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>/corpo/ resources:

>What is /corpo/?
The number of vtubers managed by an agency ("corpos") or representing a brand ("mascots") has been growing recently. However, not all discussions can sustain individual threads. This thread strives to create a place to discuss the talents and mascots of corpo™s that are currently not discussed in other threads.

>Can I shill my small corpo oshi who already has a thread?
If your oshi gets talked about in a thread constantly, you may want to focus there! It's fine otherwise.

>Are former corpo talents allowed?
Due to the increasing number of graduated or retired talents, ex-corpo talents are allowed but please try to respect their other identities.

>Other Corpo Threads
Idol: >>>/vt/jidf
Phase Connect: >>>/vt/pcg
Tsunderia: >>>/vt/tsunx
Prism: >>>/vt/ppg
Kawaii: >>>/vt/pkg
VReverie: >>>/vt/vre
EIEN: >>>/vt/eien
PixelLink: >>>/vt/pxl
V-Dere: >>>/vt/vdere
V&U + KR vtubers: >>>/vt/vnug
JP indies + corpos: >>>/vt/indie
V4Mirai: >>>/vt/v4m

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schizo bake

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/corpo/'s golden era, how I miss thee

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whore bake

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Gonna be hard to top that as one the worst debut weeks in /corpo/'s history from a formal corpo

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whores surpassed by karrot

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>Mana-chan got invited to PixelLink's minecraft server by Nebi

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Just want to refute the narrative going around here: it's actually not their first non-vsinger company, only their first EN one. They have FIRST STAGE PRODUCTION which has two JP generations now (the EN one is coming soon), the second one is notorious for adopting ex-Sio while the first one is getting 3Ds this month. They do seem very chill about their schedule requirements. Also there have been 2 or 3 terminations in 8 months. For anyone curious, they are a public company (GREE inc.) so they publish their reports, you can see them go hard and run in the red heavily this year with all the investments into vtubers. Honestly I don't see them ever getting these investments back, not with that bunch of vtubers at least... both JP and EN.

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who asked

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>2 or 3 terminations in 8 months
Huh, interesting.

As for vtubers, it seems to me their investment is wasted unless they can cultivate an audience. For all their weaknesses, Brave Group knows how to direct their vtubers to be profitable and exploit their numbers, as well as grow them. The lack of direction and lackadaisical attitude Specialite has makes me think it's more of a management problem as well, which also seems to be squandering the insane amount of money they poured into their debut.

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[HighTideSha] Cinnia Antimony setting sail with Limbusboat (formerly known as Limbus) Company:

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Spica VLR

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Mayuno A. Charlotte 100 Facts

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Lillian's lewd friend!

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Jesus she debuts and immediately goes on break for most of the week. This is going to be terrible for her growth.

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>new corpo debut
>manager anons and numberfags come out of the woodwork

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Kumanui Miel Debut 2.0

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Nihongo jouzu

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Raian Valerius Armored Core 6

Jacki3 En Garde!

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bear hag?

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Elfie vers Amastacia Signalis

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both glowie and specialite being 3 view after debut is kinda wow.

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Looking for a partial archive of Menace's vods: Sept 15 - Dec 10 2022 and Feb 13 - Jun 14 2023. I know its a longshot, but I'm putting it out there just in case someone has them. Unfortunately these vods aren't on her YouTube channel. I'm not posting in /jidf/ because it'd be off topic.

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Shirousa Mikumi Pamali

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I hope you one day achieve your goal anon

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Karrot Keromi and Liola Lightbringer Re:Debut 2.0

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Miya Mareena HoloCure

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thanks for the stream update, i always forget to do that

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Anyone want to sell me on VOLs? I "discovered" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-PnXKTw734 and I have to say that is one of the most scuffed debut streams I have ever witnessed where I think she actually doxed herself (hence the blurred out bit when her desktop is shown).

