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>new “outfit”
>it completely changes the Vtuber’s proportions and makes them unrecognizable
Hate when this shit happens. She was so much cuter when she was flat

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it's alright, I find desperation sexy

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But she always had Boobs?

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This anon's just scared of cleavage

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>his cock doesn't change sizes when he swaps pants

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She’s always had boobs retard. This outfit is just pushing them up, and it’s not being hidden by a large ass bow.

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Besides always being there in her design sheet, she insinuated even very early on that she had tits. You can straight up see the shadowy outline behind this white dress.

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Man, this outfit is a mess, so many themes clashing and overdesigned to hell

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This is how all Nijis should be. For all her SJW antics, Aia does a great maid roleplay, and even the insufferable Finana can put out a great coomer ASMR when pushed to the limit. Make Niji Great Again....by turning into the AVtuber corpo it always should have been.

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Whats the design theme supposed to be? Theres no cohesive theme or anything. This is actually terrible.

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So... Ironmouse thread?

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are you retarded.

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She always had boobs but she looks like a desperate skank now. Still not watching though.

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Compared to the likes of Vox, Kyo, and Petra all gaining height, this isn't so bad.

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>we want the mikeneko audience

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I wish she was just naked…

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phaseniggers... is this the best discord thread you could do tonight??

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I can't believe she had tits this entire time.

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Even of those 3, it's the two dudes that had the strangest redesigns. Vox's third redesign/outfit just has bizarre proportions compared to the simple but effective original look that his fans presumably fell in love with, and Kyo's just seems to be...literally just his first outfit but older/taller. He didn't seem to want much of a new outfit at all.

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The males are infinitely more insecure about their models obviously

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>when she was flat

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She needs to remove the gloves

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Gloves are hot, she should swap them against white ones.