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Now that the dust has settled, why did unicorns win?

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unicorns are the vegans of /vt/. They always make them self known even when no one asked.

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but then /vt is a vegan restaurant

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this was ones a beautiful bbq grill, but now it's no more... it's not fair.

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No streams. Perpetual anger and sadness. Everything they deserve.

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The only thing they'll win is an express ticket to the ER for an anger-induced stroke because boy howdy they sure do enjoy going out of their way to find things that make them angry.

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Dimitri Jap banning collabs with Stars EN. Thank him

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Homobeggars don't even watch streams

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We are the cashcows.

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You fund people like mikeneko.

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I always support my oshi, but still dislike unicorns.

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Because unicorns are actual fans of the girls while homobeggars are Holoantis who only care about winning their culture war and farm virtue signaling points.

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I somehow have the distinct feeling OP is just a unicorn larper who just as quickly makes homobeggar bait threads if it got him (you)s.

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I will never understand how pic rel is okay yet replying or liking some homo tweet is the end of the world.

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There are no unicorns or homobeggars. /vt/ is just one long LARP.

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Unicorns watch streams and buy merch. Beggars are clip watchers. Who would you listen to if you were Cover?

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Luxiem went down the toilet, literally -directly- as a result of Vox and Mysta doing the genderswapped version of the 'own le unicrons' rant EN girls can be prone to. The nijiEN girls who had the most anti-unicorn/gosling-killing kinds of things going on are tepid 3views generally and are probably at about the bottom level of what their max potential ever was.

StarsEN had some good will generated on the idea of brotuber-ness which actually is as a rule generally unicorn-friendly behavior because being your bro dude friend is just that, and does not involved your dude friend making moves on the girl he knows you like. This good will was squandered when Vesper and Magni could sense the anxiety about being un-bro like and seemed intent to double down on that and.. I dunno, something happened and they are just gone now too, and now the rest of StarsEN isn't really like those two were. StarsEN's biggest ongoing successes are actually from catering to the femicorns if you'd call them that.

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The fans that don't have a superiority complex?

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I think you need to learn what "false flagging" means, anon.

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male collabs pisses off part of your fans. not collabing pisses off twitter users who don't watch you anyway.

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How is ot false flagging when the majority of posts pretebd like bothing is happening yet cry at twitter likes? They harass the streamers for latter (constant containment breaching in chats etc) yet pretend that pic I replied to doesn't exist. Also cry to jannies when something gets posted all the while attacking the "whores" who dare reply on twitter? How is that falseflagging when what I implied litarally happens all the time?

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It's falseflagging because that picture isn't something an actual unicorn would post. Contain both your schizo and your seethe, please.

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Unicorns are the cancer of any fandom and at times can ruin the lives of the oshis they seem to worship.

They deserve no human rights and should kill themselves for their pathetic existence.

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you probably meant the homobeggars who keep trying to ruin the girl's careers, not the unicorns who fund their careers

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It's that simple. Remember thousands of upvotes on homobegging reddit posts compared to few hundred people actually watching.

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How am I seething, what, and how am I a schizo? I am calmly enquiring and instead of answering me properly you just hurl childish insults my way??? I just want to understand how so many people on this board act the way they do. You can't hide behind "le muh falseflagging", that's just not a good enough of an explanation. Why is that pic true and why do so many posters seethe at literal nothing twitter replies? Actal unicorns should dislike both, especially the bf stuff, yet posters on this board attack the ones who just reply on twitter and not the ones pretending to be lesbians even though the opposite is literally true? Undeniably factually true quite frankly. Can you explain that? I'm genuinely confused and curious. I don't get it.

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So once again unicorns. Litteraly everything point to them being the better demographic. That why i decided to join their side despide not minding the homo at all.

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Coming from the homobeggars who demand things be changed when they don’t fit their personal tastes, even when they’ve been that way for a long time

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>That why i decided to join their side despide not minding the homo at all.

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Ok so you should try to appeal to the fans who actively won’t watch you or donate… because they don’t have a superiority complex? What is the logic behind that?

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kys, OP

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There are no downside to unicorn pandering while pander to bicorn ruin your career.

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Then maybe you should read the fucking archive and lurk more newfag

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unicorns destroyed utterly

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Projecting harder than IMAX.

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Nta but it’s pretty simple, homobeggars are toxic as fuck and are constantly trying to bring their culture war into the EN sphere, it makes sense that someone with no horse in the race would prefer unicorns, they are significantly less obnoxious

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How is it projecting? Homobeggars are the ones who get mad when the girls won’t collab with the boys, and they demand that they collab with them, despite them never doing that in the past

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Perhaps I just interpreted it wrongly then. I hadn't considered that perspective.

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you created a conspiratorial view of things where the only people who could possibly be against you are your very opposite (homobeggars)
you are wrong
most people hate you because you are annoying as shit

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So will will just deflect the whole thing to archive and not explain anything? Not even keywords? I guess you have no explanation/justification at all, all you can do is to just say "fuck off" and continue making new posts astroturfing your narratives. I guess you unicorns are just hypocrites and genuine cuckolds in denial, because actual Japanese unicorn would not tolerate any of it. Off stream or on stream.

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It's projecting because you're claiming that if someone's not a unicorn they automatically want homo collabs.

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What does homobeggers have to do with anything? That post was about unicorns was it not?

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Literally everything you said is the opposite of reality.

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Because we’re stream watchers.

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In what way? This is exactly what’s been happening for the past year and a half

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Nice tournament, Selen

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I didn’t say that

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The fuck are you talking about, it's the unicorns who do that. I would literally never see a "homobeggar" if (You) retards weren't obsessed with them, and even after seeing your evidence I'm not even really convinced there is such a thing. Meanwhile, vtubers I like get harassed by unicorns who aren't even fans of the same company for not measuring up to unicorn standards despite never saying they would.

