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Nobody in Hololive has to stream. Streaming has always been optional.

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True, their real job is to sell merch, that's where the real money comes from

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>Streaming has always been optional.
If people keep buying memberships, SCs, and merch, then yeah there's no incentive to stream

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and i dont have to keep paying for memebership

im very close to cancelling if she doesnt get her act together

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Not for Sana

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Sana just thinks vtubers are cringe, Chinese gacha games are where it's at.

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Sana was a quitter and a Judas, get over it. I know letting the nijifags win hurts but that's reality

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Streamers have to stream.

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is that actually what's most profitable? I genuinely had no idea

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>Still pays Gura
Are you legitimately brain damaged?

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Well, apparently not.

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Gura needs to be fired. Just take her money via lawsuit for contract violation and get an AI to replace her. Seriously no sane chumbuds yould be able to tell the difference

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Cry more, 2view.

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Retard, I don't want her laziness to spread to the others.

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>no sane chumbuds

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From all the deflection I've read this year this is one of them.

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>only Gura doesn't stream
>it always been optional
It's funny how chumbuds brag about normies knowing her instead of having true fans like JPs

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The quality of Hololive is so high that no one can really complain about the lack of streams.

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If merch, sponsored, contract works are profitable, then she wouldve stream, farm superchats and memberships. But no, she doesnt give a damn about chumbuds, neither superchats from them, not even reading it

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...this is some next gen coping

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Gura completed her contractual obligations of streaming during the first two years. Advent now has to follow the same path.