminder that Kiara isn't even part place anymore. The algorithm stopped fucking her as hard after 1m and she has a nice 10k lead on Ina now. It's only growing too. I'm sure Takos are going to cope but Ina is indisputably the least popular now.

>> No.6403779

Which also means she would think that of Ina if she was the last one to reach a million. She would view Ina as less than, and nothing but a inferior pity sub collector among the gilded. If she thinks that about her self just imagine what she thinks about the others, especially those that she sees as beneath her? She revealed her genuine opinion about everyone that hasn’t reached a million yet but has been doing it for longer.

>> No.6403973

You are making your falseflags too obvious retard. Lurk more.

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Except this isn’t true, in fact she didn’t even have the birthday bump in subscribers like most do.

>> No.6404064

Why watamelons are aways based

>> No.6404253

Good luck going above 1.5 million while singing only Japanese songs
>t. Chumbud

>> No.6404404

Kiara actually has more subs now. You would know this if you knew how youtube counts subscribers after the millionth mark. But I'm not spoon-feeding a tourist nigger such as yourself.

>> No.6404452 [DELETED] 

Eventually it will slow down. Theres only so much a en vtuber singing jp songs will grow. Just look at calli song veiws across all of vudeos videos. The demand is high and calli is going uncontested

>> No.6404453

She can make it

>> No.6404569

>Numbers don't matter
Guess what, math is the universal language. Everything is math and numbers rule the world.
That's the only thing that matters

>> No.6404578

Eventually it will slow down. Theres only so much a en vtuber singing jp songs will grow. Just look at calli song veiws across all of her music videos. The demand is high and calli is going uncontested where as irys she isnt even the best jp singet and plenty of competition.

>> No.6404596

Remember: if you're subbed to Irys it means you hate Kiara and want to make her cry.

>> No.6404727

I subbed so hard my dick is bleeding

>> No.6405041

Reasons to HATE Irys:

>Didn't wish Kiara a happy birthday
>Stole all the hype during Kiara's birthday
>Didn't say goodbye for Coco's graduation
>Has the same rigger as Gura. Rhombus Rigger HATE.
>Didn't deny claims that she is in fact a Zhang.
>Didn't deny the claims that she is a CCP Commissioned Vtuber from the Zhangs.

Did I miss anything?

>> No.6405146

Jesus. Is this how the average KFP cuck acts like?

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Do you ever get tired of being wrong or is it a fetish for you?

>> No.6405390

you're embarassing yourself

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>> No.6405492

It's bait, Anon. Once you spend some time in /vt/ you'll see that these threads about Kiara show up frequently. They'll falseflag as KFP and samefag as an anti. Don't bother with them.

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Is Kiara actually as big of a bitch as the antis keep trying to make her out to be?
If so I want to watch her

I've been waiting for the 2nd coming of my oshi

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I'd rather sub to Pomu.

>> No.6405725

It’s very frustrating to watch someone say there is a 10k discrepancy, then act as if YouTube doesn’t count subscribers in 10k increments after 1 million. It is well understood, and clearly obvious on every YouTube stat site. If there were a 10k difference we would see it, as that first poster originally attempted to claim.

>> No.6405726

Checkmate Antis. Kek

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File: 580 KB, 1242x1084, 826A3E8E-0302-4E18-BFE8-EF1D265FCE05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you retarded?

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No one accused these discordniggers of being smart, tako.

>> No.6405911

based samefag falseflagger
how tf can this thread even keep existing?

>> No.6406019

What is it about Pomu? I’m kinda out of the loop

>> No.6406032

Not necessarily true, because it’s possible to be harder on yourself but more charitable to others. She’s not satisfied with her own level of success but there is no evidence to think she actually thinks bad of less successful holos.

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Reminder Kiara is full of pitty subs and didn't get a huge boosted lead after her birthday.

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>She didn't have a tantrum, but
there's a reason why she cares more about our opinions than yours. its because she knows you faggots are yes c*cks while we are objective and help her improve

>> No.6406101

I want to see you seethe when Ina gets 1.02mil first

>> No.6406104


>> No.6406178

and Gura.

