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Holotalk soon

Next stream: https://youtu.be/MXOhD0jXdWI

Schedule: https://twitter.com/takanashikiara/status/1411837664345706496

Art by: https://twitter.com/hako_sketch/status/1413517266017128448

Previous thread: >>6302791

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First time I've seen the thread get bumped off before we reached bump limit. Might pop in and out with Kiara images to keep the thread alive

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most chickenfaggots are no longer here, they've already joined the discord trannies as per my suggestion since they know you're all pretty much hated and don't belong here. very soon we will be finally rid of you trannies

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Thanks for the bump bud! Take the free biscuit on the way out.

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6 hours. Damn that is definitely the longest EN stream right?

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>This is what eggs think

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HoloTalk "A chat with God" edition

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german humour is a serious business...

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You mean the longest EN Collab stream?

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i assume you meant longest EN collab stream because you can't call yourself KFP without watching a kiara 12-hour zatsudan at least once. also there's probably a longer one but i forgot

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Orange Woman Bad

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Ame has had longer streams. Her charity stream was nine hours.

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Big if true.

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Yeah of course. Sorry.
I'm pretty sure Kiara has her beat. Her longest stream is twelve hours.

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>Lost internet just right after Kiara's BD and the debut of that ENsinger
Anything big happen in the past two days? Or just business as usual with the streams.

Oh shit, it's on?

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Nah you missed it. It was yesterday.

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Any Kiara-related highlights?

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No (You) for you nigger

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She took two days off after the birthday collab and only came back yesterday for the almost 7 hour Gura collab.
And she released a meme video during that time.

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Kiara did kick few ball in left back position.
About 12 hour ago first vt match.

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Hyped for Holotalk later. Chicken Festival’s duet of Uchiage Hanabi is one of my favorite karaokes. https://youtu.be/Vxq4MjnpFMk

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Its actual banger
And the text is based as fuck

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Arson Kino
>Arson Kino
Arson Kino
>Arson Kino

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I'm glad Gura was the first one to say "Stream Sparks".
Unity is great.
I'm hoping for Kiara to go "Stream Violet" once the song is finally out. Although the song now had several months of hype so it will probably rush to 1M before she even has the chance.

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Anyone knows whats going on with the upcoming member stream? Is it going to be another watchalong?

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She'll decide on it during the pre-chat for the reservation so it's probably not a watchalong

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So much has happened the last week (Tales of, birbday, merch, song, collabs) that I hope for a long and comfy chatting stream.

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good for you

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I mean if you lurk boards for long enough you'd know a majority of the stuff said on them are just schizo rambling. I hope she never really took any of that shit seriously way back then

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/jp/ was imploding during that Christmas stream and /vt/ had to endure three months of Kiara anti spam since its inception last March, so I'm guessing she never really found these little safe Kiara havens. Not that it matters since her stacy energy is pulling her to the top

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Missed that. How bad did /jp/ lose its shit?

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>three months of Kiara anti spam
The beginning of /vt/ was fine though, the moderation was actually rather strict. I'd argue we also had the best Kiara split threads back then. It's only over time that /vt/ basically became /jp/ 2.0.

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Hololive spilling out of /hlg/ and global, flooding the board. Roommate threads frequented the catalog too.

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Didn't she say this when 5ch was spreading the subaru doxx rrat? I don't recall her getting upset at anything that was happening in /jp/ but that doxx rrat was the one thing made it to her from 5ch

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And considering /jp/'s entire GET OUT OF /jp/ and CROSSBOARDERS REEEEEEEEE mentality they must have just lost their shit. I mean it was expected once Vtubers got big but I fully expected them to bust out doxxing (if not trying to spike threads with CP akin to /sp/ and the Shitcago CP spammer)

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Possibly, but we know Kiara has had a history of dealing with doxfags and cyberbullies, so the stream comment is about as general a message of mental wellness as it gets.

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That and the holobronies randomly popping up in the other boards. Granted it wasn't as bad as the actual ponyfagging that led to /mlp/'s existence, but the circumstances were similar enough to coax the guys upstairs to make /vt/.

