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Given the hate for Froot /here/, why is she so successful? Does /vt/ 's opinion really not matter ?

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Dude you’ve been posting shit like this ever since the new homos debuted. Find a hobby for fucks sake

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there's maybe 1k people here and 90% are holofags who will only ever consume holo media so their opinion on literally everything else does not matter at all

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Heard of her but never paid any attention. Why is she supposedly hated?

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>Does /vt/ 's opinion really not matter ?
no, never has
i hate her as much as any other cheating whore subhuman, but as long as she has her simps wrapped around her finger she just keeps on making money

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schizo rrats

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>Does /vt/ 's opinion really not matter ?
u just notice?

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the nerve of a holofag on /vt/ calling anyone else a simp

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Nigga watch her if you wanna watch her, but don't expect me to do the same. I may start watching her whenever I come back from the military, but nothing more.

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LOL, faggot didn't even knew about this cover until someone posted it in matara baitthread. Well done /vt/

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Be less obvious OP

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nice model but an actual subhuman IRL
cheating on her then husband while he was deployed, not paying forward promised money to charity, backstabbing whore, harassing coworker and "friends" publicly i.e. silvervale in live chat while she was already crying, hating and publicly shaming her brother who is now her sister for beeing trans and when it became cool she suddenly loved him/her/it again list goes on
>the nerve of a holofag on /vt/
yeah those are the worst retards
idk why you replied to me with that, maybe you wanted to build upon what >>63343632 said instead?

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take your meds ant.

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fans of twitch vtubers arent vtuber watchers, they're just the average twitchfags who watch flesh streamers like forsen. /vt/'s opinion doesnt affect twitch chuubas

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you must mistake me for somebody else i think
i'm not an ant, is that some kind of running joke i don't get?
why are only ants allowed to hate froot?

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ok ant

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>this was revealed to me in my dream

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A 3 view signed to a major corpo is considered successful now? In what world?

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Marry me ant

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I wanna suck on her bangs

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vshoujo fags are the worst because they know everything she did and still defend her and whats worse, they try to act like people telling the truth about her are the ones in the wrong. Vshoujo are genuinely awful human beings and literal victim blamers and ant-hime lives rent free in their heads

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yeah yeah ant... Take your meds please.

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The worst thing she did is scamming tranny groomers out of a retweet, not gonna hate her for that.

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we literally saw what happened live on stream kek
it's actually disgusting how dishonest vshoujo and their fans are

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She supports men chopping their cocks off and pretending to be women

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running joke it is then, i guess
but still no qrd so i take it is just a schizo thing?
no this was revealed to me when it happened in the online public also commonly known as internet, and parts of it live on stream
i don't think they all know of this, some came way later and just hopped on the bandwaggon
it's honestly sad

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That's like asking why TikTok is so successful anon

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imagine being this schizophrenic.

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Hi ant

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This person Ant is a hater and spreading false information on her video before got strike. A true POS if you asked me

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ah ok, thanks anon

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I find it funny she can't even post her video here anymore because she included Holo doxx in it for some fucking reason.

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it's funny how people here can doxx any vtuber and talk about the private lifes as much they want unless it's a holo, then you get banned and thread deleted.

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Her and bvtm really fucked in the head. Some people deserve no love at all

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>Does /vt/ opinion really not matter
No, we are just the annnoying pest that makes the normies copy us, and when everyone discover where it came from, everyone just ignores it

As to the song, it’s a complete banger. People that didn’t even watch Vtubers said it was a really good cover

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proof next thread?

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froot is cute and based

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this is a /vsj+/ thread until further notice

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/vt/ once again proving that schizo opinions mean fuck all outside of their containment box

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it's more popular than the original, it's crazy

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homolive derailment thread btw

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yeah, we need somewhere to hang out until he fucks off

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>Does /vt/ 's opinion really not matter ?
never did. even the most active generals /here/ barely have 100 IPs.

