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who is this? is she new?

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*chat is disabled*

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Kneel for your... one tri-monthly stream?

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if you're still a chumbud you're beyond saving and ineffably pathetic
have some self-respect?

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Nice, hoping she continues her Outer Wilds playthrough soon!

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Literally who?

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Oh boy a mandatory shill stream after 74 days of fucking nothing.
Shove your stream up your ass Im never watching gura again

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>another 2-3 months of ghosting
I kneel to the antis who pressured her to post this announcement ahead of time instead of waiting for the day before. its almost as if criticism does something and not everyone should be a faggot ass whiteknight

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shes got to finish callisto protocol before that

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chumbuds (real) are the strongest race

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you have only ruined things your life, you will know what it means to contribute anything and that's pretty sad

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Don’t forget Atlantis in Minecraft

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>corporate mandated shilling stream
LOL. Funniest part is she likely has never even been to Sendai.

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you have only ruined things your life, you will never know what it means to contribute anything and that's pretty sad

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Is she new? I haven't seen her before.

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I knew that she never forget about her fans. She really is top tier vtuber.

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Keep trying, maybe you'll get your english right the third time. I believe in you anon!

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Happy to see my shork!

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Get back to your containment thread, schizobud.

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omitting words from carelessness isn't any indication of one's ability to use the english language
you first, and also, keep seething

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What if she is pregnant? That would explain 3 month + working on other projects

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>This coward has prechat disabled

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>chat is actually disabled
o i am laffin

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>goes immediately to his schizo rrats
your parents hate you

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(You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You) (You)

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Hi laffin I am dad

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>chat is actually disabled

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Your just fucking mad that im right. Yelling out against something works all the fucking time. Or did you actually think that if there were no antis and everyone was a supportive cocksucking faggot that she would come back?
You chumkeks are in an abusive relationship. She doesn't give a fuck about you.

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>chat disabled
>buy product!
>leaves for month again

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>Sister crying while typing this

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>sponsored, management mandated stream AGAIN
I am not even a chumbud but come on man...

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Gura Protection Squad doing double duty in multiple threads. You're an inspiration to floormats everywhere.

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Literally 0 overlap. Everyone got out the way. Guess she'll disappoint 30k+ at once, count down the clock to get the mandatory hour in reading slides made for her by management, address nothing about her ghosting and then disappear for another 2 months woo.

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>sponsored stream

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Chumbuds came to terms with the fact this is all they're getting now. Gura doesn't want to stream at all anymore and only these management mandated shill things can make her

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She does though, the second she does a male collab I'll know she doesn't and I won't be here. Unlike you who had your dealbreaker crossed but keeps sticking around and throwing a tantrum like a baby. You're fucking pathetic lmao.

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I know because i fucked the virgin oil. It was tight too and oily and wet

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it would be funny if someone did a surprise stream. Kaela come on girl do your shit.

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>forced to stream or she would lose monetization

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>KFP mad that Gura didn't give two shits about some obscure Among Us sponsor
>KFP mad that Gura gives two shits about an important sponsor

>> No.63424909

That's not how it works. This isn't Twitch.

>> No.63424936

>Gura not even trying to hide the fact that she’s only coming out of hibernation for a shill stream
I kneel to the shamelessness

>> No.63424938

Yeah anon sure she does. Just like your boss totally cares about you and how your definitely not disposable. Keep spending that money though Im sure she will one day come to your house and suck your dick.

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Reminder to post the "SKIP AD" meme for the entire stream
That's how you'll get a real stream

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I think you're mistaken for your other degenerate experiences, inbredchama

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So, what will it take to make you realise how insane you are being? Call out from a genmate? graduation?

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Just because you're shilling your shit oshi I'm giving Gura a rainbow superchat later.
Never watching mori ever btw

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>no planned overlap
you think management actually told everyone not to stream?

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Based Morpy

>> No.63425004

>I'm not streaming unless you send me out on vacation first!!!