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unicorns and homobeggars are both very small extremist groups, loud and annoying
they need to have sex with each other

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>utter lie
>ironic humor

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You did. The moment someone called unicorns vegans you called them a homobeggar. That's projection. Nobody asked for a homo collab yet you claimed they did so anyways.

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>ironic faggot gay cocks mmm slurp slurp

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see also >>63880275. The exact opposite has been happening for the past year and a half and it's only because of profound mental illness (i.e.: being a unicorn) that (You) can't see it. This entire board is full of people shitting their diapers because a male collab happened, making bait threads about how such and such a chuuba has "fallen" or arguing about how someone is or isn't "safe". The supposed pressure to collab is a figment of your imagination, and you know it, because you're constantly making threads about how she (whoever it is) made that choice.
(You) retards are shitting things up for everyone else and making my oshi cry. TUD.

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>loses his temper, can't stick to a gimmick

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>green text

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>mucho texto

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You're must be 18+ to post on 4ch. Lurk ten thousand years.

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Are the homobeggars in the room with us right now?

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If you have watched pictures from most of the fan meetings organized by reddit you would understand why almost everyone act like this. Of course they are para-social as fuck and prone to act in a m'lady way.
Here in /vt/ people are just xwittards trying to bait and cause drama.

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gay AND retarded

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>hi I'm a zoomer and have zoomer attention span
I've been here longer than (You).

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Go to any twitter interaction or clip of the girls and guys together, you will find people begging for more and demanding that the girls who don’t collab with the boys start doing so

>> No.63880736

>thinking unicorns don't have a superiority complex
deluxe kek

>> No.63880749

That is not what I did, I said that if anyone should be compared to vegans, it is the homobeggars, i never said that anyone who doesn’t explicitly dislike male collabs is a homobeggar

>> No.63880803

We both have a superiority complex, it’s a stupid point to bring up because both unicorns and homobeggars think they are superior to the other and make that opinion know

>> No.63880834

>Go to [...] twitter
you are the one bringing this cancer here
no one here behaves like this
kill yourself, sincerely

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Ok except we are asking that they stick to the status quo, which is definitely not what vegans do, homobeggars are the ones begging for the status quo to change so that all the girls can collab with the homos, which is a very vegan thing to do, they are coming in and demanding that things change to better suit their tastes and preferences

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Yeah right, more like we got followed into another hobby by the same politically motivated trannies that have been obsessing over us since 2015 because we won't give them the D. Unicorn is at this point a snarl word used to describe any resistance to the exact degenerate behavior that will cause the bottom to fall out vtubing once the lowest common denominator has been reached and sufficiently replicated. It's not like there's value here outside of human lonliness, so yeah the unicorn is right, you only owe him everything.

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>Coming from the homobeggars
This is you calling the person you're replying to a homobeggar

>> No.63880961

>arguing about how someone is or isn't "safe"
There's nothing wrong with asking if someone collabs with men or not if that's not something you want to see.

>> No.63880989

some of them don't even know Vesper graduated

>> No.63880990

I don't think unicorns are the equivalent to homobeggars. You can be a unicorn without shitting on girls who collab with males but you cannot be a homobeggar without disrespecting the decisions of a girl who doesn't want to collab with males.

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I dislike unicorns, and homobeggers only "appear" when unicorns talk about it.
I'm on neither side as I watch and support my oshi and won't join a tribe.

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take your meds

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unicorns absolutely destroyed

>> No.63881085

You seem to have strong opinions about this culture war you supposedly aren’t participating in.

>> No.63881088

I dislike homobeggers, and unicorns only "appear" when homobeggers talk about it.
I'm on neither side as I watch and support my oshi and won't join a tribe.

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>the vicious cycle of /vt/
>Bãtutã_Din_Moldova.mp4 starts playing

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Because Hololive is fundamentally about cute girls doing cute things. So it inherently caters to unicorns. A handful of girls will occasionally go off the rails and suck Homo dick but they're the exception to the rule and they're always punished for it. We literally can't lose.

>> No.63881214

We know who Cover listened to. They told unicorns to fuck off if they didn’t like what the company was doing.
Unicorns deluding themselves into believing Cover cares about their pocket money will always be hysterical. Like an 8-year-old who thinks he’s rich because he has $500.

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they are the spearhead , the vanguard
i'm a CGDCT person and i follow their lead

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>talks about himself in the third person

>doesn't post picture

>doesn't move on after his bit failed



>shies away from the evidence he asked for


>le enlightened centrist(badly disguised homobeggar)





>holoanti praising omega

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Holy newfag

>> No.63881411

>unicorns only "appear" when homobeggers talk about it.
So the OP is a "homobegger"?

>> No.63881465

>34 posters

>> No.63881482

>Hololive is fundamentally about
Hololive is not your shitty anime

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>They told unicorns to fuck off if they didn’t like what the company was doing.
They created a gen specifically for unicorns. Pretty sure Cover doesn't want them to fuck off.

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but vegans are cute

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Since we've decided both unicorns and homobeggars are bad, we can all agree that the girls can collab with whoever they want as long as they aren't pressured into it.

>> No.63881545

>Hololive is not your shitty anime
Hololive is anime actually. Also it's about cute girls doing cute things.

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Just a reminder, take care of yourselves lads.

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Unicorns and homobeggars are both retarded and this thread is proof of it

>> No.63881559

Bijou, Mori Fan
nope nope nope nope nope

>> No.63881565

you're mom gay lole

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No, fuck you. I need my drama.