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All I'm getting from is that anytime a vtuber, doesn't matter who or what corpo/group, get's a ton of hate on the catalogue it's just some seething 2/3 view antis astroturfing all day

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I shouldn't have attempted reasoning again

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Cuz she's talented

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what did you see live on stream what are you talking about

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talking out of his ass like every other schizo

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>>63346254 (me)
now hold on, i just skimmed through the vid
what false information? it's literally true
or maybe i got the wrong one, i don't think you can link said vid because of what >>63346262 said?
the one i watched was from 5 months ago and way to long, smth like 40 mins or so, that's why i just skimmed through it
don't know about the holo dox part, didn't see that, if that's true that would be pretty shitty

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ant no one is buying your bullshit anymore.

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ironmouse is sexy

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she also posted a bunch of vtuber nudes there, some done with ai, also her discord got banned for cp btw she even admitted it

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>what false information? it's literally true
the evidence is "just trust me bro" over and over

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As a Frootloop, I never gave the video any views. I only learned it contained Holodoxx after Ant advertised her video /here/ with the doxx in the OP. Links to her video started to get deleted after that.

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based frooger, it was hilarious seeing ant desperately try to shill her failing channel after the fall out

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>she also posted a bunch of vtuber nudes there, some done with ai
actual retarded schizo behavior lol
>also her discord got banned for cp btw she even admitted it
oh god she's one of "those"... ew...
like i said
>or maybe i got the wrong one
>As a Frootloop
is that what her fans are called? i unironically like that, cute
>I only learned it contained Holodoxx after Ant advertised her video /here/ with the doxx in the OP.
yeah... don't expect much from somebody who advertises their vids on 4chan, /vt/ of all places
>Links to her video started to get deleted after that.

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Most of the hate on froot is based on an ancient /k/ scandal, and the total number of vtuber viewers that experienced said scandal first hand is probably less than 100. Maybe less than 10. All the other haters just read about it on /vt/ years after the fact. Don't get me wrong, she's a piece of shit, but the world at large does not care about this kind of thing, its just a 4chan thing.

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>she's a piece of shit

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As much as people disliked froot, the people going after her were 10 times more obnoxious and retarded so people widely ignored the video and Ant as a whole, their main audience was BVTM followers so everyone backing it were also retarded containment breakers that tended towards dogshit opinions.
When it gets to the point where you're arguing with someone's mom on twitter, regardless of your position, you're not going to get that refined controversy clout you so desperately sought out

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anons still accuse froot of cheating on her husband when she's already came out with a statement years ago about her husband's abuse with various people backing her up

what really gets me is that they also accuse her of being in charge of this badge scam her husband ran when she only did the art and couldn't put 2 and 2 together that the lying shitbag abuser was also the same scam artist

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I like how the three none mv videos she posted before that didn’t break 20K

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She's an unironic cheater. Will also leave friends if they have takes she doesn't like, like the former VShojo Asmon chick.

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she's been vocal training recently and that mv was a result of her grinding, before her singing was okay but that cover was the first she really showed off what she can do, I'm really proud of how far she's made it

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I hate her but she turns me on

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The thing with Froot, is that she does kinda seem a bit non caring, but I think pointing fingers at past shit, it really shows how much a nothingburger it really is. Like people talk about her old comments in discord groups, that were a few years before, but like, you do know she lives with him right? Her transgender brother, the same one who did this art >>63343532 for her, and made her play Kingdom Hearts. Somehow, it does feel like she probably changed, I mean, by how her mom acts on Twitter, she definitely sounds like she turned out to rebel a lot because of her helicopter and confrontational parent. Basically, she sounds like it's a reformed piece of shit, which meh it wokrs.

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So, a quick rundown on Froot.
>/k/ hates her because she never delivered patches
>this is because she and her husband, a militaryfag, had a patch store
>she cheated him while he went to fight in the name of his overlords
>got into a fight when he discovered it after returning
>not only one, both of them went menhera on faceberg, accusing the other of being the worst person
>she just defaults to her usual activities after
>fast-forward, becomes a vtuber, joins vshojo
>hogwarts legacy retardation happens
>silvervale gets mad at the retards who harass her for playing wizard game, calls them "terminally online freaks"
>mouse gets mad at people doing the harassment, froot goes radio silent about it
And that's basically it. Don't believe the retards who say "she dindu nuffin", but also the husband was menhera, and both their mutuals at the time told them to chill, so nobody knows who's on the right over that issue.