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Remember to superchat chumbuds!! The more money Gura gets the more you own antis!!!

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These streams are free to watch though? Are you someone that cries over free entertainment?

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>>chat disabled
shark, i am proud of you

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Watch Gura on Brave

>> No.63425081

Based gura

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>giving superchats to someone because they don't stream
smartest chumbud

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I skip the ads not watch them. You would have to pay me to watch an ad about a jap city ill never go to.

>> No.63425160

video-game streams are also ads

>> No.63425164

>I'll sit here shitting myself complaining and being mad
lmao, you don't know what it even means to be happy you pathetic faggot

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Just to let you chumcucks know, im praying to every deity to ever be worshipped in the history of Earth for superpowers.

If I ever get the superpowers first thing im doing if exterminating you pathetic vermin, you deserved to be put out of your misery.

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>shilling a city
Damn. Gura doesn't even get out of bed for less than $20k these days.

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you're a loser posting from his mudhut smacking together pieces of iron, don't make me laugh

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your shork is leaking....

>> No.63425365

Ill give you a hint anon. Im having fun. I find it actually funny that you chumfucks defend your shitty lazy ass oshi. Im actually laughing right now. Ill probably continue doing this until I get bored and then go play 40k tabletop or something. Fucking kek.
Technically your right but at least video games are fun. How the fuck is saying "HEY COME TO CITY AND BUY SHIT" fun?

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What's next, you're gonna put your hand on a hot stove to annoy him?

>> No.63425461

One of the links in the description:
Uh, why?

>> No.63425481

Visit the city of Sendai, it's so fun and kawai : D
See you there, because you certainly won't see me on my channel.

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Wait is the chat actually disabled or are anons just spamming that as a joke?

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>I'm coping that I'm a fucking loser and have to punch down or something or I can't be happy
sorry your parents hate you

>> No.63425513

>at least video games are fun
That's a cope.
>How the fuck is saying "HEY COME TO CITY AND BUY SHIT" fun?
I know this may be hard for you to understand, but some people like to get out of the house. It's this thing called "traveling."

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am I hallucinating

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Don't worry, I'll lick it up

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There are far better ways to go about it, like actually watch Kiara or Mori's streams then throw it back in their face, or go support Flopvent, but you fags are all bark and no bite.

>> No.63425571

>I know this may be hard for you to understand, but some people like to get out of the house. It's this thing called "traveling."
NTA but you type like a faggot.

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Gura's last sponsored stream(which was ages ago) was a fucking disaster, she genuinely sounded bored and was yawning constantly, so Im curious how this will go.

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This but unironically. Every supa'd dollar makes a salty 2view or vtweeter literal who seethe furiously and a SEAnig/schizo/nijigger commit to another 3 months of angrily posting about her on /vt/ several times per day for free.

>> No.63425664

K. Pardon me I think that I'll go down to the hobby store and play warhammer now. Have fun sending akasupas to your whore while I spend it on shit that actually benefits me.
I travel just not to other countries. America has everything I need. But you go there and have fun anon.

>> No.63425702

I guess that makes you fluent in faggot-typing.

>> No.63425773

enjoy your cope and distraction from the misery you feel that inevitably spills out onto others since you can't keep it to yourself

>> No.63425875

i pity you cucks more than Onlyfan whores simps. At least they get a bunch of content they can enjoy,

you fucking losers get nothing but boring shill garbage streams once in a blue moon in between pregnancies.

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Only thing spilling right now is my load, to Goombus

>> No.63425907

Picked it up while slumming with all of the faggot Gura floormats on this board.

>> No.63425943

>tries to own me about seething and coping
>furiously defends himself like a retard
It takes two to tango anon or however that saying goes. Ill just admit this, I find you fascinating. It amazes me how stupid some people can be. Please keep responding to me with your brain damaged bullshit so I can laugh at you.

