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She graduated but she never left us. And she never will.

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why is she so vulgar

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Is she losing her mind?

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Why use MF? she can now write the whole phrase, she's free right?

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Go back to your hugbox, faggot.

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Because you didn't eat your GODDAMNED vegetables, Nene

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Why don't you just kill yourself already, chink?

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Has she even streamed yet

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I can hear it. The pre stream song.

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Twitter is still a bitch, the other day I said ''faggot'' and I got banned

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if you'd kept an eye on her twitter, you'd know the answer to that question.

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Since last week, yes, on Mildom, with so many people there that Mildom just threw it's hands up in despair. Besides if a bunch of singfaggots can already sub IRS without even a peep from her yet, I can wait for the next Kson stream.

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When she uses English, think of her as an 11 year old American.

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You’re complaining about vulgarity here? You stupid chink nigger faggot?

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So how is she doing? I can't catch her live. So all I got is twitter....is she doing good?

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Next meme~

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What a stinker of a chuuba. Her and the chicomms belong together. Stinky stinky.

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she still getting ready, she commisioned a new model and is preparing things.
only did a small mildom stream that crash the fucking chat bc that website is shit

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What the fuck are you even talking about

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I would say that she's been decompressing after a month of insane work, and she seems to be coming along. She did a Mildom stream where she discussed some of her plans, such as new rigging and a new VT model. She hasn't done a YT stream yet, but she plans to be doing daily streams there soon.

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Middling if you'll believe the dramatards but other than that her support network has expanded and she also followed Delta sometime after graduation.

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Thanks anons. It's good to know that bitch is doing good.

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rrat: First YT stream she'll wear a dragon onesie.

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literally who?

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It's that pedo Carson, ignore it.

>> No.6357965

You know who. It's Coco.

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Miko. Haven't you seen her eigo streams?

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Oh nice can't fucking wait, I wonder if she will stick with the Kson design or try something fully new

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Ever since she graduated, there's been a dragon shaped hole in my heart. Anyone who come close to her?

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my dick

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Who's this not-vtuber?

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Kson IS a vtuber.

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She literally just streamed her vtuber model

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An indie. Into the trash she goes.

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I hope that she makes a new character, I don't like kson

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Coco graduated

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She'll reveal Kaineson soon

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Fuck your bait. Seriously.

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Wow, it's almost like all of the melodramatic, histrionic crying over a png being retired was completely overblown and hardly anything has changed.
If only someone could have foreseen this. You all could have saved yourself a lot of cringy and unnecessary emotional outbursts if you had listened to such a person.

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You eat some dogs with a side of bat soup yet?

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it's still sad she'll never be able to collab with her old friends anymore (at least not for a long, long time)
besides, people were trully sad because of the circumstances behind her graduation. it became clear she was just pretending to be fine while the relentless harrassment was actually getting to her

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>ree china
it's dangerous to go alone forever, take some meds with (You)

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>he doesnt know about yura
she reincarnated a week ago kun kun kun

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I recall one retard(may have been a bug) insisting that kson would not be able to get another model.

>> No.6358564

I mean you can take your advice over one fucking word.

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the only thing for sure is, if you are in hololive you cant stream with another model in your free time, but there is no problem if you use a regular cam

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You can now DM her dad

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Please understand, anon. They can’t see their imaginary girlfriend ever again without acknowledging that she was a paid performer who hated her job, and by extension, hated them. It’s a bit embarrassing for them.

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Realtalk though, what sort of shows would she do for Mildom and Youtube? I imagine a big part of it will still be the usual storytelling and video game streaming.

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She has streamed countless times with her vtuber avatar while being in hololive, both in youtube and mildom.

>> No.6358638

I unironically hope she streams as Koko Caine and just acts exactly like Coco

>> No.6358647

Reminder that there's no difference between her and any of the Vwhores.

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>sending the dad a dick pic unironically

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Thank you. I'm glad someone finally understands what we're going through

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Imagine being a chink, forever obsessed with an anime dragon, they've been mindbroken.

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Hopefully with something more than a soundboard unless she wants to try her hand at puppeteering a second model live. Didn't like the meme review for Kaine but the potential is there. Or maybe have her wife puppet it

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Not that big of a vtuber if I never heard of it.

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Fallout 76 stream when? I wanna know if she can sell me the idea of buying Todd's broken MMO

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Racism isn't cool and neither is swearing.

