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>"otaku princess" who got into card games, oversaw TCG tournaments
>obsessed yumejo, obsessed with anime boys since she was a kid
>opened her debut stream with bondage art
>made boys in school act out scenes from BL novels
>blurted out "PENIS" on a hololive game show
>wants to suck on ao-kun's nipples
>has pacifier sucking streams
>official NSFW tag
>has been part of hololive for less than 3 months

How is this allowed?

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Reminder that bitch means slut in Japanese.

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Hololive has never ever had some enforced Gachikoi/unicorn culture. Its entirely self imposed. They defended Rushia fucking mafumafu and said she can have a private life all she wants. they allow marine to talk about her favorite porn and so on.

Not to mention the PL/RM of some holos are whorish as fuck but that isn't a problem for the company.

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Watching Ririka instills in me a primal urge to breed her.

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Thanks OP, picked up
Why was /vt/ telling me to not watch them

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Ririka was created in a lab to appeal to me specifically

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Being lewd on stream as nothing to do with "Gachikoi/unicorn culture" you baffling individual

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I thought you were shilling her because honestly she sounds great.

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What card games?

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Picrel said that she can't have a boyfriend because it would make her fans sad btw

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Yu-Gi-Oh, she had to call up Konami to resolve a rules dispute once

This is a stealth shill thread

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Ririka deserves to be shilled, that unicorn pandering mengen was funny as fuck and also incredibly based
any girl who openly breaks out the term unicorn live on stream and tells her fanbase she isn't involved with other men is based enough tk deserve being shilled here by even the strictest of definitions

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>holofags and re-writing history
name a perfect duo

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>rules nazi

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I guess i'll unsubscribe...

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>How is this allowed
Because they aren't hololive, simple as that

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>Holo anti spreading rrats
Right on time
What's wrong with you "people"?

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>he says this about ririka
>using a picture of marine
>randomly throws out rrats about rushia too
God damn I hate homoniggers

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No no, you don't understand. Yugioh's rules documentation is NOTORIOUSLY bad.

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Imagine being Pegasus and that bitch rings you out of the bed because she cant read a card half way around the globe

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based, if only Konami werent retards they would give perms so they can play

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>Girl collabs with men
>Numbers go down

>Girl expresses attraction to men
>"Fans" screech at her, but support all yurishit

Cover says nothing because they know fans enforce this shit. Homos get shipped with homos, holos get shipped with holos. You never see homo holo shipping.

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>ignoring all the other points made in that post

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Fans don't enforce shit. Matsuri/laplus/Fubuki does whatever the fuck they want. Unicorns don't matter.

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>unicorns don't matter

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Shame she dropped the anime, utapri is so good.

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>All 3 experienced significant drop in viewership or relative popularity in Hololive compared to their heydays
Not really good examples, anon. Suityan’d have been better
(But then she might as well be one of the exceptions)

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Literally exceptions that prove the rule. Girls who really want to collab with males can easily do it, and the rest of them don’t care. It basically proves there’s not some sort of domino effect as long as the branding is solid.
Collabing with males isn’t a death sentence, it’s just a filter. And it will always be a filter for Hololive members (and usually be a filter for other vtubers). As long as that’s there, some girls will want to do male collabs and most won’t. Which is fine and all that most of the audience wants.

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>somehow the topic of the thread has shifted to male collabs
Jesus Christ, you people can't get penises out of your mind.

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Everyone should be allowed to do stuff like this, hololive is too prudish (especially the EN side). All that is nothing and would only be a problem to incels and Muslims.
>binky sucking streams
Okay I'll now watch your JP

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She is, and there are very few exceptions

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>anons talking about female whores
>you assume we're talking about male whores
the one obsessed with cock is (You)

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How is she this perfect

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None of the things you mention like doing lewd SOLO content on rm or watching porn are anywhere close to being anti-unicorn/gachikoi retard
>b-but rushia
literally still anti'd

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Suichan literally survived a bf yab. She’s an exception in the entire idol industry altogether.

