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Hololive sites

Nijisanji sites


Full list at https://pastebin.com/nCGZL1Lp

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still better looking than her latest live2D

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ENsharts. where are your bots?

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Stop whining and get a job, 600euroshart

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Does the live feel really long? How has it only been 40 minutes?

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Keep crying, she's showing how much more interesting vtuber content can be when you go out of the holo walled garden and do fun stuff with other people

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the grey chuuba is Usuwa Suu, a Re:AcT talent. make of that what you will.

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So what did we learn from the last thread anons?

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Sorry guys, I had good loli OP lined but I forgot about the hour long thread cooldown on this board

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She could actually do it but if this talking segment is too long she'll probably slip

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nijisanji 3d fucking sucks

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>>63337823 (me)
picrel for reference

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Bros... I thought everyone hated Laplus

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Can Kiara beat laplus with her 3D live?

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the fucked up audio makes it feel longer than it is.

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oh that's the girl who built a castle with sultan in minecraft

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Better than <100Euro SEA >>63336020

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a little bit too thick the guy before you was more believable

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Recent clip numbers

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19,579: Millie Parfait (Nijisanji) -Botted-
12,163: Koseki Bijou (Hololive) -Botted-
9,669 : Henya The Genius (Vshojo)
8,452 : FUWAMOCO (Hololive)
7,626 : Shylily (Mythic Talent)
7,155 : Nihmune (Indie)
7,004 : Zentreya (Vshojo)
6,825 : Hakos Baelz (Hololive)
6,725 : Filian (Mythic Talent)
6,296 : Trickywi (Indie)
6,128 : LordAethelstan (Indie)
5,836 : Crimzon Ruze (Hololive) -Botted-
5,240 : Matara Kan (Vshojo)
5,227: Shoto (Indie)

1) FUWAMOCO (Hololive) - 17,706 - SPOOKY STORYTIME (Botted)
2) IRyS (Hololive) - 16,829 - Game of Life (w/ Ina, Choco, Flare)
3) FUWAMOCO (Hololive) - 12,657 - FWMC MORNING (Botted)
4) Scarle Yonaguni (Nijisanji) - 26,714 - New Model Debut (Botted)
6) JaidenAnimations (Indie) - 14,200 - QSMP MINECRAFT
7) Nanashi Mumei (Hololive) - 17,273 - UNARCHIVED KARAOKE
8) JaidenAnimations (Indie) - 21,933 - QSMP MINECRAFT
9) Vei (Mythic Talent) - 9,940 - World of Warcraft
10)Hakos Baelz (Hololive) - 11401 - VRCHAT KARAOKE
11)Koseki Bijou (Hololive) - 13,554 - APEX LEGENDS (Botted)
12)Vei (Mythic Talent) - 18,262 - World of Warcraft
13)Mori Calliope (Hololive) - 20,890 - Monopoly (w/ Ina, Shiori, Nerissa)
14)Takanashi Kiara (Hololive) - 11,914 - Hand Cam Nail polish (w/ IRyS, Mori)
15)Takanashi Kiara (Hololive) - 10,143 - Meme Review (w/ Haachama)
16)Nanashi Mumei (Hololive) - 9,283 - ASMR (Botted)
17)Ceres Fauna (Hololive) - 13,166 - Dredge - (Botted)
18)Jurard T Rexford (Holostars) - 22,189 - Debut Stream
19)Octavio (Holostars) - 32,761 - Debut Stream - (Botted by yagoo)
20)Koseki Bijou (Hololive) - 9,892 - MineCraft
21)IronMouse (Vshojo) - 10,305 - Lethal Company
22)Nerissa Ravencroft (Hololive) - 19,127 - Birthday stream
23)IronMouse (Vshojo) - 15,624 - QSMP MINECRAFT
24)Mori Calliope (Hololive) - 35,347 - SuperSmashBros (w/ Bijou, Shiori, Kronii) (Botted)
25) Millie Parfait (Nijisanji) - 19,579 - New Model Debut (Botted)

15x:Hololive (6 botted)
2x: Vshojo, Mythic Talent, Nijisanji (Botted), Holostars (1 botted) , Indie

3x: FuwaMoco
2x: IronMouse, JaidenAnimations, Vei, Kiara, Mumei, Bijou, Mori
1x: IRyS, Sacarle, Fauna, Rexford, Octavio, Nerissa, Millie Parfait

2x: FuwaMoco
1x: Bijou, Mumei, Fauna, Mori, Octavio, Scarle, Millie

>POINTS PER STREAMER (tin = 5pts, rubber = 3pts, plastic = 1pt)
13p:Fauna, Mori
10p:JaidenAnimations, Kiara
6p: IRyS
5p: Scarle, Baelz, Fauna, Rexford, Octavio, Nerissa, Millie Parfait
4p: Henya The Genius, Shiori Novella
3p: Vox Akuma, Fulgur Ovid, Buffpup, Petra Gurinn, Goldbullet, Ruze, Kronii
1p: Filian, Mori, Neuro Sama, Aia Amare, Amelia Watson, Shylily, Enna Allouette
Sources:Streamcharts, vrabi

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there are 2 factors in play here the holobox mindshare and the outbox mindshare.
if a holo is secluded they might have higher average but not enough box pull.
Pekora for example in her 3dlive is using the holobox to its full potential, but she isnt tapping into the outbox while marine/suisei can tap into these boxes for their live and break the holoboxes hardcap of around 140k.
Cover nailed HoloX as a gen so they have a lot of mindshare both in holobox and outside of it plus since laplus is also involved with other streamers it gives her a lot higher cealing.
This is the power of corpo vtubing.

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Is Sumire the first VSPO to perform in Cover studio since they all got 3D models?

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Koikatu's stock models are so much better than nijisanji's.
Riku, where all that revenue money goes?

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still silver

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From last thread, here is the top 10 for Laplus before this stream. The current mark is good enough to be third most watched stream after debut and 3D debut

>peak :: date :: title :: video_id
>167584 :: 2021-11-26 :: 【初配神】エデンの星を手に入れる宣言 :: 2MfvZP7FNtw
>152676 :: 2022-06-27 :: 【3Dお披露目】刮目せよ!吾輩の力を開放する時ッツ!!#ラプラス・ダークネス3D :: V0Zk55CpFEM
>108611 :: 2021-11-30 :: 【集合】吾輩たちが秘密結社holoXだー!!!!!! :: Gu_0PP00TgE
>82187 :: 2022-11-26 :: :: ebv1wCiXBfI
>80541 :: 2023-05-25 :: 【#ラプラス生誕祭2023】特別番組:らぷらすといっしょ!みんなかつもくせよ! :: MSIxNFblrCY
>63037 :: 2021-12-08 :: 【Singing】初歌枠!収益化したからいっぱいご飯食べられるようになる!? :: NSlohLExQuk
>55063 :: 2021-11-26 :: 【振り返る】初配信後の話をする、ファンネームとやらを決める :: -KCAi-nFiRY
>45677 :: 2023-02-28 :: お久しぶりです、ちょっとずつ頑張ります :: 2EKMBdASOXY
>43991 :: 2021-12-01 :: 【視聴者参加型】Shadowverseで吾輩が相手をしてやろう :: HCm5HcEovzg
>41930 :: 2022-05-24 :: 【生誕祭】誕生日カウントダウン配信!逆凸するぞ!そしてでっかいお披露目告知もあるぞ!#ラプラス・ダークネス生誕祭2022 :: ovtxZKuiaSE

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>do 600eurosharts really

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No. At very least Tsuna was in there before her

>> No.63337943

What's with niji and aging up their model

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/#/ is a cunny general.

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Tsuna in Towa paid sololive.

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>45,398: Pekora (Hololive)
>41,413: Marine (Hololive)
>34,498: Kuzuha (Nijisanji)
>30,501: Hoshikawa (Nijisanji)
>26,876: Kuzuha (Nijisanji)
>26,866: Group (Hololive)
>25,131: Tsuna (VSPO)
>24,472: Miko (Hololive)
>24,241: Subaru (Hololive)
>22,829: Kanata (Hololive)
>20,644: Ange (Nijisanji)
>20,435: Koyori (Hololive)
>19,579: Millie (Nijisanji)
>19,576: Ito Life (Indie)
>16,649: Subaru (Hololive)
>16,636: GatchmanV (Indie)
>16,023: Lize (Nijisanji)
>14,851: Yuni (StelLive)
>13,872: Iroha (Hololive)
>13,779: Ruri (Nijisanji)
>13,120: Mio (Hololive)
>12,163: Bijou (Hololive)
>10,757: Okayu (Hololive)

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look I know about chihiro, but who's the other chick

>> No.63337959

You have to remember youtube values NA viewers more the JP ones, so don't forget the conversion rates

>> No.63337960

No, he built it for her

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>who the fuck is himehina???
>>literal who
(you) are sharing a board with retarded newfagchamas who don't know HimeHina

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Marine never invited anyone outside hololive.

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>> No.63337976

some RE:act girl

>> No.63337978

looks better than in niji's studio

>> No.63337980

Tsuna for Towa's sololive right or did she guest in another stream I missed?

>> No.63337981

I feel we had tsuna

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>> No.63337995

>8k for 130k
is it possible?

>> No.63337996

that lowkey transition to the idol outfit was cool as hell

>> No.63337997

That's always been Chihiro's lore. She's a magical girl that can change forms.

