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Are you guys that insecure about your own Oishi voice cause a newcomer is on the same level or even beyond her. I mean come on chumbuds you guys always have numbers like having the most subs.

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Her voice sounds generic af desu.
Gura's isn't.

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>a newcomer
Ha! That's rich. There haven't been any EN debuts since HoloMyth. We're still waiting for EN2.

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Go to /ggg/ and tell me who is insecure

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We're not

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Enough said.

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I am glad she is good at singing. Our undefeatable singing genius needs something resembling competition or she would get bored dominating without any effort.

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>insecure about your own Oishi voice?
I think most just expected more from a VSinger. I just use the example below because it speaks for itself. Don’t know how else to explain it.

Namirin, fly me to the moon

Gura, fly me to the moon

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It's not that she's bad. She's amazing.
But Gura has such a cute and different voice AND can sing as well. Gura is unique.

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I’m not saying it’s “bad”, but that I was expecting much more from a VSinger. I also don’t think any of the the Holo EN girls are good singers either, just average. I wanted more from the VSinger label, and I wanted a good time slot for US too. I probably could then live with the design of I got other benefits from it.

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that hurts..

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My hand slipped


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Gura singing this (below) has a lot of “soul”, which may help explain the like for her, I suppose.


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Don't know if this is bait or not but you might want to go back and stay away from this board. This place is filled with schizos, antis falseflagging each other. Btw comparing who singing better is the most retarded thing on this board yet.

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>Btw comparing who singing better is the most retarded thing
Why though? If someone is labeled a VSinger, why should that not be compared or justified? Singing is what they do, so it is what they can be judged by.

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The vast majority of people aren't upset. It's basically just classic /vt/. Fill the board with shit and/or drama to distract from the fact that 99% of people don't care about said shit, fueling the endless cycle of dramabaiting.

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Fuck of back to your cow farm.

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chumbuds are cancerous tribalists, they dont give a shit about hololive, only gura, and they see irys as a "threat" to gura's supremacy

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oh no now there are two great singers.

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I'm getting flashbacks from when Gura crossed Kizuna Ai's sub count. Chumbuds really can't help turning everything into an autistic dick-measuring contest, as long as it's one where Gura is the winner.

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One great, another one okay.

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I don’t. I don’t just love her for singing but I love all of Gura, flaws and all.

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The only thing about Irys that has me upset is her model. It doesn't really seem to suit her voice.

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good joke imao

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What's the point of comparing in this shit hole. You try to prove this girl is better but most anon here will say their oshi is better and you can't change their mind anyway. Just fuckin hire a professional to judge the girls already

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I think when you give the side by side comparison of Fly me to the moon (English song that both sang), most will come away thinking Gura did better, even if they don’t all admit it. That in itself is enough. Besides, why does everyone have to agree for it to be posted? Let people disagree.

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very nice stealth >we post

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We implies all, not most or a majority. You also avoided the point of my post completely.

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Gura has natural talent. You'd have to be uncultured and talentless yourself to not perceive this.

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This is a cow thread and doesn't warrant engagement. If the moderation on this board was worth anything threads such as this would be banned instantly.

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Well, I don't have the right to stop anyone from comparing the girls but the most you will get from here is "cope" not an actual analysis or criticism. It's like numberfag without numbers...

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That was last week. Having trouble sleeping or something?

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I don't know how much of a bait this thread is, bu this
>AN good
you got a (you) from me you fucking faggot

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