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>all it takes to mass mindbreak ped- sorry, "lolicons" is for someone to say they don't want to fuck fictional children like every normie ever
Hmm, it's almost like the problem doesn't lie with the statement, but the immediate insectoid-like aggression in reaction to it..
as if you're.. coping over something..
maybe a fact about yourselves... hmm?

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Maybe you shouldn't use Kiara who is also a lolicon as your image then.

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Use someone else for your shitty bait thread

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>coming from someone like you

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What game is that?

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Well, go on, then.
Report all those lolicons and loli contents to fbi or any child protection agencies.
Let's see how many children you could save by wasting the time and resources of this agencies to deal with drawings.

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Fire Emblem Engage, where she married a different cunny

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>using Kiara for your kusothread
I feel insulted for her.

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ah yes Kiara the anti-Loli

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I don't even like Kiara and I think this bait is bad lol

If you're going to anti, at least make it realistic

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Pls understand, they can't get (You)'s otherwise
In fact, without an image of her, this post has nothing to do with vtubers. Hmm

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I think the bigger issue is the ridiculous notion that fictional characters need to consent to or be empowered by being "sexualized" or else it is somehow immoral.
Beyond that, the notion that you need ANYONE's permission, fictional or otherwise, to be attracted to them is so unbelievably disconnected from reality or even just being human, that anyone seriously peddling such ideology should immediately be exiled from society.

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>Kiara who is also a lolicon
Proof next thread?

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Kiara a scum

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all we see are anti-lolicons AKA closet pedophile making threads tho, must be a (You) problem.

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Based, thanks.

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