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Beryl bros...

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Bullet dodged.

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Where the fuck is she then?!

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Beryl come home...

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Do you guys think she regrets leaving that small corp?

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>inb4 the reincarnation announcement was a ruse and she's actually fully retired

Depends on how attached she was to the model, because she could've run away with it when the company folded.

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Star Ring shut down, that's why she graduated. Still doesn't explain where she's at now.

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HoloEN4 for sure...

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What the fuck

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wait that 1st or third one isn't her?

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she is coming back someday, right?

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berylbros always losing, fucking KANA the bitch got in lmao

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That's why anons thought maybe she was Runie but she's not??

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She was holoEN’s second vsinger but then the project flopped and now they’re deciding if she should have a solo debut or have her wait it out for EN4

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nene won, losers lost

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Just accept that she is done for streaming

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>what did she mean by this

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>posted on same day as this

This kusogaki is playing with our hearts!

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Um actually it’s going to be VSPO EN

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so where the absolute fuck did she go, why did she keep dropping hints in her graduation stream, did she plan on waiting an entire fucking year minimum for holoEN4 or what?

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There's not a lot of options left.

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Well, what options are those?

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She's gonna be a liver, choke on it holokeks

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I told you guys from day 1 she wasn't in. Nothing from twitter matches her personality

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Not after she sided with Zaion on her alt she won't.

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>waiting an entire year
No, she would probably stream on her indie if she had plans. Taking aside what some /vt/ folk say, she doesn't actually dislike streaming and cares very much about her fans, which is why she hinted so heavily at graduation towards a reincarnation/waking up from hiatus.

The rrat for the reason she wasn't streaming as peari was because of a non-compete with phase, which didn't make much sense considering purin and kana were doing their own shit. But now that it's been revealed she's not even in phase, that non-compete rrat still applies.

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She has to be aiming for EN4, I'm still coping that she got in because of how well the reception was to FuwaMoco and Bijou in terms of small chuubas getting in. I dont know where else she'd even consider applying to, NijiEN? Idol Gen 3?

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big corpos don't deserve her. also jp permissions autism would decimate her song choices

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thread theme:

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Other than EN4? Someone brought up Idol scouting her for their third gen but who knows how likely is.

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>another round of holoEN rrating
This girl truly is something special

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Same thing happened with the twins.

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>rrats about her being fauna council 2021 after hana graduation
>rrats about her in nonexistent gen3 in fall 2022 after hiatus announcement
>rrats about advent 2023 after beryl graduation
>to be continued
This is why rrating is bad for your heart!

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>one of the most talented chuubas in modern history
>nowhere in sight


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She dropped hints like Mel Nekomata keeps dropping hints, she's nowhere currently.

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FWMC and her were active in the underground idol scene at the same time, although she never had drama like Kiara did with her.

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she literally promised we'd see her again

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Sakana was right there, he was a fan, he akasupa'd during her karaoke. He should have poached her. But he didn't. WHY?

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It's really over now, isn't it?

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All she had to do was stick around

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Not menhera enough for his brand.

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>although she never had drama like Kiara did with her
I've heard this "drama" was massively exaggerated which isn't surprising considering how many people hate the chicken for no reason.

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EN4 she's in pre debut as we speak

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I dont care how unhealthy it is to be coping like this

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I miss her...

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fishman only cares about grabbing old Tsunderia talent instead of people who would actually be valuable like the chinchilla that a bunch of Phase girls were raiding into

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Same. I’ve been marathoning her vods lately.

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Don't forget she's also Lumi's oshi

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Ignore him. He's really obsessed with pushing made up drama.

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Anon kawaii is a dying corpo right now. No one but nene is getting any views

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I've kidnapped her, if you want her back you must pay me €100,000,000.00 by the New Year. Or the berry gets turned into spoiled jam.

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Mel has been rather quiet and in the shadows lately so Beryl's quiet too? Is that what you meant?

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>doesn't have to deal with an avalanche of BASED pippiggers in chat
That was a close one

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Yep, but Mel is active only to paypigs currently since it's more profitable than streaming for her.
>"I only watch Nene so that means no one else exists"

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It's not made up, but it is a lot more tame than /vt/ says.

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So made up drama. Got it.