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KFP are becoming Vtubers themselves now...

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Same. It's been a minute since we had hours long chat with Kiara to let her unwind and just vent/talk to us about how she's doing in her general life. Obviously the post-vacation stream was pretty chatty, but I feel like it had a focus rather than just her talking about stuff.

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>twitch vtuber nexatg
Heh, what happened to him. He stopped clipping Kiara months ago and I think somebody did say that he started busy with his college.

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He still hangs around and watches Kiara (and presumably Mori), but yeah he hasn't worked on Kiara-related stuff in a long while.

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Good on him, guy did the work and got regconized for it, used his following on Twitter to promote many indies before coming a Vtuber himself.

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Feels great seeing Kiara keep mentions of Holostars to a minimum, unlike most of the other HoloEN girls.
Even if she might sadly be pressured by her fanbase into inviting one of them to Holotalk one day, it's clear as day that she'd rather avoid them.

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Eh, I don't see anything wrong with them being excited for a 3D debut. It's not like they otherwise bring up the stars all the time. Plus the stars are good guys imo.

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Any KFP's who downloaded that kiara set from bit ly should remove it. It's a trojan by some greasy GERM.

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lmao. This is why I stick to megas

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It was on anonfiles for a reason I guess. Mentally ill GERMS will try anything to get at Kiara though.

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Gonna repost this before Matsuri Holotalk
Matsuri and Kiara Discuss oobs and Eat Chicken {FULL COLLAB} [ENG]-l5PCAFaVMqA

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I miss off-collabs so much because we actually got to hear Kiara's voice without the awful GoXLR

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Just a quick question. Current mods: momo, harbor, kazz, zeroryuk, dakuma, motion? Was motion ever modded? No need for timeloop... a simple yes or no answer with correction is satisfactory.

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Think it happened last weekend.

>> No.6336654

Iirc there were only three mods in the initial batch and motion was not one of them.
And he never got modded on stream so unless he got modded during some pre-chat he should not be a mod.

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really interested in the questions today since she had troubles finding good ones.

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I think Motion was added during the Member's Stream when she was drawing Tiara.

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I was wrong anons, she's not my favorite but she's sweet and has an undeniably unique appeal and I'm really glad we have her.

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Wait, did Kiara really mention doing the band-aid thing herself or did a schizo in hlgg mishear her?

>> No.6343905

she did and then just ignored it
kfp needs to get on the case bully out more details

>> No.6344149

she did
as a cosplayer she has certainly taped much stranger things onto more intimate places.

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Matsuri's reaction to her saying that is actually really cute

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So, the new chuuba is fluent in Japanese and lives in Tokyo, and has done lots of anime covers. What does this mean for Kiara?
>they can connect over Japan and weeb stuff
>they can both collab with JP senpai
>Kiara is no longer the sole Japanese translator for HoloEN
However, I would've preferred if we got another EU holo already

>> No.6344987

It's gonna depend on whether or not IRS will be streaming often. If so then Kiara would definitely gun for a collab the moment the restriction gets lifted. EN never really needed a translator outside of holotalk and very specific streams like the summer festival. I just hope she gets treated like EN 1.5 since having another chuuba to watch would be nice. Also Kiara could easily set up collabs with her since timezones aren't that bad compared to NA. She'd need to stop going to bed at fucking 6 am

>> No.6344998

Even KFP on twitter and discord claim to hear it as well

>> No.6345250

What I'm hoping (even though I know for a fact that it's going to happen) is that we won't have some retarded love triangle.
Irys and Mori will 100% off-collab at some point and you know Kiara...
I suppose it could be amusing if she only comments on it every now and then, but let's hope she doesn't lean too hard into it.

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Lyger approved of Kiara's translations and questions.
I know most anons hate the guy but he IS a legitimately good translator and he is VERY protective of Matsuri, so this means our birb did good.

