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Is Idol's reputation permanently damaged by this situation? Seems many people are siding with the hoe

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Not me, I am not siding with the hoe.

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I side with both. She fucked up but I'm a coomer.

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Made me pull out like I hope that manager did, at least. Who's to say the Russian whore isn't just the face of it? The same guy managed many more talents.

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not really, normies and nosmallcorpo watchers are the only pearl clutchers

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Do I at least get a handjob if I side with her?

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people can barely remember idol exists, let alone care about silly drama

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The people siding with her are irrelevant morons that didn't watch Idol.
What's there to side with? She was a massive liability.

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She was being trafficked by Zionists

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It's not like I was giving Idol Corp money anyway. Any money that goes to an Israeli company could potentially be funneled into terrorist organizations like Likud

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I think listing fucking the manager as one of the reasons was a mistake, the skepticism in the company is going to grow larger, ironically this comes from them trying to be transperent

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I am siding with the hoe because she makes me hard. I don't care about Idol at all.

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idol are literally in the running for best org wtf are you on about OP?

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Riro's a dumb bitch and we always knew that. We just hoped she'd get better.
Fired manager probably fucked half the girls. That's not helpful to the "brand."

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>People are siding with her
The same people that totally supported Zion right? People just want to have their take on dramas these days

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It's only the normalfags that think she did anything wrong, though.

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drama tourists will drop her once she starts streaming in spanish again

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>they couldn't wait.

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I'm just hoping this pushes her to full cam whoring. Love skinny chicks.

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Idols reputation got damaged when people found out they were Israel based.

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>fired the person who broke rules
>fired the manager who was causing problems
All the issues have been dealt with. Why is their reputation supposed to be damaged by this? Is the average person this unfamiliar with vtuber terminations?

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From what I can tell Idol is just what people pretended vshojo was in their most feverish rrats, and then Rin's also there for some reason

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Maybe consider for a moment that a cofounder of the company, the guy who had been there from the beginning, was literally having sex with talents. How exactly is firing him supposed to fix the reputation? How many years had he been there and tolerated, exactly?

>dude we fired the guy who was raping children at our daycare for three years. our reputation will be just fine don't worry! the parents will surely trust us now!

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Rin is there, because Rin is short for "ringleader". She's the one running the show.

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Maybe consider for a moment how big his penis would need to be in order to fuck a girl who lives in Spain all the way from his house in Israel.
And yes, if you're a CEO and you find out one of your employees is doing this kind of thing, you fire them. What else was supposed to be done? Would letting him stay sexpesting in the corp, while pretending nothing's happening really do better for its reputation? What if one day a talent decided to graduate and expose everything he did, wouldn't letting the world find out that he was being protected truly ruin their reputation?
A problem was found, and it was fixed. It will no longer be a problem in the future. Why do you believe it's still a problem?

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>how big his penis would need to be in order to fuck a girl who lives in Spain all the way from his house in Israel.
Did planes stop existing

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Holy fuck. I just had an epiphany. I could create a rrat so big and juicy that it could destroy idol, their talent and riro in one fell sweep. One powerful rrat that could be could be branded as the kizuna clone rrat of jewcorp. Why? I must contain this power before it destroys another one.

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>Riro actually whored herself out and did drugs
>Zaion's "crimes" were nothingburgers
They're both terminations but they are fundamentally different

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Because she's based as fuck
A lot of idols get terminated over the most simple bullshit, but Riko Ron set a record.
That alone makes me respect her.

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I kinda feel bad for the girls that have nothing to do with it and will have to deal with the accusations of them having sex with the staff

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Probably never gonna go away either aside from maybe new gens.

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The funniest jokes are true

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You are saying that as if they had a reputation to begin with other than being the scat corpo

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They all crashed into his country-length cock

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>Other vtubers: Wahhh, I can't stream I'm burnt out

No, THAT's a fucking burn out.

You almost have to respect the absolute state. That's fucking metal. But if anyone is actually defending her and looking down on Idol for firing her or saying she shouldn't have been fired, they're out of their minds. There's so many layers of nonsense to what she allegedly pulled. You should be fired from any company for doing drugs while working, sleeping with your manager, and whoring yourself out for gifts from viewers. It's fucking ridiculous that anyone would argue that this can reflect poorly on Idol in any way.

But holy fucking shit what a legend.

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Uhhhh anon? Do you not know who the guy she was with is?
Literally the co-creator of Idol. The CEO knew what he was doing

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The people siding with Riro are just twittards who dont consume vTubing content and are just "HER BODY HER CHOICE" until they find out she said nigger before and did lewd loli stuff.
Where Idol will probably feel the pain is donothon participation. People will be less likely to whale if they're not sure the talent is getting dicked by manager-kun once the stream ends.

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The whole C-suite gangbanging this one tiny skeleton girl before she goes out to meet a client with her pussy and ass full of cum... I wish this had happened in Japan so we'd get some actual doujins out of it.

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I say this as someone who watches numerous Idol girls daily and who listened to ky0resu a lot, I forgot that Riro existed until all the threads yesterday. Then I forgot about her again until I saw this thread. Nothing of value was lost. I'm also glad that Idol eliminates bad managers in addition to problem talents, because managers are scum in every industry and deserve every bad thing that happens to them.

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Lol he mustve whored out at least half of them. Wonder how many of them passed auditions with a blowjob?

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>gets fired immediately as soon as they found out he's having something with a talent
>"no seriously guys he was fucking everyone and they all knew, they just fired him this time because uhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

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Because a lot of trust and innocence was lost.

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Unless you were one of the people who fucked her, then idk why being a coomer makes this better

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>why would you enjoy porn if you're not the one fucking her

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>gets fired immediately
Pretty convinient how they found out about the relationship right after 3 other yabs

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Any jewcorp watcher here? Do any woman in jewcorp talk about this?

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Her skelly ass obviously. They wanna tap that

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>right after 3 other yabs

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I want to tap her skelly ass while she fiddles her phone and completely ignores me and my dick up her ass.

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Please consider reading the 6 words following the word "immediately" in that sentence. They provide extremely important context for understanding what that post meant.

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The possibility of "idol fuck her manager" remain

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Coomers are insects, not people.

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As much as in any corp, the difference is that this one fires managers who do so when they find out about it

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Jewish people have great reputation of slave/sex trafficking. Idol is just another ring for them.

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They can always collab with men so people will ship them with those guys instead

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But this manager already fucked an idol - it’s not outrageous to wonder if he did it with more than just one. After all, he wasn’t just her manager
On the other hand, there hasn’t been any indication that the same thing is happening in any other corpos, big or small, yet though

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Because the other corps would hide it. This one fired the guy as soon as they found out.