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She'd avoid it like the plague. Has more bugs in it then China.

>> No.6358886

The company might delete her channel if she referenced her alt directly. Probably a breach of contract.

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Not sure when but she mentioned that she had over 400 hours in 76.

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Yes, but check it out yourself...

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More likely that Twitter has a tendency to be a baby and she's avoiding yabs while it's still too early.

>> No.6358965

Oh sure just ruin my joke... I thought it was funny.

>> No.6359029

Ah, hypocrisy in other words.

Hates when Hololive filters her mouth, but willingly follow polices of other platform. FREEDOM.

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>Kson dressed as Bayonetta
Gotta say, she sort of pulls off the look.

>> No.6359081

I shit you not delta retweeted one of her tweets last week

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she didn't feel like typing out Mother Fuckers on her phone in the morning, perhaps?

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Because of the large quantity of dicks she has pleased with her pierced tongue and shaven vagina.

>> No.6359159 [DELETED] 

>took a whole month break to focus on my finals

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Wait, her tongue's pierced?

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Anonchama...she announced it last June and bid her farewell on July 2.

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Will I get banned if I post kson when she streams more as 3D than as an avatar?

>> No.6359334

What the fuck?

>> No.6359353

Right now, yeah. Especially if it's 3DPD you're posting and not 2DLive

>> No.6359378

yeah....that one got my dick feeling somethings...

>> No.6359387 [DELETED] 

Was. She's taken the piercing out and it's grown over now.
She's probably still shaved, of course (except her legs according to PPT)

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You dork

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Who cares anymore, I watch non-hololives during the dead hours like anyone but if she's gotta either collab with those dregs or do her own thing she's got her work cut out for her

>> No.6359599

Twitter is bigger than Hololive, unfortunately. What she's gonna do if she gets banned on Twitter? Go to Tumblr?

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>He missed the sticky
>He missed the shitstorms
>He missed the monthlong grad party with the hologirls
>He missed the gura coll- oh wait that didn't happen

>> No.6359713

Tumblr's unironically a good place nowadays, but yeah it's bad if she goes there since the reach is as limited if not less so than Newgrounds.

>> No.6359715

Or worse, Parler?

>> No.6359778

Her dad would probably love it there. All the shittalking he could do.

>> No.6360027

reddit: the post

>> No.6360227

Retards hated him because he said the truth.
Being vulgar for no reason isn't funny.
Power to her I guess tho

>> No.6360284

How is writing "MF" vulgar?
Try harder you soulless bug, your english is terrible.

>> No.6360324

Just like her meme reviews.

>> No.6360428

Yeah alright now suicide

>> No.6360439

Ksonfags are starting to get annoying, I spent probably 10 times more than you reporting the subhhuman chinks all over media so shut the fuck up nigger.
Not everyone is forced to like her new content, learn to live with that

>> No.6360593

because she's daring af
like wow she said MF, wow just wow

>> No.6360933

You're a retard who says retarded things, keep crying chink.

>> No.6361193

>her new content
What new content, gmmf? lol

>> No.6361213

Are you blind anon-chama? kson doesn't even have horns.

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Trolls can get fucked.

I'm glad and relieved to see she's still willing to embrace a bit of her old persona. But still, it's not the same ol' kaichou and I refuse to use that other site she streams on, it's to shitty.

>> No.6361642

She graduated? what a shame

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File: 2.21 MB, 3500x2365, Konachan.com - 323765 blue_hair braids hololive long_hair sky taikoi7 tree umbrella yellow_eyes yukihana_lamy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And tell us, o' wise and insightful anon... from where do the "pros" get their start? Do you think they just grow off the ol' Vtuber tree?

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>ywn grow indies chuubas from the chuuba tree together with your self-made corporate industry plant waifu.
It's not fair bros.

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>Do they just grow off the vtuber tree
Some do

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>we will never be free of reddit dragon
can she just fucking retire already. acting like a cringey american is neither funny nor endearing.

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The queen of vtubers will never retire, you'll have to seethe for all eternity like a chink.

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>She'd avoid it like the plague. Has more bugs in it then China.
Holy fuck, what a line.

>> No.6371145

neither is racism-fueled genocide against uyghurs zhang

>> No.6374420

>I'm leaving this piece of shit company for censoring me!
>Yes Twitter. Thank you, Twitter. May I have another, Twitter?
Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I suppose not even a woman can ever truly escape the moral majority. She has my sympathies.