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Speaking Simulator Taring Hu (The Tiger waifu)

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crackwhore and turbobitch

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I saw her play Apex once, I liked it. She was kinda cute

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Wait, Sio the Mahjong war criminal?! Jesus...

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I'm not an expert by any means but I think Vtubers often take a good bit to actually recoup and they pretty much have to be okay with that.

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VOLs is mainly an esports-focused Vtuber agency, hence why they always play League and Valo, but they also play other casual games.

Shirousa Mikumi is the gremlin of the group, crazy but not menhera, and loves singing. The most seiso in the group.

Aria Synth is the onee-san. Her chat says she is unseiso, but she is the most wholesome imo. A chill streamer when not playing Valo

Mayuno A. Charlotte is the princess. Flirtatious, probably the most unseiso but claims other wise. I love her pre-game and post-game zatsus a lot.

Minazuki Mana is the one who anons here like because of her sexy model and voice. Panics a lot, great at screaming.

If you want to check them out, the best way is to watch their Halloween collabs. Lots of fun moments in those streams.


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It seems like Pixellink gen 2 has been chosen

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Lots of hiatuses/graduations yes, though could be for other orgs too

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femanons will finally stop bringing up emails on /pxl/ (acceptance/rejection emails)

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Anyone in particular you would like to single out?

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Miki Hitsugi Debut Week Schedule

>Grim. Even the VOLs 1.5 girls, esports Vtubers, had better debut week schedules than Miki and Uta

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Why are (You) here if you don't care?

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wtf is this game lul

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The first Specialite anti I guess.

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Riro Ronronea Debut 2.0

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>game of the year
So she's watching the game awards or?

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hmm, she's pretty cute... her thick accent is endearing too, kind of want to choke her

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Vizora Live's third talent, Hiso Tellamore, will be debuting in an hour.

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what the fuck is that

>> No.63885256

Guy has larger breasts than most female Vtubers.

>> No.63885303

I can't even tell if they drew a girl or a guy

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that agency in general has weird mix of decently looking models and muppets.

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jesus fucking christ how horrifying
Is it just another fake corpo with talents making their own models?

>> No.63885663

I hope they look much better in motion

>> No.63885721

Some of these Vtubers are indies, like Miki Astrophel and Kaya Wouf.

>> No.63886159

My boywife is streaming Dead Island 2!

Also, Mino Mieko playing Super Mario Bros. Wonder

>> No.63886602

The lazyass of /corpo/!

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HoneyKub clip from Lethal Company

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Wait... Is she /here/?

>> No.63887167

Who? Lottie?

>> No.63887232

Utah the lazy doggo from Specialite

>> No.63887446

did she forget to write her rules?

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Sorry, I'm not watching her atm. Did she acknowledge /corpo/?

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Verification not required.

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no but she said some phrases that made me think, such as sauce

>> No.63887787

>such as sauce

>> No.63887801

There was some others but my mind is full of fuck

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Debut starts.

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for a lazy doggy she seems pretty alright. I can see why she got in

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Model looks so creepy, it had to be intentional. Also, that does not look like a mango.

>> No.63888311

that looks like a squash

>> No.63888327

That mouth shape sure is something...

>> No.63888381

Miki Hitsugi Q&A

Katta is streaming again, now Dave the Diver

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Schindler's List? First time I've seen that in a Vtuber debut.

>> No.63888517

anon... >>63888022

>> No.63888558

why is he so swole and natty though

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Hey that's not me. Let's fucking go!

>> No.63888636

Femanons, does this model appeal to you? I must say this is a unique look.

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Debuting to your genmates. Reminds me of The Jungle Tavern debuts.

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it always pains me to see this

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He should collab with him.

>> No.63889939

Cieste Streams

Buoy Handcam Holiday Miniverse in an hour

Chiyo will play Super Mario 64

>> No.63889985

antiflesh anon, dont look!

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Phase Gen 3

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Asha Dawn Assassin's Creed Odyssey

>> No.63890539

Uh... I'm not really hearing Beryl in any of them.