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The only people siding with her are the longtime fans who are cucks and the coomers who are thinking they have a higher chance of fulfilling their chuuba-fuck fantasy by siding with her. Your "many people" is going to need some sources anon, because at best you'll be able to find is cherry picked responses here and there to support your claim.

The bigger reputation hit is going to be the manager being fired who was more-or-less a co-founder of Idol. The talent's behavior represents herself, only little of the company. A staff's behavior represents the company. This will impact future generations for the company for talents considering to apply. It will impact schizos who will be paranoid their Idol oshi is fucking their manager behind the scenes or was caught up in this. It will impact Idol's image. It's widespread, and Idol doesn't have large numbers in the realm of Niji or Holo to bounce back as easily.

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Jewcorp only did it once. Holo did that 3 times so holo is purer

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They did hide it until riro, the retard decided to reveal her prostitution plan on stream

>> No.63672337

Which didn't involve the manager so there was no reason to fire him as well. They had a lot more to gain by hiding his involvement, but they didn't. Why is that?

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None seemed to care about what happened in the Playboy mansion

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What fucking reputation? The fact that it's a company ran by kikes should tell everyone what reputation they have: pedophilia, drug use, no morals, literal prostitutes. I'm not surprised this happened, I'm surprised it was made public, there's a 100% chance that the other idol whores are the same if not worse. They're owned and operated by the most objectively evil people on the planet, of course they're going to be evil people. If you think otherwise you are stupid.

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Who knows. It just tells me they were sitting on that information.

>> No.63672577

What? You mean her lonely yesmen orbiters will continue to follow her and believe anything she says so they can stay close to her in hopes of getting a crumb of coochie? I'm shocked.

>> No.63672591

Manager probably tried to keep his fucktoy, which make others question his motive.

>> No.63672657

Still upset that they put Idol there and put Phase Connect in the "rising company" category when Phase Connect is more established than Idol is.

>> No.63672737

You can't find better vtuber manko than this. Well known channel (for oldfag), long career, great at roleplaying, nice skin and you can brag about it to younger generations

>> No.63672816

Phasecuck is a dirty player who used underhand tactics to slander everyone else. Fucking kiwifarm raiders

>> No.63672857

In the sense that Idol is a small corpo and thus a happening this spicy is going to stay in the mindshare for the indeterminate future whenever anyone talks about them. Even something like Rushia can end up becoming a footnote because hololive has so many other talents and does so many other things that the conversation is constantly shifting. There's not a whole lot to talk about when it comes to small corpos besides the streams themselves, which are only known to streamwatching fans, which make up a smaller percentage of the total audience. When people think of Idol, for the time being anyway, they're going to think about that one talent that got fired because she did drugs and fucked her manager.

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Proof of you're a liar.

>> No.63673101

>many people are siding with the hoe
That's a funny way to spell "poorfag schizos who think it could have been them."

>> No.63673235

>Is the average person this unfamiliar with vtuber terminations?
Considering the average viewer is a normie bandwagon hopper, yeah. Real vtuber fans, the ones that actually support the industry, know what's happening.

>> No.63673259

I don't see how anyone could see the list of infractions and be like SHE DIDNT DU NOFFIN. Even moreso when most of them are proven by streams

>> No.63673445

All the idol girls suck manager cock on a regular basis
Except Yuko

>> No.63673552

jew money can get you places

>> No.63673763

Even Rin?

>> No.63673844

One of them just replied my post, esl-kun

>> No.63673881

Especially Rin
Ironically the only safe ones are the ones wuth boyfriends

>> No.63673973

If you check her replies its almost entirely Pippa fans who follow BVTM
no this is not a joke, there is even a pippa nigger kiwi farms faggot that was hired as an official editor and hes leaking all her members content on twitter.

>> No.63674061

da hoe?

>> No.63674166

Link? I hear those are juicy

>> No.63674183

if you arent retarded i spoon fed you plenty, im not linking a faggot who leaks members content

>> No.63674241

What does bvtm have to do with any of this

>> No.63674250

he made like 20 posts shitting on Idol and calling Riro based

>> No.63674288

also since i assume everyone knows but not everyone does, he is a literal Pippa shill account and her fanbase treat him like a ring leader for harassment, whoever he shitposts about has a horde of pipnigs following

>> No.63674296

>Is Idol's reputation permanently damaged by this situation?
They're Israeli they'll just kvetch their way out of it, silly.

>> No.63674322

Ok and? Who gives a fuck what he posts?

>> No.63674350

maybe learn to read you illiterate nigger

>> No.63674526

Prepare to get more people to side with her because of this https://youtu.be/tJTpXWEkjfw?si=5DZdP-2R8mTk-9ls

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Only incels and "muh purity" fags are upset with Riro, it's a fact.
Fucking fans is one of a basest things any vtuber can do. It's an untapped niche. The unrealized potential of actual whoretubers must be exploited.

>> No.63674552

>literal retard doesnt know how NDA works

>> No.63674556

wtf is a kiwi farm? i don’t speak retard, dumb it down for the normalfags

>> No.63674666

The doxsite sisters use

>> No.63674708

so most doxxers are just jealous sisters?

>> No.63674720

This. It's great that they're transparent about this and more power to them, better now then potentially hearing about it later from one of the talents themselves and it becoming 100x more of an issue. But as far as managerial trust is concerned that's out the window. Especially considering how they've been a little "too" friendly to some of the girls (didn't Pochi get a new model free of charge?) It feels like this isn't the end of the story and there's really no winning situation here which is all the more sad.

>> No.63674741

A forum where people post dox (full legal names etc, real dox) and the place where they make fun of their lolcows and organize raids against them. Pippas main audience is from there and she exclusively panders to them
Whenever kiwifarms goes down which is once a day at this point they raid 4chan too

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The reasonable move was to fire her. The power saviour move would be to put her on hiatus and get her rehabilitated.

>> No.63674887

He's right, you know.
If i were some other Idol talent, i'd be shitting myself reading that statement.

>> No.63674903

I don't think sisters use that site.

>> No.63674943

they pretty openly raid /jidf/ often because they are /pol/fags who hate LE JEWS!!!

>> No.63674946

And as everyone has said, now everyone has a schrodinger's sex with management moment, where since one of them did now everyone else potentially did too

>> No.63674945

>the biggest vshojo shill getting mad a slut is exposed
Why am I not surprised?

>> No.63675161

frankly i just wanna look for her archives, specifically the parts where she apparently orgasmed on stream.