>> No.6374957

How is saying MFs instead of Motherfuckers censorship? You do know she's still as vulgar as she was as Coco, right?

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KSon has to be down for anal, right?

>> No.6377500

F U C K ... M E ... Fuck me!

>> No.6378310

Her ass is probably nasty.

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>> No.6380139

Its the barney onesie, I swear.

>> No.6380421

she was never with (you), anon. she was with plebbit.
>s-she's coming b-back! a-any day n-now!
>the woman who very plainly stated she's not doing the vtuber thing anymore
you need to move on, anon. denial ain't changing anything. if you want to watch the broad that vshitshow tries to imitate, go and watch her, but cope with the fact that she's done with being /vt/ material by her own choice.
>anyone who says anything I don't like is a chink!
nice try, zhang. you're not falseflagging as well as you think you are
looking to have yandere mito or sora on your doorstep, huh faggot?

>> No.6380647

Giant tits and hot GF let you do and act how you want, without any restrictions
You'd be vulgar too if there was no consequences

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>> No.6380829

Old habits are hard to kill.

>> No.6380836

she was literally the codemiko of hololive

>> No.6380958

What in the living FUCK is "Milfdom"?

>> No.6381075

hello tourist

>> No.6382571

>And she never will.
probably, im starting to believe she lurks.

>> No.6383099

>The grasping and seething of the antis who are realizing they've lost

That's right, faggots, Kiryu Kai is FOREVER

>> No.6384450

Honestly? Yeah. Coco's personality seems to not just be an act. It's literally just her irl personality.

>> No.6384464

You fucking goober. Well at least it sounds like you were sufficiently focused on what you set out to do. I'm proud of you anon

>> No.6384586


Do you really think she got world #1 superchat because of collabs? Heck, after the Taiwan incident she was pretty much put in quarantine for months and barely did any collabs.

She hasn't streamed at all on YT since her grad announcement and she still gained 400k subscribers. Once she gets her new model and starts daily streaming again she'll be fine.

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>> No.6385046

Ok little one, look down at your phone press the home button. Your mom will be worried if she found out his goody two shoes son is in the darker part of the internet

>> No.6385145

>why is she were so vulgar in her coco account
nowaday she is mostly seiso in all her accounts

>> No.6388143

You weren't even a fan. but gotta keep schilling her eh. Pathetic.

>> No.6388153

yes i was.

>> No.6388222

ive lost all my immersion in hololive, unsubbed from everyone other than chammers and pekor.
unironically enjoying pomu's streams more

>> No.6388409

sad thing we never gonna have a hololive collab ever again, other than that i want to see if she comes up with a new design

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Only newfags think this. How new of you anonchama.

>> No.6389120


>> No.6389232

Cover bootlickers like you deserve to have their human rights stripped away from them. Oh I forgot you're a Zhang and CCP already has that covered. Thanks Pooh-chama.

>> No.6389309

>Racism isn't cool
Agree with the sentiment, but not the motivation. That being said you're on the wrong site to be saying that

>Neither is swearing
Fuck shit piss whore faggy shity cunt assblaster. Also call it cussing like a normal person

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Every Zhang bug I just tagged. Deserves to be violated by the mighty Cocock. You're welcome.

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Looks delicious.

>> No.6391858

Coco's graduation arc was kino.
It was like the season finale to an idol anime.
I still fucking miss this bitch

>> No.6394440

Tell me then Nijinigger why has she spent money on Kumichou 2.0 ?
Also retard who told you that she is not coming back to the vtubing scene?

>> No.6394656

shes been saying mother fucker since before hololive

>> No.6396436


>> No.6396526

Trying to dunk on the dragon this early in the morning Zhang?

>> No.6397581

>Sora is da queeeeeeeen becuz shes fiirsssttttt vtuberrrr
Shut the fuck up. Lmao

>> No.6397753

>Literal who whore steals coco's greeting
I can't believe someone can go so low

>> No.6398733

Why are all the retards replying to this seething so much? She is vulgar, anyone who watched her streams knows that.

>> No.6398850

My booty hole is ready.

>> No.6399063

Literally no reply denies this, retard.

>> No.6399243


>> No.6399316

Imagine watching e-thots
Imagine donating to 3D whores

>> No.6399455

I don't think that's clear at all, and in fact I think it's pretty disrespectful after she spent 3 weeks going to great pains to explain otherwise when she could have just kept quiet and skirted very close to some contractual lines in doing so.