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Mori is unicorn friendly now.

>> No.63881652

Some youtuber farming contents for his next clip, probably.

>> No.63881658

>Bijou, no male collabs ever
yes yes yes yes yes yes

>> No.63881666 [DELETED] 

You're all just a bunch of incels with no hobbies other than shitposting.

>> No.63881672

and there you have it
"unicorns" are drama addicts, creating their own drama

>> No.63881686

correct, don't on 5kek we must have a "good guy" and a "bad guy". Nuances isn't allowed.

>> No.63881713

This "unicorn" probably has 2 membership subscriptions and that's it

>> No.63881722 [DELETED] 

>johnny come lately trying to redefine stuff




>this post is extremelly low quality



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>a sexy vegan
fuck anon, you make a compelling argument...

>> No.63881771

Welcome to 4ch. Now go back.

>> No.63881791

Logically a unicorn should only have one membership only because his oshi is supposed to be his literal romantic partner.

>> No.63881839

Aren't that gachikois that goes that far?

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Gachikoi is not the same as unicorn.

>> No.63881898

Because you’re supposed to only appeal to good, moral people, and not the chuds. And if your business doesn’t work out like that, it’s all capitalism’s fault anyway!

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She never was nor will she ever be.

>> No.63881909

All unicorns are gachikois but not all gachikois are unicorns.

>> No.63881933

Was trying to be generous with them, but you're honestly right.

>> No.63882029

>strawmanning imaginary people to fight with

>> No.63882069 [DELETED] 

>filename leads to /his/



>> No.63882089

Unicorns just want to enjoy their hobby in peace. Homobeggars are the problems because they don't want unicorns to enjoy their hobby in peace. Their whole reason for begging for male collabs is specifically because they know a lot of people out there don't like them and they want to ruin enjoyment for others.

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File: 2.22 MB, 1280x720, i_don't_watch_homos[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fqf7ghe.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Ah so glad I got all them extra vpns. Always fun arguing with myself on a taiwanese dumpling tutorial forum.

>> No.63882147

>Why did the people that actually watch and support their oshi win

>> No.63882176

>retarded homobeggar doesn't know what a unicorn even is
>mistakes them for gachi
Many such cases

>> No.63882219

There is no such thing as a homobeggar. The status quo is that everyone can collab with whoever they want as long as they can arrange it. Unicorns are the ones trying to prevent chuubas from having collabs that they want to have. Nobody is trying to pressure the girls to have male collabs that they don't want to. They are only trying to make sure unicorns don't intimidate them out of it.
Utterly mindbroken.
There is something profoundly wrong with caring about whether the chuuba collabs with men if she isn't collabing with men in the stream you're currently watching.
Nothing about cgdct is incompatible with male collabs. That is unicorn propaganda.
Unfathomable levels of delusion.
Homobeggars do not exist.

>> No.63882234

All unicorns are gachikoi. If they weren't, unicorns wouldn't freak out at Fauna for saying that she's not their friend.

>> No.63882246

The fuck? I'll have you know that I knit too on my spare time

>> No.63882336

>undercover unicornbro goes off the deep end and ends up believing he's a real homobeggar
So sad

>> No.63882357

>I want to enjoy my hobby in peace
>spams everywhere, accusing everyone else of persecuting them
you reply to every single one of my posts like a cute little dog

>> No.63882356 [DELETED] 

>Nothing about cgdct is incompatible with male collabs.
Guys aren't girls. Guys can't be girls even if they want to. So guys are completely incompatible with cute girls doing cute things. Sorry sister. You will never be a woman.

>> No.63882410

If only you used a dictionary as much as you use green text

>> No.63882433

>treating /vt/ like a discord server

>> No.63882485

Vtuber are suppose to be like living anime girls

>> No.63882491

>All unicorns are gachikoi
>if they weren't, unicorns wouldn't freak out at Fauna for saying that she's not their friend.
Is your argument about romance or friendship? Make up your mind, anonchama

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>There is no such thing as a homobeggar
>Nobody is trying to pressure the girls to have male collabs that they don't want to

>> No.63882518

There is nothing about being a cute girl doing cute things that is incompatible with non-girls being present. Just like how the fact that there are sane people living in the house above your apartment doesn't prevent (You) from shitting up the catalog with your retardation.

>> No.63882519

Unicorns and beggars are both annoying dipshits

>> No.63882533

>spams everywhere, accusing everyone else of persecuting them
The delusions in your head aren't reality

>> No.63882535

Thanks for using a strawman term created by Twitter

>> No.63882558

Show me one (1) counterexample.

>> No.63882570

>treating /vt/ like a toilet

>> No.63882587

>There is nothing about being a cute girl doing cute things that is incompatible with non-girls being present
If a guy is present then it's no longer cute GIRLS doing cute things, Captain Retard.

>> No.63882596
File: 252 KB, 600x664, ah-sweet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>make one post
>sit back and relax as samefags make over 100 posts "arguing" on a Srpska Kebab Forum
Now this is entertainment

>> No.63882599

Same thing. If you're going to claim that you just like GCTDGCTDGCTDG then you don't need her to be your friend. The truth is that you seek intimacy, making you a gachikoi.

>> No.63882610

jesas fuck, literally this very thread is an example of the spam in question.

>> No.63882618 [DELETED] 

I'm arguing both sides. This is fun.

>> No.63882628

based agent of chaos

>> No.63882647

No unicorn had ever called me a *insert buzzword here* for wanting to support me Oshi.
Fuck Nijisisters and homobeggars.