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I wouldn't discount beryl being in phase just yet.
Fisherman accidentally leaked that there was a new Jp only gen coming out as well during his interview with wolf tits.
About a month before beryl's graduation, the Jp only members of phase started being visuably much happier and started streaming regularly again. They even got auto english subs and a english clipper who made subs. They also started to collab a lot with other Jp vtubers which they haven't done much before.
In summery, beryl may be joining phase new Jp gen, that or the next round of invaders which is looking like it would include Sayu and probably even more ex tsuderia.

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Imagine if Suisei, Miko or Aki quitted because their career didn't take off the first years, perseverance gets rewarded, paper hands get what they get along the way

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This is some massive cope phasefag

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>not in phase despite being the perfect nepopoach

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I think it's safe to say that everyone is confused.
It'd be one thing if she was on her indie but she's not.

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Assuming she doesn't end up anywhere meaningful, Staying in Kawaii would have been a much better place for her.

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has it occurred to anyone that she might just not have wanted to join phase

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Yeah kek, she'll fit right in

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The thing is that she explicitly said that she will come back during her graduation and she is friends with a few Phase girls and Sakana so after Advent Phase 3 was pretty much what everyone expected.

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I can see this board going crazy if she ends up in vshojo

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VShojo only hires 4views.

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[Verse 1]
When I am alone I sit and dream
And when I dream the words are missing
Yes, I know that in a room so full of light
That all the light is missing
But I don't see you with me, with me
Close up the windows, bring the sun to my room
Through the door you've opened
Close inside of me the light you see
That you met in the darkness

Time to say goodbye
Horizons are never far
Would I have to find them alone?
Without true light of my own with you
I will go on ships overseas
That I now know
No, they don't exist anymore
It's time to say goodbye

[Verse 2]
When you were so far away
I sit alone and dreamt of the horizon
Then I know that you are here with me
Building bridges over land and sea
Shine a blinding light for you and me
To see, for us to be
You might also like
making the bed
Olivia Rodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo
Travis Scott
Time to say goodbye
Horizons are never far
Would I have to find them alone?
Without true light of my own with you
I will go on ships overseas
That I now know
No, they don't exist anymore
Without true light of my own with you
I will go, horizons are never far
Would I have to find them alone?
Without true light of my own with you
I will go on ships overseas
That I now know
No, they don't exist anymore

I love you

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>/vt/ complains about girls like Pomu making the decision to join a shitty agency like Nijisanji EN instead of keep trying for Hololive
>the same faggots are seething about Beryl not joining equally bad agencies

Beryl, just like other girls that joined Hololive EN in the past, wants to ONLY join Hololive EN.
>Bijou applied 3 times
>Fuwamoco applied 4-5 time
So, she's going to try for EN4.
And EN5.
And EN6.

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You're missing the point retardchama. In her graduation stream she all but stated that she's reincarnating somewhere else. Yet here we are, 6 months later, with nothing to show for.

>> No.63903312

If there's any reason she wouldn't like to join Phase, it's the community. I'm not sure that's a good enough reason to prevent her from joining.

>> No.63903503

she probably thought she was going the get accepted for EN3 but she didn't

she will try again for EN4

>> No.63903709

Phase was the only logical option after everything else was ruled out, that's why everyone is confused, she is not even streaming as an indie either

>> No.63903776

Beryl is still joining Phase sometime soon, I’d bet my one remaining nut on it.

>> No.63903802

If that was the case, she would be streaming on her indie until she got into EN4. But she isn't, she's not streaming at all and is only active on twitter.

The only other logical assumption is that she was selected for EN4 from their auditions earlier this year and was placed on a non-compete while she works on her model.

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i just want my little dragon back...

>> No.63904105

Aviel was faster

>> No.63904167

Aviel only hires whores and druggie whores.

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Last time I watched her she had like 20 viewers.
Where were you motherfuckers back then?

>> No.63904324

There's still ~20 of us /here/, but the rrating always picks up a few.
Also, Pomu oshi'd her during her graduation.

>> No.63904443

Beryl has been rumored to get into Niji/Holo for like 3 years now and it never happens lol

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Invaders 3 4sure
Trust the plan

>> No.63904505

>also quote retweeted a pippa post
this bitch knows exactly what she's doing

>> No.63904578

She’s definitely already joined Phase. She’s going to debut as a solo singer early next year.