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Stop posting non vtuber related images

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>Denpa song

>> No.63338011

>here's my analysis why La+ getting 120k for her Live is completely normal
she had like 2 80k Lives shut the fuck up

>> No.63338014

Sumire from VSPO

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1) Haachama (Hololive) - 127,696 - Return Stream
2) Pekora (Hololive) - 43,774 - FGO Gacha
3) NeruMero (Indie) - 47,083 - Genshin Impact Watchalong
4) Miko (Hololive) - 80,004 - Minecraft Sports Festivel
5) Hal (Neo-Porte) - 89,256 - Valorant Vsaikyo Team Distribution
6) Hololive (Hololive) - 61,522 - Hoshimatic Announcement
7) Pekora (Hololive) - 49,839 - Monster Strike
8) Miko (Hololive) - 48,907 - Soul Calibur 6
9) Marine (Hololive) - 44,099 - Karaoke
10) Polka (Hololive) - 68,854 - Anniversary 3D Live
11) Nene (Hololive) - 78,239 - Anniversary 3D Live
12) Marine (Hololive) - 177,277 - Anniversary 3D Live
13) Hololive (Hololive) - 71,935 - Hoshimatic 3D Live
14) Pekora (Hololive) - 52,335 - Monster Strike
15) Lamy (Hololive) - 115,324 - Birthday 3D Live
16) Shion (Hololive) - 51,013 - Momotaro Dentetsu World (w/ Korone, Okayu, Pekora)
17) Miko (Hololive) - 56,733 - Clubhouse Games 51 (w/ Haachama)
18) Botan (Hololive) - 78,496 - Anniversary 3D Live
19) Kuzuha (Nijisanji) - 87,358 - Valorant Vsaikyo
20) Mio (Hololive) - 89,746 - Dating Game Show (w/ Pekora)
21) Hololive (Hololive) - 32,412 - HoloExpo24 Quiz
22) Subaru (Hololive) - 40,848 - Zatsudan (w/ Nene)
23) Youko (Nijisanji) - 122,763 - EX Gamers Anniversary 3D Live
24) Noel (Hololive) - 73,475 - Birthday 3D Live
25) Pekora (Hololive) - 45,398 - Monster Strike

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bros I want you to be honest with me
can she make it?

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It's funny that one Kiara twitter stream just makes every 3D live full of shitposts

>> No.63338026

>her hair is used in lieu of a clothe change transition
Simple yet effective

>> No.63338040

Definitely the sololive, but I vaguely remember there was another time before as well

>> No.63338041

>me me me me me me
Hey! that's Kiara's song!

>> No.63338043

she broke though the limit with her talent alone
her being an absolute music powerhouse made it possible same with suisei.

>> No.63338044

600euroshart keeps biting so why would they stop?

>> No.63338045

You can trade Lapu for one female nijiJP, who do you pick?

>> No.63338046

No. Unfortunately

>> No.63338048

Let's be honest here, no one watches vtubers pre-2020 (Coco Era) other than us oldfags.

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>> No.63338054

Marine has the viral mindshare. Hence the outbox mindshare.

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>> No.63338062

Wait this part is live live?

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20x: Hololive
2x: Nijisanji
1x: Indie, Neo-Porte

4x: Pekora
3x: Hololive, Miko
2x: Marine
1x: Botan, Haachama, Hal, Kuzuha, Lamy, Mio, Nene, NeruMero, Noel, Polka, Shion, Subaru, Youko

>2023 GOLDS
233x: Hololive
73x: Nijisanji
11x: Indie
6x: Neo-Porte, VSPO

71x: Pekora
29x: Miko
21x: Marine
13x: Hololive, Kuzuha
11x: Subaru
9x: Nijisanji, Suisei
8x: Toya
6x: Aqua, Hal
5x: Mio, Yashiro
4x: Chiroru, Fuwa, Iroha, Lamy, Leos, NeruMero, Okayu, Shiina, Towa
3x: Flare, Fubuki, Koyori, Lui, Shion, Watame
2x: Aki, Botan, Fuwamoco, Hajime, Hinano, Ibrahim, Korone, Maimoto, Mel, Noel, Polka, Salome, Tsukasa
1x: Air, Ayame, Beni, Chloe, Choco, Gaku, Gura, Gundou, Haachama, Hibari, Himawari, Hololive English, Ina, Kaede, Kanade, Kanata, Kanato, Kiara, Kobo, Kronii, Laplus, Lauren, Lize, Luna, Met, Mito, Mori, Mumei, Mysta, Nene, Nose, Nozomi, Nui, Ponto, Qpi, Raden, Rikiichi, Rion, Roco, ROF-MAO, Ryushen, Youko

>> No.63338073

>us oldfags

>> No.63338082

If i got 1 cent every time Pekora got gold and didn't get her own OP and lost 1 cent when any other holo got gold and didn't get her own OP i would have 2 cent.
That's not a lot but really makes you think.

>> No.63338089

No fuck off

>> No.63338090


>> No.63338092

Only if she sings loli kami requiem

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8hr for future reference
zero view culls so far as predicted, going to stop doing hourly but keep monitoring at least a few times per day

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Think about the bright side, at least you are a millionaire.

>> No.63338102

I'll trade kiara for cash.

>> No.63338101

idk hoshikawa?

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>> No.63338111

No trade. You can get Kiara in exchange for Toko if you want though.

>> No.63338113

This song appears to have killed the momentum. It was a solid attempt, but not enough.

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>Mindshare tier list

Holobox mindshare:
1. Gen 3
2. HoloX
3. Gen 2
4. Gamers
5. Gen 4
6. Gen 1
7. Gen 5

Outbox mindshare:
1. HoloX
2. Gen 3
3. Gen 4
4. Gen 2
5. Gen 1
6. Gamers
7. Gen 5

>> No.63338133

no, the song is supposed to be done like you have no stamina (im@s reference)

>> No.63338135

>numbers going down
Probably not unless she has a couple more guest songs

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19,579: Millie (Nijisanji)
12,163: Bijou (Hololive)
8,452: FuwaMoco (Hololive)
6,825: Baelz (Hololive)
6,186: FuwaMoco (Hololive)
5,028: Crimzon (Holostars)

1) FuwaMoco (Hololive) - 17,718 - Spooky Stories
2) IRyS (Hololive) - 16,829 - Game of Life (w/ Ina, Choco, Flare)
3) FuwaMoco (Hololive) - 12,710 - FuwaMoco Morning
4) Scarle (Nijisanji) - 26,714 - Outfit Reveal
5) FuwaMoco (Hololive) - 14,962 - Karaoke
6) Fulgur (Nijisanji) - 10,867 - Unarchived Karaoke
7) Mumei (Hololive) - 17,273 - Unarchived Karaoke
8) FuwaMoco (Hololive) - 6,813 - 100 Days Celebration
9) Bijou (Hololive) - 8,185 - Devil May Cry 3
10) Fauna (Hololive) - 10,112 - The Stanley Parable
11) Bijou (Hololive) - 13,554 - Apex (w/ Amelia & Mumei)
12) Aia (Nijisanji) - 12,056 - Outfit Reveal
13) Mori (Hololive) - 20,890 - Monopoly (w/ Ina, Shiori, Nerissa)
14) Kiara (Hololive) - 11,914 - Offcollab (w/ Mori & IRyS)
15) Kiara (Hololive) - 10,143 - Offcollab (w/ Haachama)
16) Mumei (Hololive) - 9,283 - ASMR
17) Fauna (Hololive) - 13,166 - Dredge
18) Rexford (Holostars) - 22,189 - Debut Stream
19) Octavio (Holostars) - 32,761 - Debut Stream
20) Bijou (Hololive) - 9,892 - Minecraft (w/ Mori)
21) Bijou (Hololive) - 9,726 - Super Mario RPG
22) Nerissa (Hololive) - 19,127 - Birthday Stream
23) Bijou (Hololive) - 9,208 - Devil May Cry 3
24) Mori (Hololive) - 35,347 - Super Smash Bros (w/ Kronii, Shiori, Bijou)
25) Millie (Nijisanji) - 19,579 - Outfit Reveal

19x: Hololive
4x: Nijisanji
2x: Holostars

5x: Bijou
4x: FuwaMoco
2x: Fauna, Kiara, Mori, Mumei
1x: Aia, Fulgur, IRyS, Millie, Nerissa, Octavio, Rexford, Scarle

>POINTS PER STREAMER (gold = 5pts, silver = 3pts, bronze = 1pt)
36p: Bijou
35p: FuwaMoco
26p: Fauna
20p: Mumei
18p: Mori
13p: Kiara
10p: IRyS
7p: Nerissa
6p: Rexford, Shiori
5p: Aia, Fulgur, Millie, Octavio, Scarle
4p: Baelz, Petra
3p: Crimzon, Goldbullet, Kronii, Vox
1p: Amelia, Enna, Reimu

>> No.63338140

It's ok enshart, there's nothing wrong being new.

>> No.63338143

Lol. Lmao. Even

>> No.63338145

>solo performance
>numbers go down
lmaooooooooo sasuga flopx

>> No.63338147

Did anyone think Laplus was going to get 120k+?

Isn't this a huge overperformance?

>> No.63338151
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>panting and moaning like a dirty whore for numbers

>> No.63338155
File: 228 KB, 354x380, 1696621786057122.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>He thinks 10 million ruphia is alot of money

>> No.63338161
File: 188 KB, 1280x720, P_20231126_194516.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.63338164
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I lost faith in her when she became twitch zako, but depends on the guests. Also Mio encouraged her viewers to watch lapcunny's live

>> No.63338166

No Gura
No Gold

>> No.63338171

A lot to pick

>> No.63338172
File: 216 KB, 672x876, dfhhjj.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.63338173

I trade the whole worthless ENbranch for Salami and Alice.