>> No.63349317

>she lives with him right
She also has another sibling that she hates, wanna guess why?

>> No.63349349

Well she supports it publicly why lying behind their backs after getting clout for it and mocking them. She should probably be forgiven though because "Everyone makes mistakes"

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>fast-forward, becomes a vtuber

Wait a fucking second, you mean to tell me all the shit ppl keep bringing up happened BEFORE she became a vtuber???? Does this not count as rm info why the fuck is any of still relevant much less allowed to be posted here?

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>Does /vt/ 's opinion really not matter ?
Correct. It couldn't mean less.

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Because the majority of normalfags that watch vshojo dont know about what she's done and half would just pretend it's a rrat and not true.
See this retard >>63343705
Not schizo rrats retard, they are all true. Lurk more.

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never getting your cp discord back ant

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You forgot to mention she cheated with MULTIPLE people and not just one.

>> No.63349503

yeap, this are really old dramas for years ago, even before vtubing was a thing.

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ant fuck off
and how it's relevant? Are you a muslim fucker?

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The issue with the Nyanners and Froot dramafags is that they legitimately have a decent point in that Nyanners is a major grifter and Froot did cheat on her husband but both did so damn near a decade ago and when you try to dreg drama up to sling back in someone's face, you're getting into twitter cancel culture territory which isn't really popular for either audiences

>> No.63349633

nah, more like you are being a retard for trying to re-heat a drama that EVERYONE already moved on. Even the cuck already moved on but you faggots can't let it down.

>> No.63349718

Where's the money froot?
>Only muslims care that someone cheating and cheating with multiple people is bad thing
What? froots mother what the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.63349752

Awooga, post more tits

>> No.63349824

not my woman why should i care? WHY YOU SHOULD CARE? There's nothing more going on in your life right now ant?

>> No.63349939

Subhuman mentality.
>It doesn't affect me directly so I don't care.
Also not ant. Unfortunately for you I'm a white european man and not a small SEA woman.
Extremely female coded post. No virtue, no morality, start calling me a virgin next (as an insult)

>> No.63349994

very incel coded post

>> No.63350104

>not my woman why should i care
Do you know what it means to care for what happens to your surroundings? Bad behaviours should never get ignored or condoned?

>> No.63350107

ok ant, good for you ant

>> No.63350154

That's SJW mentality

>> No.63350157

get a cat anon.

>> No.63350177

Vshojosister defense force!

>> No.63350232

Shockingly unsurprising.

>> No.63350242 [DELETED] 

The cheating and patches thing do, but she's one of the retards who doesn't make a separation between vtuber and rm.
Also, her mom also likes to insert herself in any criticism to Froot, be it schizo or just a question. It's funny and pathetic.

>> No.63350349

Nah, SJWs are about virtue signalling. Like complaining about fictional women/children's rights and leaving the IRL ones to rot.

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I get it, I get it, Froot is still bad, water is wet.

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>Source: voices in my head

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Because /vt/ is a small minority whose opinions are founded, more often than not, on literal schizoid delusions

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>we literally saw what happened live on stream
So, what happened?

>> No.63350508

>Source: Trust me bro, I am totally not making that up

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Do archive reps retard.
Alternatively watch the insects video where she compiles the information, the source comes from froots ex-husband himself.
Don't ever think we'll let you forget that froots mother FALSELY copyright struck the insects video, bragged about it, then had the nerve to claim she didnt later when called out.
The apple does not fall far from the tree.

>> No.63350617

You're getting your fucking rrats mixed up.
Froot's mom got Ant's Twitter suspended, and reported the CP on her Discord server

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>watch vtubers
>not a vtuber watcher

>> No.63350648

I bet the vshojoniggers here haven't even seen the old forum posts where froot talks about niggers and trannies lmao
What sort of angle they have it you reckon?
>it's a rrat! It never happened
>she changed her mind!
>She was always grifting the right but would never grift us!