>> No.63425964

Nah, you're a natural at it.

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Video-games are fucking gay and cringe.

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>you painstakingly click every single post

>> No.63426470

>resorts to ad hominem
good to know you've got nothing else to say but desperate insults, about the level I'd expect from someone of your intelligence

>> No.63426506

>i never liked video game streams anyway

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What do you think Gura's pits taste like?

>> No.63426532

Literally who?

>> No.63426547

Reminder that this whore actually won an award this year, and still didnt get motivated to do her job again.

Shes just plain evilishly tormenting her fans at this point

I bet she laughs at Chumcucks comments while having sex with men.

>> No.63426556

1 hour stream, though it would be even more kino if she has the guts to make it less than an hour long.

>> No.63426574

I came here to UOH at you.

>> No.63426600

I want to believe Gura will finish Super Metroid even though she said she hated the game to the point of projectile diarrhea

>> No.63426658

I was wondering when that tourism ambassador thing was going to happen.

>> No.63426676

The funniest thing about Chumbuds is that they think spending money on Gura is an epic own to people making fun of them. Damn I’m so owned watching you throw away more of your money… You're really showing me up by being a spineless ATM kek

>> No.63426759

I really haven't.

>> No.63426768

I'm not a smell/tastefag, you'll have to ask one of them

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>> No.63426850

Cool it with the spoilers bro.

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>Gura is back
>CM Punk is back
>the Cease-Fire in Gaza is maintaining
>the Eagles are NFC division leaders

Everything is looking up.

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Here anon, I made a picture for you. Hopefully you can understand

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Because she is a sea creature, I think she would taste extra salty. Maybe with a slimy texture too

>> No.63427035

You guys know that this is a paid stream, right?

>> No.63427103

another shill stream, somewhat disappointing

>> No.63427124

>Another fake "stream"
lol chumkeks

>> No.63427143

crazy to think about how she started that during her debut week. still nothing.

>> No.63427146

I kneel to Sensai for sponsoring Gura and forcing her to stream.

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File: 1.95 MB, 422x426, Cuckbud running towards their loosened up oshi.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I kneel to the lazy whore queen, cuckbuds will be satiated for the next 5 months with that shill stream!

>> No.63427174

Lost Atlantis... Someone should go finish it for her...

>> No.63427178

At this point only the most delusional of chumcucks could deny she only shows up when shilling shit. The sad thing is that they're okay with this.

>> No.63427234

Buy an #Ad chumkek

>> No.63427302

looks like the ape squad is here, with a combined IQ of 70

>> No.63427317

At this rate I think Fauna's let's play will finish uploading before Guts finishes the game

>> No.63427429

Speaking from experience leaving her fanbase is like leaving Scientology, you believe in her so much while you are still in.

Once you are out you can never she her the same again.

You can do it too chumbros.

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for me she has to come out with tears on her eyes and beg us to come back, otherwise i will not look her way. im NOT an easy man.

>> No.63427527

You know what? I have a new rrat. Gura just wastes her money on stupid ass shit. I know that women will just DUMP their money on retarded bullshit they dont need. My sister in law spent $100 on a fucking candle for example. Maybe Gura genuinely just has really bad spending habits or even pays Yagoo money to keep her in the company? Who the fuck knows. But knowing her intelligence, I doubt she is good at saving up.

>> No.63427645

Anyone who posts in these threads isn't a chumbud. It's just trolls replying to trolls replying to trolls. Chumbuds don't exist anymore, as they have taken a vow of silence, just like their oshi did, vanishing in the process.

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How tight is your asshole, sister? What does it smell like?

>> No.63427822

What the fuck could she spend her money on? I just bought a car for a fuck ton of money but she doesn't even drive. What else could she be spending her money? Is she house poor or something?

>> No.63427832

>dumb whore has to work 1000x harder just to be half as successful as the Shark Queen.