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Hololive is not prudish, you just don’t know japanese so you don’t understand when they aren’t prudish at all. They aren’t prudish but overall they aren’t whores either.

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She's perfect.

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Didn't think she'd be into the total nice guy with zero edgy side

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>You never see homo holo shipping.

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>Suityan’d have been better
You don't have any proof about boyfriends, it's still all speculation on par with IRyS and Brian.

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Was born in west taiwan preas andastan

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What? Suisei would have been a better example boyfriend yab or no boyfriend yab though, what the fuck are you talking about retard. The topic was literally about male collabs and Suisei does those without issue. As such she is generally speaking an exception.

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anon, she went completely out of her way to meet a handsome male idol, something that if found out by people could have caused severe (sometimes irreparable) damage to their careers and you are gonna believe it was all because she wanted a friend to play Tetris with? I don’t even care about her having a bf but come on. You can’t really be that naive.

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This 'ship' was designed exclusively to piss people off, no one actually ships them.

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Shes right

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Ironic shipping is still shipping.

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Ririka is a fantastic addition to hololive, and she seems super happy to be in it which in turn is reflected as positive and energetic vibes in her streams

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You are right and it seems to hit a sore spot

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Yeah I already loved her but that stream really sealed the deal

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>official NSFW tag
Wait WHAT? Did she actually say it on stream? If so tell me which stream so I can watch.
Ririka is based but this is too much for a Holo. I would expect that from Marine, maybe Noel, but no one else.

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The vast majority of idol dating situations actually end up getting shrugged off pretty fast. The only reason people think it's such a big fucking deal is that countries only report sensational news from other countries, for the obvious reason that we have nothing to do with it, so the wild situations are the ones that get talked about a lot.

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You are distorting details here pretty heavily because it 200% depends on the group in question, both in terms of size and branding
There are plenty of groups where that stuff will blow up nearly every time. The most recent poll I saw about this still had people who didn't think it was OK as the majority, and that poll asked normalfags too not just idol fans.

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>wants to suck ao kuns nipples
>made guys act out bl
I dont think you know what a yume is anon

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>obsessed with anime boys since she was a kid
[Siren sounds] RED FLAG RED FLAG

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the idol groups that actually matter and aren't nuidol slop still adhere to that expectation pretty heavily, people who say that Japan doesn't care about that stuff anymore is purely a cocklover psyop

>> No.63503081

A male idol which is openly a massive gachi of hers to add

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>not a yume
you are invited to open >>63485975
also being a yume by itself is based

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It's not us being sad, is her knowing she would not be able to stand the feelings of guilt from having a relationship behind the scenes, the complete opposite of Norio-sensei in that regard.

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>made boys in school act out scenes from BL novels
Extremely based, I will watch your whore .

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Some years ago maybe, nowadays they get shrugged off many times it happens

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>Hololive has never ever had some enforced Gachikoi/unicorn culture. Its entirely self imposed.
Cover doesn't let Hololive talents discuss their boyfriend or husband. They clearly do pander to unicorns with that contract restriction. Japanese actors and singers don't have to pretend to be single and Yagoo wasn't joking when he said Hololive was inspired by idol group AKB48.

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Not really, hell there were two different dramas this year that made their way /here/
And I saw that poll I mentioned like a year ago or something

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There are 2 sides on the idol culture thing and both get their entire knowledge of idols from that one girl who shaved her head.

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>wants to suck on ao-kun's nipples
I wish I was him

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Women are women, they'll all whore out the moment they feel like they are allowed to do it.

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Matsuri and Laplus are literally bottom feeder, only Fubuki is a good example and even then she was the number one alongside Aqua and now she's on the top 15 holos

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If a holofag said he stopped watching his oshi because she mentioned a male you wuldnt hear the end of how big of a incel loser he is
but a girl does it and no one baits an eye
>same sister
>me too omg
Fucking tired of these double standards everywhere...

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>unicorn pandering mengen was funny as fuck and also incredibly based
Advertise her membership to me and I might buy it. Also I'm an EOP, but I know she speak some English.