>> No.63890601

berylbros btfo

>> No.63890656

The dragon has her voice though?

>> No.63890698

Good designs, but fuck phase. I wish the girls good luck.

>> No.63890715

are you retarded

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The audio mixing might be throwing me off here but she doesn't really sound like Beryl.

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>fuck phase

>> No.63891025

Uhhhh which one is Beryl??? :(

>> No.63891063

it's (you)

>> No.63891079

Sorry bro…

>> No.63891078

We got pranked and now that one guy is gonna grudgepost us

>> No.63891232

She was my last hope to keep watching vtubers...maybe it's for the best

>> No.63891242

Pippa. That's all the reason I need. I will watch any phase girls, but only if the rabbit dies.

>> No.63891402

I'm starting to think that her promising that she'll come back was more in the veins of "I'll reappear someday but no idea where", tho that doesn't explain why the hell she's not streaming as fruit.

>> No.63891601

good for purin desu

>> No.63891652

>Beryl is not IN
I'm having a meltdown

>> No.63891709

when beryl wakes up she'll post a gif from the twitter gif picker and tell us we all got pranked and then post a schedule... right guys...

>> No.63891717

>not in phase
Where the hell is she?!?!?!?

>> No.63891949

Any GFE?

>> No.63891990

Hana is gone for good
Nene killed her.

>> No.63892015

Wait is one of them purin or the other flip excorpo girl?

>> No.63892107

At least, Beryl ain't in Phase. No need to interact with their shit fanbase. Stay strong, Berylbros.

>> No.63892134

Purin is the cow. Virgil is not in Gen 3, I'm pretty sure she's getting a new model soonish

>> No.63892243

yes >>63892134

>> No.63892271

fuck Pippa, fuck rosemi, don't trust or fuck Lumi

>> No.63892319

the fuck did rosemi do lol

>> No.63892338

LMFAO I told you guys kana is in phase Gen 3.
Not getting beryl though is a big loss for em, guess she's going Jewish

>> No.63892341

truly a classic

>> No.63892361

Beryl is trash btw

>> No.63892363

why do people actually hate Pippa that much

>> No.63892425

I like the phase girls, but pippa's rancid fanbase of kiwifarms political nutcases and SEA dramafags sours the rest for me

>> No.63892499

she laughed at the wrestling video, really annoying fanbase, etc

>> No.63892507

Are you seriously asking that? She's cultivated and fostered THE worst audience in all of vtubing, who spread their shit around like animals.
Every dramatuber and containment breaking SEAnig on Twitter is a phase fag.

>> No.63892573

Beryl is the best, which is why she isn't in that trashheap with those scumbags

>> No.63892575

Female asmongold

>> No.63892584

She fits right in. She deserves Pippa's fanbase.

>> No.63892620

>THE worst audience in all of vtubing
That's nijiEN's and it's not even close. At least Pippa's audience like her while nijiEN's oshi is the fucking company.

>> No.63892677

i blame nene

>> No.63892760

Tenma and Lia are fun, but I will never support a corpo that supports a poisonous trailer park trash whore like Pippa.

>> No.63892770

I'm not even disappointed or sad, honestly, I'm just confused.

The "let me out" gif was totally meant to troll us. So she's out there somewhere... but where?!

>> No.63892809

you are special kind of retarded to write this.

>> No.63892831


>> No.63892899

Still seething that Selen couldn't get a single HoloEN, nijifag?

>> No.63892958

V-Dere gen 2

>> No.63893013

I would rather watch NijiEN than watch Pippa's shitridden content.

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File: 1.40 MB, 960x540, 1689327453722618.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>posted it the same day the dragon wife silhouette came out
She knows we're fucking rrating and she's making fun of us, she needs a correction for playing with our hearts like that!

>> No.63893025

the idol yab announcement was two days after the "let me out" tweet, maybe she is there

>> No.63893039

for what?