>> No.6345785

Diligent chikin!
I wasn't sold on Matsuri before this but I decided to sub. Holotalk is good at selling me on certain Vtubers

>> No.6345853

>retarded love triangle
kiara basically makes jokes like that about everyone who Collabs with Mori, the most prominent example would be ollie.

>> No.6345923

Im ok with Kiara doing it, I just dread the coming "Kiara IRyS and Calli are having an off collab arent you jealous!!!" In chat and superchats

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Ahhh these post-Holotalk shots are always so cute.

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i love kiara!

>> No.6346064

sort of related, How would KFP and deadbeats, not just >here but in general, react if Kiara and/or Mori would jump ships?

Are the /u/ fans more interested in the ship than the characters, do they just want any ship and not a specific one, how would they react?

obviously this will never happen sadly but probably for the better

>> No.6346105

Most wouldn't like it but not to the point where they stopped watching. A lot would be happy with Kiara in a lot of ships, Takotori is very popular too

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Matsuri... your hand...

>> No.6346666

I want to like Holotalk, but I just can't...
with my shitty Japanese it's like "blah blah blah APEX blah blah blah kawaii"
Waiting forever for Kiara to translate an answer that's like "yes, Matsuri plays a lot of Apex"
Am I missing something here?

>> No.6346714

Yes. You are supposed to look at cute girls being cute while waiting for the translation.

>> No.6346731

I've always wondered what number of consistent fans are there for the ship and not Kiara herself. It kinda scares me to think what it would be like if she lost even 5% of her viewership and how she would react if she started to slowly move away from the ship.
I'd love to see it. Sitting on the same 5ish jokes and plot line every time they get together for a collab group or one-on-one is really fucking stale. I don't hate Mori, but I don't think she brings much energy to the ship because she has to play the tsun role so fucking hard.
Consume streaming content while you do something else. I keep my ears open and when I hear her say something that really matters to me, I'll pause the video, rewind a little, and actually pay full attention. I feel like most people who consume this stuff are doing it the exact same way. The only Kiara stuff I listen to with full attention is her superchat readings and watchalongs.

>> No.6346753

HLGG are pussies
What about you fags here??


>> No.6346802

>Consume streaming content while you do something else. I keep my ears open and when I hear her say something that really matters to me
Yeah, that never works for me. For anything really, I just get focused on whatever I'm doing.

>> No.6346903

Dunno what to tell you then. You could always skip Holotalk then because it's dedicated to doing half English half Japanese. Are you mad that she does self-translating sometimes during her streams as well?

>> No.6346949

nah her regular streams are fine because it's 90% english and 10% japanese. holotalk is more like 75% japanese or more, so it makes me feel like I might as well just watch clips of the guest directly.

>> No.6346950

The ships come up in such a small percentage of the total stream time I couldn't imagine anyone is still watching Kiara and seeing her as "Callis Wife" instead of just being a Kiara fan on their own.

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/vt/ is being raided by all sorts of undesirables right now, just take a break and do your reps until debut.

>> No.6346973

Huh, previous thread actually died early

>> No.6346977 [SPOILER] 
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is she swiping her card?

>> No.6347034

Did this get leaked yet?

>> No.6347047

It would probably be a big deal and several people would get emotional and drop either one or both.

But after a while I don't think much would change for the hardcore fans. There would be way less TakaMori art once they are no longer official but part of their appeal seems to be their lore of having a super troubled relationship, getting together and breaking up over and over again.
The real shizos would probably talk about them getting back together every time they interact and stuff.

Just look at InAme - the entire ship is build around psychological horror and a corrupted Ina dominating Ame when their collabs are... two people barely talking with each other.

>I've always wondered what number of consistent fans are there for the ship and not Kiara herself.
Pretty sure those that only care about the ship don't watch Kiara's streams in the first place. They are long, often at a terrible time for the US and filled with lots and lots of Kiara.
Unless you really care about Kiara you don't make it through a Ryza or Yakuza stream.