>> No.63882658

>two girls and a guy are in a room
>because there is a guy, there are no longer girls, plural
>you're a retard btw

>> No.63882686

I've seen enough people seething about Vtubers choosing of their own volition to avoid male collabs to know that Homobeggars are 100% a thing

>> No.63882709 [DELETED] 

>tranny brainrot
When everyone looks like a tranny to you, check under you shoe, faggot.

>> No.63882715

Unicorns call me a homobeggar all the time, despite that I am not one and there is no such thing.

>> No.63882723

Taking a third position doesn't make you smart. It just makes you extra gay.

>> No.63882742
File: 51 KB, 500x500, 830B1C1D-E6D4-49AC-BC4D-B63EBD7F4219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s not enough, we need to protect our idols more from these homo collabers. What even happened to our general?

>> No.63882755

what dust? why did it need to settle? and what prize was won?

>> No.63882760

Who told you that, faggot?

>> No.63882764

Most of them are in youtube comments and twatter/l*ddit.

>> No.63882765

Lol? Superiority complex is basically the whole schtick of beggers. They're virtue signalers whose entire self worth depends on proving how much more progressive and enlightened they are compared to dudes who just want to watch cgdct or lose themselves in some gfe roleplay. To the point they just spend 10x more time baiting and virtue signaling on forums instead of you know, actually just watching and supporting the vtubers they like. Thus they are quite worthless to everyone but themselves.

>> No.63882769

You do sound like a homobeggar
Actually the real question is why are you apparently getting into so many arguments with Unicorns? If you want to watch male collabs, just oshi a girl who does them. Problem solved

>> No.63882806

Holy fucking retard.
Are you doing the kind of trolling where the joke’s on me, you were only pretending?

>> No.63882830

Anon he's just trying to trigger you. They are all disingenuous faggots trying to farm (you)'s because this board happily feeds it to them. The whole unicorn shit started out as a giant larp and as always over time there are people coming in who don't get the joke and take it as serious state of affairs. There are a few people who do think like unicorns but they are a select few, most of the posters on this board imitate a giant larp. This is also why this whole unicorn shit is just on another level of pathetic.

>> No.63882844

was saying that both homobeggers and unicorns have a superiority complex.

>> No.63882887

Because unicorns are annoying as fuck.
No one likes them, including themselves.

>> No.63882906

I love the Unicorm Chad images please keep them coming

>> No.63882913

NTA but I get into arguments with "unicorns" because their oshi does male collabs and they then try to damage control her reputation by claiming that actually she is pure and unicorn friendly and the male collab wasn't out of her own choice somehow.
Note that my position in those arguments is that male collabs are bad which makes their oshi bad.

>> No.63882939

If they annoy you, stop replying to them. Go watch streams.
You're choosing to get annoyed by engaging with them. Like a child who can't stop touching the hot stove
>No one likes them, including themselves.
You sound like someone who dislikes himself

>> No.63882980

I'm sure you're living a nice and fruitful life getting into arguments on 4chan everyday with anons.
You definitely don't even watch streams, do you?

>> No.63883002

>friendship and romance are the same thing
Kek. I like how homobeggars accuse unicorns of thinking men and women can't just be friends, then they turn around and imply that men and women can't just be friends because "friendship and romance are the same thing". Everything homobeggars say is pure projection. They really do think intergender collabs mean the girls and guys are fucking and they like that idea because they're actual cucks.

>> No.63883012

Both of you are literally the reason why this shit is a problem in the first place. Congrats on having your oshi think of you as an annoying cunt, no matter the side you choose.

>> No.63883015

I watch my oshis. You watch male collabers.

>> No.63883017

No, you don't watch streams.

>> No.63883039

...you just realized you literally admitted to larping as someone who shits their shit over male collabs, aka you're larping as a "unicorn" while arguing with other "unicorns"
oh my god it's falseflaggers baiting falseflaggers all the way down
you're too stupid to realize that you're not the only one baiting for (you)s

>> No.63883044

I don't care about the past nor about them having males they interact with in their lives
I just don't want male collabs on streams, while they're on the job

>> No.63883063

Is the argument now that unicorns want an internet woman to pretend to be their friend but not their girlfriend?

>> No.63883074

As it's meant to be used.

>> No.63883085

Oh? Who are your oshis?

>> No.63883096

Someone post the "I thought you were a hoshiyomi" screenshot

>> No.63883106 [DELETED] 

I'm not larping as anyone. I just enjoy humiliating cucks who for some reason keep posing as "chad" unicorns despite defending a vtuber that has done several male collabs.

>> No.63883117

I'm not telling you.

>> No.63883131 [DELETED] 

The term "cute girls doing cute things" is inherently exclusionary because if you add guys to the mix then it's no longer about girls. But you're retarded so I'm not surprised I have to explain this.

You will never be a woman

>> No.63883136

People are just falseflaging or are just the most casual or the casual watchers trying to bait. Because no sane people that is into vtuber culture is calling himself a unicorn.
This is like that stupid kids in the 2010's calling themselves 'otaku' or some other weeb shit.

>> No.63883153

Marine and Raden.

>> No.63883177

Ah. So you are one of those people that bring some random collab from like 5 years ago and scream how "X is a whore" because of it

>> No.63883190

You don't even speak enough Japanese to understand Raden.

>> No.63883208

nta but not being proud on your oshi. What (you) scared of, a faggot will go the there general and laugh at (you).
My oshi is Roboco-san and I love watching Fuwamoco

>> No.63883254

And you do? I support what she's doing while you don't.

