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it's ok to collab with a male as long as it's not a holostar!


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homobeggars in shambles

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For the 100th time yes. A male streamer if he fail become a Vtuber, if he still fail he seek for a big company, if he fail at even that he become a homofag. That the equivalent of a downtown drug addict, no one want to see that, well sorry if you are a downtown drug addict, you probably fell hurt a lot by that comparaison if you saw it i appologise.

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this bait is frail

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I don’t knooow

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of all holos you could try to pull this with, you choose her

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Do you faggots just constantly whine over any male collabs?

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That is correct

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This analogy is so retarded and filled with ESL-ims, it actually made my head hurt trying to read it lol

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This happens every once in a while. Someone puts up a Botan unicorn bait thread and everyone laughs at him. I'm guessing it's just to get a quick hit of (You)pamine, even if we're cslling him a retard.

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yeah no i've considered Botan to be a whore ever since she did that fps groomer hook up event shortly after she debuted

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haitani is a modern player he's barely human, let alone a male

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Her eggs are drying, let her find someone before it's fucking over.

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I'm behind on my JP lore.
When did Botan become a male fleshlight and was there outrage during the time? I thought she was worshipped as the cool fps lion. (and unofficial adidas sponsor by russians)

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Just goes to show you people don't watch streams or actually follow any of these girls

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unironically yes
holostars are all failures and them collabing with the girls are just them leeching with no net positive to the girls streams or exposure
if they were actually successful instead of being a drain on covers resources then yeah

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Botan playing a competitive game against males? No way.

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it's Haitani you stupid retard

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that is correct homobeggar, seethe.

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All the female sf6 pros actually suck and the tekken ones think you should die if you're a manlet.

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These threads are almost weekly at this point. Don't you retards have anything else to bitch about?

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This is a Idol slide thread I'm assuming? Maybe focus on improving your shitty company where managers run trains on the talents instead of attacking others

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Hypetani slander? One of Japan's most venerated fgc players and a legend? I hope you stub your toe on a corner or get a paper cut. Shameless faggotry OP.

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These folks aren't cultured anon, just let them sift around in their own filth

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OP would shit his pants if they had a holomember see Daigo

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actually anyone's fine as long as they're not 3-4 view leech

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It was never about males or Botan. op just wants some (You)s to fill his daily quota.

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M*les aside, I hope this SF6 arc dies soon cause it's a fucking borefest compared to what she usually plays. Maybe Pegor will be able to make it interesting if she goes through with her tourney, but eh, not a fan.

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Can you repeat the question?

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holy esl

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Lol it's funny because it true, even the holo antis sub okbh wouldn't talk about 3d male. And that place notorious for shipping homo

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i love these threads because homobeggars/unicorns (same people) dont watch JP and dont know that a lot of them dont give a fuck about the stigma behind collabing with males

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Holostar fanbase are disgusting, no wonder they disassociated themselves from them.

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Holy fucking kek, and the Shiori thing was literally just her saying thanks like she would to any other fan. Homobeggars are truly pathetic, based Shiori for keeping herself pure and making the beggars seethe so much the past month or so. 2 more weeks boys.

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Look at all those updoot and people still think this is not a holo antis sub.

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>antis the girls
>forcing talent to collab with homo even when they say no
>having a self insert rape fantasy
Why is this unironic incel sub not nuke out of existence yet?

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>Shiori says thanks to a homo like she would a fan
>Sub makes fanfic and wants Novelites to suffer
>Sub doesn't watch streams
Literal Hololive anti sub

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People actually think that japanese SF players are some fuckboys trying to fuck your oshi? Nigger these aren't 22yo Valorant streamers, the japanese old guard FGC are basically just high functioning autists that have been playing the same gamer obsessively for over 20 years and their only friends are each other. Shit, Haitani himself is almost 40 and part of the "five gods", a group of five super autistic players that dominated the SF scene in japan back in the Third Strike days, during the fucking late 90s, and they were already considered social rejects and super autistic

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why are retards pretending to shit and seethe over the exact same posts you make but on this website instead

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That's provably wrong. Hell, even Pekora touched on it not too long ago. They just uphold the distinction most unicorns accept about professional collabs and field of expertise when it comes to males on stream.

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>reddit unironically having more incels than /vt/
Yeah that tracks

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>it's ok to collab with a male
Yeah, if she feels like it

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Botan is on that sigma female grind. She's the Andrew Tate of vtubers.

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Any unicorn pining for Botan is as retarded as a rirocon or a nekofami and deserve whatever they get.

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Imagine going Unicorn with a grandma tier Holo

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disrespect haitani again and I'll fucking gut you like a pig

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>doesn't know who Haitani is
God why don't you people just fucking rope already!

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>can't ships
Brown hands made this image

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actually it's more like streamers in general

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That's correct.

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Its not aswell as streaming 5 hours a weeks but thats 2023 botan for you.
All sane ssrbs already unsubbed

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So clearly the solution is that every holostar should be married men in their 30s

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Don't worry, she still has over 1 mil insane SSRBs subbed.

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Haitani is a pretty good teacher for Modern. Did she drop Marisa for Lily?

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she's like 34 why do you care, if anything she should get married already (better yet with me).

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Botan isn't unicorn material, never was. Do your fucking reps you fucking homobeggar and rope yourself in front of your family.

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Name me a Holo that hasn't collabed with a man.

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Don't worry, they will tell you about how it's fine to start getting more and more males on stream and that Holos are hikki maidens that never leave their room and don't have huge amounts of free time to meet all the famous male celebs they can with their popularity, so it's ok, they're not homos.

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LOL, LMAO even.

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Pekora called herself an unicorn.

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i don't watch faggots aka male vtubers so yeah.
i watch male streamers

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you could say that about almost every holo

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Wash your mouth nigga

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just another day of homobeggars homobegging.

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My nigga holos aren't hikki maidens but Hiatani definitely is, although I assume you don't know who that is in the first place.

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based tekken sluts

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JP holostars are fine, they know the game and where the lines are. Some EN do but a couple don't and ruin it for the rest.

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there's definitely going to be a hololive sf6 tournament announced at some point isn't there. who's good at the game right now?

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filipino seethe
beg more

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That ain't no man but one of the 5 gods.

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my nigga korosan and maybe nene

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Subaru's probably the best Holo right now. Koro-san has barely played in the last two months.

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She cried a lot in the end. She's forgiven

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HAITANI quit being a professional gamer to become a streamer to support his family.
He is married and already has children.

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This isn't even ESL, English must be this guys 5tgh or 6th language. Learn to use DeepL next time mr Indonesia.

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Fuudo married that hot gravure idol.

i mean i dont really mind if Botan pairs up with someone. the thing is streamers/vtubers actually pander to social rejects so if anything normies are less likely to have a chance with these lonely vtubers. everyone deserves happiness, even the autistic fighting game gods and even vtubers.

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I unironically believe this.

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You're not the boss of me now

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I think its pretty self-explanatory

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>newfag shitposter doesn't know how soundposts work
kek go back to bvtm you shitstirring garbage eater.