>> No.63675253

yeah because his worldwide cock extends all over the globe

>> No.63675274

There's this thing called a plane

>> No.63675289

This retard basically just described the Zaion case when talking about Riro's termination, wtf?

>> No.63675301

as in plane of existence, because he can fuck every talent at the same time in every corner of the world
fear the manager

>> No.63675307

What is stopping him or her from traveling? Getting nudes is also on the table, which is just as bad.

>> No.63675378

massive cope

>> No.63675390

not like he worked there for over a year and a half right?

>> No.63675441

you sound jealous of the manager's infinity penis
he's probably fucking your mom right now, hell he might even be fucking you without you noticing at the same time
don't forget to check if there isn't any semen leaking out of your ass when you wake up

>> No.63675472

not fooling anyone, jew bootlicker

>> No.63675509

>check if there isn't any semen leaking out of your ass when you wake up

>> No.63675513

All of 4chan hates jews

>> No.63675937

I'm so upset I didn't follow her before and get the chance.

>> No.63676382

There's no telling that she wouldn't have talked about it at some point afterwards. It would be much worse if the manager's involvement was revealed much later so this was necessary.

>> No.63676581

The common sentiment among normalfags is "side with talents not companies, how could they ruin her reputation like this but put her under NDA so she can't defend". They don't even really care if she really did these things or not. CDawg (Connor from Trash Taste) had a whole rant about this.
A lot of people also literally don't understand how much of a yab it is for any corpo. Like "meeting with a fan is her personal life and shouldn't be controlled by the corpo". I thought it was common sense that at least relationships between managers and employees are bad idea in any line of work, not only vtubing, but seems like it's not.

>> No.63676717

>drama tourists will drop her once she starts streaming in spanish again
>spanish deters drama tourists
>what is wactor

>> No.63676736

Oh yeah, let's pretend that the founder of a company isn't in the position of power over the talent.
Everyone understands why relationships between managers and employess are bad and it's not because of what you're saying.

>> No.63676872

It's almost as if finding out about one yab leads one to investigate further. Puzzling. Maybe one day they'll find out how (You) became such a retard.

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>> No.63676963

>Even moreso when most of them are proven by streams
(You) know it comes from members content, yeah?

>> No.63677011

what porn? she did this all privately

>> No.63677092

>which is just as bad

>> No.63677394

>talents handing nudes for benefits to the lead talent manager is fine because................... IT JUST IS OK!!!!

>> No.63677413

wait it's tomer again?

>> No.63677995

Only the jokes about it are good. Conspiracy theories are too convenient to actually believe.

>> No.63678109

I need her to announce her new identity asap I've been gooning to that asmr stream for the past four days but it's starting to get stale

>> No.63678110

masturbating on stream counts i think

>> No.63678123

Yes, but this time Tomer got fired. He got away with getting his girl into the Israeli generation of Idol, but at this point it's business over friendship.

>> No.63678140

you don need to be a normal fag to think she did something wrong, just a person with some basic morals
and nornalfags dont watch chuubas anyway

>> No.63678299

Who said that having sex with a fan is immoral

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I actually voted for Idol before she graduated but thankfully you can resubmit to change your vote

>> No.63678351

wdym again?

>> No.63678532

Honestly, not sure. I don't foresee it having long term consequences but I will say that Idol needs to come up with an idea to get people talking about it in a positive light now that this happened. There's nothing that they have to bring to the table at this point. While Niji and Holo are both preparing for massive events and concerts and shit while idols got about as much going on as PC.
I'll also be frank, Rin is kinda the only notable one who is also "pure" it'd be nice if they had more clean cut talents who posted shorts and shit and got themselves lots of viewers.

>> No.63678619

>he lacks critical information

>> No.63678693

Do your archive reps about tomer and neo.

>> No.63678789

And those retarded shills still insist that he only fucked Riro?

>> No.63678857

i have been saying he did but i reread the statement and secretive isn't the same as secret is it? makes me think it was more she asking to turn a blind eye on her content because she was struggling with donations

>> No.63678866

If I side with her she might have sex with me, so of course I'll side with her

>> No.63679212

Why phase connect fanbase doesn't get along well with idol on this board? I thought they were friends.

>> No.63679407

If anything it'd make me assume the opposite from here on out. No company is going to hang their neck out like this and no jew is going to offer refunds if there's a chance it's going to happen again. I wouldn't be surprised if their next job listing is for an HR position.

>> No.63679516

they are competing for the top whoretuber corpo, clearly

>> No.63679545

Phase is going to need a big leap to keep up now then

>> No.63679769

Just screencap your post and make the rrat anon, if you succeed you will be rewarded with unlimited (you) and every bitch as far as you can see.

>> No.63679795

PC is running mass ads for every talent and debuting a new gen in 3 weeks.

>> No.63679808

Same. She had to go, but she's a legend now

>> No.63679823

>managers fuck the talents
There is no coming back from that
Half the big donors probably fucked off already

>> No.63679877

Rin is the pimp. Don't let her crumbling body confuse you

>> No.63679882

More like they'll do the same thing the Riro paypigs did and donate to them directly now
A reminder that you cannot outjew the jew and it will end up badly for everyone involved if you do this

>> No.63679883

>Half the big donors probably fucked off already
nah, if riro fans which is the one smeared can cope so can whales

>> No.63680126

This guy is a raging fag and leech. But he's right.

>> No.63680227

Honestly the ramifications of her having a ”secret relationship” with the lead manager are what’s going to be really damaging long term.
Since that has implications for the rest of the talents in the company and their own relationships with management.

>> No.63680323

What a slobbering retard. Next time do a modicum of research before you start defending people using a brand they don't own to turn tricks for drug money.

>> No.63680349

He's right. The termination notice was a blatant diversion from the fact that their literal fucking cofounder was fucking talents.

>> No.63680366

Nah they have Lia. IYKYK

>> No.63680398
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>> No.63680430

>people are siding with the hoe
They always do, "it's based and epic"

>> No.63680464

I'd argue they simply shouldn't have hired her to begin with, that was their mistake. They are 100% in the right to terminate her and the manager in order to salvage their reputation, and it is very possible for people to just lie their way through their teeth in interviews to dress themselves up as much nicer/more fit for the job than they are, in fact people fucking assume this is the case. Riro is not at all fucking blameless here, nobody fucking put a gun to her head and asked her to do all that shit, she just went and did it all even though none of that was in her contract.

Of course, one could say they were too transparent and could have left the manager thing completely in the dark to pin it all on Riro. Then again if they did that maybe there was a risk Riro would leak this fact later and ignite a scandal in revenge, so they pre-empted her by announcing it was happening and canning the head manager at the same time. That's almost as big if not bigger than losing Riro actually and is just kind of buried in the hype.