>> No.63338175

Where is ironmouse.

>> No.63338180


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>2023 EN GOLDS
255x: Hololive
68x: Nijisanji
5x: Holostars
1x: Idol

32x: Fauna
30x: FuwaMoco
28x: Mori, Mumei
24x: Gura
19x: IRyS
15x: Baelz, Bijou, Ina, Kronii
14x: Mysta
12x: Amelia, Kiara
9x: Vox
4x: Nerissa, Pomu, Ren, Selen, Shu
3x: Hololive English, Luca, Nina, Shiori
2x: Alban, Finana, Fulgur, Ike, Millie, Wilson
1x: Aia, Bandage, Enna, Elira, Flayon, Kyo, Luxiem, Octavio, Petra, Regis, Rexford, Roca, Rosemi, Scarle, Sonny, Vesper, Victoria

>> No.63338188

Coincidence or not, every holo members that focused on shorts content has inclined their 3D Live ceiling considerably this year.
Some of them: Marine, Aqua, Laplus

>> No.63338189

Presumably that was a meme performance.

>> No.63338196

Marine alone might surpass HoloX in outbox mindshare.

>> No.63338197

enough for your mom for a bukake

>> No.63338198


>> No.63338210

i was expecting 100k 120 was out of my expectation good job to her.
too bad she is dealing with the last dregs of a falling empire so she isnt getting todays gold.

>> No.63338212

And she slipped
All the cunny power lost king Massive cock

>> No.63338214

>comparing to a shitter who barely streams

>> No.63338218

>trading for literal whos
kys euroshart

>> No.63338217

i just remember the trash who spam
Gokisei thing
is this gokisei ?

>> No.63338221
File: 519 KB, 1800x1800, 1700013131831479.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>2023 POINTS PER STREAMER (gold = 5pts, silver = 3pts, bronze = 1pt)
295p: Fauna
271p: FuwaMoco
232p: Mumei
223p: Mori
183p: IRyS
175p: Ina
153p: Baelz
138p: Bijou
129p: Gura
120p: Kronii
112p: Kiara
105p: Mysta
98p: Amelia
77p: Vox
75p: Luca
55p: Nerissa
38p: Shiori
37p: Shu
31p: Selen
29p: Pomu
24p: Nina
21p: Ren
20p: Fulgur
19p: Enna, Ike
18p: Millie
17p: Sonny
15p: Hololive English, Uki
13p: Finana
11p: Axel
10p: Alban, Elira, Kotoka, Wilson
9p: Petra, Vesper
7p: Regis
6p: Bandage, Kyo, Rexford, Rosemi
5p: Aia, Flayon, Luxiem, Octavio, Roca, Scarle, Victoria
4p: Bringer, Magni
3p: Bettel, Claude, Crimzon, Goldbullet, Hakka
2p: Meloco
1p: Kunai, Maria, Shinri, Pippa, Poko, Reimu

>> No.63338223

I wouldn't. But for the sake of argument, Salome.

>> No.63338224

Yes it is, she got 80k last year

>> No.63338230

>It’s another episode of /#/ bullshitting out of their ass because one stream overperform

>> No.63338237

Lapplus more like Lapslip

>> No.63338243
File: 1.18 MB, 1097x617, 1692246434727204.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

and yet

>> No.63338251
File: 1020 KB, 1920x1080, [1920x1080] vtime=[ 00_49_20 ], take=[ 2023-11-26 12.47.07 ].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63338255

You just know that ojisan beats his dick to Laplus porn

>> No.63338256



>> No.63338260


>> No.63338262


>> No.63338263


>> No.63338265


>> No.63338266


>> No.63338269
File: 1.56 MB, 1310x736, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63338271


>> No.63338275


>> No.63338274


>> No.63338277


>> No.63338279
File: 319 KB, 1920x1080, horsesowari.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63338284


>> No.63338293
File: 1.42 MB, 1223x688, 1674236205294836.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63338297

well that will tank the views

>> No.63338302

>receding hairline

>> No.63338311

>comparing 2022 models with 2019 models

>> No.63338312

They both are

>> No.63338316

>Can't even beat the Kuzuha tournament when the main part has already ended

>> No.63338318

kuzucup got 131K on vrabi

>> No.63338324

it already tanked so

>> No.63338326

Still more entertaining than any of the ENwhores, I'm sure they would fit right in JP7.

>> No.63338328

The only explanation is that today is Sunday.

>> No.63338332

I dig his T-Shirt

>> No.63338338
File: 294 KB, 444x603, 1696062508349081.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know you guys want to shitpost, but Laplus is powerful. Jesus.

>> No.63338343

>the numbers go up

>> No.63338349

>all this retarded SHE’S FORGIVEN posting
So she definitely won’t go back to like 2k on Twitch playing Valo right?

>> No.63338352


>> No.63338372

From 123k to 119k

>> No.63338375

Holy shit how is this live still going? It's dragging forever.

>> No.63338384

It's inclining again

>> No.63338386


>> No.63338387

live stream number now, retard

>> No.63338390

Alright I'll fap to Laplus today

>> No.63338392
File: 192 KB, 354x380, 1684451848459031.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do 600euroshart really?

>> No.63338395

Yagoo was right about males just wrong about the ages
New star gen composed of ONLY BALDING OJISANS

>> No.63338397

120k doryaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

>> No.63338400

I was expecting sub 100K

>> No.63338401

from 199k to 120k

>> No.63338405
File: 197 KB, 534x663, whats.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>IDOLmaster GOD
>calls twitch male collaber an idol
>makes her Idolmaster ambassador

>> No.63338406
File: 769 KB, 1551x1239, 1672938925594451.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63338413

holy fucking retard

>> No.63338420

TOP KEK, unironic idol correction

>> No.63338422


>> No.63338423

I know you ENsharts are used to garbage 45min long 3D lives, but the real ones are lasting at the very least for a whole hour.

>> No.63338428

Who's gonna leech from laplus funnel?

>> No.63338431

Did Laplus win gold last year with 82K?

>> No.63338433

go watch kuzuha

>> No.63338432


>> No.63338435

She is more an idol than most Holo girls
She can perform well

>> No.63338445

119k, not 199k.

>> No.63338449

Imas girls are getting fucked by producer though

>> No.63338450
File: 1.00 MB, 1250x703, 1673329404396477.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lap forgiven by the daisenpai

>> No.63338451
File: 34 KB, 204x208, 1700953909519938.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Everybody reassuring Laplus that she IS an idol

>> No.63338452

>idol dosent have to be perfect

>> No.63338456

She help adds another 6 digit streams for Hololive this year.
Can't say the same for Myth/Promise

>> No.63338459

Fucking brat Idol correction needed

>> No.63338461

I can't really take this skit seriously when I remember that Laplus doesn't stream on YouTube anymore.

>> No.63338466
File: 815 KB, 1920x1080, [1920x1080] vtime=[ 00_53_34 ], take=[ 2023-11-26 12.51.21 ].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63338469


>> No.63338472

Cover reps recommended a ShilloX to him and he threw a dart.

>> No.63338491

Lmao still shilling holox and trying to save laplus

>> No.63338499

NIJI over 6 HOUR is OKAY, Anon ?

>> No.63338503


>> No.63338515

Doesn't Salami lose to several HoloEN in numbers for normal streams, for months now?
Only saved by the nijibox and event streams

>> No.63338518

This is JP idol culture, "becoming" perfect.
Peak at the start is what KR idol do

>> No.63338521

Holox had a great marketing that cater to shonen fags. Hololive to me is always vtuber but anime. Sadly dumb management marketing pushing male interaction and no lore killed regloss numbers.

>> No.63338522

But that's true though
Journey >>> Perfection
If you want perfection, just watch K-pop idols

>> No.63338526

La+ can do whatever she wants. Being a vtuber in Cover means she is a mascot anyway. She will bring revenue to Cover just by existing, like Gura.

>> No.63338532

Yeah, (You)

>> No.63338534
File: 59 KB, 300x346, rearypeko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>She is more an idol than most Holo girls
>>Imas girls are getting fucked by producer though
wait what?

>> No.63338535

french education, please understand

>> No.63338536

What 3D lives lmao

>> No.63338553

Didn't she have a singing stream yesterday?

>> No.63338561

So, is it Lapu gold today?

>> No.63338565

at least one of them streams

>> No.63338570

Everything after HimeHina was a disaster. Kino up till then though.

>> No.63338576

Well, you see, La+ getting 120k actually makes sense because of the bullshit bullshit i shat my pants.
Her previous Lives were 80k because blablablabla i don't actually know what i'm talking about.

>> No.63338577

Laplus' average CCV will be pretty nice this month

>> No.63338578


>> No.63338579


>> No.63338586

kys tribalfag

>> No.63338589

No. She should have invited Mel.

>> No.63338591

Nijizhangzi brand debuff. Luna wasn't watched by many people either, and yet nowadays she mogs easily any of the ENwhores, even though she hasn't changed much from back then.

>> No.63338596

Yeah Gura streams.

>> No.63338595

I think I got it
The muffled audio is sedating people even if they boost the volume leading to the live feeling like it's taking longer than it does

>> No.63338597

she streams on twitch nigga

>> No.63338600

Nope. Riku gold today.

>> No.63338601

Alice is a reach but I would have agreed with any amongst Lize, Toko or Ars

>> No.63338603


>> No.63338610

Useless brat.

>> No.63338612

the random patch of skin is annoying me to no end. its to high for cute tummy shots and to low for underboob.