>> No.63427897

The ultimate Vtuber

>> No.63427926
File: 196 KB, 361x361, aged baby.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you also watch the Kardashians?

>> No.63427942

bruh you must have never been to a mall. They will buy like 20 pairs of shoes or a fuckton of clothes in general. Or just random ass shit. Trust me bro, women will piss away money.

>> No.63427979

does it even matter at this point? she can't possibly do any more damage no matter what she does

>> No.63427980

another bogeyman, damn that's your only talent it seems like, imagining a random caricature attacking you kek

>> No.63428016

For the amount of money she makes, she'd have to literally wear these items once then throw them away unless she's also a hoarder. Eventually she'd have to run out of space to hold all that shit, right?

>> No.63428138

Infidels and nonbelievers shall be purged in a sea of holy fire
In the end, only Gaw Gura stands above all.
On this day, the Chumbuds will be led to the promised kingdom and a new age of shark shall commence.
Blessed be this day.

>> No.63428172

I mean fair but she probably spends a shit ton on overpriced food and alcohol and probably gets everything delivered with Uber or something. Idk man $100 on a candle really made me realize how much stupid shit there is out there.

>> No.63428171

Nah bro she was playing the long game. Atlantis was lost, just like the mythological one is lost forever. It was all 5D chess y'see, she was not being lazy bro trust me bro.

>> No.63428230

Gura is actually talented, that's a shit example. She made her millions working hard, she was just too good at it and doesn't have to anymore

>> No.63428238
File: 1009 KB, 2816x3980, 1699579726719065.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That doesn't answer my question? How tight is your asshole?

>> No.63428647

>Exactly one hour
>Most of that 1 hour will be reading shit the ad sponsor and management wrote for her to say
>Forced energy and fake enthusiasm
>Won't even mention her 70 day+ break
This isn't the stream chumbuds have been waiting months for and nobody should expect any more streams in 2023. Its clear Gura has basically checked out on doing normal streams

>> No.63428798

OMG a sponsored stream!!! I'm gonna chum all over!!1 Let's all lap up the slop together

>> No.63428801

And she'll still be more relevant than your shitter oshi grinding for a gorillion hours for a ounce of her clout
based shark queen securing the bag

>> No.63428934

>sponsored stream
Based shark, only cares about getting rich with minimal effort

>> No.63428951

Guys she just doesn't want to do the whole Hololive streaming thing right now, but figures she might want to come back to it someday so she's on hiatus.
Would you really rather she graduate instead and never come back so you can stop bitching about her not streaming?

>> No.63428955

I like how this thread turned into /uoh/.

>> No.63429012


Your overhyped overrated normie sensation vtuber went viral for pretending to be a drunk uwu waifu with the voice of a twelve year old a kajillion years ago. She sucked then and sucks now. Budget, ghetto Nyannerz ripoff that got lucky with a cunny model and a viral hit.

>> No.63429017

>kneel for a shill stream
lmao even
>chat disabled
what a coward

>> No.63429047

>Would you really rather she graduate?
Yes. Lazy whore deserves it.

>> No.63429125

Viral's viral, baby. One big break is all you need. Seethe harder.

>> No.63429166


No. Bitching is the only thing that sustains me anymore

>> No.63429181

>Guys she just doesn't want to do the whole Hololive streaming thing right now
Then why doesn't she just say so? I just don't understand what's so hard about communicating.

>> No.63429325

After this stream we will go back to making daily gura hate threads, you havent won shit, cuckbud

>> No.63429338

he wasn't asking antis, he was asking actual fans

>> No.63429340

Gura's hard work:
>born a girl
>born with a cute voice

>> No.63429368

I am 70% sure it's going to be a pre-recorded video

>> No.63429389

she doesnt want to do the Hive streaming ever again, but has to for paypig checks

Thats why she doenst go indie, because as an indie she would actually have to stream to get paypiggy checks.