>> No.63680470

Fuyo used to often talk about management. Sometimes with them mid syream. About the funny thing manager did and shit. Enough people complained that she's mostly stopped. But it was weird.

>> No.63680509

Idol is never going to mention it again and Not-Riro is going to either OD or get murdered by one of her tricks. It's going to fizzle out after a month or two and everyone will move on.

>> No.63680585

>side with the drug addled whore
>side with the corp which seems more and more like some guy‘s virtual harem
I think I‘ll just stay out of it and laugh at both

>> No.63680612

Only when another drama replaces it. Which the co-ed apex thing just might do.

>> No.63680782

With the way idol handled this. Just wait for "One Girl's Story" and then it will all be over. Some of the girls are already showing signs of thinking about jumping ship. When you bank all your good will in talent support and the first thing you do when you are in trouble is to publicly shame your own talent, you will have people noticing.

>> No.63681525

Fuyo has always been cuck bait

>> No.63681644

She can literally end Idol immediately if she wants to.

>login on kyoresu
>start stream
>commence a tearful tell-it-all where you talk about how the cofounder of the company coerced her into a sexual relationship and how she used your xanny addiction to keep you in line
>then when she threatened to come clean the founder tried to pre-emptively do PR by making a slanderous announcement where she comes across as a druggie whore
Imagine the fallout. It doesn't even have to be true. If I was the Idol CEO I would be funneling the donothon shekels onto her bank account in exchange for silence no matter the cost.

>> No.63681811

Odds are she‘ll suddenly and tragically overdose in the coming days to avoid that very scenario
Jew corp has more than enough backing to make that happen

>> No.63682032

Yeah, people ("people") will always default to believing the woman in that kind of situation, so I would hope they got some ironclad evidence of her misconduct, specifically whatever the manager thing is about since the rest seems to be varying degrees irrefutable at this point.

That said this scenario only plays out if she doesn't make anymore retarded tweets and gets that tell-all out soon, because otherwise more people will actually learn about that last stream of hers along with the rest of her history, and won't want anything to do with her.

>> No.63682227

I see you're getting stuck in on the coping already

>> No.63682246

>so I would hope they got some ironclad evidence of her misconduct
she is a retarded druggie, she 100% used the company phone so they have the logs to back everything up

>> No.63682270

Riro being a retarded crack whore isn‘t somehow gonna make a manager fucking one of their chuubas look okay
Absolute best case she and idol both walk away with massively damaged reps

>> No.63682288

she can end idol but it would also completely ruin her life
you dont mess with the jews

>> No.63682334

Friendly Reminder
Riro hates mexicans

>> No.63682365

True, if she’s gonna do it she has to do it relatively soon, otherwise >>63681811 >>63680509 is gonna happen sooner or later.
Although it might happen anyways for natural reasons the way she’s going.

>> No.63682378

People siding with the hoe is why vtubing in the West is a complete and utter lost cause

>> No.63682430

this is why you don't hire drug addicted whores

>> No.63682468

Shouldn’t have hired a Harvey Weinstein manager either.

>> No.63682516

I respect them (mostly) not hiding what she did, because she seems like she was pretty heavily dipping into GFE stuff, and if nothing else I think the people buying into/falling for it deserve to know about something like actually hooking up with a fan. Even if it seems like some of them are cool with the hope of a chance of getting sloppy 8ths. Terminating her with a vague generality about doing dumb shit would have just made most of the retards default to assuming it was just over the drug abuse and shit, so at least now they can make an informed decision on being cucks or not.

>> No.63682682

Harvey fucked way higher quality bitches

>> No.63682712
File: 1.48 MB, 1700x2200, dandan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This idol drama is just funny overall. They graduated someone they hired for doing whatever she does pre-idol and by being herself. Not only that but her termination is straight up very aggressive and clearly mad at her (probably for stealing the money that could have gone to them). Fast forward to her graduation, their fans, former fans and people who just love dramas started digging and are starting to find really suspicious activities that are happening inside the company.
This is a 10/10 drama

>> No.63682770

>hire a benzo addict russian whore
>she acts like a benzo addict russian whore
really what were they even thinking

>> No.63682791

>starting to find really suspicious activities that are happening inside the company

>> No.63682828

Lots of the girls like Yuko and Fuyo seem to have been coerced into doing coomer streams by management. It's pretty fucked up

>> No.63682890

I fucking wish, if anything they keep cockblocking us

>> No.63682894

Just read the thread you disingenous retard.

>> No.63682927

It's just a few /pol/ shitters from Pippas Kiwifaggot "fanbase".
Most people are indifferent.
You can spot them a mile away in both threads bringing up the other company out of nowhere to try start shit.

>> No.63682969

An old found info started reappearing again that is one of the talents being idol's CEO's own GF and started the company with her

>> No.63682973

I don't get why people think this is an idol issue when Kyoresu was a whore before joining. They hired a whore who did whore things, then got fired. Fired the retarded manager who fucked her too. Should be straightforward done deal

>> No.63682981

Not surprising and I don't even care.

>> No.63683010

If it really was something as simple as logging into her Idol affiliated accounts and finding DMs detailing this shit, she deserves to be publicly humiliated just for being that retarded.

>> No.63683046

It is an idol issue because still hired kyoresu despite her being her then fired her after she does her own thing. Now, of course, fans are mad and what idol did felt very unjust and suspicious

>> No.63683062
File: 3.59 MB, 334x298, 1677316249287671.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can’t tell if this is /vt/’s /jidf/ coping or the other one trying to run damage control.

>> No.63683074

>what idol did was suspicious
Only hiring her. Firing prostitutes is normal

>> No.63683094

Haven’t heard about this one before?

>> No.63683130

Do your reps on neo
or you can read the fucking thread

>> No.63683172

Still hired her. Idol issue.

>> No.63683178
File: 498 KB, 878x880, 1633268068920.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, let's kill da hoe

>> No.63683258

They hired a friend of the CEO as lead talent manager and let him get away with a lot. He's gone now, but they lost a lot of goodwill and trust. Not to mention the "we're so transparent and good to our talents" image is heavily damaged by the manager issue and the sudden termination.

>> No.63683277

I haven't really seen any fans mad about it

>> No.63683362

>sudden termination
what do you mean sudden, wasn't she suspended for like a month?

>> No.63683473

That suspension was her punishment and everyone expected her to come back and improve herself. They probably found out about her fucking the manager recently and decided to escalate.