>> No.63883259 [DELETED] 

Homobeggars absolutely hate it when you point out men can't exist in CGDCT kek

>> No.63883289

No, I bring up collabs from days, weeks, months ago. Just yesterday someone said Baelz is now unicorn friendly because she hasn't collabed with homos for however many weeks it has been now.

>> No.63883301

Lol, Marineschizo
Don't make it so obvious every thread, idiot. You're literally just trying to make people hate Marine's fans (and by extension, Marine) by shitting on other Vtubers.
If you spend your entire life getting angry about other people, you're going to lead a wretched life and die unhappy

>> No.63883307

unlike the stars talent that have inferiority complex kek

>> No.63883322

Why are saplings like this?

>> No.63883329

>Congrats on having your oshi think of you as an annoying cunt
>source: it was revealed to me in a dream
All you have is headcanon and projections. Quite sad.

>> No.63883331

Mori is just toxic
avoid at all cost

>> No.63883340

Anon, you really need to get off the catalog.
Be honest, how many hours a day do you spend here?

>> No.63883343

I accept your concession, faggot.

>> No.63883344

Which vtuber have I shit on? Going by your accusation, I have shit opn Marine, but I have never done such a thing.

>> No.63883388

You are literally Marineschizo

>> No.63883397

You unironically shit on her all the time. Claiming that you even watch her is a lie.

>> No.63883402

Imagine seething so hard you bite bait intended for unicorns instead. Someone forgot to turn friendly fire off. lmao

>> No.63883411

I don't know, schizochama, what is your argument about? I can't tell because your hallucinations keep changing.

>> No.63883421 [DELETED] 

> You will never be a woman
Thank God. I don’t want to look pretty, like some twinkly little faggot that loves tranime and cute things.
Something tells me you like tranime quite a bit, though, don’t you, faggot?

>> No.63883445

Why are you in this particular thread, anyways? Give the honest answer and not some dumb excuse

>> No.63883454

Actually I do. Is that a problem?

>> No.63883465

Oh, it's you again. Hello. Still salty Holo's gonna get into Granblue?

>> No.63883474

nta but have been watching different CGDCT anime? Remember there being individuals with XY chromosomes in K-on and Azumanga Daioh... Or aren't those animes CGDCT?

>> No.63883487

I have never insulted Marine or any other vtuber. You on the other hand call any vtuber you don't like a whore.

Because I know it will be populated by the kind of hypocritical cucks that I like to humiliate. When was the last time your oshi talked to a male vtuber? A week?

>> No.63883516

No one plays Granblue anymore. Who cares. They barely spend any time developing it.

>> No.63883538

>no argument
I accept your concession

>> No.63883540

My argument is that unicorns are gachikois. You can't seem to define what unicorns actually want from a vtuber but seem to think being a gachikoi is a bad thing.

>> No.63883548 [DELETED] 

I’m choosing to belittle them. Because I’ve spent my entire life belittling low testosterone faggots who annoy me.
These things wear glasses, are physically unimpressive, frequently feel lonely, and are altogether not men.
They need to be reminded every day that they are subhuman.

>> No.63883575 [DELETED] 

>Something tells me you like tranime quite a bit, though, don’t you, faggot?
Yeah I love Hololive

>> No.63883578

Fauna stuff is all homobeggers flase flagging
no1 really cares, she's CGDCT

>> No.63883579

>anyone who takes note of a theoretical culture war is a participant
You do realize how retarded you are, right?

>> No.63883586

Watch out, we've got a badass here.

>> No.63883588

You belittle them because you see those traits in yourself. You hate yourself.

>> No.63883610 [DELETED] 

Tranime is for little yellow boys, faggot. Not whatever you are.
You are a living failure. I don’t even need to elaborate, because you know I’m right.

>> No.63883611

This is the kind of retard who gets into unicorn related arguments huh. You do realize no one is saying that seriously right? That's a statement made to bait brrats and baeschizos, as well as "unicorns"

>> No.63883618

So you're calling this guy >>63883002 a homobeggar.

>> No.63883628

>Azumanga Daioh
I don't know those. The only anime I watch is Hololive and Cowboy Bebop.

>> No.63883631

>You on the other hand call any vtuber you don't like a whore.
No, I don't. Kek. This is literal homobeggar logic that they use to insult Unicorns. I thought your position was that male collabs are bad? Can't you figure out whether you're LARPing as a Unicorn or anticorn first, you schizo
Also, getting into fights with other fanbases while saying "BTW I'M A FAN OF MARINE" is like a really really shitty thing to do to Marine, so you should stop that. A fan represents his oshi so getting into fanbase fights is a really bad look. Well that's why you're Marineschizo.

>> No.63883638

i will never watch azumanga again, chiyo's dad is literally cucking me

>> No.63883666

People do seriously argue that mikeneko is for unicorns.

>> No.63883672

This thread is a mess but then again half of the posters have admitted playing both sides just for the (You)s.
No point in trying to make a single coherent argument.

>> No.63883677

but osaka. the only reason to watch it.

>> No.63883681

My child, you're posting on /vt/ 12 hours a day. You're obviously the bottom of the genetic lottery.

>> No.63883685

The other anon explained why you’re an actual retard. I’m just laughing at you. Please, keep going.

>> No.63883686

>My argument is that unicorns are gachikois
Some unicorns are gachis and some aren't.

>> No.63883710

And I'm laughing at you.

>> No.63883715
File: 1.80 MB, 291x244, 1690689278252387.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>haven't watched Tom & Jarry

>> No.63883716

>Also, getting into fights with other fanbases while saying "BTW I'M A FAN OF MARINE"
You literally asked who my oshi is and now you're blaming me for answering a question. You're a fucking schizo. End your pathetic existence, please.

