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I used to rule the world...

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>1/10 now
Chinese sisters save me!!!!

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Feel my dick in my enemy's ass...

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>look ma I made the thread again

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Reimu and the other girls 100% caused that drama to knee cap his growth. Reimu in order to force him to choose her out of jealousy and the others in some crab bucket bullshit of "If we cant have 20 thousand ccv neither can you".

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No one cares about your manwhore, ching chong

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Maybe just maybe the male vtuber.market was just a passing trend and it wasn't supposed to be an actual sizable part of the market.

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This needs to be rubbed in your face, sister. You kept gloating about your homos when they were doing well. Now eat the consequences of your own actions.

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The fuck are (You) talking about, I don't even watch nijisanji, I just want retarded numberkeks like you to get back in your fucking cage.

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Holo would have double the viewership if they pandered to china. Its never worth it.

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>Pandering to gachikoi VS "WE ARE NOT DATING"
Hololive should learn from his failure

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Nah that's insane.

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Make another thread about vox passing a Holo again
Go on, you know you want to

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Hey remember when we asked what you wanted?

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Retard, I was telling them to kys too. Numbermonkeys are numbermonkeys. Back in the cage.

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Wait, so the only stream that breaks to 20K is when he is doing BFE?
Why did he stopped, is he stupid?

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No, because you didn't; and I don't care, because it doesn't matter. Quit shitting up the catalog and get back in the cage where (You) belong
Also strongly consider kys on the way, thx

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JP males are popular because they had good pioneers like Kuzuha, but EN got Vox who cares more about Twitter trannies than vtubing culture itself, I know you probably have a hateboner for male vtubers so you should thank Vox for ruining western male vtubing forever

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>A numberfag

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Yeah doesn't feel so good now that the boot is on the other foot now does it?

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I wish en males had someone like kuzuha. I liked his sf6 stuff

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Nobody gives a shit about what you want. This a subject important to vtubing and certainly more important that whatever dead thread was pushed off from page 10.

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I only watch EN chuubas and I've been looking into watching more JPs, what does Kuzuha do that makes him stand out?

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He leeches from JP Ecelebs

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He's just a normal dude with gold quotes for everything.

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Niji organ LIVERS.

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Peak retardation. Numberfags know these things. Person you're responding to most definitely isn't one.

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Lonely women in China are still lonely women in China. Vox just fumbled the bag.

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I'd hardly call Kuzuha a pioneer. He wasn't anything special before joining Nijisanji and there were already over a dozen popular male vtubers around at the time.

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He isn't doing anything unique. He's simply the best at what's he's doing.

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fujo botfarms vs no fujo farms

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I thought he did the "movie" thing to reinvigorate himself but I now I think he just got sick of pandering to insane women. Good for him, I guess?

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How's them daily Gura streams champ?

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Pretty much the same as before Vox started streaming?
I'm very happy with Advent streams however. I wish Niji had a new wave with vtubers worth watching too, maybe you could do that instead of permanently seething.

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Makes the cockiness in the discord leak so much funnier.

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make another thread about vox passing a holo, those were really funny and could in no way backfire on you

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>Gura deflection comment
Ok, sis lmao

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Unless you have the Hololive defensive buff, the "owning parasocial FUCKS" gimmick does not work.

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this, don't forget all the fucking gloating and jeering about luxiem during its peak, most of nijiEN deserves no helping hand from anyone whatsoever and the best thing to do is to let them just sink down into obscurity.

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He will rule it once again

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male mori

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He will 100% become a vtuber anti once he graduates and make sisters seethe more than Mysta and Nina new personas combined

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>lonely women in China
lonely women don't stay lonely for long

even more for china, where the gender imbalance is huge

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Jealous SEAmonkey thread?
Jealous SEAmonkey thread!

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Nijiseethe post?
Nijiseethe post!

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I thought most Nijifags these days are SEAmonkeys?

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They have self hate.

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>vox is a numberkek
>for some reason, this means every numberkek who laughs at vox is immune from being called out as a numberkek
Retard. None of this has anything to do with your lame console war. (You) go back in the cage or you get the rope.

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Nijifags love to blame sea for all their problems because for some reason it makes them feel better about themselves

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I always see people calling this guy a retard who created the blueprint that Yagoo would follow with the homos and how he fucked it up and lonely chinese women but I'm complely out of the loop.

Who is this guy?
Who does he work?
What did he do that made him stand out from the rest to the point where Hololive's CEO has tried over a dozen times to replicate him?
How did he fuck it up?
Is he the male Kronii?
Why is his name so dumb?

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>Lame console war
Sure thing Nijinegro, niji organ livers dindu nuffin huh?