>> No.6347130

Said it before, as long as it seems like there may be some earnesty in the post, I'll respond. There's straight up bait like that other post and disingenuous questions with cynicism layered throughout the question that I won't touch because it's a little to obvious. The other question is just a way to discuss more.
Probably right. With the amount Kiara pumps out, the hardcore /u/ fans who are only there for that are probably just clip consumers.

>> No.6347265

idk, I didn't have it until someone posted it in global.
Someone might have already posted it, sounds dumb but I recognize that insane thigh, you'll have to check the archives

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J*U was this one of the better episodes of Holotalk? 2 hours, damn that's gotta be almost as long as the Coco one

>> No.6348004

It's 49 seconds longer than the Coco HoloTalk, making it barely the longest one.

It was a good episode, Kiara asked a ton of follow-up questions and they had several cute and funny moments.
Matsuri really showed her smart and wholesome side which was really interesting to see since I know next to nothing about her aside from the most popular clips and their last collab.

>> No.6348099

hopefully a clipper will clip and sub all those cute/funny moment so that the English audience of HoloEn can understand them.

>> No.6348180

They were pretty easy to understand.
Matsuri singing the alphabet, Kiara saying she once used band aids instead of a bra, Kiara asking Matsuri why she didn't just run without a bra because she is flat and Matsuri giving her the silent treatment.
I don't understand any Japanese but there was enough fun stuff in there to enjoy.

>> No.6348711

How much has Kiara talked about her hard past of eating out of trashcans or whatever? She mentioned it again when Matsuri brought up buying bread heels for 15 cents to get food to get by and I remember a long while back her talking about it a little bit.

>> No.6349357

damn, really?
no wonder she has a poorfag mentality.
If that is not a rrat she clawed her way out of the hole like a fucking boss.

>> No.6349453

I don't recall her talking about food in that way but during Yakuza she talked about a few of the shitty places she had to live in while in Japan.
And we had the entire fucking Caspar arc because that rat infested house was a cheap arrangement she made before joining Hololive.

>> No.6349650

I think it came up when she was talking about talking to her mom about the living situations in Japan for her and her mom said something similar to "Whoa, I had it pretty bad when I was young but that sounds pretty rough". Just recalled that little bit of info off the top of my head when you brought up shitty living places.

>> No.6349908

Jesus. Props to her for hitting the Hololive jackpot

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The arrival of the new chuuba really made me realize how hard I've fallen for Kiara. I know so much about her at this point and I've stuck with her for so long that even her flaws are endearing to me now. A part of me was afraid that my heart would be swayed by a fresh and exciting new face, but now I know that I'm here forever.

>> No.6350277

Never too late to learn german for your oshi. One day, you too can accurately fantasize having a KiaraGF.

>> No.6350487

I think a lot of us share this feeling but we should honestly tone it down a bit. Enjoy it now but don't delude yourself... this is temporary.

>> No.6350522

I was actually thinking about how I am not really that excited about IRyS, I already have Kiara and couldnt want anything more

>> No.6351136

Take your meds

>> No.6351208

I just hope IRyS will be a good collab partner for Kiara.

>> No.6351648

Eat shit gosling.

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Getting the saviourfag shit in old VoDs makes me wish I was there at the time instead of just viewing it. She works so hard to make her content and entertain us and I'm glad she got rewarded after this stuff >>6348711.
I fucking love my chicken Oshi!

>> No.6351774

I wonder if Casper is still out there

>> No.6351885
File: 309 KB, 312x500, Dancing Mamaloni.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Crunchy One is streaming on Pixiv, but doesn't seem her translator is around so she's not talking


>> No.6351895

Reminds me of that one stream where she was proudly stating how she can afford the fancy jam that costs a few dollars more.

>> No.6351997

Ah maybe it was that, because I thought it was so cute that she realized that sometimes cost does make the quality better. I think she said something along the lines of "I always bought the very cheap jam because I couldn't afford the one that was a few dollars, so when I finally tried this few dollars jam, it was sooooo goood". Yes, her ETL was close to that.

>> No.6352017

Mamaloni, I know you have Kiara or Takamori hentai stashed away somewhere...
Sharing is caring...