>> No.63683532

Retards without a job, maybe. You do not talk about meeting up with fans explicitly with the possibility of lewd intentions (on stream, so with verifiable evidence) and keep your job.

>> No.63683670

Yeah you fuck the groomers on the quietly. Like the rest does

>> No.63683681

It seems like your exceptional insightfulness easily outstrips that of the lowly idol corp fans.

>> No.63683858

I think the donobaiting popping pills thing is a bigger issue from a corpo standpoint, as that's actually something that could get someone in trouble. But yeah when you have a menhera with a history of abusing drugs and being a whore, they would have been within their right to terminate her over just that stream.

>> No.63683963

She probably thought it was hilarious when he tickled her womb with his cock

>> No.63683961

Honest to god forgot about that part, but yea. Especially if it really was sleeping meds, why would you write out "silly pills"? fucking insane
not difficult if you're above room temp iq

>> No.63683964

people sided with Zaion and Yuri too. It doesn't mean much.

>> No.63684326
File: 889 KB, 1896x1080, ho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63684448

I wouldn't really brush off ambien as just a sleeping med, shit basically counts as a benzo and that whole family of drugs turns you into a long term drooling retard if you aren't careful

>> No.63684532

this incident has really show the pathetic nature of western fans when it comes to whores, such a cucked region tolerating even celebrating this type of behavior

>> No.63684538

If one manager went full hollywood who says the other ones aren‘t doing the same?

>> No.63684595

She could at least make an onlyfans showing us how she fucks fans.

>> No.63684737

The termination notice of Zaion was full of petty bullshit, unlike Riro's.

>> No.63684977
File: 392 KB, 1080x1094, 1701438439095.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What now?

>> No.63685066

People who are siding with her are the same who sided with that bootleg fauna. They're the type of people who leave comments under pornhub videos inviting the girl getting gangbanged to call them back. They're stupid.

>> No.63685076
File: 376 KB, 480x498, 1673681710725283.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63685095

Based Nuuta.
I'm sad he never joined the Beatani discord to say his goodbyes.

>> No.63685279

Tomer wasnt involved in management until a later stage with origin, he wasnt a co founder just a manager that got promoted to be a lead manager.

>> No.63686156

No they're to small and people here will only shout based because they assassinated a whore. The manager thing will become deep lore like Mel's manager because they are less visible.

It's not like other corps suddenly blacklisted Idol and all their talents and the current talents circled the wagons and spoke in support of Idol.

>> No.63686385

Also Riro wasn't a super popular talent in the first place. She was Idols attempt at their own version of Project Hope and Riro always lagged behind the other groups. Endless has a different group of managers Poko talks about her female manager all the time and how she is a concernfag so it doesn't seem like the issue went beyond Riro.

>> No.63686464
File: 318 KB, 476x567, 1644977597058.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wasn't Yozora Mel's manager raping her for an entire year? Did we all forget that history, or are we giving Hololive the Bill Cosby treatment where we wait until they're irrelevant before we care?

>> No.63686521

Will they implode? No, but Idol was already ice cold growth wise besides Rin. it has happened at the worst time when Phase Connect has lapped Idol twice and are dominating the small copro scene.

>> No.63686551

Anon it's ok when hololive does it.
News could come out of Jap Dimitri getting Gura pregnant and fags would praise it
>can't find western vtubers who aren't whores
>create your own idols with the DNA of Gura herself

>> No.63686620

Connor sides with her too

>> No.63686686

Seems like you did forget it since that never happened. She was stalked by her manager, she didn't go to whore herself out to him like Riro and Neo did

>> No.63686778

That termination notice didn't have a bit of respect for her, that's how you turn ex-employee into enemy

>> No.63686791

His post is pretty representative of the bullshit over this current Riro x Manager stuff too because ESLs don't understand "relationship" doesn't mean what they think it means.
It can literally be anything from ignoring the content of her members streams to fucking her in a diaper in a library, we simply do not know.
90% of the posting around it is made up shit from drama tourists from Twitter and Kiwifaggarm.

>> No.63686819

You generally don't respect someone who threatens your entire business by acting literally retarded.

>> No.63686830

Idol is a prostitution ring created by Jew

>> No.63686859

Right and Riro's prostitution offers on stream was also a "joke" and "nothingburger"
We heard your damage control a month ago. Get a new story

>> No.63686901

Your abuse of words doesn't make it a fact, buzzwordfag.

>> No.63686904
File: 292 KB, 498x537, extremely smug bea.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dont make me post it again.
Mandatory reading for your enjoyment:
COPE LIST featuring grudgeposting:
>It was a joke
>She was stoned
>OP is a fag
>That /vt/ loves blowing meaningless shit up out of proportion for drama's sake >>62012940
>schizo posts
>We've learned that anons on /vt/ will make mountains out of molehills, take things out of context and straight-up lie about vtubers they don't even watch for no reason. >>62013785
>lying about the details and using a screenshot out of context >>62014051
>You dont watch her why do you care
>"It was RP to make chat lose NNN" >>62015665
>she was justifiably asked to take a break that she clearly needed >>62017138
>"people complaining are jealous women" >>62017276
>It. Was. Rp. Do you think vox and finana were serious about everything they said in RP? No. Do you think anyone was? No. The reason why management stepped on is because they know schizos will take it too far, look what happened to vox >>62017895
>it's clearly rp. Go back >>62018011
>ITT: holodrones and nijifags prove themselves to be absolute normalfags.
>its normalfags crying about it

>> No.63686909

Maybe jewcorp women aren't famous enough for their past lives to be dug out, but who can make sure all of them are pure?

>> No.63686929

It's really that simple.

>> No.63686974

it's funny that you post Bea with an image like that, given she literally rode the edge of her drawers with her vag and baited people to jack off on streams, showed off furry porn on the regular, to name a few.
Not to mention the inner circle shit.

>> No.63686975

>It can literally be anything from ignoring the content of her members streams to fucking her in a diaper in a library, we simply do not know.
That's true but is also Idol's fault for relegating the managers actions to the last bullet point with no actual detail whilst giving a full inventory of Riro's crimes letting the speculation about the most serious part of the announcement run wild.

>> No.63686993

>cry about people hating jew on 4ch
How new?

>> No.63687033

Exactly. They left it vague enough on purpose.
That much is clear.
That notice was written in anger.

>> No.63687039

Because lying in spite of stated facts just to spitefully attack the corp that fired her, where she still has many friends and people who looked up to her working, would surely do a lot for her reputation huh.
The only right thing to do is accepting that what's done is done, and letting things blow over. She can try her hand at streaming again in the future but I doubt it will ever turn out as well as how things were as Riro, where her entire fanbase loved her cuteness and clinginess. Maybe a song would be a somewhat better choice given how that's her original legacy, as long as she isn't too obvious about it.
>b-but da evil juice!
Grow up.