>> No.63883727

None of those traits apply to me. I’m a man, not a little boy or a faggot.

>> No.63883740

Well, Mikeneko's case is a bit special since she does pander to that audience and she's a bit of a basket case anyway.
Bae is completely different as she's never pandered to unicorns in any way and I've never seen a brat who cared about that kind of shit (because they wouldn't be a brat if they did care).

>> No.63883749

>not a little boy or a faggot.
You most assuredly are a faggot.

>> No.63883764

How about the fact they use anime avatars at all?

>> No.63883773 [DELETED] 

You will never be a real man. You can't transition and be one.

>> No.63883776

We both know you’re not laughing, retard.

>> No.63883780 [DELETED] 

>le enlightened centrist



>homobeggar math


>revisioninst history



>the average homobeggar is a literal schizophrenic talking to the voices in his head

>> No.63883782

I only asked because I knew you're pretend it was Marine
Notice how I haven't said a single negative thing about Marine? That's because I'm not a vindictive asshole like you.

>> No.63883794

The problem is not brats, it's members of other fanbases shitting on her.
>i-it's all falseflagging homobeggars and shitposters
Whatever you want to believe.

>> No.63883795 [DELETED] 

It's not special in any way. She keeps interacting with men and cucks keep defending her. She went out to eat with a man.
Defending her is not any different from defending Bae. They both do things out of their own free will.

>> No.63883796
File: 77 KB, 843x1200, 162654321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he's such a manly man that he don't dare mention his oshi
You're oshi is Oily

>> No.63883812

>All you have is headcanons and projections.
Oh no, PR has taking over this poor person's brain. Who's gonna tell them?

>> No.63883817 [DELETED] 

cry unikek

>> No.63883823

you really are horny for (you)s? Fine I'll indulgent in your wired fetish on a blue board...

>> No.63883827

>The other anon explained why you’re an actual retard.
Some retards tried to argue with me and made themselves look stupid. Is that what you're referring to?

>> No.63883835 [DELETED] 

You still haven't proven how I have insulted Marine but keep saying that I have done so. Who is your oshi? You won't asnwer because you're scared of being exposed as a cuckold.

>> No.63883862


>> No.63883875 [DELETED] 

>PR has taking over this poor person's brain

>> No.63883878

Nope. I’m a man. You’re a tranime loving faggot who avoids conflict because you feel perpetually intimidated, and uses shitposting as a sad substitute for real aggression.
Prove me wrong. Tell me how many physical fights you’ve gotten in this year.

>> No.63883882


>> No.63883893

never had sex or much in terms of interactions with women, spends life obsessing over anime girl and throws money at someone who doesn't give a fuck about them.
not sure how this is winning - kind of sad existence to be honest.

>> No.63883896

>admitting to starting fanbase fights
>claim (falsely) your oshi is Marine
You're just trying to make people hate Marine's fans. I'll never hate Marine just because you spend all day crying about Vtubers here

>> No.63883897

My oshi is Marine.

>> No.63883905

Mikeneko’s issue is that she wants it’s both ways, while not realizing she cannot. Hence why she became a Japanese Lolcow that needs to get off the internet for her own mental health.

>> No.63883912
File: 28 KB, 400x400, 1675343640491570.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the fastest thread on the catalos is Homobeggars denying they're Homobeggars and Unicornchads loudly ploclaiming to be Unicornchads

>> No.63883925

My oshi is also Marine. Stop making things worse for us, you retarded spiteful faggot. Kill yourself

>> No.63883935

support cute girls and their dreams.
you'll never be one of them
not all are retarded simps willing to go for bottom barrel trash like pokimain

>> No.63883959

Join us.

>> No.63883965

More like the fastest thread on the forums is Marineschizo effortlessly running circles around four autists.

>> No.63883964

They could post thing like this because they are just here to get (You)s and never watched streams.

>> No.63883968

Read this post. Refute what it says. I’m dying to see how your monkey brain works.

>> No.63883978

My point is that Mikeneko does have sunk cost fans who care about defending her because she used to make a point of avoiding males.
Bae's fans don't need to defend against homocollabs because Bae was always a stars supporter from the start.. The situations are fundamentally different.
I'm talking about the people the other guys mentioned who falseflag as brats caring about whether bae is unicorn friendly or not. This guy:
>Just yesterday someone said Baelz is now unicorn friendly because she hasn't collabed with homos for however many weeks it has been now.
Is 100% a falseflagger yes.

>> No.63883980

Who is your oshi? Why are you so scared?

Stop LARPing.

>> No.63883988

>Marineschizo pushing another thread to bump limit
When will he finally leave?

>> No.63884003

unicorns humiliated, again

>> No.63884008

I'll never leave.

>> No.63884011

None at all. I'm not sure what you've based your manly man image on, but physical aggression is generally seen as a sign of immaturity. Furthermore, I'm a different anon than the one you were first arguing with.

>> No.63884012

Meant for >>63883794

>> No.63884033

Sorry, I'm a better Ichimi than you.

>> No.63884061 [DELETED] 

>tranny brainrot
There is a 1000% chance you masturbate to men in skirts.

>> No.63884065

>the schizo finally unmasks himself

>> No.63884100

or they could go to a gym, spend some of that cash to take care of themselves and not act like autistic baboons to have that in real life.
it's not that hard.

>> No.63884107

>implying anyone here has money

>> No.63884112

> physical aggression is generally seen as a sign of immaturity
And just like that, the faggot outs itself.
This is why you need egirls to avoid killing yourself. You dry up pussy faster than a cooch towel.

>> No.63884127

>not a single insult towards Marine has been posted

>> No.63884130
File: 204 KB, 900x1200, 1693456185815028.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uhhm, Pekobros...