>> No.63893056

she cultivated a fanbase of kiwifarmers, 4chan users (most notably /pol/), and regular vtuber fans

what this did is, KF culture of doxing spread into the vtubing community, /pol/ ideology spread to /vt/ (posting seanigger is one thing, outright hating a chuuba because she's black irl is more extreme), and normal vtuber fans (the generally more public and well behaved portion of a fanbase) now came in contact with the two above groups and, rather than a schism, they adopted their behaviors.

the other day pippa shared a video of a crime on twitter, where the criminal happened to be black. it wasnt even a racial event, just it happened to be. all her fans responding to her tweet were racists, to the point she later had to lock the thread

>> No.63893131

she personally went and sucked fish dick just to keep beryl out of phase

>> No.63893139

if it's going to happen. they really need to rethink how company is being run and hire some competent management.

>> No.63893161


>> No.63893199

what if Beryl is in PixelLink tho

>> No.63893238

Beryl in heavenrend bros we haven't lost

>> No.63893261

There was no Idol auditions happening when she graduated.

>> No.63893496
File: 154 KB, 600x511, numberswife.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She had plans to come back from the moment of her graduation, which predates anything listed so far.

>> No.63893508

what if this is Beryl

>> No.63893525

Idol needs to get their shit together now that they have ES management to worry about. I even heard rumours that they plan to branch out and debut Idol RU

>> No.63893538


>> No.63893622

ES got canned when they had to fire the head manager

>> No.63893626

Outside of some random micro corp that flew under everyone's radar the only other notable agency that was having auditions around the time of her graduation was HoloEN.

>> No.63893711

I wouldn't discount beryl being in phase just yet.
Fisherman accidentally leaked that there was a new Jp only gen coming out as well during his interview with wolf tits.
About a month before beryl's graduation, the Jp only members of phase started being visuably much happier and started streaming regularly again. They even got auto english subs and a english clipper who made subs. They also started to collab a lot with other Jp vtubers which they haven't done much before.
In summery, beryl may be joining phase new Jp gen, that or the next round of invaders which is looking like it would include Sayu and probably even more ex tsuderia.

>> No.63893734

They already fired the bad apple, what the fuck else do you people want. It was apparently as soon as they found out about his crimes too since they literally told the talent that was streaming at the time to stop and held an emergency meeting.

>> No.63893737

Why would she want out of Idol if they just kicked out a whore? Was she planning on whoring herself too?

>> No.63893791

Nene probably would be happy to see Beryl there

>> No.63893801

I doubt it, she switched from JP to EN on Star Ring because it was better for her channel and she had a hard time reading kanji in chat. I doubt that's changed.

>> No.63893873
File: 566 KB, 1520x720, Screenshot_2023-12-05-05-13-13-98.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Watch my sill otterwife!

>> No.63893874

Not sure where you heard that rumor from but whoever told you that is retarded.
They already finished selecting chuubas for their Gen 3 of Idol EN months ago though, so next chance of seeing Beryl will be there in about 3-5 months

>> No.63893902

>Here's how Beryl can still be in Phase

>> No.63893947

Did you forget she hates her guts with a fiery passion?

>> No.63893978

I'm going full in this copium. Just let me have something

>> No.63893997

>the other day pippa shared a video of a crime on twitter, where the criminal happened to be black
That was a few weeks ago now, and yeah she obviously knew what would happen by posting about that I don't know what she was expecting lmfao

>> No.63894076

>forcing beryl to be a JP streamer
Yeah that worked out REALLY well for her in the last corpo, let's see if Fishman is retarded enough to do that.

>> No.63894078

IdolEN3 auditions happened a month and a half after her graduation. There's no way she would know when the third gen auditions would start or if she would even be selected unless Idol itself notified her and that seems like a long shot.

>> No.63894126

Listen I don't want to brag, and I didn't want to mention it because it's dumb and not relevant, but whenever she was the fruit and played AoE with her Discord community like two years ago, we added each other on Steam to play.
I looked a month or two ago and she removed me from her friends' list and changed names (you can't find her on Steam user lookup). So don't lose hope, dragon lovers because I know I won't.