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no more solo singers please

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idk, phase cant give her what she deserves, holoEN is the only one for her, or at least that is what i used to think, but seeing what the chicken and other members are going through i dont think EN is a good option anymore, holoJP should be the best option right now, she knows japanese after all.

>> No.63905474

If anything, she would have been treated better by fishman than by cover, where their talent is sidelined from events and isolated into bubbles. At least that's what I would have said yesterday.

>> No.63905905

I'd honestly rather her go Holo or go nowhere at all so she doesn't need to languish in 3view hell for all eternity.

>> No.63906523

She doesn't have Riro's history, she'll be safe. Jewman made a big risky bet hiring her, she seemed to be reforming at first, but then the menhera feelings relapsed.
Fishman better make sure Kana's menhera doesn't relapse too.

>> No.63906576

phase has mediocre streamers like panko hitting 4 view sporadically, beryl wouldnt suffer for long if at all

>> No.63907121

Holo dev_is gen 2 i belieb

>> No.63907259

HoloEN gen4 I believe as well

>> No.63907277

I want to cuddle Beryl

>> No.63907547

2 years or so, people thought Fauna was Hana.

>> No.63907631

3view hell would literally be better than anything that she has had for the last 3 years.

>> No.63908178

Yeah, if Phase doesn't tease anything for her soon, that's next place for her to be.

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Need opinion from you Berylfags. Does this sound like her?

>> No.63909986

Had to repeat it a few time, but no, her voice is a little higher and has a little lisp. Wonderful voice though, I'll keep an eye on this one.

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I... I can kinda hear it?

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File: 41 KB, 550x412, Veggies and Rice [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fl0aatt.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I also hear it but it's a little different from her tone. I don't think that's her. Also her voice in the teaser is completely different.

>> No.63911225

She'd have a decent following now if she'd just stayed in kawaii, instead of chucking a tanty because kawaii isn't a migration assistance agency

>> No.63911849

Different microphone maybe?

>> No.63911952

she would get a fes appearance, a 3d showcase, a 3d showcase collab, multiple live appearances if she befriends the right people, and the possibility of a (delayed) 3d live of her own.
no other place will give her that

>> No.63912006

It could also be the mixing. They don't sound alike but I'll wait for debut to judge.

>> No.63912133

She didn't get in Holo, she didn't get in Vshojo, she didn't get in Idol. It's been months since she said she'll come back, people ran out of corpos to think of that we think she'll get into

>> No.63912498

That's what's so fucking crazy, an entire year of corpos gone and done and she's still not back. I don't blame people for thinking she's not coming back but anyone who actually watched her knows she wouldn't dip out like that.

>> No.63913732


>> No.63913813

Why the everloving fuck would Beryl join phase connect where her music career would be dead?????
None of you people watch her or know how she is or what she wants to do with her life

>> No.63913881

You have no idea what you're talking about anon.

>> No.63913938

Kill yourself cretin
You attached yourself like a leech to her for some reason and you use her for your shitposting fits

>> No.63913980

She likes being a chuuba and she likes singing, not necessarily that she wants to be a superstar. She'll be happy anywhere that gives her proper support.

>> No.63914043

kill yourself

>> No.63914062

Laplus took one and a half year to debut after passing her auditions just fyi

>> No.63914083

EN4 is coming sooner than you guys think

>> No.63914195

I was so fucking sure she was going to be part of Advent...

>> No.63914585

I actually wasn't 100% sure, it was a toss up between her and Nerissa's PL and I was leaning more towards Nerissa because numbers.

>> No.63914779

>thread unrelated to orange woman
>defend orange woman for uhhhh
you guys are obsessed

>> No.63915004

EN4 is not getting released until August 2025 at the earliest.

>> No.63915937

I don't know about that anymore.

>> No.63916733

I would have found new hobby by then. This time might involve actual irl prostitutes.

>> No.63916816

Phasefags in shambles, love to see it, small corpos are a joke only recycling chuubas from previous corpos

>> No.63917092

Sakana seems to think its working. Despite the Yuri incident he still decided to do it again and again.

>> No.63917137

I think they won with Eimi and Muyu, not sure about the rest and definitely not with Saya.

>> No.63917165

Who's Eimi pl?

>> No.63917195

I don't think anyone knows yet.

>> No.63917412

Then how the fuck can call it a win?

>> No.63917454

It's just the feeling I get from her. I guess we'll see.

