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The protagonist of EN

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The protagonist of every lean chugging blacked hood party

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When you're the really the only active member of the first gen that streams in a relevant timeslots that's just kinda what happens. She didn't earn it she just kinda fell into it.

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>axed ending, tragedy, evil protagonist, past plays an important role, disabilities, stupid protagonist

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And thats a bad thing how?

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She doesn't have many protagonist-y traits. More of a secondary character that's allowed to be as cool as he wants like Gojo.

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Pink woman bad...?

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>no mention of it being bad
>"And thats a bad thing how?"

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>initials are M.C
>Main Character
checks out

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If she's the protagonist then the side characters carry the show. She can't be interesting without them

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>Is a rapper

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The protagonist of pink hair strippers who drink alcohol and snort line of cocaine

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Its not Kiara?

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Your think of the chick the got fired from idol

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>mori bad
>range ban sea
>pippa is so zased i cant believe shes this wild

can you ppl hang yourselves or move onto to the next hobby ur going to shit up

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The only thing posters in /vt/ unanimously agree with is that she's the villain.

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I thought that was the homos

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That's not IRyS

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no i'm talking about callipoe but ik the other one too

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Kiara is the anti-hero who we thought was the villain at first but has a change in heart in one episode and becomes the main character's ally.

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The CEO of racism in the Vtuber community