>> No.63894186

It's possible idol scouted her specifically. They scout like 2-3 girls per gen, if gen1 and 2 is anything to go by.

>> No.63894242

I'm sure they sent Lead Talent Manager Tomer to scout Beryl just like they did Riro.

>> No.63894286

>she removed me from her friends' list and changed names
Damn.. maybe you just scared her

>> No.63894361

Nope, it literally doesn't matter because you can just look up the Steam account info

>> No.63894392

having management that does something? Riro's problems started way earlier since she had no idea what to do - tried games, it failed; variety streaming also didn't pan out and it ended up with what we've got.
and she's not the only one, Pochi's redesign could work if she changed something but her content is more or less the same and Momo is permanently MIA.

>> No.63894424

Yes he personally gave beryl the best night of her life with his little twink circumcised penis and she couldn't resist the offer

>> No.63894459

Nah, I wasn't some groomer fuckwad who DM'd her asking for attention. I just used it to play games when she had play nights.

>> No.63894563

I actually watched Riro, she used to talk extensively about how she'd be "brainstorming" stream ideas with management. She typically did at least 1 unique/ creative stream per week.
They also helped her a lot with the shorts stuff she was doing.
They definitely did try

>> No.63894568

Some people may think this is harsh but I think everyone in Idol corp should be shot

>> No.63894614

Also, more than a year later and the HE girls haven't redebuted still.

>> No.63894745

You are just retarded. Add more substance to the thread, dumbass.

>> No.63894772

That's a bit extreme, I am sure if you put all the bullets into coni, that would work much better.
You have to be sure that thing is finally dead.

>> No.63894858

And here we have an edgy kid straight out of kiwifarms who doesn't know shit about anything and doesn't have a single original thought in his head.

>> No.63894883

Lumi that's pretty messed up

>> No.63894928

Not much different from the people who wrote off an entire agency because of one member.

>> No.63894966
File: 106 KB, 281x358, 1672871578805737.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63894970

That's what you get with SEA children growing up on and learning english from BASED plapkin plappa

>> No.63894975
File: 595 KB, 1047x794, 1701572147934808.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why? Upset that they shook up your favorite rabbit's small corpo rule?

>> No.63895021

No. I'm upset that I wasn't the manager that got to pound Riro's IRL cunny.

>> No.63895042

You mean Pippa? She's fine, actually. Some of her streams are lazy react content but I enjoy watching her on occasion.
The only problem with her is the fanbase she's gathered, which seems to be at least 80% kiwifags and /pol/teens.

>> No.63895043

Nta but you really don't want to play the numbers game when you don't know what you're talking about.

>> No.63895058

No but literally nothing good came from that corpo

>> No.63895115

I don't think it's ever going to happen - at least Nikki is building some audience with woodworking streams; I have no idea about Katta, she is beyond my understanding.

>> No.63895125

Nothing good has ever come out of your mouth either and yet I don't want you to get shot. I'm sure at least 2 people in your life love you and I don't want them to be sad.

>> No.63895130 [DELETED] 

No one in Idol is as cancerous as Pippa. In fact, she is the one who deserves to be shot at, and then beheaded.

>> No.63895170

katta is building her audience from being a russian schizo, and it kinda works. even if she sees you are new, she will spit on your corpse and insult your mother, totally unhinged and without reservation

>> No.63895187

Speaking of being an edgy kiwifarms kid.

>> No.63895218
File: 80 KB, 527x1207, KEK1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

truly the end of times

>> No.63895334

I watch mainly pixellink, but in general I like the idol girls a lot more than the phase girls in terms of personality and content

>> No.63895340

If you're referring to what I think, it's 3 members

>> No.63895343 [DELETED] 

That's not being edgy. I legitimately want Pippa to die. I'll do it myself if I could.

>> No.63895479

Katta has been growing her audience to high 2views on her own without raids. Whatever Idol is doing, it's working. But I still won't trust them.