>> No.63917470

what if she ended up in vdere

>> No.63917565

That would be something. I always expected her to join a corpo that could keep her in Japan, but the corpos that could do that already debuted their latest gens already.

>> No.63917635

Does Beryl know JP? She could be in the rumored Phase JP.

>> No.63917746

She knows a bit. Can't read kanji. She debuted as JP in Star Ring but eventually switched to EN since it was easier for her. I think after Star Ring, she probably doesn't want to do that again.

>> No.63917792

She should be able to stream on her indie.

She does, but has difficulty reading kanji. She could pull it off in a JP gen, but she'd probably end up like Kanra Deity (made fun of and a runt).

>> No.63918096

Still doesn't explain why she's not streaming as fruit.

>> No.63918158

Everybody cares about 2views when their corpo is about to debut a new gen.

>> No.63918552

The timing doesn't match. EN3 was already decided by the time she graduated from StarRing and we now know that she left because the agency was going under.

>> No.63918935

lmao, purin is great, we dont know anything else so lets just leave it at that

>> No.63919151

They had the auditions a month or two before her graduation.

>> No.63919532

She already collabed with multiple Phase girls (and Sakana) back in early 2022 and she is friends with Pippa so I doubt that their fanbase would be a deal breaker. I think the actual deal breaker is 3D which was why she signed with StarRing, and right now the only agency that could give her a 3D model is unironically Hololive. NijiEN is going the way of ID and KR and it's pretty much certain that Advent will get 3D debuts before Obsidya and Vshojo will never be an option when she's a literal who. There's also Brave with either V4Mirai or Globie but since she wasn't part of any of their recently debuted gens then she might not be interested in them.

Auditions for HoloEN are weird. They are technically permanent but it's obvious that Cover only started looking for Advent in early 2023 after the February reminder and their channels were created in mid-May around 2-ish weeks before the most recent auditions trailer that came with the new HololiveEN-exclusive auditions form, so even if Beryl did try for EN3 she would've gotten a reply before May. There's the possibility that she is an early hire for EN4 or any future EN gen like a smaller, Gamers-like one if Cover is interested in doing this but even if I love her I don't really see Cover being that desperate to have her signed almost a year before debut.

>> No.63919899

Anon ometroon isn't the branch director anymore. EN4 will 100% debut next year, the actual question is whether they're debuting before or after Advent's first anniversary.

>> No.63919974

Yeah, I was thinking maybe they'll pull off a Tempus Gen 2, during the spring.

>> No.63920135

>but she'd probably end up like Kanra Deity (made fun of and a runt)
That's funny because people thought she was going to be Kanra.

Yeah, I have the same prediction. Spring falls (heh) on the first quarter of the next fiscal year and it sounds like the perfect time to debut a new gen and since they're debuting EN gens on the previous month that the last one debuted (Myth September, Council August, Advent July) I won't be surprised if EN4 ends up debuting in June.

>> No.63920279

Invaders 3 is the only way that this situation makes sense for me so I will choose to believe it with all of my heart.

>> No.63920406


>> No.63920670

Idol Raiders

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>> No.63921065

I don't know if Nene could handle that

>> No.63923198 [SPOILER] 
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Stay strong bros

>> No.63923429

Because, as you said, I'm a fool and an absolute buffoon, but can you truly blame me?

>> No.63923506

No, I cannot. I trusted her too.

>> No.63923568

She’s cold, bros.

>> No.63923894
File: 6 KB, 901x41, happygraduationday.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't forget!

>> No.63924710

i lost faith of cover hrd if beryl not in EN4

>> No.63925701

she had like the worst possible timeslot, but you wouldn't know that because you've never watched her.

>> No.63927558

>11 PM EST
perfect for EN, sorry aussies

>> No.63928994

It was kind of funny when that one con guy made her mad. she kinda deserves it for being petty and deleting Hana's channel because of the one piece of fanart that included her

>> No.63929322

Cover itself has lost hope after advent's debut. Hopefully they are keeping their promise.

>> No.63929396

The fuck are you talking about?

>> No.63929688

Kawaii is a dying corpo. Only Nene is surviving and she doesn't want to share her success. Hana would have ended up the same way as whorse, or maybe worse since gen3 had each other while she was by herself.

>> No.63929873

I am making a bad pun anon. Sigh no one understands satire these days.
>Project: HOPE was a massive failure
Cover losing hope
>Keeping promise
Promise was created. Can cover keep them alive?