>> No.63884135

Morning, that typo was my bad and I just realized lmao

>> No.63884144

What the fuck is a cooch towel? Have you ever interacted with women?

>> No.63884154

Unicorns ruin this board. They only care about themselves, and will drag anyone they don't like through the mud.
They are the worst joke this fandom ever came up with.

>> No.63884167

You don't even watch Marine.

>> No.63884172

No marine. Unicorns win again.

>> No.63884179

I'm not even a unicorn but that reads like bad propaganda

>> No.63884188
File: 9 KB, 100x100, 1685476447796852.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

None of the new homos are even close to 100k subs by the way

>> No.63884190

Gachikois and unicorns have some overlap but are fundamentally different.

Gachikoi = gachi (serious, try hard) + koi (love, crush, romance) = serious love
>is in love with their oshi
>wants to marry their oshi
>doxxes her
>stalks her alternative accounts
>stalks any male that interacts with her to verify that they're not in a relationship

Unicorn = originated from some meme on /vt/ around 2021 that no one remembers anymore
>loves CGDCT anime
>wants vtubers that have the same feel as a slice-of-life anime
>only cares what she does on stream and on social media as her vtuber character
>hates when males appear on stream because it goes against CGDCT

Some overlap:
>general disdain for male-female interaction
>becoming antagonist towards their former oshi if they interact with males in a certain way

The major distinguishing characteristics are:
* gachikois are in love with their oshi
* unicorns are obsessed with CGDCT

These two groups are not mutually exclusive though. It's possible to be both simultaneously.

t. Mori gachikoi

>> No.63884199

just went and saw the homobegger team gartic phone with ollie and the homobegging team
god it's so dead and flat.
-unicorn winning hard

>> No.63884202

quality > quantity

>> No.63884203

Do you have legitimate autism? If you get into fights with other fanbases daily while loudly announcing you oshi Marine, all you're doing is making people get annoyed at her.
Like what the actual fuck is wrong with you, you 70IQ baboon?

>> No.63884222

Finally some catalog monkey found it. Another sign of how they never watch streams and don't care about the talents.
That post has been on Twitter for hours.

>> No.63884229 [DELETED] 

Actually my IQ is 160. Kneel retard.

>> No.63884230


>> No.63884234

I’m not a unicorn but the people wanting to ‘own’ them are crazier

>> No.63884242

How is wanting to watch CGDCT equate to wanting to seek intimacy?

>> No.63884246

>Unicorn = originated from some meme on /vt/ around 2021 that no one remembers anymore
Unicorn originated from japanese vtuber antis insulting vtuber fans that get mad when they find out that their favorite vtuber is in a relationship. It did not originate from /vt/.

>> No.63884265

It's because it's fucking nothing. This is the exact same collab as last year almost. Even /#/ timelooped it in like 5 mins and moved on.

>> No.63884272
File: 459 KB, 3840x2160, GAO6ZA2boAAHcxv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thank you description-anon, have a Sodass as a thanks for your hard work.

>> No.63884279

No one’s talking to you, femanon. Go flash your tits on Discord for attention.

>> No.63884299
File: 1.66 MB, 310x212, 1686776060834038.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>kronii is back to being the leader of her gen after unichuds swore up and down she'd leave the company

>> No.63884313

You asked who my oshi is to insult her. I named her because I know she's invincible.
You're now coming up with cope to explain away your current inability to attack my points.

>> No.63884325

Leader of her gen? hardly.

>> No.63884348

And yet, the most popular one by far is hated by /vt/ and unicorns specifically.

>> No.63884361

You just have autism
You can literally insult anyone. I don't insult Marine because I have a lot of respect for you
You don't, though, because you're Marineschizo who is a Nijifag

>> No.63884373

Bumplimit. I'm out.

>> No.63884376

Gloating rights

>> No.63884378

Ruze isn't popular by any stretch.

>> No.63884384

Kronii barely stream and nobody bats an eye. Should tell you how irrelevant she is now.
Moomer 1m sub soon by the way.

>> No.63884389

>are actual fans of the girls
>Go all out on antiing any Holo that does one thing that activates their almonds
That's just J behavior

>> No.63884394

Stop projecting your terrible personality onto other people. There's no way you live a happy life, schizo

>> No.63884410

That shit was first posted hours ago on /#/ and not even they cared
The catalog never breaks any news. They just steal it from elsewhere.

>> No.63884426 [DELETED] 
File: 3.59 MB, 400x253, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pekora got noticed by Kojima himself
>yagoo rewards mori, not pekora, with a song
>le morbidly obese shinogami sharts out a meme song in an afternoon

>> No.63884436

Nigger it didn’t originate from here. It was a thing already in japan

>> No.63884443

Bump limit is 310

>> No.63884466
File: 222 KB, 512x512, 1688115772531042.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It appears my superiority has lead to some controversy

>> No.63884472

I'm talking about Jurard, who's actually the best performing EN homo of all gens as of now.

>> No.63884495

Ah, you're right. Somehow I misread it as "most hated" for some reason.

>> No.63884508

If you're going to shitpost about this you should at least use Bae who at least has an argument for it. Kronii barely exists these days and isn't leading anything.

>> No.63884516

why does that look like a skin for fortnight?

>> No.63884536

But you're the one operating from the point where you're ready to insult someone else's oshi.

>> No.63884574 [DELETED] 

Your defining characteristic is that tranime boys make you feel extremely insecure.

>> No.63884613

The meme that it originated from got bastardized when it started being used on /vt/ to such a degree that it hardly bares any resemblance to its original usage.