>> No.63895841
File: 431 KB, 2560x1440, GAdCePfXIAEwjH7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buoy Afuru has a Mario Kart collab with Ayla. I am intrigued.

>> No.63896212

>come back from last thread ending in drama
>now this thread is about phase and idol drama
fine if we're doing this shit we're doing this shit. First of all Beryl bros at this point she'd have been better off just being an indie for a while because where the fuck can she have possible gotten into and theres no way any of the actually established options would have taken this long or not let her stream in the meantime.
Secondly idol is a fantastic corpo and provides a metric shit ton of support to their chuubas. Riro was always known as a menhera and they took a chance on her. shit happens.
Third I try to be as corpo unity as possible but phase really fucking pushes that man. I mean I find Pippa to be kinda entertaining but with how she and others are always trying to insert themselves in every bit of drama and Pippa's fanbase I really don't want to have anything to do with most of them. I'm conflicted because I love Purin but I don't really know if I can support her in Phase.

>> No.63896251
File: 529 KB, 1520x720, Screenshot_2023-12-05-05-54-16-21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God, I wish that bottle was me.

>> No.63896489

If that happens, fat cat just hit the jackpot and I will be wtf are you doing beryl.

>> No.63896609

She has been aversive towards her fans. Then again most rosebuds are schizos so I can't blame her

>> No.63896654

>she'd have been better off just being an indie
The non-compete rrat surfaces again.

>> No.63896728

I'm taking in this copium but I don't think sayu will ever join phase.

>> No.63896796

Is purin confirmed to be in phase?

>> No.63896821


>> No.63896836


>> No.63896851

Not only that, but she even fucking looks like Purin.

>> No.63896887

This sucks. It's gotta be hard if my 2view indie oshi ever passes a Phase audition. I wish Purin the best.

>> No.63896928

So is Kana. Good luck to Phase kek

>> No.63896967

I will only acknowledge her as /here/ only if she changes her schedule

>> No.63896997

So who else are they other than kana and purin?
I'm interested in the hamster cunny too..

>> No.63897023

That's good. Sayu is the only Nijigirl I like. If she ever decides to go corpo again, it would be funny if she joins Idol.

>> No.63897061
File: 205 KB, 1009x929, 240k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>gains 3K more subs in a day since posting
kawaii… incline?

>> No.63897116

She's more than good. She's on the same standard as biboo except she's lazy.

>> No.63897125

Sayu's oshi is in Phase and she's been collabing with Phase girl's multiple times a week recently. If she was going corpo again it would most likely be as a Phase Invader

>> No.63897181

could this be... is their drought finally over?

>> No.63897183

Is it inclining if it's just Nene? I wish she can share that with her Gen 4 kohais.

>> No.63897238

Once bitten twice shy. Sayu will definitely remain an indie unless fishman makes an offer she can't refuse.

>> No.63897266

I'm getting back on my feet bros, that was devastating
It could still be Eimi, she just doesn't sound natural there as its a heavily recited reveal voice clip

>> No.63897268

Yeah I agree.

>> No.63897277

Same standard howso?

>> No.63897283

Would she be willing to sell her identity to the Fishman? I think she would.

>> No.63897300

This. Fuckin nene should raid them more.

>> No.63897925

She's not that stupid, and L*mi isn't going to negotiate the contract for her like what happened before

>> No.63897936

Pretty sure Lumi has the rights to her character/model. The new Invaders don't because they had new models and personas made from scratch.
I imagine it's just a matter of negotiation if an already existing character and model wanted to join.

>> No.63898138

Did Mel Nekomata get in phase? Please say yes.

>> No.63898174


>> No.63898447

I love her being the boogeyman hire for every new corpo Gen lmfao.
Makes me laugh so hard

>> No.63898949

Why would Sayu join phase when she's just about to debut what's assumedly a very expensive new model

>> No.63899038

>Pretty sure Lumi has the rights to her character/model.
She doesn't. Don't ask me how I know, you'll have to "trust me bro" on this one.