>> No.6399521
File: 7 KB, 290x241, 104732056_1338025393070212_1893134661855118635_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sora, Roboco, Miko, all whores.
So sad

>> No.6399631

She hated hololive's policies, she's still beholden to platform holders like YouTube and twitter you dimwit, and she never claimed to be some sort of free speech crusader, she just wanted to be creative with less managerial oversight. I don't know what you freaks are expecting "kson unleashed" to be but if you think it's going to be radically more yabai you're going to be disappointed.

>> No.6399691

So is she streaming on YT yet or is she still confined to milfdom?

>> No.6399692

It's all coming back to me...now I'm sad...

>> No.6399719

>Is she losing her mind?
Yes. Big revenue loss and the slow realization it isn't coming back.

>> No.6399747

2D whores are cute

>> No.6399750

Parler would fall apart if anyone with an audience actually used it outside of the MAGA hugbox

>> No.6399790

She will be streaming full on YT.
Milfdom is her side gig for lazy streams.

>> No.6399826

Because you touch yourself at night

>> No.6399958

She's amerifat

>> No.6400263

Why am I crying? Holy shit she's really gone. Wtf... she's really gone. How do I cope from all these tears?

>> No.6400370
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Only whores call other people whores. You're just jealous because you have no simp bux. Nobody cares who you are, and these e-thots that live rent free in your head don't even know you exist.

>> No.6400640
File: 25 KB, 480x442, rerorerorero.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy fuck do I wanna deepthroat that CoCock. Shove it right up into my booty hole. Have her dick horns grind my manly Gspot so hard that I exquisitely ejaculate.

>> No.6401912

nice, hopefully she drops the japanese crap too

>> No.6402068

Wtf is wrong with you. Are all tatsunoko like this?

>> No.6403018

>noooo not my muslimerinos!

>> No.6403162

I guess you wanna tonjok the bokong lubang

>> No.6403369

off topic thread
fuck off

>> No.6403433

24h with yura dudes are you going to let kaichou waiting?

>> No.6403458

>She graduated but she never left reddit. And she never will.
Sounds about right.

>> No.6403614

She’s so cute and wholesome, hope she streams soon.

>> No.6403676


She's still dead in both ways tho. Good riddance.

>> No.6403687

>Is a Vtuber
>Off topic

Yeah, no.

>> No.6403723

>but she plans to be doing daily streams there soon.
on mildom? fucking hell fuck that garbge website

>> No.6403736
File: 2.71 MB, 1766x1682, 1621980177196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine the numbers of her first youtube stream

>> No.6403781

Read the post again

>> No.6403848

Am I having a schizo attack or did she upload a video with that in it yesterday and it’s gone now?

>> No.6403912

Will it break 50k live?

>> No.6403974

Her last upload is the birthday stream. You're having a stroke.

>> No.6404921

Then a clipnigger mistranslated the whole thing and make it look like she was building a new agency and attacking cover. She has to private it because of that.

>> No.6404967

the best

>> No.6405062

typo ruined it

>> No.6405147

I think she streamed something on mildom

>> No.6405191

>MAGA hugbox
actual govts funds this guy's talking points and shutting down websites so trannies like you wont get hurt. these people try to make do in place where they can avoid getting banned from govts
that sensitive nature will be your downfall

>> No.6405219

>who very plainly stated she's not doing the vtuber thing anymore
You didn't watch her mildom stream, did you?

>> No.6405326


>> No.6405365

Already on 60k

>> No.6405460

Always remember
3DPD e-thot = BAD
e-thot with anime avatar = GOOD

It always has been and always will be

>> No.6407142

>From Atlanta to the world

why are EN Vtubers like this? Just find your own shtick you fucking leech, seems like OG JP chuubas are the new indians amerimuts will just come aand take their shit while making bad jokes fuck this people.

>> No.6407173

How many times are you going to samefag you filthy chink?

>> No.6407357

While were on the topic of cringe Nux Taku is liking her every tweet

>> No.6407896

nigger no

>> No.6407972

He wants to do a collab with her and he's well known for spilling his spaghetti and hating cover

>> No.6408091
File: 3.89 MB, 2046x2823, 1603114109674.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

After seeing her dance there's no way THIS BITCH didn't do a stint as a pole dancer.

>> No.6408245

OP is underage

>> No.6408303

Ogey chink

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