>> No.63338611

If only the audio wasn't fucked

>> No.63338620


>> No.63338618

what i ment that a lot of "muh toxic idol culture" fags alway say that
even though "idols arnt perfect" has been a thing hololive has pushed since its inception.

>> No.63338626

Nah King won unfortunately

>> No.63338629

yeah, 2 months ago

>> No.63338630
File: 31 KB, 329x396, 【-ラプラス2周年LIVE-】アイドルLIVE-やります-🔥-超最強ゲスト多数参戦-【3D-LIVE】.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63338632
File: 403 KB, 955x3599, 1700999702422587.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.63338634
File: 715 KB, 2550x3300, ___la_darknesss_hololive_drawn_by_airenif__7ce8bf46b44bc5d98a319e2032b42ef5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm so happy to see Laplus is still loved, even with some mistakes she's made.

>> No.63338635


>> No.63338650

>not even mod

>> No.63338655
File: 63 KB, 340x146, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63338657

People here will still say 82K gold > 134K silver.
Just like Peko 26K gold > what ever she gets from the funnel.

>> No.63338662

Wait? The Kuzuha tourney is not on his channel? Man, what a black corpo

>> No.63338669

damn 35piss coping she will get bronze kek

>> No.63338670

your literal who's will never be relevant

>> No.63338678

kek no, have you seen her avg twitch ccv with valorant spam

>> No.63338686
File: 1.64 MB, 1223x688, 1694116092427390.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63338687


>> No.63338695

28,993: FUWAMOCO (Hololive) -Botted-
17,862: Vei (Mythic Talent)
15,996: IronMouse (Vshojo)
13,978: Koseki Bijou (Hololive)
9,416 : Henya The Genius (Vshojo)
7,692 : Filian (Mythic Talent)
7,016 : Shylily (Mythic Talent)
6,646 : Sinder (Mythic Talent)
6,078 : Neuro-Sama (Indie)
5,695 : Ouro Kronii (Hololive)
5,130 : Nerissa Ravencroft (Hololive)

>> No.63338696

Who won?

>> No.63338700

Same skit?

>> No.63338710

2k dislikes doryaaaaa

>> No.63338715

Niji themself slowly turning into hololive lite

>> No.63338716

So is the shorts strats meta now?

>> No.63338722

Reminder that holostars bring more profit with 3d than holoen

>> No.63338721
File: 92 KB, 794x186, 1700127300973448.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63338726

>just a parka and stickers
Kinda shit merch ngl

>> No.63338730

you're asking the wrong question, more like "who watched?"

>> No.63338731

The one who will leech from laplus funnel will get bronze

>> No.63338736


>> No.63338739
File: 99 KB, 776x167, 1683249471110962.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63338742

30k gold > 180k silver
If you can't be the highlight of the day, it's worthless

>> No.63338749

Riku. always.

>> No.63338752

He mean her YT average
Like she only have a few stream on it this month and then a big concert

>> No.63338754

The only reason Laplus gets shat on is, paradoxically, because people like her. If they didn't, they just wouldn't care about her bad decisions, which is what you see with Mel and Aki.

>> No.63338759
File: 53 KB, 512x512, 14356334567670834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Must be nice to get like two chances every year to reset yourself in front of an audience box that's forced to watch you because nobody else can stream.

>> No.63338761
File: 149 KB, 400x400, rearry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This isn't beating the king is it

>> No.63338763

With several smokers in the company, lmao no

>> No.63338764


>> No.63338766
File: 7 KB, 225x225, 1700689613686467.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63338769

So is Laplus back, or did cover do a good job of promoting holox anniversary week?

Will the other HoloX anniversary streams overperform too?
Or is Laplus special?
Will any of the other HoloX girls beat Lap's 120k?

>> No.63338768

She forgot the acrylic.

>> No.63338770


>> No.63338772

I forgive Laplus because my oshi says she's cute and respectful to her
Simple as

>> No.63338776

What fanbase is this 600 euros meme

>> No.63338778

>deflecting to Kiara
Must still hurt

>> No.63338786

You really want to play this game, beggar?

>> No.63338785


>> No.63338792

damn... No wonder Holox will get like 6 3D stream

>> No.63338799
File: 142 KB, 981x215, 1694297574610680.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No shit

>> No.63338802

the outside mindshare cope doesn't really work well because towa of all talents would have higher numbers due to be the one that interacts the most outside hololive

>> No.63338806
File: 136 KB, 301x270, 1688917701569221.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

did YouTube do something to post stream VOD views?

>> No.63338812

Aki got her best numbers in years. That's not a bad decision at all.

>> No.63338814

How much will the other HoloX lives be hurt by being on weekdays?

>> No.63338815
File: 30 KB, 160x226, 1693535398108222.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So I learned to not listen to this shithole. You guys were saying Laplus was done for and nobody cares for her, then she does this live with 121k people watching. Safe to say that Laplus is still massively popular.

>> No.63338817

>nijisanji after ipo
>allowing the livers to hold anymore power then they already do
the only thing holding the top nijis back is the allure of money and success, its the ultimate conclusion of nijisanjis culture most talents become worthless as individuals and become mere products.
nijisanji will never stop trying to do this to every liver.

>> No.63338819
File: 141 KB, 865x829, Frog hated.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Noooo it's too pricey for me....

>> No.63338822

Are you retarded? Don't answer. You are.

>> No.63338825

I just did what he asked

>> No.63338824

Only numberniggers here don't like her.
Oh, and japanese holo antis. That tells you everything you need to know about this thread.

>> No.63338826

not that we have noticed, no

>> No.63338835

No wonder they're not getting 3d look at those bargain bin numbers lol

>> No.63338840
File: 1.86 MB, 1280x720, screenshot (35).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuudo (the pro player)
Sophia Valentine
Kanda Shoichi

>> No.63338841

not yet

>> No.63338844

If that had ended like 5-10 minutes earlier the funnel might have put Laplus over

>> No.63338845


>> No.63338848

yea they started removing holobots

>> No.63338851


>> No.63338857

get a job

>> No.63338877

Show following CCV.

>> No.63338879

those numbers don't make sense.

>> No.63338881

Actual idolmaster vtubers 3D lookiing grim.

>> No.63338885

Idolmaster vtuber?

>> No.63338890

Never listen to ENsharts' delusions and stop replying to their irrelevant baits, you should be fine that way. They still think Gura can sing and that their worthless branch is still popular.

>> No.63338900

here's come Bronze CUP
first Challanger

>> No.63338912

Isn't this the girl who won the mahjong tournament? Also why is her neutral expression looks like she's in pain?

>> No.63338913

This years will beat 200k right?
Can the other beat 9k? Is the gap juts going to be worse this year?

>> No.63338915

there's always a period of verification after a video goes live, just wait a couple hours

>> No.63338916

why is it always fuudo...

>> No.63338921


>> No.63338922

Laplus is still popular. She just earns less than Matsuri because she's dumb.

>> No.63338924

No wonder, EN failures don't get any 3D.
Hopefully it continues.
Fuck EN whores.

>> No.63338925

fucking worthless, homo should've just used mocopi

>> No.63338932
File: 31 KB, 548x266, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63338938

Since anon mention Twitch, does Kanae stream recently?
Cause Twitch gold today will be over 30K.

>> No.63338937

Nice. I'll get to use my Sophia folder.

>> No.63338945

Kiara will beat Laplus 3D live.

>> No.63338946

brother it's going to be Miko GTA and it's not even close
you can stop pretending now

>> No.63338951
File: 1.19 MB, 1000x1000, うめうめ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>「DAYBREAK FRONTLINE」 - 音乃瀬奏 (cover) *new*
>「名前のない怪物」 - 音乃瀬奏 (cover)

>> No.63338956


>> No.63338959

The problem with you faggots is that you don't watch streams so you just parrot shit you read in 2021. Towa has been doing a lot less outside shit than Lap recently, especially with Apex dying down and Towa not playing Valorant.

>> No.63338960
File: 463 KB, 907x772, vdfhj.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.63338968

numberwatchers on every platform were surprised by Lap's performance here, the ones on 5ch and other social media sites weren't expecting 120k either

Sometimes people surprise you

>> No.63338975

To awaken something primal in men.

>> No.63338977

I defended her approach to expand cover's audience which leads to a higher ceiling for her largest streams
feels good to be vindicated by real actual data instead of paragraphs of schizo ramblings from /#/niggers

>> No.63338982

That doesn't matter since they don't watch holols.

>> No.63338984

That's her charm point.
The 苦しい girl.

>> No.63338985
File: 153 KB, 850x1200, 1691352287718310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there no low for her leeching? How does she do it and live with herself?

>> No.63338989


>> No.63338991
File: 331 KB, 480x349, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

he actually listened to 4chan shitposters

>> No.63338992

So what should the cutoff be to get 3d lives, 40k? 50k? more?

>> No.63338999

>Laplus dunking on numberniggers

>> No.63339000

>1 Laplus 3D live = Niji with full power
Ngl, this is a huge embarassment Nijifags.... how long before you fall below VSPO?

>> No.63339001
File: 14 KB, 463x453, 280192467_420325892931327_7019781016293841464_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>imagine still giving her money

>> No.63339008

>listening to /#/
Roru, rumao even.

>> No.63339016

>boring larp
Go back, sister.

>> No.63339018

90% of this thread just parrots whatever they've read on 5ch when it comes to the jp side, and that's not including jobless frenchmen who spend 16 hours a day pushing psyops on this thread

>> No.63339020

peak ccv is what's important
t. ludwig

>> No.63339026

He just won the YGO tourny too, this makes it the 2nd in under one month

>> No.63339027

For /#/ specifically, people here hate it when something doesn't reach its number potential and La+ could be consistently getting much higher numbers if she made different decisions.