And in Hololive she can fool her paypiggies thats shes actually doing "hard work" by letting her coworkers like Marines do all the work in an MV, where probably most of the budget goes straight into Gura's lazy ass wallet. On top of the paypiggy checks,

Its the perfect set up for a lazy cunt.

>> No.63429404

Sonic Frontiers...

>> No.63429427

Enjoy more shitty merch i guess

>> No.63429462
File: 445 KB, 960x1200, guradiscipline.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Kneel for her sponsorship stream
>She's totally back....to talk about a village she's never even set foot in
>Everyone coping....because this is the future hololive talents will see as the most lucrative with the least effort

>> No.63429760


>> No.63429804

why do fans want her to stream if she hates it so much?

>> No.63430077

This stream is going to fuck up my NNN. So close.

>> No.63430146
File: 197 KB, 267x200, kevin-nash-nash.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>doesn't have to work hard to sell a shitload of merch
>an enduring icon for the foreseeable future
>makes people seethe

Big Sexy sees your game, sharky.
Big Sex abides.

>> No.63430304

You're conflating things, it's a mistake to assume that someone that wants streams cares about anything else. You can not give a single fuck about her and want streams because haha funny. It doesn't mean you care about her. A fan to me is someone that actually cares and is therefore supportive of her will. When they stop liking how she is, they're no longer a fan.

>> No.63431108

>>an enduring icon for the foreseeable future
Gura has pretty much been forgoten outside of her two coping generals and catalog bait threads here.

>> No.63431381

Schizos and having no grip on reality, like peas in a pod. You don't even have the self-awareness that her existence is taking up your entire headspace living rent-free, you saying she's "forgotten" is the most ironic joke ever.

>> No.63431478

I only remember Gura is a thing because you copebuds have two generals that you pathetically bump to page 1 all the time because you can't move on.

>> No.63431540

how many generals does your oshi have?

>> No.63431670

>t. person who saves all this gura anti shit, makes catalog bait, and is more active about seething about gura than anyone else
trying to play off your obsession is also a very funny joke

>> No.63431981

So what are the chances of a graduation announcement? It's a bit cynical but give the stream pattern It's not out of the picture, especially with comments disabled.
What do you expect from the stream anon?

>> No.63431988
File: 2.48 MB, 436x456, guragon.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do you go about wanting Gura to come back, as in actually playing/streaming/collabing out of her own volition- without sounding like a desperate chumbud clinging to the last fumes of copium?
How do i say i hate and detest her showing up because she's forced to or paid to show up- without sounding like some anti?

>> No.63432141

>shills some sponsored shit for Yagoo
>disappears again

>> No.63432159

Place bets on stream length.

>> No.63432191

Oh it's a shilling stream. Skip.

>> No.63432222

>finishing started games
Not gonna happen she's too retarded for that
>fulfilling her promises
Would be nice
>a fucking schedule
Might be a good start. Just stream just fucking stream anything. Just do a fucking non shill zatsu you stupid mascot

>> No.63432267

>Immediately fucks off at the 1 hour mark

>> No.63432278
File: 625 KB, 745x784, 1698235132164136.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't have an oshi so none, and even if I had one I wouldn't want this SEAmonkey filled shithole to know about her.

Nice projection

>> No.63432297


>> No.63432298

Because it's prerecorded.

>> No.63432351


>> No.63432481

Hard-working today, aren't we?

>> No.63432574

She toes the line because she doesn't want the sponsor to think she shorted them on the 1 minute odd intro transition

>> No.63432731
File: 1.73 MB, 651x367, 1460848864344.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>1h forced shill stream
>disappears for months again

Remember to keep buying merch retards.

>> No.63432891

Is the first actual ambassador related thing she has done?

>> No.63432956

My oshi makes /vt/ seethe more than gura

>> No.63433064

it all makes sense now, we should have seen the fucking heel turn coming. *imagines Gura tearing off the hoodie to reveal an nWo shirt while their theme blares in the background*

>> No.63433128

I will and You can't do shit about it. Cope with it.