>> No.63687046
File: 1008 KB, 1286x716, 1699257193134876.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>It's a joke
>it's just RP
>it's a nothingburger
>you're just jealous
>you'd do the same if you were her

>> No.63687052

She prefers cash, to avoid taxes and agency/platform cut

>> No.63687099

Israel is the west retard it's basically a US military base we let the heebs run and kill as many Arabs as they like.

>> No.63687128

> She met with a fan and accepted expensive gifts is not the same as whoring out, which would imply a selling of services.
> Her relationship with the manager has no chronology, nor does the meeting with the fan. Those horrified by irl alleged NTR are just paranoid schizos.
> No sex with either fan or manager was alleged by anyone except schizos.
> The "drugs" she did were benzos. prescription sleeping meds that she was going to take anyway.

Still awful optics but not the yab you're trying to sell us. It is EXACTLY the same as Zaion's "crimes" - being a liability for the brand and management losing faith in their ability to control them.

>> No.63687138

I see the burger /pol/lards have woke up.

>> No.63687153

She really was based for outright saying she won't fuck uglies

>> No.63687154

She got angry and threatened to bring it to the court. And all holowomen have female manager ever since

>> No.63687194

Based grudgeGOD

>> No.63687205

Nta but Riro is a prostitute

>> No.63687263

The troubles came from her retardation, not from pure malice, she tried harder when working under jewcorp. She deserved a small amount of honor

>> No.63687288

The fact it even got to that point is why I have always held Hololive far from me ever since.
I lost all trust in them as a company.
Still watch many of them, but fuck the company after that shit.
Everything after it only made me more annoyed, like mass deletion of Subarus shit instead of privating to general bullshit from managers killing talents plans (to the point Pekora broke down on stream once).
Now we have several of them graduation-baiting by bringing up past times they nearly quit and how "busy they are" all the time and how things have changed in the company.
I honestly won't be surprised if some of them drop out sooner or later. There's only so much some of them can take and it's clear they aren't having fun any more. Early JP are most vocal in that regard, even Sora.

>> No.63687317
File: 948 KB, 1080x1671, Screenshot_20231201-095837-273.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Benzos fuck you up man. You ever railed a bar? Black out city baby. Management was probably pumping her full of them while they pumped her full of Jewish jizz and not the semen extracted by dead JIDF boots.

>> No.63687337

she was a monumental flop for Idol. This is no telling how much money Idol wasted on her.

They thought they were buying an established fanbase and she was gonna be a star. She was by far their weakest EN and if raids didnt exist she would have been a 2view

>> No.63687365

Funny how idol shills were defending her like in those threads while now they're universally attacking her

>> No.63687372

Really? Jesus I knew cover was kinda fucked but that's a new low.

>> No.63687387

The reality was she just wasn't a good streamer at all

>> No.63687397

>And all holowomen have female manager ever since

Complete fucking lie. Raden got drunk and admitted they drink with male managers all the time.

>> No.63687417

People have been saying this since 2020. These are women incapable of working other jobs. Do you really think they'll give up career stability while it's still paying well? Plenty of people stay in jobs they hate because it pays well and is convenient for their desired lifestyle, look at Gura. Nobody is leaving unless they're no longer earning enough to overcome their self loathing. Sana is the exception because her self loathing was already so high and she knew she had a disgusting model and content ideas nobody wanted.

>> No.63687422

Good whore tho

>> No.63687560

That post too is a lie made up by a EOP who cant even watch the clip he was shilling

>> No.63687666

I dunno man, the graduating baiting makes me think something else is going on we don't know about.
While Miko has brought up over the years how she nearly quit during the transition to Hololive proper, the rest of them never really mentioned it much.
Now all of a sudden, the past year many of them have brought it up after having mentioned the increased workloads the year before that.

The fact Haachama almost quit that one time already scared me enough, I'd be crushed if she went.
Hearing her break down on stream still haunts me. I honestly wasn't expecting her to come back from the break...
Aqua very clearly was considering it as she mentioned, her long ass hiatus where she only did side stuff made me worry and she confirmed it herself how she felt deflated and didn't know what she wanted to do.
If there is anything I will give Cover, is they are permissive as FUCK with them as long as they don't leave. They will try to figure out some way to keep them on board, and even opened them up to publicly doing stuff in their personal lives that technically compete with their work at Cover. (mainly Matsuri, Laplus and AZKi)

>> No.63687682

Support the talent, not the corpo. Manager can easily be replaced, but it's very hard to switch oshi

>> No.63687905

vesper and magni also a mistake that holo wasted money and effort on. Holo don't hold grudges against them at all

>> No.63688424

>don't get jealous, but riro can get jealous
what a bitch, this is how you know that she wasn't RPing

>> No.63688584

>She met with a fan and accepted expensive gifts is not the same as whoring out, which would imply a selling of services.
It's EXACTLY how you sell services to get around prostitution regulations, she was looking for sugar daddies. She told you her plan on that "rp" stream how are you people still defending her?
If you are naive enough to look at the sum total of the shit she said on stream along with the termination notice and think that that irl meeting constituted a walk in the park and a shopping trip with the paypig taking a flight home afterwards then there is no helping you.

The relationship with the manager could be a lot of things other than sex yes, but firing an old friend who may as well have been a co-founder speaks to how badly he fucked up, if it was as simple as being negligent in wrangling her behavior on stream he wouldn't have lost his job and the notice wouldn't have mentioned a "secretive relationship" in the first place.
I really hope kyo comes out to tell her side so you gullible retards who are defending the whore simply because you think idol is worse can get the second reality check you clearly need.

If the statement is libel, come out and say something, gagging clauses in NDA's in the EU don't stand up to slander and libel. And the optics of still trying to sue her if she had any proof the statements in the announcement were wrong or deliberately mischaracterised would be suicide for Idol as a corpo. There is nothing stopping her contradicting what has been said and implied about her other than the most likely reason which is that she did all of it.

>> No.63688707

Thats what gave it away? Not the giant "NO MINORS"?

>> No.63688913

She came out and said she isn't apologizing for shit and doesn't feel bad about it but she never fucked the manager.

I'm honestly surprised this shit doesn't happen more often.

>it does you just don't hear about it lol

If 4 people enter a room for an organization I can gurantee 1 will spill the beans.