>> No.63339030

retard, how about in 2022 then

>> No.63339032

Do you even understand how the equal sign works?

>> No.63339040

30k so we can have multiple Kiara 3D.

>> No.63339044
File: 3.12 MB, 300x220, Peko kills the pink whore.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

53pagpag actually posted this when his leeching pink whore is leeching off two other Holomembers, once again

>> No.63339050

La+ is a first army. If she'll start streaming on youtube again she'll have a 20k floor and 25k average.

>> No.63339059

what the fuck is that filename?

>> No.63339060

Wait she won Mahjong AND street fighter?
is she some kind of god gamer or is it a fluke?

>> No.63339066
File: 1.25 MB, 1089x861, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>130k >people watching
>chat speed of a 20-30k stream

>> No.63339067

don't worry she will go back for being 1K streamer on twitch

>> No.63339069

20k, I bet homo couldn't even get that much

>> No.63339078

Absolutely basado
They got shat on today by a girl they have been trying to paint "bad" for like 2 years

>> No.63339082

>jobless frenchmen
Did I miss something?

>> No.63339087

>fag is so desperate he will fight for 7k difference

>> No.63339092

>chat cope

>> No.63339093

if she sticked with the status quo, she would get yet another 80k stream

>> No.63339098

Hi Rex!

>> No.63339099

what the hecku?

>> No.63339100

>That dropoff at the end

>> No.63339102
File: 219 KB, 1170x905, 1700118610499868.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Homie don't fight with homie

>> No.63339115

>euroschizo is homobeggar

>> No.63339117
File: 594 KB, 1447x2047, 20230718_172450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cunny still got it.

>> No.63339120

wamy on the 3d billboard thing

>> No.63339124

With this recent 3D live from Hololive production, I wonder if cover should really just get some stars staff to help / mitigate some Hololive 3D live
Like the numbers are there, the earning / profits comparison isn't even close. Why bother on useless like at best stealing some miniscule number from your rival? Just help your guaranteed number and profit like Hololive EN 3D or Hololive 3D stream in general.

>> No.63339125
File: 464 KB, 890x779, xcsf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's 3D thing ?
usually over 1M including nijisanji
even i don't get, WTF is THIS ??

>> No.63339128

7k is more than many EN are getting for their streams

>> No.63339133

Just take the L like normal people.

>> No.63339136

You mean leechkora leeching on another funnel once again and would suck hikakin's dick in her future stream once more

>> No.63339138
File: 818 KB, 1007x777, pekora sf6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek pretty much, same game btw

>> No.63339149

VEE live?

>> No.63339154

>gets recommended the waiting room
>click "Like" then forget and watch something else

there is also 0 comments, man that's GRIM

>> No.63339159

Niji usually get a lot when it comes to special streams, you know, sisters

>> No.63339161

>53pagpags' first thought towards that fact was to reply with some cocksucking homlfaggot's image

>> No.63339163

>normal people.
>in numbers

>> No.63339162

after 1 match there's ADS, anon
chat stop in there

>> No.63339171

Holo vs Holo so early? Nijinigger hate that no one talked about tournament?

>> No.63339172

might as well had 7k for your botted tournament

>> No.63339178

Can we split /#/ into JP and EN threads?

>> No.63339185

Holofags are poor

>> No.63339183

Why are nousagis like this

>> No.63339187
File: 249 KB, 2368x773, 122354g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nobody really does. Pretty sure she doesn't push merch either.

>> No.63339186

Oh Rex I love your unhinge posts!

>> No.63339199

>stars staff
there's only 3D studio staff that's why homos filling up the 3D studio schedule is retarded

>> No.63339201

she's streaming too guys

>> No.63339205

It’s unrelated . The list of Holos beating their PR record and their 3D Live record goes way longer than just these

>> No.63339207

I find the schizos posting on cooldown and samefagging to be cute. Its obvious they're trying to distract from the 120k Holo 3D

>> No.63339211

Unicorns will always lose

>> No.63339215

So did Kiara already announced her 3D live?

>> No.63339218
File: 229 KB, 1547x983, 1700748190919233.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all Holox 3D will get 100k+ ccv

>> No.63339224

this is not the win you think it is retard....
Riku needs more bots

>> No.63339226

Why is pekora copying king

>> No.63339233

His team won the war but he lost the battle...
He only beat Kanae in the Leader match, losing to Inami and Nyaraka.

>> No.63339235

>newfags timelooping the nijievent sc discusiion
no words can describe how much i hate fags who dont even do some basic lurking

>> No.63339234

ENSharts keeps giving shit to Lapsama for not streaming on YouTube while Gura, their only relevant talent doesn't stream at all lmaoooo

>> No.63339237

>less short numbers than holoX
>less 3D numbers than holoX
>less debut numbers than holoX
>less SCs than holoX
>less merch sales than holoX
what's she even good for lmao

>> No.63339238

Anon she streams on twitch now

>> No.63339240

The mahjong thing I didn't understand rules but she seemed to win deservingly.
This time she's just a slot 1 weak player, which means she's no match for any players in slot 2, slot 4 or pro players. But she did very well against other slot 1 players.

>> No.63339242

wtf lol

>> No.63339250

>are lasting

>> No.63339253

eh, not confident for chloe

>> No.63339254
File: 360 KB, 615x608, 1700998859889295.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is what Laplus was made for. Sticking to the Holobox is nice, but it severely limits your ceiling. Reaching to other audiences has been a smart move on her part. It's a little rough at the start, but I feel like Laplus can pull it off. She's genuinely entertaining and can sing/dance well. She's got the right formula.

>> No.63339263

owari da

>> No.63339268

No wonder sisters are trying to pit EN against JP so badly this thread. An embarrassment.

>> No.63339269

Do zoomies know what "lurking" means?

>> No.63339277

IDK about this, since after HoloMem 3D
there's Merc Racing
another over 5M in the hand

>> No.63339281


>> No.63339280

>ui 17k
she grew stronger no?
>completely ignores the content of the link
yeah this is a bot

>> No.63339282

why are nijiniggers supporting laplus now

>> No.63339283

As long as she doesn't invite niji livers on her 3d live im fine with it

>> No.63339287

What's your point? You think her Twitch streaming revenue makes up for a 3.5x deficit?

>> No.63339299

>/#/ seething that Laplus's decision to use Youtube only for shorts and streaming mainly on Twitch has been an excellent move despite all their claims to the contrary

>> No.63339305
File: 135 KB, 1064x717, 1673162978326089.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You tell 'em SEAsagi sister!

>> No.63339312

yeah, anon, about that...

>> No.63339316


>> No.63339321

>she got good numbers so now i'll find an excuse why what she's doing is good
welcome back to 5k twitch streams
enjoy your stay

>> No.63339318

The sharts would still go to JP thread to beg for attention any time they get a 10k+

>> No.63339323

Lui is the biggest question mark.

>> No.63339325

It's normal for her. Just slightly buff. She was getting 15k normally before the loli song.

>> No.63339328


>> No.63339332

1w from now she'll be back to Kiara-tier of ccv though... just how her past half a year have been.

>> No.63339336

Show normal stream CCV.

>> No.63339339


>> No.63339347

For better or worse, that's not how Cover works. They won't cut off low performers like Niji does.

>> No.63339349

Funny cuz theres more flip nousagis

>> No.63339353

Thank you fellow globalfriend

>> No.63339357
File: 474 KB, 2580x2728, 213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63339359

The link that shows Cover wasting money on a third-tier holo when they could've given holoX more advertisements instead?

>> No.63339362


>> No.63339366

let her invite, every time more than 100k people will see the difference with the quality in both model and entertainment...
I can tell all these Nijis going home crying over why they applied to Niji

>> No.63339368

not really, her 3d lives have been good, her birthday only got around 90k due to pekora overlapping it

>> No.63339374
File: 55 KB, 1043x255, twitch_number.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>streaming mainly on Twitch has been an excellent move

>> No.63339376
File: 585 KB, 1008x620, 1694654953113825.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't want to alarm anyone but Aki's thumbnail for GTA has Rushia. That's bad no?

>> No.63339377

>one good live is worth 100 HORRID streams
where are you faggots coming from?

>> No.63339389

>newfags itt
no wonder it's so shit

>> No.63339390
File: 51 KB, 400x400, watamelon clown.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pekora war criminal
>look guys im a nousagi!

>> No.63339407

buy an ad

>> No.63339408

loli scream loli scream

>> No.63339414

this has always been the newfag central, if you want your precious oldfag den I... actually don't know where they gathered but it's certainly not here

>> No.63339417


>> No.63339418

She got a 120k 3D live and will sell more merch than all of gen 5 combined, who cares what the actual CCV of her daily streams are when she has more people who will tune in to her 3D events and buy her stuff than will ever watch a single normal stream of hers?

>> No.63339422
File: 387 KB, 2048x1303, F_YJVmDbQAAEqzz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kingbros? Lapbros? No way the real ones are fighting right?
I watched both today because those 10 days were a good memory.

>> No.63339421

Bae has been spreading out her wings lately. Is she the EN with the most collabs with other holo members?

>> No.63339425

She's also playing with Miko...sorry Rosetai

>> No.63339429

ui 20k doryaaa

>> No.63339442
File: 291 KB, 891x783, dg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63339449

her usual numbers then

>> No.63339451

>t. retard whose oshi doesn't have a single good live number
probably a gen 1 or gen 5 fan lmao

>> No.63339455

I watch fubuki. Sorry rosetai and 35p

>> No.63339461


>> No.63339463

>not linking the pipe falling+ fart sounds
NGMI, zoomertyan.