>> No.63929912
File: 48 KB, 568x707, FWenIJjXgAEgVF9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63929973

I appreciate your compliments

>> No.63930746

Almost no one care about HoloEN HOPE
At least Promise look better.

>> No.63930808

>Almost no one care about HoloEN HOPE
Cover certainly didn't care.

>> No.63932460

Wordplay doesn't work in a majority SEA board.

>> No.63934520
File: 117 KB, 1280x720, ESL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63934716

She is Eimi, Beryl has a new mic and her voice has a wide range so now that she is in a new corpo she is doing a different voice, both voice clips (reveal, cover) are heavily practiced so they are not indicative of normal streamer voice

>> No.63934886

Eimi's singing voice sounds nothing like Beryl's and she has to be forcing her vocal range really hard because their speaking voices are nowhere similar.

>> No.63935325
File: 24 KB, 906x167, p.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this some sort of hint? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

>> No.63935625

It means the retard isn't wearing thick clothes.

>> No.63936681

I get it. So Promise looks promising.

>> No.63936845

Maybe she gave up her idol dreams and is back in Canada.

>> No.63937026

these bitches are in cahoots

>> No.63937162

Why doesn't he pick-up spider mom? Or maybe she's successful enough that she doesn't want to.

>> No.63937210

Ami likes where she's at as an indie, same with Lisa.

>> No.63937787

Or it's merely December.

>> No.63937821

The thing with fishman is that he thinks like a literal alien. Who thinks that coffee makes a good merch and not sell mugs with it for ~2 years? Decides on a whim that mahjong should be their first major company sponsor? Decided that posting the emojis of a monkey, palm tree, hut and bananas is a good response to one of your talents saying that she has to visit her grandparents?
Any hiring choices that man made that aligned with us is just a huge coincidence. We may think that hiring Kana was him being confident that he can handle the menhera but I can guarantee you that he just hired her without looking or thinking too much about it. The only thing in his mind that we can fully discern is his passionate quest to get a Marine type into Phase

>> No.63937968

Retard, there is a clear conspiracy going on here.

>> No.63939677

>The only thing in his mind that we can fully discern is his passionate quest to get a Marine type into Phase
This is extra funny because there's one ex-Tsunderia who fits the bill perfectly and she's by far one of the least likely to ever go corpo again.

>> No.63939805

Phase missed a literal DOGFUCKER in the company, among the mentally ill the girl doing bestiality was missing

>> No.63940467


>> No.63940996

Didn't you know? EN vtubers have servers where they constantly hang out.

>> No.63941064

Lisa tried to get into Nijisanji earlier in the year. She was accepted but refused because of their reputation. Lisa obviously is considering a corpo again.

>> No.63942281

>more NA overlap

>> No.63942645

Just watch vods

>> No.63943331
File: 395 KB, 1536x2048, 1701721225436713.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Fucks your new phase connect oshi

>> No.63945158

>what she wants to do with her life
Actually her primary objective before anything else is to live in Japan. She joined a no name corpo just for this goal alone. It's also why she won't join Phase, not anything related to music or other shit. The Japan visa has always been her main mission.

>> No.63945233

not a corporation

>> No.63945663

This is unironically true.

>> No.63946603

Miori looks like a good talent on the surface but has a nasty habit of DMing groomers and mantains a lewd account that she's very attached to. I doubt Fishman wants to take that risk especially after Yuri.

>> No.63947228

Sounds like a perfect pick for Riifu's company

>> No.63947765

Konberrrrrrrrrry ;-;

Here, I was the one that berylposted on /jidf/

>> No.63948377
File: 3 KB, 234x94, 1701798468122.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi retardbro
Actual fan here
The account you talk about is dead for over a year and was literally to keep contained her NSFW stuff off her main official account, if you are talking about the more casual alt you are clinically retarded then.
She doesn't DM groomers unless she needs too because as you can expect, an indie doesn't have a whole management team behind, so for some matters like merchandise orders for example she will ask for a discord contact or just DM on twitter, she might also DM you if you did some stupid shit to the point your presence around could potentially escalate into a problem.
You are welcome, also no she is not joining phase or has any plans to do so in the future

>> No.63948464

I once said that if Beryl doesn't reincarnate as a pink loli I might actually drop her.