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It's called autism.

>> No.63506802

I meant that she got to get away with it without any repercussion. Heck she even went full Stacy and lectured people on internet culture as a way to move the goalpost away from her meeting a dude she has absolutely zero business with (she didn’t even explain why and how she met him, pretty much because it had no justification outside of her wanting to know him and get closer to him).
Most idols, at least the important ones, get backlash and even demoted from their units when stuff like this happens.

>> No.63507510

If the dude was a homo it could’ve been 100% understandable. They have the same employer and she even openly interact with them. Being friends with a homo is perfectly possible.
Meeting up with a male idol who is her fan (I remember some people saying) who has zero association with cover altogether is just not possible unless she explicitly wanted to meet him, and I have yet to see a woman who wants to meet a man they have no interest in. The moment you understand it’s impossible for them to meet coincidentally the possibility of a friendship fades away. You can be friends with a girl you casually meet when waiting for the bus, she’s a coworker, a classmate, etc but if you explicitly want to meet that girl that you’re openly interested in, she’s aware of that and she agrees to give you her time to meet her those feelings are 100% not friendship feelings.

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People like to put Fubuki in the same bag with matsuri and laplus but it’s very unfair. Fubuki and Sora, for example, collab with holostars but they are very professional and you can see they aren’t lusting after them (at least on stream). Matsuri and laplus have been found out lying and chasing dicks many times.
You can say the four of them collab with males but saying those four are the same is extremely disingenuous.

>> No.63507793

its an anime you absolute dumb fuck.

>> No.63508224

>(she didn’t even explain why and how she met him, pretty much because it had no justification outside of her wanting to know him and get closer to him).
anon they have publicly interated a shitton of times before, the dude has talked about her on national TV (first acknowledgement), she's sent him a happy birthday message before, the dudes buys her merch (along with other holos's as well), this dates back to at LEAST 2021.

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Watch her backpack battles stream to get a feel for her sleepy non-hyper voice, then keep the non-hyper aspect but imagine affection instead of sleepiness, and that's more the tone she uses in her membership streams. She's also done cute little roleplay voice packs where you both finish up work and she makes you spaghetti, or things like that. She's also going to try her first ASMR stream with the members, and has talked about solo streaming on both streaming on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day because she'd rather be with her secretaries those days.

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They're both in the JP music industry anon, Suisei's always been good at networking, and if they managed to get along better then there's nothing off about it. I don't give a shit about her so I have no horse in this race but there's nothing unbelievable about her situation the way she presents it.

Besides, apparently the dude is under fire again because he's been outed as dating another girl recently or something. lol

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In her debut stream she talked about still deciding on one, and now it's in her pinned tweet.

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there's like 10 holos with nsfw tags, what the hell are you on?

>> No.63508996

Women and men aren't the same. It's not possible to have double standards. Stop being such a soft cunt. And no, you can't escape being male by chopping off your dick either. Don't even try.

>> No.63509417

I know, but from there to actually meeting irl and getting closer is a long way to go and that way is not a way friends walk on because, again, a woman who’s not interested in you will never ever give even a second of her time, case in point she’s very distant with her fans but not with him, who’s also a fan. Meeting up with a fan and giving him alone special treatment is pretty bad.

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It looks like the dude is a manwhore. I think I read he had another gf drama before suisei.
I mean, he’s famous, rich and good looking. He can fuck whoever he wants. He even managed to get closer to suisei.
The funniest thing is that he used to wear kanata’s merch before. I imagine the dude wanting to bang a holo and initially wanted kanata but she being the turbo idol fag lesbian she is didn’t pay him attention so he had to move on into other holos until one lowered her guard.

>> No.63510111

Well, he never promoted Kanata as hard as he did with Suisei, and I think I've seen him with Kanata merch well after he went full gachi, but
>I think I read he had another gf drama before suisei.
I wouldn't be surprised if what you imagine turned out to be true lol.