>> No.63688982

WOAH THERE HOLD UP don't lump fans of the Idol talents in with Stardust. The JIDF thread very clearly is not fond of what Riro did especially because it upset a bunch of the scheduling for the week.

>> No.63689006 [DELETED] 

Donating for 3 seconds of attention while another gets her body.
What levels of cuckoldry is this? They will beg him for details on discord afterwards I'm calling it

>> No.63689067

From the outside (never watched any of the Idol talents) it feels like Idol's reputation is damaged for sure, because let's not forget that the LEAD TALENT MANAGER had a special relationship with a talent.

They managed to kinda sweep this under the rug because the whole Riro situation is so ridiculous, but the fact that the lead talent manager had a relationship with a talent is REALLY bad and a major yab for a corpo.

This is not all just on Riro.

>> No.63689284

Yeah, it really is bad.
If they wanted to do this properly, they should have just terminated the contract in a more silent manner than this.
Or, at the worst, fire Tomer, keep Riro around, restrict what she does and if she left on her own eventually so be it.
Doing it the way it ended up has only resulted in a metric fuckload of eyes on the company, most of which would have never known about them, and throwing uncertainty in to other talents and fanbases.

>> No.63689296

>If there is anything I will give Cover, is they are permissive as FUCK with them as long as they don't leave.

Of course they are. They use the image of the character to sell merch, get ads on their channels which more than makes up for the cost of any hiatus. All of those you mentioned could disappear and their image would make money passively.

>> No.63689405

Why the fuck would they keep Riro? You remember she was guilty of other things besides fucking Tomer, right?

>> No.63689432

Yeah, basically any of them past like... probably a year or so, generally make money to some extent.
Not always the case though.
There has been times before where YAGOO brought up how the international branches weren't making money yet (at the time, which was around a couple years back if I'm remembering right)
How those financials are these days is another question, especially given the company has grown in terms of what they do, but also income sources and investments.
Hard to judge really.
It might have mentioned it in their recent shareholder meeting, never actually did look in to it.

>> No.63689459

>She came out and said she isn't apologizing for shit and doesn't feel bad about it but she never fucked the manager
Yeah the minions meme is not a serious attempt at contradicting what has been said about her.
is the closest she got and there are no specific denials just vaguely saying idol's statement was not "actual transparency" and that she has nothing to apologise for. So basically fucking nothing. She is holding up the NDA (if it's even real) as a shield from having to explain herself whilst locking in the most gullible in her audience to keep supporting her. If she want's to actually clear her name there is nothing stopping her.
It's devastating for idol yes and they did minimize and deflect from what Tomer was up to and that is suspicious as fuck. I don't trust either party.

>> No.63689542

Purely for optics reasons. I did say "at the worst".
Silently firing a manager and keeping the talent wouldn't bring as many eyes on them as there is now, and basically none of the uncertainty.
They basically FUD'd their own company with that notice.
Also, if you are going to argue, stop using retarded rrats, maybe I will take you seriously.

>> No.63689566

Idol should have done what Phase Connect did when they fired Yuri
>vague post with the phrase “multiple contract breaches and. Isolations”
Then quietly fired the manager. They are not a publicly traded company or some shit they don’t owe the mob transparency.

Idol is now permanent stained.

>> No.63689755

>showing things is bad
>but hiding things is also bad

>> No.63690113

it's a very fucked up situation, obviously every course of action has negative consequences.
the only good way to solve it is to travel back in time and avoid hiring both of them.

>> No.63690114

The bad thing is that it happened.

>> No.63690143

I only wish they clarified if her relationship with the lead manager was sexual in nature because calling it secretive implies exactly that

>> No.63690282

>le everyone is the same

Why do you think it was left vague?
Maliciousness out of anger due to being betrayed by a friend.
"Let others assume and it is out of your hands."

>> No.63690284

I wonder how many rimjobs Poko, Coni and Roca had to give the talent manager in order to get hired?

>> No.63690342

The. Why not leave the rest of the announcement vague? It is because they wanted to smear the girl.
It came at a cost because it smeared shit all of the Idol brand name. They cut off their nose to spite their face. Literal 2 digit iq move

>> No.63690502

wait for aviel blogpost and trust the plan.

>> No.63690539
File: 19 KB, 112x112, coniogey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63690647

Coni and Roca were involved in similar scandal in their last corpo so they likely did whatever it took to get another chance in vtubing

>> No.63690678

They remained transparent and damaged the brand which is a huge plus for fans.
You'd rather be left in the dark and treated like ATM so that the girl isn't smeared? Maybe you would judging by this white knight behaviour

>> No.63690747

Won't happen, they'll likely ignore it.
Anything further they say will turn people off.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJTpXWEkjfw Connor probably has the best take here.

>> No.63690773

You think they're just gonna come out and say it's sexual?
It's heavily implied and they don't want to ruin their own brand too much.

>> No.63690919

Riro was clearly exploited by her boss. That's why everything happened. He was basically fucking her and then trying to pimp her out. Idol corp is about as black a company you can get taking advantage of mentally unwell girls for their own sexual gratification and ultimately to line their pockets.

>> No.63690933

>Connor has the best take
He's obviously biased based on all his previous takes on vtuber corpos and also ignorant on how NDAs work

>> No.63690964

There was a brand to ruin? They're already known for being the (literal) shit eating and piss drinking company

>> No.63690973

Ads are great and everything don't get me wrong but on the same page when the bar is set by companies like nijisanji and hololive where talents have 3d and etc it'd be nice if we saw a little bit more initiative done by Idol to get something new and different for their talents vs what we have now

>> No.63690988

All the other members were complicit in this gross exploitation.

>> No.63691037

They were kind of in a lose-lose situation. Even if they were vague, we wouldn't know the details, but it would be obvious to anyone what event caused the termination. At first, people would just assume she was fucking her fans and some would probably even cope that it was just the drug use. Autists would then discover that a manager was also terminated at the same time, and we'd be probably be seeing the same shit as right now.
The biggest benefit in throwing it all out there like this is that it might make the news story go away sooner. Though, I think people should definitely look more into that manager's interactions with other talents.

>> No.63691058

I'm starting to wonder about that. A "secretive relationship" could mean anything.
It's possible they were colluding on the side for side money?
Anyway, one of the biggest questions I have about that is that isn't she in Spain, and he (tommer) in Tel Aviv, right?

Lend us your energy to bring kyOresu back!

>> No.63691075

There's a difference between creating fetish content for the perverted masses and getting fucked by your boss so you don't get fired.
If their fans that pay money to watch them drink piss knew they were getting fucked they would go ape shit.

>> No.63691095

Well, there was the spic branch they announced.