>> No.63950084

Hmmm... I guess I can forgive her for the "let me out" trolling she did.

>> No.63950980

I don't know about loli but she's a medium is premium enjoyer.

>> No.63951607

Don't post if you know almost nothing, kid. Do your research better next time

>> No.63951856

>Miori channel that contains her NSFW stuff

>> No.63952223

It's a locked twitter alt retard

>> No.63952436

she changes the username once in a while, so you'll have to wait for her to both unlock it and retweet on her other accounts

>> No.63952524

Stop shilling your nobody whore. She won't be in EN4 no matter how much you post about it, simply because she isn't a Holo material.

>> No.63952565

Shiori isn't either, but she got in.

>> No.63952577

Not getting into Advent really did a number on her, huh?

>> No.63952615

Why are you so mad? Nene?

>> No.63952629

>Holo material
What's your definition?

>> No.63952632

It just retweeted her lewd art tag, there is no EIEN porn kiki/riifu alts to be found, only images you can find by navigating yourself through the tag

>> No.63953358

Ah, disappointing but fair enough

>> No.63953431

Anyone who isn't in Hololive already. If you go back in the archives you'll find the same exact argument being used against the twins before they were confirmed.

>> No.63953623

And while we're being honest, the twins were doing far worse than Miori

>> No.63954131

Yeah, I recall seeing as such. "Unless you pass auditions, you're not holo material"
Such is the mentality of the 2view boogeyman mentality pervasive in a lot of hololive threads.

>> No.63954746


Unironically, we do

>> No.63954858

Thank god Cover was willing to give a chance for literal whos like Biboo and the twins.

A lot of the people who were shitting on GGN and are now shitting on Beryl loved to tout the idea that the reason of the long delay for a new HoloEN gen was because there was no one worthy in the EN scene while completely ignoring how Cover put the branch in the back-burner in favor of their rampant homo-lust and desire to get their own Luxiem.

>> No.63954911


Where Mel?

>> No.63955275

Not being a hololiver: bad
Being a hololiver: good

>> No.63955309


>> No.63955372 [SPOILER] 
File: 82 KB, 971x343, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63955685

Sticking to her paypigs+friends based on email she sent me when I inquired about content buying, she's getting funds to resurface soon though.

>> No.63955934

>Holo material
That's a completely meaningless term when Hololive hires one or two random shitters every gen
Their hiring standards are far below what you'd expect from a company as big as them

>> No.63956277

She supports Palestine so she won't join Idol.

>> No.63957248


>> No.63957291
File: 36 KB, 299x400, 1694454050498817.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

After hearing they hired the Alexis Texas of vtubers If you dont get it dont bother looking it up for your own sake I'm glad she didn't end up joining them. She deserves better than having to put up with a genmate like that
Small corpos really are a fucking joke, what was the phase connect CEO thinking?

>> No.63957340

He really likes Tsunderia

>> No.63957773

>yes Slugma, I'll hire your protegees

>> No.63958040

The machinations of his mind are a mystery. I would have never taken L*mi for instance

>> No.63958284

Tsunderia had the potenial and window of opportunity to be Hololive EN before Cover entered the market but mismanagement and incompetence ruined their chances.

>> No.63958727

she probably gave up after seeing Holo picked people like Bijou and Shiori over her

>> No.63959626

Lumi is talented and hard working, any corpo would be lucky to have her.

>> No.63959875

Vshojo will not hire her sorry ass.

>> No.63960634

if you look into her even a bit, it's obvious she is a sociopathic person who can't help but cause trouble for fun.

>> No.63960930

>joining the sexpest company to get fucked by management (literally)

>> No.63961545

Yeah, having them two as genmates sounds like hell.

>> No.63961587

Three new idol gens early next year

>> No.63964610

Cope, niji 3 view

>> No.63964728

And the nijinigger reveals himself at last

>> No.63964923

Plapping all of them will be hard

>> No.63965299

When the fuck did this rrat start

>> No.63968011


>> No.63968365

Beryl LeRou graduated in June, promising we would meet again. An entire year of corpo gens have come and gone and she's nowhere to be found, with the last corpo to debut this year being Phase. Phase Connect was the most likely option, due to her friendship with one of their larger talents and the CEO personally interacting with her. She is not in Phase either.