>> No.6406237

I will always be thankful for antis getting Ina to 1M before her.
they said she would break and she did.
kfp havent recovered since then.

>> No.6406282

Well it's official. IRyS has more views on her debut stream than Kiara's debut stream which has been out for over 9 months. At the moment: IRyS: 910k vs Kiara 887k. Will likely hit 1 million views on the debut stream soon.

>> No.6406284

Ina never even tried to get subs or leech off Pekora and she still does better.

>> No.6406332

>Unique IPs not increasing

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i will support IRS ironically to troll Kiara.

>> No.6406386

Competitive world of cartoon people.

>> No.6406439

is that surprising with so many debuts around that time last year? By the time you watched one or two there were enough clipped versions on 3rd party channels to catch you up on everyone else.

>> No.6406465


If it keeps going exactly like it is now, Kiara is going to hit 1.02M 2-3 days before Ina.

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>is that surprising
it is, to kiara

>> No.6406507

Yeah, makes sense for a (You) farm

>> No.6406546


*1.1M not 1.02

>> No.6406556

Ina has never done any leech streams or talk shows to leech off JP holos. Not one. She also didn't leech off Usada Pekora, the most popular vtuber there is.

>> No.6406609

good. kiara had it coming

>> No.6406627

New here, can you explain what a leech stream is? If it isn't going to take up much of your time I mean. Thanks.

>> No.6406646


facts are facts, no matter how much you seeth about the chicken.

>> No.6406688

Using other people to boost subs.

>> No.6406700

Can't get mad at Gura since she's the first choice from HoloEN for most companies to shill their shit.

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We'll see. I'm never wrong anonchama. Especially when it comes to numbers.

>> No.6406938

eat shit you falseflagging zhang.

>> No.6407482

based ina always dabing on kiara

>> No.6407767

i love how this cope is still alive kek

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>> No.6408397

still wrong, and no i'm not gonna spoonfeed you either

>> No.6408430

This but they're all actually me, including (you).

>> No.6408508

But it's her insecurities that make me want to love her so much!

>> No.6408584

Any time a less popular/subscribed vtuber collabs with a more popular vtuber, they're trying to get more viewers by doing it. In fact, I think everyone joined in on the summer festival stream to leech off Gura! How fucking dare they!

>> No.6408599

Kiara graduation when

>> No.6408607

Every poster on 4chan is (me)?
It's more likely than (you) think

>> No.6408658
File: 616 KB, 1213x970, AD835DC6-72DF-4414-815B-076ECB5D2C5C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This means she reached 1.09 million most recently, retard. KFPtards can’t actually be this stupid.

>> No.6408745
File: 1.42 MB, 692x945, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

any day now

>> No.6409186

This shows differently

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File: 298 KB, 1715x597, KiaraIna.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Numberfagging is great isn't it?

>> No.6409575

>KFP and Takos arguing over 1.08M vs 1.09M
>Meanwhile Gura is at 3M.
Chumchads run this board.

>> No.6409619

Based Chumbro

>> No.6409679

now sort it by views, kiara is 100% botting views or her schizo fans are lmfao

>> No.6409727


That's the cope you are going with? That's really fucking lazy.

>> No.6409755
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>> No.6409841
File: 741 KB, 1242x1921, B93EA345-D63E-4167-9234-07D4CAA63B59.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6409846

btfo'd i accept your surrender

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>> No.6410272

god damn RIP liveleak bro, so sad they shut it down

>> No.6410337


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Kiara love

>> No.6410775

Fucking hell at the current rate she will reach Kiara in about... 4 days? Fuck me thats fast

>> No.6411453

Why is all Kiaras western fanart so ugly?

>> No.6411531

Kiara did the agro gay thing a bit too hard and sent tranny hearts a flutter. Not really dissing Kiara here, at least I don't think.