>> No.63691128

this is the only way I'm coming back, I don't fault Aviel, torching your own company like that, firing your friend and offering refunds for the donothon shows willing to take accountability and until this happened I trusted idol management having the fans backs more than any other corp. He just left too much unsaid on the Tomer situation when he decided on the route of "full transparency" - it has to apply to his staff too.

>> No.63691229

Rich Jews fly prostitutes into Tel Aviv all the time. It's pretty well known.

>> No.63691264

>Have to live with the now very real possibility that Idol vtubers are flown out to israel to reenact blackmail doujins
Glad I only casually watch Idol on the side and that my oshi is in a different corpo with a 0% chance of that happening. Can't imagine what it's like to have an oshi in there. My condolences

>> No.63691271

Good goy

>> No.63691309

fuyo cloverfield's streams are pretty spicy.
I wonder if Tomer got her to do it.

>> No.63691320

I knew the org was fucked from the start man. It's a fuckin Israeli vtuber company. You know that's gonna be full of sketchy ass shenanigans.

>> No.63691340

>Lend us your energy to bring kyOresu back!
It amazes me how some people will always defend a girl online, no matter what she has done.
Nobody cared about her streaming as ky0resu before Idol, she was the runt of IdolEN despite major shilling, but now she's been fired for various legitimate reasons, some of which were broadcast live, weirdos start crawling over themselves to defend her and try and boost her new incantation.
Happens every time.

>> No.63691349

Probably, pimps usually have more than one ho.

>> No.63691408
File: 651 KB, 817x589, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This This This This.

>> No.63691409

Any girls stream/chat Tomer had a presence in, assume he was fucking her.

>> No.63691469

It’s surprising to me that the fact that Aviel and Katta are in a relationship hasn’t been more scrutinized. Why is it ok for Aviel to have a relationship with Katta but not ok for Tomer to have one with Riro?

>> No.63691479


>> No.63691531

They were probably a couple before Idol even started.

>> No.63691762
File: 25 KB, 435x143, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess. That's what bother's me exactly. She might have just been sending him lewds so she could get away low effort. The thing is she shouldn't have been pressured that much as an singer, she shouldn't have been zatsu >>63691340
We're not defending her, that's literally her fucking brand dude. Her ENTIRE BRAND was drugs music and alcohol and lolibaba baiting. She's literally on brand and people are bitching about it
Perish the thought, yikes. Weird for a guy who makes music for cutsy free kids games on steam. On second thought... maybe all loli types.
Not a chance, he doesn't speak either of her main languages, I heard he was MARRIED which makes this even worse.

>> No.63692557

I don't know why I need to explain this to you anon, but your brand being irl self-destructive behavior isn't a good thing.

>> No.63692779


>> No.63692969

>best take
incredible bait, stupid nigger doesnt even know what an NDA is let alone how they work.

>> No.63693048

>jew company is full of degeneracy
Water is wet.

>> No.63693175

Then again it's not like they had any reputation with the average /pol/tard in first place.

>> No.63693239

>nobody cared
Just because your newfag ass never saw it doesn't mean it never happened.
Literally every week there were people bringing her up for potential Hololive gens.
I'll let you figure out why. I know you aren't that stupid, you were able to type out more than 20 words in a post, you're automatically smarter than half the board.

>> No.63693355
File: 1008 KB, 949x655, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It works for MANY, MANY artists, this is a very popular genre.

PiNKII sings about being a egirl and drinking and being kogal as fuck. She literally has spicy content on onlyfans and used to do wholesome streams about life in japan with her mom.

Small T*ts! Big Money! - PiNKII
It's an extremely popular genre. Doja Cat is probably one of the most well known.

Even YFUBaby/LolaLoading was hit as fuck on that.
One of her best original songs is Soju, which is about being drunk as fuck constantly.
I've seen it in person, she lives the persona.
That's another vtuber who was did dirty.

>> No.63693408

Worked out for Amy Winehouse. Well, until she actually did herself in.
She's still celebrated well after death.
An extreme case, sure, but it was hers regardless.
I sure hope she doesn't go down a route of self-destruction again, but the past couple months says otherwise...

>> No.63693417
File: 1.18 MB, 1255x640, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like you anon. There's very few people here who actually have a head on their shoulders when it comes to this kind of drama.

>> No.63693543

Some singers are just like that.
I often wonder if littlenii also gets up to bad shit now and then.
Numi likes to party too. She's part of that same drama.

kyOresu needs to join mythic I think.
There's fans here and all over who would love to see more hot mess vtubers.

>> No.63693638

They were bringing her up based on her meme songs and videos with big numbers. They weren't watching her stream.

>> No.63693646

Qrd? I never followed numi or littlenii

>> No.63693875
File: 687 KB, 1091x806, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's bao and numi just being partygirls.

Hotmess vtubers are really fucking fun. I like watching them, hearing their stories.

The funny thing is yuko drinks live too.
I really wonder about this company

>> No.63693906

But how does hiring more people help get them further established in the west

>> No.63693960

Because that was before those mentions and well before there was regular discussion of non-JP streamers on the site outside of that shithole /trash/ and the main 2 in /jp/, Hololive and Nijisanji.
Most /a/utists never even talked about them, in fact more /v/irgins knew of them due to gaming collabs and gaming obviously being a major draw.

>> No.63694058

Doja Cats "Paint the Town Red" is unironically a great example. She literally kept kicking the beehive and getting into controversy, so what does she do? She released a whole song about how she doesn't give a fuck and she's rich
It's unironically a banger too

>> No.63694126

That's because a lot of people don't watch anything outside of Holo.

>> No.63694187

I was fence sitting before but now I am resolute that all you astroturfing cocksuckers and the Russian prostitute formerly known as Riro Ron should all kill yourselves. She would be right at home on a legitimate camwhore website showing her pussy and fucking herself with dildos. Fuck off with this shit.

>> No.63694247

Cry more. Go back to your nursery vtubers.

>> No.63694270

Shut up Tomer, your dreams of being a vpimp will never happen, slickback.

>> No.63694277

Kill yourself shill. Go doxx her PL again trying to drum up subscribers.

>> No.63694379

Hahaha, the prepubescent anger in this kid.

>> No.63694437

I accept your concession

>> No.63694482

So you're agreeing with me that nobody cared, and just trying to explain why? Ok.

>> No.63694755

>not discussed on here in a place that barely even discussed vtubers period outside of 4 threads across the website that numbered no more than a couple hundred people total
You're one of those retards that think 4chan = internet aren't you?
Those retards that hold irrational hatred for [insert website] because it's not 4chan, right?