>> No.63899075

specialite is already a head of kawaii gen4

>> No.63900191

Kawaii Gen 4 is one of the worst debuts I've ever seen for a gen, so not surprised

>> No.63900372

The problem with kawaii gen4 is that they aren't playing to the strengths of their models or kawaii's image. Hanamizuki needs to coomerbait more

>> No.63900405

I haven't checked out kawaii gen 4 but the fact all the designs were very similar and the same theme wasn't really super interesting to me. Like I'm not inherently against the whole ninja theme or whatever but yeah. I think I like Maeve from V&Us design more than any of them tbdesu but it's a taste thing

>> No.63900419

She does. She gave Fishman Yuri's rights and kept hers instead, so Sakana could have more power over Yuri

>> No.63900451

How dare you shit talk my wife. Green nami love

>> No.63900512

I love Ran

>> No.63900514

Actual nepo hires lol but to be fair it's a surprise they got anyone given what happened with Gen 3

>> No.63900616

Yae yagiri is a better ninja as well

>> No.63900894

They aren't really ninja, just traditional Japanese.
And nene just got an outfit of the same design concept kek

>> No.63901071

Unironically true kek

>> No.63901215

Kaya is definitely kunoichi themed

>> No.63901448

I want to defile fat femanons from this thread.

>> No.63901456

i honestly dont see kawaii getting a gen5 without at their current mindset. unfortunate for most of them

>> No.63901539 [DELETED] 

Shut the fuck up tranny

>> No.63901785

I hate Nene Amano

>> No.63902136

me too. shouldn't have deleted Hana's channel in a fit of rage just because some random guy did fanart that happened to include her in it

>> No.63902157

They might get it, but it'll do as much good as their Gen 4 did.

>> No.63902192

she also deleted Beryl application from Fishman inbox

>> No.63902218

Haha so funny and randumb xD

>> No.63904122

Why would Nene do it bros...

>> No.63904168

she's a jealous menhera, please forgive her

>> No.63904189

Why was she in his inbox? Is she going to sell Kawaii to him?

>> No.63904470

No, she just has the power to delete things related to Beryl anytime, anywhere.

>> No.63904615

Shut up and brap for me Mel

>> No.63904621

It's true, she deleted my penis just last week

>> No.63904725
File: 142 KB, 327x191, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63904847

stop being obtuse. You know she threw a tantrum infront of the suits and they went and did it to get her to stop smashing shit and yelling. It's obvious if you read between the lines even a little bit

>> No.63904896

I deleted my penis inside of her

>> No.63905493
File: 30 KB, 428x640, DracoCC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>phasefags btfo
Great news to start a day with.
Know your worth, little dragon. We'll wait for as long as necessary.

>> No.63905617

They got kana... I don't know if they deserve even that...

>> No.63906072

>this is the chuuba berylanon thought was her

>> No.63906141
File: 360 KB, 1920x1080, GAg5ChWXEAAP0Ym.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lillian cooking sim (this time for real)

>> No.63906271

https://youtu.be/LIBFBzAMhtg wake up it's kino time

>> No.63906401

Why the chuubas I want to watch always overlap, goddammit.

>> No.63906570
File: 523 KB, 572x774, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"gosh, anon. your dick got so big. is it because of me? maybe i should do something about it before your family notices~"

>> No.63906573

fuck timezones honestly

>> No.63906586
File: 1 KB, 25x13, tiny beryl.png.png.png.png.png.png.png.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just woke up at 7pm so which one was Beryl guys?

>> No.63906608


>> No.63906626
File: 2.93 MB, 852x480, sad_dragonmaid_wife.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63906629

unfortunately, none. they have kana tho

>> No.63906661
File: 252 KB, 128x128, 1662392157265422.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63906971

Tenma will fold Kana like laundry if needed. Unironically phase is the only corpo who has a chance of controlling her. Which tells you a lot about what Yuri had to do to be terminated.