>> No.63350710

The worst "dirt" you fucks have on Froot is
>personal relationship drama (i.e. none of our business)
>backing out of donating her own money to charity after people sperged out about it
Can you explain why anyone should care about either of these?

>> No.63350727

Those aren't rrats anon, those are facts. rrats are speculation narratives.

>> No.63350767

The discord part is definitely a fucking rrat

>> No.63350777

>"friend" gets harassed
>victim blame the "friend"

>> No.63350840

You've been called out on this bullshit so much you don't even use names anymore

>> No.63350845 [DELETED] 
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Still don't like your Vwhore anon. Ask her where's the money next time you give her money.

>> No.63350902

A rrat with her twitter post bragging about taking down insects and feeling good about it
Silvervale you fucking moron. What kind of defense is this? I'm saying that Froot is a liar and was never silvervales friend.
The fact that it's a den of snakes is one of the reasons why she left in the first place.
The nux drama should have been your first warning.

>> No.63351041

>they legitimately have a decent point
>Nyanners is a major grifter
Growing up on 4chan and doing 4chan things, then becoming an adult and rethinking those actions is not grifting
>damn near a decade ago
When Froot isn't even 25 yet, I think it really calls into question whether or not that was actually a marriage

>> No.63351096

>victim blame the "friend"
This didn't happen though

>> No.63351111

We are pretending that everyone makes mistakes never happened now?

>> No.63351143

What you are implying never happened

>> No.63351172

And how, exactly, is that her blaming Silver for the harassment she's getting?
Especially considering this was one (1) line of text in HER OWN CHAT that led to exactly ZERO follow-up behavior.

>> No.63351188



>> No.63351221

Ever wonder why the image never shows the full screenshot of the chat?

>> No.63351239

>vshojoniggers everyone
>A marriage isn't a marriage
What I'm implying did happen and I was there for it. How filthy of you subhuman to deny reality because it doesn't fit your narrative.
Do you have any idea how hurt foxy was when her friends didn't have her back and one "friend" played the well both sides are bad card.
>Reply to someone
>It actually was just a general statement about nothing in particular
How dishonest can you be?
Is there a limit?

>> No.63351303

>A marriage isn't a marriage
>teenager in the UK married to someone who lives overseas
Rub those brain cells together sometime, you might be surprised what happens

>Reply to someone

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>What I'm implying did happen and I was there for it.
>Do you have any idea how hurt foxy was
You clearly were never there for anything lmao

>> No.63351367

their opinions make you seethe, that's all it matter.

>> No.63351412

>I was there for it
This nigga ain't even know the theme of the vtuber he's trying to defend

>> No.63351529

ICANT KEK. Just admit you are a threadreader

>> No.63351681

You fucking nigger. How can you confuse a pet name to tease her with for me not knowing her name. I even said her name in the thread earlier when called out by you morons for supposedly not knowing who silvervale is.
I bet you don't think I remember zentrayas original streams back then when he got his gf to talk. When she was "meeting this new community"
>Get legally married, uhm well actually!
Yeah it annoys her. Which is why I do it.
You know what she hates more, being reminded of the time she masturbated with us on discord.

>> No.63351708

how new + do your reps

>> No.63351734
File: 26 KB, 455x499, cheater froot upset they got cheated on lmao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.63351820

The best argument in froots favor would be that she changed and is now a better person, but she's not, she's still a grifter so they can't use it lmao

>> No.63351831

Most people here actually genuinely don't care about non-hololive vtubers. Any hate you see is a minority.

>> No.63351843

>A source from a schizo hater video
Take meds anon

>> No.63351879

Huh, she covered Spiritbox, cool. Is the cover good?

>> No.63351922

>a pet name to tease her
Yeah sure
>not knowing her name
Not what I said, learn to read

I can't tell if you're her most annoying, coombrain-rotted T3 or just LARPing as one

>she's still a grifter
And your proof is?

>> No.63351931

kill yourself

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File: 1.10 MB, 1282x720, 1684284929521618.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The knowledge of these girls you have demonstrated consisted entirely of the shit posted in doxxforums by schitzos who whine about their oshis being race traitors.