>> No.63339466

I can't believe they actually got 2nd place! Really proud of these guys.

>> No.63339476

lol, the merch mover in holox is iroha

>> No.63339478

Tourists don't buy merch silly anon.

>> No.63339481

go back

>> No.63339491

Nene is a nousagi that explains why gen 5 are bunch of failures

>> No.63339493

Now show Marine's 3D

>> No.63339503

I agree with you anon

he is just clipwatcher

>> No.63339504

Anon, I usually reach pretty far beyond even the top 3 + neo-portes + 774 + indies, but even I don't know who that is.
But well, since you gave a link, I'll try to give her a watch

>> No.63339506
File: 24 KB, 265x320, 1683242325477654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Laflop selling merch
>Lapoors buying merch

>> No.63339511


>> No.63339528

..so those of you who laugh at the Eurobro, you are gonna buy the merch, right?


>> No.63339539

fuck ui finished

>> No.63339549

Roru rumao

>> No.63339553

Well, the ones fighting, including "sisters", "nijifags", "holofags", "ENsharts" definitely aren't fans of anyone, let alone Lap and Kuzuha.
I will say it's a delight that they both did well tho, VRRchad.
Hoping for a new QPi outfit soon.

>> No.63339552

fuck ui

>> No.63339554

I think equating "I'll start streaming on Twitch and stop streaming on YouTube" to "reaching to other audiences" is dishonest.

>> No.63339556

showa currency anon lol

>> No.63339558

>laplus came close to destroying Niji biggest buff content
>sudden Holo vs Holo shitpost

>> No.63339562

holox already has gotten the most advertisement in hololive next only to covers precious homos also
>3rd rated holos
nice try sister we dont rank our talents like that this isnt nijisanji.

>> No.63339568

Nene's fanbase gets her tons of sponsorships outside of typical Holo stuff though.

>> No.63339577

*rape ui

>> No.63339588

this is why you should never shitpost with niji's 3d models

>> No.63339589

y-yeah h-haha

>> No.63339591

>sell more merch than all of gen 5

>> No.63339595

Scream = stream over

>> No.63339611

their 3D model truly is garbage tho

>> No.63339614

Fighting game tournaments aren't that exciting so there not much reason to chat... uh...yeah

>> No.63339622

how many watchhours koyo farmed with her gimmick stream so far?

>> No.63339625 [DELETED] 
File: 550 KB, 608x986, 1700478009955101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Salamat malam /#/

>> No.63339626

Anon, I'm the real Nijifag here and I posted this >>63339422
Don't fucking ask me why the schizos ITT fight each other because I like and watched both.

>> No.63339633
File: 328 KB, 925x709, Shionyo... doesn&#039;t like monkeys.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The ones who keep replying to my posts with 300/600 funny posts are either SEAmonkeys who can't even afford a proper house to live in, or Amerilards who are so deep into debt they can't even SC their irrelevant ENwhores.

>> No.63339637

If Lap can get 122k...

Can Lui get 100k?
Can Koyo get 100k?
Can Sakamata get 100k?
Can Gozaru get 100k?

>> No.63339652
File: 39 KB, 370x320, 1687090414946789.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ENshit status?

>> No.63339660

enough to secure her position in #3 not that anyone is close to surpassing her

>> No.63339663

>openly admitting he is a nijifag
you are too innocent, I am sorry for your fucked up life

>> No.63339664

euroshart kys

>> No.63339667
File: 314 KB, 480x480, emote PekoWinkCUTE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Easy 42k stream.

>> No.63339671

I didnt want to be that guy but it was probably botted

>> No.63339672


>> No.63339678

Lap on Sunday JST anon
rest of Holox Daily work time

>> No.63339677
File: 516 KB, 2006x1502, F_aHZ9XaMAAyvdH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You ain't alone, but retards and larpers gonna keep going

>> No.63339697

# ambassador

>> No.63339712

i'm more interested if she's going to beat Pekora this month
she probably got like 1mil in the last few days just on this gimmick only

>> No.63339723
File: 417 KB, 562x643, [1920x1080] vtime=[1_50_25], take=[2023-11-25 19.32.54].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63339726

True dat.

>> No.63339733
File: 969 KB, 600x505, 1684237345012350.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Twitch admins botting to encourage more talents to move over to twitch.

>> No.63339757

You mean with jp? I think mori is.

>> No.63339759
File: 326 KB, 896x228, asdf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bronze for Pekora
since Migo GTA on Heavy time

>> No.63339758

Surely the likes of Chloe and Koyori are getting 130k minimum, right? Surely there isn't any shenanigans from the bar Lapu set.

>> No.63339768

holofes merch numbers

>> No.63339772

Not on weekdays

>> No.63339781

Would have been better if they had won the tourny, Hal's script was faulty in the final stage. It's kinda sore to remember now.

>> No.63339785
File: 1.34 MB, 1470x1206, 1685654405206353.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I only watch for Laplus, don't care about the other Nijis besides Chihiro.

>> No.63339792
File: 311 KB, 1517x679, 606D696B-AA61-4494-9209-5C30B18C9F8E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>15 euros

>> No.63339794

Miko will get 60k minimum.
No, i'm not shitposting.

>> No.63339803

>severely limits your ceiling
Anon, see >>63337914, whatever you’re talking about did nothing about her ceiling

>> No.63339805

>weekend slots are a buff
gen 5 got Friday and Saturday slots and still failed to get 100k, what does that say about them?

>> No.63339815


>> No.63339822

gta comeback buff

>> No.63339831

Can't sing debuff.

>> No.63339833

15€ too many for Jewtube I'd say. They should have used that amount to buy voice packs or merch instead.

>> No.63339837

Pekora on pace for 50k stream

>> No.63339838
File: 599 KB, 1920x1080, 1677935358065959.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's been a while since the last time I made something like this

>> No.63339842

reminder Nijisanji main channel lewd today! I won't forgive lacnuy lewd posting itt

>> No.63339845


>> No.63339847


>> No.63339852

Damn, Holox has no overseas mindshare in comparison to gen4 and gen5.

>> No.63339856

>collab with 2 lo tier holos
delusional noupagpag, unlike pekoleech who is actually leeching someone who's more popular than her like hikakin, now that's leeching lmao

>> No.63339862 [DELETED] 

Show boyfriend, ugly fat 1/10 femcel

>> No.63339874

No one likes them.

>> No.63339882

And it's fine, only holos I watch are Towa and Lap since they do overlap with content I like.

It's just weird to me that people who definitely didn't watch Kuzuha or Laplus or both somehow tries to argue whatever, and start shitflinging. You can't be that emotionally dependent on people you don't watch, right?

>> No.63339884

>Friday is a buff now
And Sunday has always been the most buffed day of the week you stupid tard.

>> No.63339900

>streaming on twitch and posting short on youtube
Retard she just copying Karubi her twitch friend. It was a terrible decision as she doesn't appeal to fps audience on twitch while her youtube short barely generate revenue. Bitch will regret it in a couple next few years when the market is getting more saturated, same shit happened with AKB in mid 2010s.

>> No.63339910

Realistically speaking, do we only post the winning team's lewds or are all participants fair game?

>> No.63339914

Muuuuuhhh peko cooking streams are a debuff!!!1!!!

>> No.63339953

Only because she's leeching 120k laplus' 3D live funnel

>> No.63339966

>Fubuki is a low tier holo now
Least Holoanti 53piss, no wonder why you subhumans merge well with Nijizhangzi.

>> No.63339985
File: 746 KB, 768x960, 105960912_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>No Lapcunny lewds today

>> No.63339994
File: 230 KB, 486x481, 71E1C99F-582A-4C2E-9E1C-3659C50C6700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ah yes I’m sure it was all thanks to HimeHina’s brave 1000 soldiers

>> No.63340024

Nothing stopping any holo to do the same

>> No.63340027

Average CCV wise she's a low-tier holo, noupagpag

>> No.63340050

Status on kiara’s 3d dreams?

>> No.63340052

as if they'd get 100k with a Sunday slot

>> No.63340055

>shizoid pekomiko war starting already
hope these two collab someday again just to see these fuckers sperg out

>> No.63340056

You tried to claim 600 euros made you a top spender. There are individual whales who have sent over 10k in superchats.

>> No.63340067
File: 318 KB, 966x1142, Yeah, me..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63340075

Leech from funnel as always

>> No.63340077

It's not unusual for the runner-up to get their lewds posted.

>> No.63340082

All participants please

>> No.63340087

retarded newfag its the same guy

>> No.63340088

It's always okay to post cunny.

>> No.63340093

She said it will happen next month and she will announce her guests soon

>> No.63340103

It's one guy anon. PekoMiko literally share the same fanbase.

>> No.63340106
File: 5 KB, 465x58, asdffg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anon, she gain over 200M
meanwhile u're a big L, jobless, Ugly, and living in yer mom Basement room

>> No.63340107
File: 185 KB, 1537x1227, median of peak, 2023 january to october, global, top 50.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, Fubuki median for 2023 (Jan to Oct) is 10k+.

>> No.63340110


>> No.63340112

Leeching funnel cooking stream

>> No.63340125

MiComet offcollab mocopi leeched Marine's 170k and couldn't even hit 60k lol

>> No.63340129

Next month. Gura's big announcement is also likely a 3D live.