>> No.6352633

I do remember her talking about living on a 10 dollar budget for a month while living in japan, but that's lost in a random SC reading

>> No.6352817

Ah yep, that must have been it for the one I was thinking specifically of. I need to just start clipping all the saviorfag moments properly. I heard one earlier where she starts getting down on her abilities and waits for the chat to bolster her up.

>> No.6352983

If you end up doing that, make sure to clip that stream when she talked about being depressed and staying in her home for a good part of the year or when she spoke about not being able to gather a following before coming to hololive

>> No.6353081

She censors her translations sometimes, but they're generally okay.

>> No.6353627

I hope streamable doesn't have an upload limit...

>> No.6354546

damn i just wanna conquer kiara, mindbreak her, and make her my slave

>> No.6354586

You'll end up under her thumb, silly.

>> No.6356441


>> No.6356911

Chickim finally gets to play Mario party

>> No.6356941

Awesome group of holos, can't wait.

>> No.6356985

Ooooh, with WTM, Nene and button?
Even better.WVXQK

>> No.6357015

Hey, that's her JP friends. Happy for chikem.

>> No.6357052
File: 11 KB, 183x182, 1613323497308.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6357477

I find it more likely that IRyS will get closer to Kiara than Mori though. And even though she is sensitive, Kiara is ready for it, remember it was Kiara that told Mori that she should make friends and go outside with them.

>> No.6358328 [DELETED] 
File: 34 KB, 522x480, kfp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i wonder if you basement dwellers will ever develop good taste instead of subscribing to this garbage

>> No.6358407


>> No.6358595

anyone with an active twitter wanna warn her about the problems with nintendos net code over different continents?
perfect strom of: jp holos dont usually get these problems, EN curse and >cover

>> No.6358717

I'm trying to find a specific moment in the minecraft collab. Wasnt Kiara saying something in Japanese which literally translated means sth like "dont lick me" but has a different meaning. I cant find that moment through the timestamp descriptions. Does anyone know a roughly when that was?

>> No.6358747

Christ our antis have regressed

>> No.6358816

Kek the captcha got you too huh anon

>> No.6358868

Anon the 12 hrs new years stream...

>> No.6358904 [DELETED] 
File: 611 KB, 1550x909, c97407e84e7385bbf505f7d4de91a333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Go suck some tranny dicks
Also no (You) nigger

>> No.6359028

Calm down man, think about OUR negros.

>> No.6359114

wanna say around the first 1/3 of the the stream, but that wont help much and it all blends together so I'm most likely wrong in the first place

was there any reaction in the thread(s)? might be easier to go through the archive

>> No.6360041
File: 134 KB, 1000x1000, fa656c5b7a6cd3392fd9ff84c3ba27ff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nigger is not only skin color
Its state of mind
You can have white skin and be a nigger
Works in reverse too
You can be black and cultured man
Being a nigger is a choice

>> No.6360205

They're taking a rest from guraspamming. Probably.

>> No.6360883
File: 1.39 MB, 2500x2795, 1623620315770.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dear Internet Gods, please let chimken have a lag free game...

>> No.6361638

Oh wow thanks for the archive advice! I always forget that option.


>> No.6363893

imagine being shot dead by kiara
pure bliss

>> No.6368193

KFP Ceiling Fan on suicide watch

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Irys is reminding me that we still haven't seen Kiara's design sheet.

>> No.6369531
File: 16 KB, 431x132, E2QhIkhUcAQ0LkB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6373340

He gets away with it cus everyone wants to fuck his daughter

>> No.6373638

Huke should just make her naked then there is less of a need for a sheet

>> No.6374294
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Times like these make me feel glad we got Huke & Keffiy.

>> No.6374364

Do you guys think that with IRyS' arrival Kiara will finally set her limiters off?

>> No.6374575

I sure hope so. Irys has a great singing voice

>> No.6375043

*angry clucking noises*

>> No.6375154

she has no choice

>> No.6375572

>new Vsinger will start her streams around now at the earliest and often 2-4 hours later
Well RIP for any KiaRyS
also oh god that face

>> No.6375923

Good singing, comfy voice. Face needs to be fixed.