>> No.63433577

Pizza-flavored bathwater

>> No.63433871

>>CM Punk is back

>> No.63434793

>HAHA Mori's fans get to watch streams, imagine having fun while I get nothing thanks to Guraaaaa.


>> No.63434905

>no prechat
>she's made her channel and community so uncomfortable she has to disable prechat to avoid the inevitable arguments
Nice job Gura

>> No.63435118
File: 2.88 MB, 1418x794, 1695463967694085.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lazy shark dodododododod
Lazy shark dodododododod
Lazy shark
Mommy shark dododododo
Mommy shark dododododo
Mommy shark
Let's go shill dodododododo
Let's go shill dodododododo
Let's go shill
It's the end dodododododo
It's the end dodododododo

>> No.63435533
File: 48 KB, 700x695, 20230824_174635.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

istg if the announcement is more merch i'm gonna genuinely kms this time

>> No.63435582
File: 1.11 MB, 612x508, 1696805709317825.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At this point, would you say that vouching for her graduation is more like an act of mercy for her own good instead of a means to offend her and her fans? She's obviously beyond burnt the fuck out.

>> No.63435667

Are chumbies more cucked than Shiorifans?

>> No.63435842
File: 41 KB, 680x837, 5cb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>does nothing for month
>drops a stream suddenly
>refuses to elaborate further
>leaves again

>> No.63435891

prepare your kill kit

>> No.63435930

One hour left!

>> No.63435938
File: 24 KB, 323x420, 1_v3_lB6Zc_idTU0ZcGG-hNw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>haha, imagine having an oshi who streams! I wouldn't want that!

>> No.63436139

do foxes even eat grapes lol

>> No.63436432

Nice, another advertisement stream then probably 2-3 more streams before back to ghosting for months.

>> No.63436460
File: 320 KB, 1400x1400, 1698543776240833.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63436625


>> No.63436646

I'll join you

>> No.63436913
File: 304 KB, 2000x1838, goo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Sponsored by:
Literally sadder than no streams at all...

>> No.63437162

I haven't watched vtubers in like three months and I'm not even a chumbud but I'm mordibly curious to watch this stream tonight.

>> No.63437236
File: 121 KB, 699x228, fresh off the presses.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this meme again basically

>> No.63437322

Big announcement, yeah big announcement
>It's some shit that attaches her image to the merchandise promoting tourism for Sendai City.
Woww remember to buya plane ticket to visit Sendai

>> No.63437399
File: 2.74 MB, 299x150, 1679848201890919.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Queen is come!

>> No.63437582

So can anyone tell me why her chat is disabled? Does she not like criticism?

>> No.63437678

>Big announcement
>A giant shork plushie
>Ok see you again next year!~

>> No.63437939

schizos and beggars are annoying, a tale as old as time

>> No.63438550

It will enable when the stream starts. They don't want to leave an unmoderated chat for people to shit on.

>> No.63438716

Next year isn't that far off.

>> No.63438917

So people don't superchat giving more money to cover, instead of buying whatever she'll try to sell and giving money to her directly.

>> No.63438931

Announcing graduation during a shill steam would be pretty funny.

>> No.63439490

>Late for a pre-recorded stream

>> No.63439620

FWMC has me so spoiled. My TV's screensaver freakin' came on waiting for this to start.

>> No.63439936

genuine question: how did gura brainwash chumbies into being this loyal? most other chuubas would kill to have this kind of audience

>> No.63440099

That’s how abusive relationships work.

>> No.63440224


>> No.63440229

>late to a prerecorded shill stream
HOLY chumcucks can't be any more cucked than this...

>> No.63440680

Sendai I kneel. It took an entire city to sponsor Gura to stream.

>> No.63440845

No way LOL

>> No.63444718
File: 846 KB, 1440x788, 1699336832174170.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63444879


>> No.63444997

Gura has a vore food collab

>> No.63445607

I saw a cockaroach in my kitchen. I'll probably see him again before we here from Gura the next time she streams.