>> No.63340130

>actually, having giant events and selling tons of merch doesn't matter. the important thing about being an idol is having tens of thousands of grey names spamming your chat when you stream random games
do holokeks really

>> No.63340131

And now you understand why they go for the sea market instead of Euro

>> No.63340136
File: 86 KB, 1253x685, DrAh2JsV4AAImQv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do you know, fucking Cuckanae can't even do shit my tourny, didn't win a single match.
Kanaefags now know who's the superior Chronoir.

>> No.63340151

Miko not getting on podium

>> No.63340153

solo Collab
or with the other ?
Solo Collab = end of the World

>> No.63340154

The most successful vtuber breakup

>> No.63340160

Lol you wish I share the same fanbase with the poorsagi lol

>> No.63340168

The addition of Salome lewds will do great for the thread. I approve of all participants.

>> No.63340182

These things are not mutually exclusive.

>> No.63340183

>Delayed stream
Nousagis are retarded as always

>> No.63340191

>big number once = more merch

>> No.63340193

Miko GTA GOD gold?

>> No.63340194

lmao holy COPE

>> No.63340199

>lol twice

>> No.63340207

>having tens of thousands of grey names spamming your chat when you stream
just like laplus just now

>> No.63340216

they literally are aside from like 5 of them

>> No.63340215
File: 194 KB, 511x654, 1698932345465.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just convert those grey names to members?

>> No.63340224

kys schizo

>> No.63340227
File: 554 KB, 859x561, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek so turns out pekoras cooking is higher than usual today because the curator trannies forgot to shadowban her from the default live trending today

>> No.63340229

solo collab on christmass eve
with them adressing all the rumours that got created over the years
while eating some kfc

>> No.63340235

>leeched Marine
Lol Marine couldn't even get 50k doing the same thing with Korone yesterday

>> No.63340236

>ten of thousands

>> No.63340239

>selling tons of merch
who? laplus

>> No.63340251

Its not a funnel when they didn't started right after the big event ended meanwhile leech pekora with her schedule leeching stream lmao

>> No.63340260

*hundred thousand greys

>> No.63340265

literally everyone in hololive. check the report newfriend.

>> No.63340273

She's not a first army or even a second army, that means she's a low tier holo

>> No.63340283
File: 1.71 MB, 984x882, 1679139230388422.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.63340284

Still more popular than Miko, and even her premiere mogged the shit out of Micomet
They leeched both the live, the premiere, and each other and still didn't manage to get 60k lmfao

>> No.63340286

for people that don't even care to make a Pekora OP the day she won gold you talk a lot about her

>> No.63340293

>getting called out for doing PekovsMiko
>switches to KuzuhavsKanae
I once again, sincerely, genuinely, recommend you to end your pathetic life

>> No.63340296

AAIIEEE ONE PIECE LOOK OUT. MORI CAN'T SAVE YOU NOW. What were they thinking giving Mori the One piece collab instead of Marine and giving MGS to her instead of Pekora

>> No.63340298
File: 779 KB, 969x988, file (17).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>selling tons of merch

>> No.63340301

Yeah, but that's what anon /here/ say they should do

>> No.63340305

>I probably has too much pride to admit I made a big mistake on my career.

>> No.63340318

That's so misleading. Suisei alone sells more merch than like 30% of the bottom holomems combined.

>> No.63340321

Unity bros won today
>Laplus live with niji and vspo
>Niji street fighter
>Mikeneko anime

>> No.63340325

Blue leeching whore pekora always take advantage of big events. As expected from leech rex must be proud of her

>> No.63340341

>christmass eve
Nousagi, yer afraid for another COLD CHICKEN THIS YEAR

>> No.63340353
File: 348 KB, 405x720, 1700282727381182.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Mog NijiEN most of the time
>Constant losing to King and nijiJP
Fucking Useless branch

>> No.63340355
File: 139 KB, 1609x905, 1700915105588030.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The face of Hololive

>> No.63340374

>getting called out for doing KuzuhavsKanae
>switches back to PekovsMiko again
Who are you working for and what's your goal?

>> No.63340375

>aside from like 5 of them
Our of 35, it clearly means they're not mutually exclusive

>> No.63340377


Omurice is a buff confirmed

>> No.63340378

pegochan 50k

>> No.63340391

They delayed the stream that means they didn't get the funnel because other streams already started and got the funnel first, retard

>> No.63340403

let's us count , how many GOLD this year ?

>> No.63340406

>Its because its delayed stream retard nousagi theres no leeching happened
Lmao stupid nousagis running from this fact dont lump micomet to your leechong whore feasting on laplus funnel and every big events happened on hololive

>> No.63340409

Imagine if Gura had released a high quality loli requiem cover the moment perms for it were up

>> No.63340416
File: 425 KB, 1080x593, Queen Pekora.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>leeching pink whore wants to start at 22:30 instead because she knows Pekora won't be finished before that time at the very least
Disgusting whore isn't even hiding herself lmao. Easy 50k reached btw.

>> No.63340418

Reminder laplus was in kuzuha's valo team so it's ok to post cunnies.

>> No.63340430
File: 104 KB, 297x339, 1694428837387583.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

stfu silverkek

>> No.63340447

I am working for rex

>> No.63340456

Marine is also way more popular than pekoleech who can't stop leeching off of Marine.

>> No.63340462

Pekora Omlette Sagi
She's trying to pull one over on us
Scam numbers

>> No.63340463

Do we have daigo lewds?

>> No.63340464

no Niji big Tourney
HOLO VS HOLO again no Bronze CUP

>> No.63340470

Cover give nothing to EN because the competitors are either super incompetent or outright irrelevant. If nijiEN finally 3d debut all their talents, holoEN will magically get exclusive studio time.

>> No.63340479
File: 94 KB, 297x217, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn that 1 minute delay sure killed it
Both are way more popular than Miko.

>> No.63340481

>Easy 50k
Yes from leeching funnel events right?

>> No.63340483

Why mofos replying to the pekomiko schizo copy pasta? Imagine bitting a 1 year+ old same old bait.

>> No.63340497

cry more

>> No.63340500

Who are buying the merch... you think?

>> No.63340502

Miko already got more people waiting in the waiting room than pekoleech earlier (before the funnel)

>> No.63340503


>> No.63340505
File: 6 KB, 183x275, yagoo_chad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

for starEN
we believe starEN will surpass holoEN and nijiEN
please support the boi

>> No.63340509

Its not just 1 minute tho retard
Imagine not watching the real start of stream

>> No.63340518

Tempagpag status?

>> No.63340519

sorry thats just me and my bots disliking the stream before it starts

>> No.63340538
File: 996 KB, 1920x2151, 1694787091543073.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's so boring when niji get serious
ez gold, competitor doko

>> No.63340540

Leeching numbers dorryyaa

>> No.63340548
File: 1.67 MB, 640x480, king&#039;s message.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shitnae still shit even when I welfare the matchups for him

>> No.63340550

keep coping crying and seething that miko is nothing without leeching
Sub 30k Mario RPG endurance lmao

>> No.63340551

he's just samefagging, has been doing it since christmas

>> No.63340552

nobody watches miko

>> No.63340558

>let's us count , how many GOLD this year ?
>let's us count , how many GOLD this year ?
>let's us count , how many GOLD this year ?

>> No.63340572


>> No.63340577
File: 25 KB, 494x160, 1672406680834595.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63340578

miComet still got more viewers than Marine (and Korone) doing the same thing

>> No.63340582

Blind nousagis

>> No.63340586
File: 183 KB, 452x455, king ez.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

KING..i kneel
Shitnae will never win shit

>> No.63340598
File: 497 KB, 900x900, Lamy Disgust.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

SeaNijiniggs at these hours jesus christ

>> No.63340599

Thanks to leeching off of Marine's 170k
Honestly embarrassing that this is all their long anticipated offcollab could muster

>> No.63340606

What is this mental illness?

>> No.63340612

Lmao stop it 19k peko SF6 right? Lmao

>> No.63340623
File: 2.31 MB, 1920x1080, 1680097224083501.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>from sub 2k to this

>> No.63340635

That's 2x her normal CCV.

>> No.63340644

>leeching camera stream
>leeching tourney
>leeching gacha
that's all pekoleech can do

>> No.63340646

Miko's SF got how many watching? Oh wait she doesn't play any games and just leeches cause when she actually plays games her numbers are shit

>> No.63340648

Stupid doryaaa

>> No.63340650

Why are ENcels chimping out so hard today? Did the realization that EN is an objectively inferior branch that is reclining off a cliff finally set in?

>> No.63340657

Sea Hour, anon
Sea Hour

>> No.63340663

>thinking that Chronoir fags will bite baits like PekoMiko fags

>> No.63340667

this is not new, she already said it during twinkle 4 u or last year goisei's anniversary i think

>> No.63340673
File: 29 KB, 130x117, 1695226930152366.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kanaefag detected
imagine watching kanae

>> No.63340689

>Still running from the fact that there's no funnel happened
Meanwhile pekora leeching from another events

>> No.63340690

Pekora Mario 36k
Miko Mario 26k

>> No.63340696

First vtuber ever to get into a triple a game.

>> No.63340699

They don't even share the same viewers, Marine share viewers with pekoleech. Also miComet already offcollabed once and got 70k+

>> No.63340715

New KSON outfit looks familiar

>> No.63340717

Its so boring when ironmouse wins with minimal effort
Ironmouse 15k
Koseki flopjou 13k
Floprys 6k(with buff game)

>> No.63340718

Cope Nijikek, infighting is fun

>> No.63340728
File: 212 KB, 480x480, 1591605692785.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why doesn't she just rejoin?

>> No.63340736

Anon, she didn't get there as a vtuber

>> No.63340738

Wasn't even the first vtuber in a Yakuza game.

