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They're unironically becoming too big too fast

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Why is this a problem?

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Anyone and anything rises too fast can fall just as fast if they make a wrong move, too

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just like my cock whenever I think about them

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Hololive needs to attract a young audience. 40-year old NEETs living with their 60-year old parents aren't gonna be around forever.

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The risk of a yab is present for all chuubas regardless of how fast they rise. This risk doesn't mean that Fuwamoco's success is a problem to be curbed

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>they make a wrong move
like what? Only way down is to graduate, and not seeing them doing that for a long time.

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You're so BAU BAU

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>too big too fast
Probably you forgot to split it in two.

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I swear this is new bau bau to scare off the sisters
in which im glad

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The only that's unironically becoming too big too fast is your belly OP.
Lift some weights dude.

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proper gura killer

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Shitpuppers have already fallen off hard since debut. Their content is also about as appealing as blood cancer. One of them dying or getting into a tiff with the other is all it will take to capsize them.

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It'll be a problem if they try to appeal to another customer base and abandon their old fans.

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shouldn't he be doing cardio instead

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If they make too much money, they will become lazy like myth and promise. Learn from the history

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Travellers were a way better fanbase than ruffians but besides that the girls continued growth has been only a good thing

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>It'll be a problem in this hypothetical situation that hasn't happened and has no evidence to suggest will ever happen
Still doesn't explain why their success is a problem

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>becoming too big too fast
you know what else is becoming too big too fast

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So Gura will fall soon?

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Two more weeks bro trust me

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That's because of the crossover from other EN fanbases. Travelers were smaller too and small communities are always better than bigger ones.

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nah weightlifting is the easier way to go for weight loss

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two more weeks sister.

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After Fuwawa creamed herself over King K Rool's belly last night? No chance I'm losing weight.

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Not disbelieving you, I'm just curious.

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>if the vtubers literally die then their content will really fall off!!!
sisters getting desperate

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Young people have no money tho
What is really happening is that hololive is grooming (kek) the current young generation, hope they remain single, then milk them when they're old and loaded

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I mean, they're not especially out of the standards of holoEN either. Look at how quickly Myth grew near their debut.

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And that's bad how?

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bigger risk of burning out?

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>Why is this a problem?

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This is a good answer. Thank you anon

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And why is that a problem? They are the most appealing to casuals and newfriends in Advent anyway.

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>They are the most appealing to casuals and newfriends in Advent anyway.
That is also a problem

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Normalfags are always a problem for any niche hobby

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You made this thread because you wanted an excuse to post these gifs, right? I approve

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this is the first good AI art ever created

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And the last one. James Bond and Pierce Brosnan are banned from dall-e now.

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FWMC isn't niche, they are literally for normies.

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That is not a good thing in any way

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