>> No.63969679

Yet he still manages to have a healthy group that actively makes content. Phase behind the scenes must have S+ grade staff buff and it shows. I wouldn't worry about Kana for a collapse into normal fagging. Also all the anti attempts make Phase watchers smile, we aren't exactly right in the head ourselves. You need stronger yabs.
Lastly the only way Fish can catch the Berry if he invested into JP idol branch hard next year. JP needs way more love so it's a no brainer Beryl wouldn't join.

>> No.63969924

holy mother of ceo and corpo cocksucking

>> No.63970000

He gets reprimanded by his talents publicly. Fishman is a dreamer who wants his Seiso Idol company but decided on Nightmare difficulty.

>> No.63970258

You play off emojis as the end of the world for a company who both understand dark humour and shit on each other via twitter. How thick are the Karen genes in your blood stream?

>> No.63970599

Miori is fat btw

>> No.63970629


>> No.63970632

I don't think Beryl wants to join another JP group after Star Ring

>> No.63976288


>> No.63978573

Yeah, she mentioned during her graduation that her being the only English speaking member of Star Ring introduced problems that the company wasn't ready to deal with like how to properly promote to EN audiences.

>> No.63982054

I'm glad she didn't join with them. Really tired of seeing this constant /vt/ narrative that Phase Connect and Sakana are completely perfect, and every indie out there should be begging to join them.
For her it's obvious either joining a JP based corpo or going back to indie, instead of settling for some smalltimers.

>> No.63982333

It's more about having support. As a corpo, you get a lot of benefits, such as access to connections. That's likely why she joined Star Ring from Peari, on top of getting to travel to Japan.

That said, with advent out of the way and for all its flaws, phase is the next best option for EN chuubas. However, now that we know she's not in phase, it circles back to hololive or some other completely unknown corpo.

>> No.63982365

I want her to be in a place where she can actually thrive but lets not pretend that Phase is the worst option out there. It's true that both them and Idol saw a period of hardcore shilling by retards trying to sell them as better than every single big corpo, but that didn't happen out of nowhere and followed multiple controversies from a certain rainbow company which is arguably worse than both and barely guarantees success if you're not a fujo-pandering faggot.

>> No.63983239

I don't think PhaseJP is ruled out

>> No.63984045

Sure, but Beryl isn't Japanese. She lives in Japan and knows the language but 90% of her content was in English, most of her audience was English-speaking and she even chose a timeslot that was more western friendly, starting her streams around 11PM-12AM. It makes no sense for her to go to a JP branch of a western company while being an western talent herself.

>> No.63984154

>Really tired of seeing this constant /vt/ narrative that Phase Connect and Sakana are completely perfect
I don't even think phasefags actually think this.

>> No.63984723

Considering the vast amount of times I'd see phase connect fans bringing up poaching in completely unrelated graduation and indie threads, I think most of them really do.

>> No.63986018

She's 100% in Hololive or Niji.

>> No.63987690

Maybe not /pcg/ but the capipi twitter tourist spamming on the catalog really do, /pcg/ tried to have Pippa exiled to her own general multiple times because that fanbase is made of actual monkeys

>> No.63988133

>/pcg/ tried to have Pippa exiled to her own general multiple times
No, only a handful of schizos tried to have Pippa exiled.

>> No.63988594

/pcg/ hates splits with any kind of splits with a passion, especially the Pippa fans. The 2 splits they got semi-recently had enormous backlash spanning months.

>> No.63991279

To be fair all agencies are spammed whenever that happens, not just Phase.

>> No.63993299

That's still too big of a guess.

>> No.63995193

Not that big in Hololive's case since she had pretty much the same life experience that Kiara and the twins had so if they wanted another idol-like member for EN4 she's pretty much the perfect pick. For Niji tho? Who the fuck knows what Anycolor wants with their EN branch and the next wave could end up being the last one before they give up and do the same thing they did with ID and KR.

>> No.63995546

i dont think phase had ever shilled themselves to be the best option like idol did

>> No.63995684


Holo literally just released en3. En4 is not coming anytime soon. Audition hasnt even started.

At best niji. But they also just had their wave

>> No.63996112

>Audition hasnt even started
You shouldn't talk about stuff you don't know with such property. Auditions for HoloEN were open since late December of 2021 and this video was posted almost 2 weeks after Advent's channels were created so it's definitely for EN4 and future gens. Regardless of that I believe Laplus said that Cover contacted her over a year before her debut so it's not far-fetched to think the same could happen with HoloEN.