>> No.63340739

>only 19k after another 110k funnel
lol did her bots die for that stream?

>> No.63340745
File: 27 KB, 605x418, 1694868961695638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>for 1 frame
even i feel sad for you

>> No.63340759

Pekora's SC6 = ~20k
Miko's SC6 = +40k

>> No.63340762
File: 72 KB, 1002x448, BBCF8577-4C6E-49D4-973A-DAA4AB098D25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I came across this and thought it was funny, you guys should see it too

>> No.63340764

Marine ended 2 minutes before Micomet and did a second funnel with the premiere
It's just that Micomet is boring as fuck and stalled at around 50k

>> No.63340771

Korone the First Army gatekeeper and Kanata-AZKi-Botan-Koyori the Four Heavenly Kings.

>> No.63340772


>> No.63340778
File: 1.06 MB, 1170x1202, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

he is a hololive anti

>> No.63340783
File: 952 KB, 1280x720, kson.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.63340788

He works for the (You)s. Come on, dont give it so easily. Make him work harder and be more creative.

>> No.63340799

>She doesn't play games
Blind nousakek cant recognize games i feel bad pekora got 19k SF6

>> No.63340801

This came out during Lapuchan's live btw

>> No.63340803

>First vtuber ever to get into a triple a game.
Not as a vtuber she didnt

>> No.63340804

Why don't they do Luna vs Matsuri, Suisei vs Kanata or Roa vs Meiro btw? These 2 pairs are getting stale at this point

>> No.63340811

Pekora still has the highest viewer count for SC6 lmao Miko can't even win with her meme game

>> No.63340817


>> No.63340822

I might get flamed by you guys for saying this but this dude oshi mark make everything he said extra funny

>> No.63340824
File: 831 KB, 749x765, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63340836

Hahaha I forgot that pekoleech's 19k SF6 stream was after the funnel from a 3D live lmao

>> No.63340848

And micomet didn't start immediately meanwhile your leeching blue whore ...

>> No.63340849

Man, what downgrade. Even the super 3D looks better. She's really gotten too fat since leaving Holo.

>> No.63340852
File: 383 KB, 509x497, 1607690476741.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Triple A

>> No.63340853

I hate hairstyles like this so much, quality is ok I guess but still ugly imo

>> No.63340858

You're so mad the ESL is coming out brownie.
Remind me of how it went last time Miko played a real videogame (P4G, months ago already).

>> No.63340869
File: 90 KB, 360x360, 1674889531464934.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unironically, who is this?

>> No.63340871


>> No.63340877

looks like kronii or a librarian

>> No.63340881

And then her SC6 viewers reclined (and even stopped playing it), just like her SF6 viewers LMAO

>> No.63340883
File: 79 KB, 385x465, 1694493668638746.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why wasting more money on live2D when she clearly move to fleshtubing already

>> No.63340887

is he being ironic?

>> No.63340895

Meanwhile Pekora did her intro normally, and got just under Micomet's numbers on a solo stream, while Miko was actually leeching lmao

>> No.63340892
File: 191 KB, 524x596, King status.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kneel to your king, superior and owner, pathetic Kanae sisters

>> No.63340897
File: 948 KB, 1366x768, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honestly not bad

>> No.63340909

Wtf? Pekora is GFE?

>> No.63340914

one of the new flip members of tempuke

>> No.63340916

>Irys said something about protecting IP
>Vshojo: IP whats that?

>> No.63340922

micomet is a debuff, miko would have won otherwise

>> No.63340926
File: 211 KB, 541x446, 1694948035009730.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63340927

gura is safe

>> No.63340935

She got the lowest Sc6 too. And oh she also leeches from the event at that time with no overlap. A leech is always a leech i guess

>> No.63340936

would they welcome her back? it's been too long at this point, I don't she has an open invitation to come back

>> No.63340942

Is this for real? Cuz if it it is I want him gone from hololive.

>> No.63340944
File: 1.18 MB, 1366x768, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.63340947

I feel like Covers branding department is forgiven for their autism

>> No.63340953

Seems like one of those "looks better when it's on stream" designs.

>> No.63340955


>> No.63340962
File: 301 KB, 1242x876, 2F33FCAA-9A3D-4F80-89FB-A5DE45D33D1C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Man you know, I am jealous that in Japan people can just watch Vtuber like normal TV show. A housewife watching Vtuber cooking on stream is peak society

>> No.63340966

No i remind you how pekora got 19k SF6 Dont run away

>> No.63340970

>Holos have absolutely no issue being unapologetic lolicons and going UOOOOOH on stream
>the dudes on the other hand are SJW cunts
Hololive is truly some sort of bizzarro reality where the girls are based and the dudes are the forced minority branch filled with obnoxious SJWs constantly blaming their failures on evil political opressors

>> No.63340972

if you showed me that and asked me to name the vtuber without the chat there I wouldn't be able to tell you

>> No.63340976

>muh real vidya gaymes
HAHAHA ironic because pekoleech can only do cam baiting and gachaslop streams nowadays, do cucksagi really?

>> No.63340979
File: 9 KB, 198x47, Screenshot 2023-11-26 205904.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my reaction

>> No.63340982

Her first model out of Hololive was one of the most spectactular live2D models I ever saw when she disclosed it.
Every single iteration after that was a downgrade

>> No.63340983

There is a timestamp so I assume it's real.

>> No.63340996


>> No.63340997

Rope yourself larper, not even gonna give a (you)

>> No.63341007

needed some kind of ID overlap blessing lol

>> No.63341008

>Did it normally
Like what normally leeches from the event funnel?
Thanks for admitting she usually leeches

>> No.63341010

>that pekora lightstick

>> No.63341009
File: 37 KB, 789x573, image_2023-11-26_205947237.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Sub 6k Graduation Stream

>> No.63341012

As a designer I always thought Cover policy regarding designs was good. Of course outsider who only want to see pretty anime girls wouldn’t understand how important branding is

>> No.63341014

hikosan is too cute honestly

>> No.63341016

And Miko got 17k with a horror game, your point?

>> No.63341027
File: 545 KB, 1022x575, image_2023-10-08_223918490.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

look at this kanaefag >>63340997

>> No.63341038
File: 55 KB, 480x480, 1692830517836052.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where fau fau?

>> No.63341052

Pekora MGS mogged Miko MGS
Pekora Mario mogged Miko Mario
Many such cases

>> No.63341057

I can't see your IDR meme currency there

>> No.63341063

Wait, Bald guy is graduating?

>> No.63341062

She been doing that that since Pekora rabbit stream earlier this year. And she just change the design recently to the nousagi lightstick
It’s good attention to detail

>> No.63341065

And yes pekora got sub 15k your point

>> No.63341070

Here >>63341009

>> No.63341076

sorry sapling
fauna and i fuck for entire day
she will continue streaming tomorrow

>> No.63341101

somethis is off with her face, or its just too simplistic?

>> No.63341102

Tempagpag doko?

>> No.63341114

Lmao not even your schizo ass watched Miko's shitty aka manto streams last month I guess

>> No.63341115

Ancient horror game, meanwhile pekoleech got sub 20k stream playing the latest new hot fighting game (that she got +50k viewers playing the same game once) lmao

>> No.63341119

Not bad.

>> No.63341123

But miko mogged pekora with her mario just the other day tho lmao

>> No.63341135

the shading is a little flat compared to the rest of her body, gives it abit of a cgi feel

>> No.63341149
File: 1010 KB, 1280x720, 1690643066613009.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.63341155

Pekora Mario RPG got 10k more viewers than Miko's though

>> No.63341157
File: 1.53 MB, 1920x1080, F2sMSqLbsAAFVlE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Larping newfag like you probably don't know this but there is no Kuzuha fan who dislikes Kanae and vice versa
Now go back to your indie/phase/vshojo discord or whatever

>> No.63341159

I would.

>> No.63341173

More like nousagis dont want to admit pekoras low numbers. Lmao sub 15k stream

>> No.63341176

Uhhhh wrong guy? I thought Fauna watch NL?

>> No.63341177

Pekora(x) > Miko(x)

The proof is elementary and has been left as an exercise for the reader to figure out.

>> No.63341187
File: 866 KB, 1280x720, 1697321031406923.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.63341193


>> No.63341194
File: 26 KB, 637x358, Kingotsukimi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>kanaefag still try to unite king and kanae
fuck off, kanaefag should know their place
fucking sub human

>> No.63341204

But Pekora is more popular than Miko? Better averages while also streaming more

>> No.63341205

Miko got more members than Pekora
Miko sold more merch than Pekora

>> No.63341212

it sucks, not sex enough

>> No.63341221

she looks a bit korean here

>> No.63341223
File: 1.02 MB, 1280x720, 1683290345623320.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.63341227
File: 26 KB, 130x162, ghf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Inclining instead of decline
wtf, anon here told me he going to be 3 views soon

>> No.63341231

Just checked and it's real. Fuck this guy actually. Legitimately made an anti out of me.

>> No.63341239

who even is this

>> No.63341240

>The other day anon
Why are you running from pekora mario with leeching from clear timeslot
Miko btfo your pekora with mario just the other day

>> No.63341242

>relying on the only metrics that are 100% based off of shitty web scrapers
roru rumao

>> No.63341252

>Sister getting cocky
You retards never learn.

>> No.63341254
File: 2.09 MB, 1991x1553, versus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.63341255
File: 1.02 MB, 1280x720, 1680158039001093.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.63341258
File: 280 KB, 832x471, Screenshot 2023-11-26 210412.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]