>> No.63352027 [DELETED] 

You can't stop thinking about her ex-husband cock do you anon?

>> No.63352039

She's actually a crazy-talented singer. She learned how to scream specifically to make this (her first) cover
More recently she covered Rainy Day by Ice Nine Kills which I think shows off her voice a lot better (or maybe she's just getting better)

>> No.63352042
File: 3.54 MB, 638x366, anime-smug-face-smug-anime-girl.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Vshitshow niggers running gaslighting campaigns just like their oshis
Chat truly reflects the streamer.

>> No.63352087

man imagine being this mentally ill

>> No.63352114

>rebutting rrats fueled by schizoid delusion and games of Internet telephone is gaslighting now

>> No.63352325
File: 736 KB, 864x1048, 1700692812434944.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The funniest thing is that froot is right now streaming to her usual audience, doing her projects and having all-around successful on them, meanwhile we have ant and her little gang of losers crying about things they don't know or just heard about, unable to do anything else.

>> No.63352489

>Does /vt/ 's opinion really not matter ?

Of course it doesn't matter. No one cares about this website anymore and considering the fact that 99% of /vt/ is full of pissbabies, manchildren and incels I am genuinely surprised any of you think anything you say holds weight. You are the dregs of humanity here. You may not be outright pedophiles and that is the only thing saving you from being the bottom of the barrel of humanity as a whole. However somehow you retards don't understand your own value in the eyes of society and think you matter at all. Well, you don't. You are literally nothing but rats, worth less than the shit under someone's boot. The only people who care about this place are other people who are just as sad and pathetic as those who still remain here.

>> No.63352911
File: 1.49 MB, 2076x3714, __silvervale_and_silvervale_vshojo_drawn_by_seykoart__bb13909169cb7c1e53d73fc4423ae7a3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aprikeeper is a wonderful, amazing and extraordinary living cumface that is living in ground zero of globalism world. Deprive a tree of light and water and expect the very same with the female human born into cell phone infrastructure. She is anxious with a personality that has become like those typical of young humans in unnatural situations, because she is buried with intent-to-forget by normalnormies. When she began in Vshojo, she would break reservation with a variety of learned-helpless accentuated mannerism she still has. This fingerprint of speech will be your only warning out of a small girl that she is mid-premeditated first degree murder by her occult United Kingdom government, that did it with trapping Britain in circumstance for making everyone cringe unconscious before they tiered up their vaccine. The any unsavory cause or varying allegiance pressured on her by libkind has a designed backfire effect that makes her all the more appealing to 1776 Rebellious Stripes, and they to her.

>> No.63353106

I was quoting the post I was replying to, you actual illiterate moron.

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i wonder how froot antis feel knowing their cultural warrior matyr henya adores and constantly collabs with froot, shills her songs multiple times and is planning for a future duo song for her concert? Vt cuck opinions will never matter and she will always win in the end

>> No.63354307

Based. Sisification for all

>> No.63354587

>people here can doxx any vtuber and talk about the private lifes as much they want unless it's a holo
This is not even remotely true and you know it.

>> No.63354621


>> No.63354689

people here talking about froot life and other thread talking about the life of another vtuber. I doubt they would even let a thread talking about a personal life drama of a holo fly.

>> No.63354735

Wrong. Obvious dox will always get deleted. You can vaguepost about indies and get away with it cause the mods don't have intricate knowledge of indie doxs. You can't vaguepost about prominent chuubas because their info is well known and obvious.

>> No.63355017

Snake always find a way to the top. Everyones chill about till one day they get bit.

>> No.63355205
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Anon, she still uses her old name on her twitter and her twitch channel, she's not trying to hide who she is.

>> No.63355422

Western whore with a 2d model.
Not a Hololive idol.

>> No.63355438

not true, one of my posts got deleted >>63343917 which stated what she all did and why she's a disgusting whore, and when i posted proof for someone like >>63346550 for example i just got banned the last time
doesn't make sense since that is nowhere near the definition of dox since she herself posted that all and didn't even change her name when she became a vtuber, much like nyanners for example

>> No.63355532

Keep fighting the good fight, anon.