>> No.6411541
File: 121 KB, 300x300, 300px-IRyS_-_Portrait_01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good lord her avatar is fucking atrocious. You would think the execs would have a bigger budget considering the amount of money this business moves.
Also why is Kiara so unpopular with respect to the other EN girls? The small bits of stream highlights ive seen of her she seems to be bubbly and fun.

>> No.6411911

The target audience she chose are definitely the bottom feeders of the art world
at least the faggot tranny-faggot alliance tends to be weirdly loaded and very generous so that's probably nice, not sure if it offsets the gosling loss of being a agressively gay character with a laser targetted faggotry though

>> No.6412371

i subbed to irys before her debut so i can unsub when she gets close to 1m desu

>> No.6412799

Live suicide

>> No.6412866
File: 50 KB, 486x485, 1606081469687.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know. If Kiara gets passed, so would Ina...

>> No.6412870

It will be hilarious if a girl with such a shit model manages to surpass Kiara lmao

>> No.6415643

bruh they're on the same branch why do you care

>> No.6416036

Holy shit lmao

>> No.6416174

Ina isn't a numberfag and just enjoys comfy drawing and gaming streams.

>> No.6416609


>> No.6416799

LMAO, "no wonder she didn't watch MY music video."
Chicken can make anything about herself.

>> No.6416892

my first ever sub to an en girl will be to irys just because kiara's chances of streaming on liveleak and/or graduating are highest

>> No.6416960

posts like this are just going to attribute any actual flaws and legitimate criticism with irys to KFP cope posts lmfao

>> No.6417020
File: 1.72 MB, 1439x1468, 3EEB53A7-481B-4F78-8019-9366A0DDECA7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You already are. Enjoy being a bottom for the bottom bitch. Taste the cloaca.

>> No.6417071

Watemelon, how can I become as based as you?

>> No.6417118

i unsubbed just for you fag

>> No.6417337

Why do KFP memes feel facebook-tier?

>> No.6417353

In this case that was an actual meme though. Kiara sent it to her, and then in a Collab said the her song was dedicated to Calli and that she made a cameo in the MV, and Mori responded "Oh I haven't watched it yet", which became a joke between the two and made chat got brrrr.

>> No.6419560


>> No.6420058
File: 41 KB, 396x382, B66672E5-3CAE-4E72-A500-AB7B7F6E07D6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6423173

It's my birthday /vt/ sub to IRyS

>> No.6423796

I was one of the first 300 people to sub to her

>> No.6424100


>> No.6424362

> Has a bunch of short videos of her animal sounds autism
> Has many music videos of her original songs and covers
> "Chicken and her faggot fanbase are views botting to beat Ina's views count"
I think you're just trolling at this point Anonchama

>> No.6424943

She's posting more to get higher views cause she's that insecure. You don't see Gura saying "STREAM REFLECT"

>> No.6425168
File: 203 KB, 463x453, 1jkah981.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/vt/ would be booming for an entire week if that ever happen.

>> No.6425293

based. stream sparks.

>> No.6425455

I made the point only because the other anon was pulling views botting out of his ass when he could have gone for the other 30 legitimate reasons, if you're numberfagging at least type like you know basic maths.

>> No.6425489

Does Gura have to say STREAM REFLECT tho

>> No.6425934

gura is overrated and is gonna get ultramogged by irys next weekend

>> No.6425986


>> No.6427226

Overload with support followed up with leeching.

>> No.6427331

And it hates you.

>> No.6427684

Ina doesn't care, though.

>> No.6427768

takeks care, thats what matters

>> No.6427845

Do they? Do they do anything besides spamming, "Ina, ina, ina?" and "Wah?"

>> No.6431155

>haaayyy IRyS, you reached ____ amount a little slower than me when I first started out...but congrats on your giant milestone! keep doing what you're doing! [party emoji] [balloon emoji]

>> No.6431200

Why does IRyS even have that many subscribers

>> No.6431360

chicken having a mental breakdown live on stream.

>> No.6431432

Kiara is gonna graduate before IRyS surpasses her.

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