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I'm actually from the future, I time traveled from January 2025
Looking at the current Gura situation really puts a smile on me as what I saw in the future was just people going "It's unbelievable that she used to rarely stream" or "Was it really burnout?" (She still hasn't reached 5M subs btw)
In other news, Kyo Kaneko is still an active Nijisanji talent despite all the mess he just made and the other one he made in May 2024
I'll keep things vague but you will see several NijiEN graduations in 2024, especially August. None of the HoloEN graduated but someone from HoloID did so brace for impact.
And speaking of HoloID, you'll get 3 new ID girls. One is really good at Overwatch, one does a lot of street food ASMR, one is a really good artist but later got addicted into playing The Finals

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>One is really good at Overwatch
This is where you overreached. It's just too unbelievable.

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go back

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Game died so fast

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pity bump

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nice blog post faggot

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go back. no one wants you here.

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>but someone from HoloID did
Pls be Ollie

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>First statement implies Gura starts regularly streaming again.
Lost me right there anon.

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who won the election?

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What are you even implying with your first comment anon? We're not psychic. Does she stream in your fantasy 2025 or not?