>> No.64000851

Not the company itself but by people here, tho you're right that Idol actually did this publicly and iirc they did it every time there was a new Niji drama which was pretty funny.

>> No.64002107

She would legit get in a conflict with lumi quite fast and since she has anger issue when she gets mad management will have to work hard to not have a situation where one talent threats to leave if the other stays there
She isn't very fond of pippa and her content too.
Whatever you are talking about it's just you being an idiot.

>> No.64003633

Management changed, they might have different priorities and saw how Advent reinvigorated the branch.

Besides, as I said in /#/, if she's not in Phase, then clearly she found a better opportunity to reject Fishman's nepopoaching attempt. How many better opportunities than hololive can you think of?

>> No.64003773

Anyone worth their weight and pride would avoid anycolor today. But if you're a theater kid, then I guess it's still good? They were looking for an actor last time I checked.

>> No.64003812

>How many better opportunities than hololive can you think of
Gotta add a "realistic" there before some retard says "Vshojo" thinking they'll hire anyone who's not already close to the current members.

>They were looking for an actor last time I checked
Wasn't that for the new VTA auditions?

>> No.64003853
File: 539 KB, 1200x1002, 1699368318361636.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Next Invaders bro... for sure

>> No.64004010

Probably, I'm guessing it's meant to turn normies into chuubas.

>> No.64004106

Anons are coping with PhaseJP but maybe there's a solo singer project. That doesn't make much sense in retrospect, with Eimi there, but it's a possibility.

>> No.64006712

Yeah, it was VTA. They were also looking for actual normies specifically asking people who have a profession like lawyers and doctors to audition.

>> No.64007225

>we can't exploit experienced chuubas anymore, so let's exploit people who don't know what a chuuba is
kek, kurosanji at it again

>> No.64007840

>we can't exploit experienced chuubas anymore, so let's exploit people who don't know what a chuuba is
But enough about Cover

>> No.64007936

That doesn't even make sense, nijinig.

>> No.64008024

EN4 is sooner than what people think.
cover said they are accelerating overseas branch in financial report.
im guessing Q2 2024.

in seriously tho. i want this beryl girl to join holo. shes the only chuuba i watch beside holo

>> No.64008042

Cope harder, holodrone

>> No.64008116

Q2 2024 is essentially Q1 FY 2025 and it's where June falls. All HoloEN since Myth were in the previous month (September, August, July) so June 2024 is a pretty good bet for an EN4.

You nijinigs have an unprecedented talent with words.

>> No.64009411
File: 2 KB, 240x160, 20230627_155041.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just remember some Phase threads talking about specific girls in a friendly manner, smart and subtle way to shill yourself in the catalog
Idolfag here, we're pretty sure those catalog threads were either a falseflag attempt to get people to hate idol (since they were filled with nothing but takes from people that didn't watch streams) or just 1 retard who was convinced making these was helping idol somehow, I just can tell you there was no discussion of organized shilling within jidf and the general would unanimously tell you to fuck off at the mention of it.
Anyway I can't wait for Beryl to appear somewhere, anywhere, very sad she doesn't seem to be in this new phase gen, I was looking forward to it like the most.. hopefully the rrats about some type of vsinger addition or JP gen turn out to be true.
The best outcome would be Hololive but we can only dream they see her talent before the girl moves on to do something else, at this point I'll settle for anyone picking her as long as it isn't a black corpo of course

>> No.64012369

My dude, she can barely move and look around in a game and you think she's gonna go to the e-sports corpo?

>> No.64012737
File: 83 KB, 807x241, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I believe

>> No.64012959

Beryl is Canadian, anon.

>> No.64013291

I still believe that Globie doesn't understand maps

>> No.64013508


>> No.64017596

based we need more flat-earther chuubas

>> No.64019975

beryl's tiny bumps...

>> No.64022415

Lumi revitalized interest in Phase and killed Cyberlive in one blow. Otherwise people would get bored waiting for their eternally delayed Gen2 who had artist problems. Startups need momentum to retain consumers, especially vtuber orgs. Without debuts, a corpo seems lifeless after a while.

>> No.64022450

What is it bro?

>> No.64022465

You're talking to a talent.

>> No.64022648

Pippa at home...

>> No.64022722

EN4 is worth a year.