>> No.63907012
File: 245 KB, 1280x720, 1697842732355353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tem 1st anniversary - rewatching her debut

>> No.63907109

>Which tells you a lot about what Yuri had to do to be terminated.
Wanted her model back. What a bitch!

>> No.63907142

Did the lazy doggo explain why her schedule was so sparse?

>> No.63907243

>wanted her model back
Buddy when half the other phase talents response is
>if you knew you would have a bad opinon of her
>lmao get fucked bitch
It wasn't about the model.

>> No.63907332

Nice try, pippiger, but I'm not siding with dramafag corpo.

>> No.63907408

Yuri did nothing wrong.

>> No.63907467

First. It's either pippnigger or pippfag. Second she's never said a word about it.
>dramafag corpo
When did we start talking about idol

>> No.63907542

>bringing up idol out of never
Yep, checks out. Go back.

>> No.63907544

>when called a pippafag immediately deflects to idol
lol you called it anon

>> No.63907615

/jidf/ is the next thread over.

>> No.63908183
File: 660 KB, 400x300, gif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just want my oshi back.

>> No.63908345

I seriously thought the dragon girl was her because of the design choices, but the fruit was just trolling us.

>> No.63908461

Fruit literally didn't do anything. You schizos really need to stop trying to reinterpret anything she posts as some kind of secret message.

>> No.63908600

She posted the "let me out" meme the same day as the dragon girl silhouette was revealed. She was 100% trolling us.

>> No.63908689

you are a few months late on that discussion friend

>> No.63908701

why. do they want to promote nippon tourism or something

>> No.63908871

it's corpover...

>> No.63908924

did no one actually post Victoria's stream

>> No.63908957

anon did >>63906271

>> No.63909024
File: 410 KB, 667x590, victoria valerie (913).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do you think so far...

>> No.63909025

cute model, nice voice, is she a hag?

>> No.63909080

i keep saying, if anons post stream links, they need to include an image of the cuuba, the thumnbail, or a screencap of the stream for visibility

>> No.63909091 [SPOILER] 
File: 32 KB, 152x223, Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 19-54-22 【DEBUT 2.0】Let's Spend More Time Together 【VICTORIA VALERIE SPECIALITE】.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why is it so...geometric

>> No.63909188

might be L2D meshes. dunno how it works, any anonriggers to opiniate

>> No.63909190

Why did you have to post this...

>> No.63909210

yeah, went to conventions for Hetalia and wielded a yaoi paddle on people, among heaps of other evidence

>> No.63909225

optimization. can't have too many polygons

>> No.63909402

or even just the name

>> No.63909517

Uh. Anon? I think this voice sounds a little familiar.


>> No.63909560

Lillian kitchen experience so far lives up to her lore (it's pure chaos and destruction)

>> No.63909746

deaf, color of voice is pretty different imo

>> No.63910027

Listen to some karaoke. Close your eyes. It's like she got a new mic.

>idc if I'm coping desu

>> No.63910117

KEK, stop coping anon. Her singing voice is great though. I want to see her karaokes now.

>> No.63910698

Not sure about that one man, but she's probably the one I'll check out come debut. Along with Muyu.

>> No.63911336
File: 872 KB, 1015x805, Screenshot_20231205_122936.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Perfect strawberry soup!

>> No.63911410

I hope one of the sayu boys just ritualposts the "quuen of the jews" soundpost if that happens

>> No.63911749

They just wanna be japanese

>> No.63912085

Lillian is so cute bros...

>> No.63912291

The kawaii antiposting in this general is the faggiest thing in existence.

>> No.63912389

To be fair, they get anti'd everywhere outside of /pkg/.

>> No.63912455

i just do it for fun. i watched some of the girls, but dont participate in /pkg/. i sincerely wish they could grow, as well as prism

>> No.63912576

Anon they are doing better than prism

>> No.63912651

i mean as i want both prism and kawaii to grow, not for kawaii to grow to prism level as if they weer doing worse