>> No.63884616

The meme song reached 1 million news, something that Pekora never.

>> No.63884650

Shouldn't unicorns be replaced with Bobby? https://youtu.be/RVyjezZp_Ag?si=XbBekrtJ5kDQU-C6&start=71

>> No.63884656

Meanwhile, in bizarro hololive world, Kronii is back to being the leader of her gen

>> No.63884663 [DELETED] 

>a cuckbeat
Of course

>> No.63884665 [DELETED] 

Who won again? Oh, the unicorn man children who shit themselves at the thought of their pixel girlfriend interacting with males?
They TRY to control these women as if they are their property. They also will not hesitate to tell you they fund the girls(have never sc'd, uses ARS bucks)
Why are they like this? It's simple. Unloved, socially deprived, m'lady virgins who will stay that way for the majority of their lives and use pixel women as a distraction from that fact.
So yeah, apparently that's a victory and who the girls should cater to. Congrats, I guess.

>> No.63884676
File: 365 KB, 512x512, 1699166014109847.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63884685


>> No.63884726

>Pekora most recent song stuck at less of 70k views with a Sololive on the way

>> No.63884754 [DELETED] 

Name a more iconic duo

>> No.63884821

>kawa entertainment
Think that might be perfect combo?

>> No.63884829

My condolence, Omegay has been fired long ago

>> No.63884926

>You can literally insult anyone.
But I haven't insulted anyone other than cucks who keep excusing male collabs despite posing as unicorns.

>> No.63885054

>Pekora behind Mori as a draw

>> No.63885102
File: 1.73 MB, 498x342, 1686011278685822.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ollie is back to being the leader of ID after unicornchuddies claimed she'd leave the company
IDstars gen1 soon

>> No.63885135
File: 261 KB, 512x512, 1682398767962263.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I don't watch them

>> No.63885157

And it's always fun to go back and see who got banned. Looks like mrs. @Everyone got nuked by jannies.

>> No.63885249
File: 142 KB, 1024x1024, 1698448531746980.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get your own drama bait thread.

>> No.63885270
File: 37 KB, 720x641, 1693575434780468.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm still here doe

>> No.63885288

because they put their money where their mouth is

>> No.63885335
File: 54 KB, 668x255, 1692287678911152.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But without my simple post there wouldn't be +300 posts from 4 people

>> No.63885381
File: 285 KB, 512x512, 1673006517130613.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unicorns on guard for thee

>> No.63885395


>> No.63885522

You don't need to make them squirm. Unicorns lie through their teeth all the time

>> No.63885540


>> No.63885616

The status quo is no homo collabs because that’s how it was for the first two years before homoEN debuted, and since then, a majority of holoEN chuubas have maintained that status quo

>> No.63885672
File: 95 KB, 800x600, Z1ybo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm a feminist, you know.

>> No.63885674

>i want to watch cute girls
>therefore i don’t like when they bring guys on stream

What is so hard to understand about this

>> No.63885709 [DELETED] 
File: 329 KB, 1080x937, Screenshot_20231204_130509_Brave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why did this post get deleted?

>> No.63885715

Make us squirm? What are you talking about? We are very comfortable, things have been going exactly how we want for months and month so

>> No.63885755

The janitor is a Calli-gachikoi.

>> No.63885780

It's fine when people do this with anime, annoying at worst, but when you're talking about real humans it comes off as threatening and controlling.

>> No.63885802

This thread made beggars look like absolute faggots. Holy shit are you guys little pussies, seething and bitching and moaning just because you didn't get to see the meltdown over the holoniji tournament. The fact that's what you wanted proves you losers aren't fans, you just want to destroy what people enjoy. Go fuck yourselves.

>> No.63885849 [DELETED] 
File: 2.24 MB, 498x373, KWAB.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>This thread made beggars look like absolute faggots. Holy shit are you guys little pussies, seething and bitching and moaning just because you didn't get to see the meltdown over the holoniji tournament. The fact that's what you wanted proves you losers aren't fans, you just want to destroy what people enjoy. Go fuck yourselves.

>> No.63885920

Why would I be angry if I got exactly what I wanted? Typical beggar bullshittery.

>> No.63885928 [DELETED] 

>unicucks will report you for calling them cucks

>> No.63885970

Report to who?

>> No.63885999

>This is what you said and this is what you look like!
Very witty and original

>> No.63886023 [DELETED] 
File: 414 KB, 500x500, 1690388414485470.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Why would I be angry if I got exactly what I wanted? Typical beggar bullshittery.
>Very witty and original

>> No.63886380 [DELETED] 

Us uniCHADs are so confident that we will report anyone that points out our hypocrisy

>> No.63886669

>food analogy

>> No.63886784

In the end, this is what the girls probably realized. It's an extremely simple concept that has nothing to do with right and wrong, simply that offering a product builds an audience of people that want that product, and changing that will make them leave, while trying to cater to people who aren't even your built up audience makes no sense.

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Anon... Either you lack the required understanding of separation of professional life and personal life and i can explain it simply to you : content =/= real humans or you are a faggot who try to guilty trip people with low tier gaslighting.
When you sell a product you have no right to tell customers what they have to buy or soon enought the "you don't watch the homo" will become the new generation of "you don't hav cell phone" and you and I know where it lead.
Cover should concider themselves lucky once again that their client notice them about what they don't want.

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simp for her is one thing, simp for her and whiteknight no-life for her everywhere here?
kek pathetic and that's saying much for most of us in here

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The difference is that gamers are so retarded and whipped that they still made Diablo immortal a massive success for blizzard. This is why gatekeeping is important.

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I'm a unichad and my oshi collabs with men