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I wish korean women were real

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Why do you keep making these threads? Is someone paying you?

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Boy, do I have some news for you.

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faggot, OP is fucking based

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i too wish they were real

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OP just want to share his humiliation and tail pegging fetish with us.

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Juna good

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Must breed atleast 50 korean women

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he gets paid commission by the based department

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is phase connect coffee good for you?

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Yeah. Wouldn't be $35 a bag if it weren't good for you.

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feet lovers BTFO

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Yes, but I'm afraid to say that Airi confirmed her breasts were not filled with milk last night. Its a tragedy.

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they are

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Built for foreign cock and impregnations

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Kronii recently said hers are real

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miori drunk and flippin' out at chat rn
very cute

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The only cute Korean women I've ever encountered were Miori and Liora. The rest are frigid, stuck-up bitches.

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>reading what happen to Nexon recently
Do most Korean women need to be fix and saved?

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Buy an ad

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Hey Tonya is cute tooand breedable as fuck

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Amoria is really cute and super groomable

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I thought she had a big yab

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she's the cleanest person in idol. her "yab" was just a male collab after her donothon; but compared to the rest of the girls, that's nothing because is just sister gossip, while the others are a fact

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all I know that she was the most posted after the ghost girl in the general early on. Then something happened she almost unpersoned in the general kek.

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Kill yourself Juna, why did you have to Collab with the green faggot? You had me by the balls

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that "something" is the collab after the donothon, which most of them labelled as cucking. which is still ironic, considering back then yuko and fuyo where the dominant fanbases

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Not only are they real, but it's easier than ever to get your Korean gf. All you have to do is not have a microdick and not go into histrionic convulsions whenever an anime waifu closes her fingers together

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the things I would do to that eel whore if I could...

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