>> No.63445910
File: 194 KB, 480x473, 1661396351426077.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We waited 3 months for this.

>> No.63447490

We warned you.
We warned you again and again.

>> No.63447705

I mostly moved on to Phase Connect months ago, but part of me still holds out hope.

>> No.63447772

so, do you think this was recorded before or after advent debut?

>> No.63447918

Sure thing, falsefaggot-kun.
No holofans watch phase after the btvm fiasco.

>> No.63448481

I don't even know what that is because I'm not a drama obsessed tranny. I only came to /vt/ tonight to complain about the Gura stream. Brand loyalty is cringe btw.

>> No.63448730

>Completely waste of time
What a joke, the fucking BA stream was better than this shit.

>> No.63449758

no and grapes don't grow on trees...
But bonecucks are brain dead

>> No.63449787

>I didn't watch stream and just shit on threads
Twas kino, cockrider-san

>> No.63449857

Nah, stop being deluded.

>> No.63450321

Whatever you say, falsefaggot-kun.

>> No.63450431

Gura's next sponsor stream will require the backing of an entire prefecture. The one after that, the country of Japan.
By the end of 2024 it will require the entire planet to get Gura to stream.

>> No.63450833

Aren't chumbuds just viewers? What's wrong with continuing to watch a streamer? I can understand clowning on the people who have been paying for tier 5 membership this past 2 years even though she's only streamed 8 times a year, but there's nothing wrong with continuing to watch for free.

>> No.63450977

It's a stupid tactics to make chumbuds watch other vtubers.

>> No.63451206

Surely she fixed the RDR2 crashing issue by now. I can't wait for Chapter 3!

>> No.63452812
File: 2.56 MB, 498x401, 1699050750559745.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you remember chumkeks exist still

>> No.63453437

How much did Sendai offer to get her to sort of do her job? Did they offer Cover are insane amount and they had to force her, or did they go straight to Gura and offer her a fully paid vacation?

>> No.63453500

>2 month silence
>sub 30k return stream
Where did everyone go...?

>> No.63454282

Yagoo was announced as the new daimyo a few days ago.

>> No.63455024

i actually do like aquariums. but i feel like most of them in JP aren't real aquariums, and more just date spots. so it's kinda lonely going solo.

>> No.63455063
File: 430 KB, 1080x1297, Screenshot_20231127-213100.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I was ummmm, sick!
>And ummmm, super busy with RL Stuff!
>and uhhhhhh, uhhhhhh
>I appreciate you all!

>> No.63455405

See you in 3 months!

>> No.63455406

I really hope she gets her shit kicked in soon, she's been coasting off shrimp-dick bucks and couldn't give less of a fuck apart from the fact that she might never have to work a menial job ever again

On the flip side, if the day ever comes where she's fired or drops out, the only job she'll be offered is Janitorial or less profitable

>> No.63455545

She could just marry some rich Jap and retire. She's a famous e-girl.

>> No.63456087

I’m going to work tomorrow and I’m going to tell my boss that I’m burned out. I need at least 2 months break, then I’ll work for 1 hour and then need another 2 months to recover.

Of course, I will be paid like normal. Burnout! What can you do, burnout

>> No.63456519

My last lingering hope and prayer is that she's digging into the ground and refusing to work over something we're not being told
Highly doubtful its collab perms, unless she truly is seen as an untouchable goddess. Maybe her games being removed from streamable perms tipped her?

>> No.63456678

Too bad there's nothing that can be done. What can Cover do? Fire their third golden goose? That's gonna look so good in front of the investors. Make her stream? Yeah right, they've done great on this front so far. Suspend her? Oh nyo, that's so much different from what she's been doing.
And even if the person behind the Gura avatar gets what's coming to her, she's set for life several time over by this point.

