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I've literally fallen in love with her and I don't know what to fucking do

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Watch all her streams, join her membership, buy all her merch (limited edition), supa if you want.
That's what I do.

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but that isn't enough.

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Listen to her streams while sleeping, comment on all of her videos, reply to all of her tweets, visit her house, do anki reps, interact in chat, buy all of her merch (again(limited edition))

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Fap to her

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Her ASMR really mindbroke people

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Someone anyone make the /nunnun/ thread already, the soratomos are going out of controlll

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It's the opposite for me. I'm thinking of changing oshi to another vsinger lately.

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t-two Sora threads!

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I want to tell you to fuck off so fucking much. But I won't.... because she wouldn't want me to.

At first, I used to hate that Sora wasn't getting recognition, but now I see more and more posts like this, and it somehow hurts me. Stop. Noticing. Her.

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which one the real Sora thread ??

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Completely understandable.

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yeah me neither nigga

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My dick surprises me sometimes still. I never would've guess I'd've thought this would be the sexiest outfit in Holo.

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Not enough

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