>> No.63355593

Anyone have links to source of a follow up on that big transgender fund froot did a loooong while back?

>> No.63355655

try to post a pic of kson irl stream. See the magic happens

>> No.63355731


>> No.63356071

No. Its just the vshojo janny that runs interference. Vshojo fags act like persecuted faggots but have a terminally online janny here to coddle them. Its pathetic.

>> No.63356230

Froot announced she would donate to a certain charity. People told her it was a bad organization, so she said she would look for a better one. That's where the story ends, she likely dropped the subject.

>> No.63356341



>> No.63357107 [DELETED] 
File: 240 KB, 446x423, EMM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>scammed /k/ommandos
>cheated on her husband
>threw silvervale under the bus when she was getting harassed by trannies over hogwarts legacy
>immediately used the hogwarts legacy situation her colleague was going through to virtue signal about a "trans kids charity" (that had numerous mainstream pedo scandals) saying she would donate a dollar per like on the tweet (but has yet to pay out a dollar to any charity)
>was a part of marinavt's (someone who excused harassment of hogwarts legacy streamers) "trans day of vengeance" collab held only DAYS after the nashville shooting
>dmca'd a documentary by ant hime talking about how shit of a person she is (though the video did come back up a month later)
>months later got her mummy to spam report ant hime's discord and subsequently twitter, getting both indefinitely suspended for "promoting sexualisation of minors" and "violent threats" respectively (despite lolisho not being allowed in ant hime's discord and the "violent threats" just being clear jokes towards friends), though she did successfully get her twitter back a few weeks later

>> No.63357208

phase connect moment

>> No.63357311 [DELETED] 

forgot to specify that it was her *deployed* husband

>> No.63357353

why are you so obsessed with her ant

>> No.63357393

rather than successful its more so holo music just straight up sucks hence why it never gets views

>> No.63357490
File: 100 KB, 1100x607, 1698198311808781.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

considering you think that ant is the only person in the world who despises froot i could ask you the same question

>> No.63357608

She keeps making videos about her, ranting about her and shilling how much she hates here on 4chan, I would call that obsession

>> No.63357618

the difference between youtube vtuber watchers and twitch vtuber watchers is that the twitch ones are fans of STREAMERS while the youtube ones are newfags to streaming in general so they only watch corpo slop since thats the only ones theyre exposed to. the twitch ones also mostly watch vtubers but borrow from OG twitch culture since theyve been watching twitch for a long time. its also why theyre more likely to watch indies.

>> No.63357690

It's telling that the weirdos think the charity stuff is anything to do with the shite in this thread and not a response to the high profile murder of a trans teen in the UK at that time.

>> No.63357902

>drama has major developments involving froot attempting to silence her
>new videos are made to talk about those major developments
>somehow this is obsessive
i'm fairly if froot hadn't done that extra dumb shit to ant that she wouldn't have made follow-up vids
also fuck off vshojo tranny janny

>> No.63357951

*fairly certain

>> No.63357964

>Froot attempting to silence her
>One video got taken down once by a company contracted by VShojo that Froot didn't even know about
>it has been 6 months and Ant is still obsessed
>Froot hasn't mentioned Ant once
Those giantess pics she's inspired are very on brand for this situation

>> No.63358084

Where's the money Froot?

>> No.63358099
File: 23 KB, 680x452, F9RGRqKWIAAor2x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63358136

ok let's ignore froot getting her mummy to mass report and deplatform ant from discord and twitter MONTHS after the drama should have ended

>> No.63358164

Froot doesn't control her mom lmao. Her mom's weird and funny but she does her own shit.

>> No.63358212

nice shifting of the goalposts there

>> No.63358278

It's not. Anyone who watches a lot of VShojo knows the wacky shit her mom gets up to. A month or so ago her mom accidentally shittalked one of her closest friends then doubled down when it was pointed out. She's not very smart and Froot doesn't command her to do anything.

>> No.63358598
File: 70 KB, 869x720, 20231021_191434.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Grown as woman Froot needs her mommy to make the people she don't like to go away.
>Knowing this and still keeping her involved