>> No.63456839

>she's set for life several time over by this point
If Ame and Mori have taught me anything, it's that women have no fucking concept on how to save money, and simply scale up their monthly spendings to match their earnings

>> No.63457241

not really a woman thing, alot of exmaples of girls who got rich and became richer because they know how to use it

gura was a NEET before hololive what do you think is likelier

>> No.63458639

I will trick her into thinking I have money and once we're married she'll already love me for who I am so it'll be too late

>> No.63459730

Kevin Nash was raped in the Summer of 92

>> No.63460500

>Apr 14, Gura messages in pre-chat "I'll do what I can when I can":

>Aug 1, Mori commented on some whiskey next to merch of Gura, saying to keep it away from Gura implying that Gura is abstaining from alcohol:

Number of streams Gura did in the past 12 months:
>Dec: 3
>Jan: 0
>Feb: 2
>Mar: 4 + 1 member
>Apr: 5 + 1 membwr
>May: 2 + 1 member
>Jun: 1
>Jul: 7
>Aug: 9
>Sep: 3
>Oct: 0
>Nov: 1

The baby was born sometime in October. This means she conceived in January. In both those months she streamed 0 times.

Pregnant women experience mood swings each trimester. You can see by the rate of streams that her stream output rises and falls every 3 months. There are 3 periods of low stream output with 2 periods of high stream output between each.

In her latest stream, she talks about owning a "baby" book of The Hobbit, emphasising "baby", and talks about "passing it down to ...(she hesitates to say 'my child' for a second because she doesn't want to admit to being a mother)... down the lineage":

>> No.63460767
File: 22 KB, 960x229, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy rrat.

>> No.63460906
File: 3.20 MB, 640x480, IMG_3751.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63460933
File: 408 KB, 720x974, hope is lost.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

at this point you morons just do it to yourselves
the last time she streamed was 2 months ago
it's fucking obvious she's close to graduating or she's just lazy
open your eyes assholes

>> No.63461142

>Aug 1, Mori commented on some whiskey next to merch of Gura, saying to keep it away from Gura implying that Gura is abstaining from alcohol
Do you really think if this were true that Mori would do something stupid like leave a trail of bread crumbs for schizos to find out personal info about Gura and her family? For no reason?

>> No.63461321

Don't care about vtubers who don't care

Not interested
Do not recommend channel

>> No.63461438


>> No.63461666

So many faggots and third worlders Seething Lmao

>> No.63461832

Gura-cucks are some of the most pest ridden zealots to ever have created a cult out of, straight revelations tier followers

That's why I wouldn't have any remorse maybe shooting some should their merch be publicly displayed

>> No.63461937

Unironically yes.

>> No.63462313

>close to graduating
She will never graduate as long as merch continues to sell. She literally said she picked different hobbies while she was/is gone, so it's pretty obvious she has no interest in streaming anymore, but why graduate when you can just shill a stream every 3 months and get a shit ton of money from the SC and the merch that you shilled?

>> No.63463086

Unicorns are so pathetic that they'd have no streams at all rather than a consistent streamer who does a male collab once in a blue moon.

>> No.63463735

The seething in this thread is hilarious

>> No.63463794


>> No.63463946
File: 618 KB, 2139x442, 1691116000863936.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's every stream anon ....

>> No.63464157

>pretending nothing happened

>> No.63464472

I already did, she is raking in the money - barely working - and the anti's are seething for her free PR.

All around W's for the little shark.

>> No.63464503

i don't enjoy shit.
you might live in it, be a part of it, swim in it, but why would i even want to taste shit

>> No.63464677

The first 5 months of pregnancy are basically no different from not being pregnant. Pregnancy isn't a disability that limits 99% of what you can do.

>> No.63465945

Let the rrats be rrats my guy. You're ruining their fantasies

>> No.63466197

>Gets pregnant
>Suddenly a disable fuck who can't even get out of bed.