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Who's sexier?

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Neither is peak sex, but from them two, easily Sora.
Suisei's not really sexy. She's got that diva stuff going on, but she's also too unattainable. I can't imagine a sexual scenario that doesn't feel contrieved.

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Sora's too plain. Suisei has the more attractive model, the hotter voice, and her prudeness just increases the sex factor tenfold

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The only one Suisei is beating in her gen is Miko

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Suisei is my most used character card in Koikatsu, followed closely by Chloe and Marine

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Sora is definitely trying harder, that’s for sure…

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Suisei, who i want to furiously mate with doggystyle having a firm grip on her asscheks with my thumb in her anus

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To be honest Azki mogs both, but if between the two of them then Suisei

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Soda-chan radiates far more sex energy. Exposed tummy, nicer tits, while looking like a girl-next-door type.

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You think Roboco is more sex than Suisei?

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Azki > Sora > Roboco > Suisei > Miko

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Sora is sexier, but Suisei would be hotter to fuck because of how disgusted and degraded she would feel.

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You really think Suisei got where she is without waking up to man pubes stuck in her teeth?

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The thing about Sora is that her model is considered too plain and she mostly going with cute approach than being sexy but despite all of that everytime she does sexy things whether it's sexy voice or sexy movements it will overcome the plain model she has and the cute image she builds, that's how you know that she is a natural while the other are sexy only because of their model and/or some fantasy headcanon

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i will chug that soda all day

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I love how schizos simply go "s-she MUST have fucked an exec" and that's about it

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Suisei has never done anything like this. Sora is 100% pure sex.

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A-Chan is the hottest. Don't care.

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suisui because shes a boy

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There's a reason they call Sora the undisputed CEO, inventor and queen of sex

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Queen? Yes. Inventor? Maybe. But CEO? That title is taken.

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I bet they've kissed at least once

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Sora because in idol terms she is the forbidden to lewd one. Makes seeing the sinsack video with her great.

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The prime example of only rely on the model, Unironically no one cares about her before her latest model

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