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>streaming on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
nta but beyond unicorn and gachikoi and all that shit, I really respect the girls who have the tact to do this. In Japan christmas is a very lonely day for single people and I’ve seen japs being ashamed and feeling down over it. Regardless of anything a lot of those guys give you a lot of money because they care about you and want you to be happy. Playing a silly game for 2-3 hours can make a huge difference for those guys and the girls who do it more than out of feeling it is an obligation because of empathy are really nice.

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I fucking love Ririka so so so so so so so much. I adore this retard.

>> No.63511566

I'm an EOP so I may not get a lot of it, but I love ASMR to an unreasonable degree.

>> No.63514051

Ririka is made for sex
specifically with me.

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I need a timestamp of that moment. This sounds hilarious.

>> No.63517042

One better for you.

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>a woman who’s not interested in you will never ever give even a second of her time

Just saying, this particular statement is not a valid argument. Friendzoning is pretty rampant after all. Woman will gladly give you her time and lead you on if she thinks you can be used for something, be it money, networking or scratching her ego itch that someone is lusting after her

>> No.63522834

Have to say, many Holos do this (in fact it's the day many break out the membership ASMR thing) and it's kinda seen as either affectionate or greedy.

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>>made boys in school act out scenes from BL novels
This sounds like a hentai plot that's never made.

>> No.63528800

Wash your cunt

>> No.63529870

also me

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>> No.63534811

So what you're saying is, she's fucking perfect?

>> No.63535098

NTA but
>official announcement from Cover on the official Twitter
>Marine's actual stream content, clipped more than a fucking chia pet
>not taking a vacation but come the fuck on, everyone knows
Not even a holo anti btw, just a unicorn anti

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It was a post about the company's policy, not about specific talents, (You) double retard.

>> No.63535258

see >>63535159

>> No.63538624

>Cover doesn't let Hololive talents discuss their boyfriend or husband.
Choco has discussed her ex boyfriends (also that she is looking around for a husband)

>> No.63539193

>made boys in school act out scenes from BL novels
Unfathomably based

>> No.63539583

Laplus still gets better numbers than Lui.

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>thread shifts to males and numbers

>> No.63539950

>has pacifier sucking streams
Orange woman based.

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Hololive has never ever had some enforced Gachikoi/unicorn culture. Its entirely self imposed. They defended R-chan fucking M-kun and said she can have a private life all she wants. they allow marine to talk about her favorite porn and so on.

Not to mention the PL/RM of some holos are "wholesome" as fuck but that isn't a problem for the company.

>> No.63540242

Uhh based???

>> No.63540478

If by otaku princess you mean オタサーの姫, that means she was the only girl in a group of male otaku. Interpret that as you like.

>> No.63540699

Ok. I like her even more now.

>> No.63541090

no, it's not.

>> No.63541615

and that somehow makes it less pathetic?

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>Self described gyaru otaku
>Panders to unicorns in members
Where's the issue? She's perfect

>> No.63541785

A girl that can make guys act gay on command? That's hot as fuck

>> No.63542583

I need to hear this woman slap her thighs to completely make up my mind

>> No.63543988

She is my girlfriend.

>> No.63544101

>people STILL falling for Marineschizos posts

>> No.63544264

>she had to call up Konami to resolve a rules dispute once
I’ve done the same, ygo rules can be dumbfoundedly stupid for 0 reason

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>> No.63548542

Based Ririka

>> No.63548798

we have hololive girls that have had Onlyfans on the side their entire career for years
this isnt anything new

>> No.63550143

proof next thread?

>> No.63551638

Nice """""idol""""" you've got there, whorofags

>> No.63552131

No shit you dumb fuck. How does it make it any diffrrent?

>> No.63552257

>It's not possible to have double standards
Are you retarded? Stop enabling this behaviour faggot. It is absolutely possible and literally happens all the time.

>> No.63553946

that would be bannable to post
its not like its hidden or anything, just do your reps

>> No.63553964

I think most people here spend more time thinking about men than women