>> No.6375969

Im sure shes either streaming late in the day for America or early for Japan. So either Ame schedule or Calli schedule, unless she lives in liek Hawaii. So collabs should be able to work out

>> No.6376207

Face debuff.
Please fix it cover, you spent so much money on her.

>> No.6376465

Kiara also had outfit issues to deal with in the beginning but Huke redeemed himself with the new outfit. IRyS's problem is her artstyle looking uncanny as fuck but the rigging seems fine
Lmao no

>> No.6376551

Definitely seems like it's complete RNG as to whether you get a good rigger and/or artist in Hololive. Some get lucky, others are very unlucky.
As much as Kiara's OG design is disliked, at the very least she's got great rigging and she's in the same overall style as her genmates.

>> No.6376751

>Lmao no
Well if she wants people to actually show up to her karaokes, she will have to eventually.

>> No.6377343

Her streaming times are absolutely awful. So chicken (and Ina to an extend) will reign EU times. Good I guess. bad for collabs though.

>> No.6377396

They do show up though. She makes tons of money with her karaoke usually

>> No.6377439

I have higher hopes of her making peace with her numbers before dropping the chicken voice. Now that she's seen the reaction to it she has no right to complain about it when she knows how to fix it. She obviously won't drop it soon probably just because she likes it and her stubbornness won't allow her to

>> No.6377613

She won't drop chicken voice. She knows it's a debuff too, she is not stupid. She is keeping it by choice. Only she knows the reason.

>> No.6377728

we have better odds of her fucking her voice and being told by a doctor to stop than we have of her willing stopping the chicken voice anytime soon

>> No.6377742

That'd be a huge shame and I refuse to believe it because I want to have #HOPE.
I unironically look forward to Ame's karaokes more because she at least has fun and also has great song selection. The problem with Kiara's chicken singing is that it's not bad enough to be entertaining, but it's not good enough either.
If she won't change it, then I pray that one day someone out there convinces her to change her GoXLR settings so that we don't have harsh mic peaks anymore.

>> No.6378025

There it is, circlejerk the fucking timeloop again shitheads.

>> No.6378189

If IRyS new songs quickly out pace SPARKS we'll have a problem and Kiara will def go all out.

>> No.6378220

I mean, did you even hear Irys? New competition like her is good because it can actually force a change for the better.

>> No.6378323

I have been thinking about sending her a SC about the mixer, but I won't. It's such a bad idea. No matter how you try to word it in 250 characters, I will sound like an asshole.

>> No.6378415

What why? There are dozens of Holo songs that outperform sparks. She has NEVER been sad or jelly of others. She only fears that she HERSELF is underperforming.

>> No.6378433

Have you considered sending an actual letter?

>> No.6378440

I couldnt imagine she thinks it wont, of course the hot new vsingers song is going to out pace Kiaras, but Sparks is not doing bad at all.

>> No.6378500

>overshadow Birthday
>overshadow new song
Not even trying to be a doomer but I genuinely think that would sting

>> No.6378525

If anything make a video or write up and send it to her on twitter, people did it in the past when she wouldnt activate her windows

>> No.6378630

wdym "all out"

>> No.6378687

He means shes going to enact the 4th Reich

>> No.6378696

But it didn't overshadow the birthday? It happened hours after her birthday was over. The next day even (her time)
>overshadow her song
Why would she be mad about irys? She knew when she debuts yet she still decided to release her song on that day. It's on her and she knows that.

Are you seriously already trying to make up rrats about Kiara hating irys? too soon kek cmon

>> No.6378793

where did I say anything about her hating IRyS?

>> No.6378794

I think you need to take your meds

>> No.6378835

sounds like a good idea, if we had some sound anon here, who could make a clip showing off the problems of her settings/chicken voice.

>> No.6378874

Good he should live up to his name and hang from one

>> No.6378918


>> No.6378928

Yeah it's not the chicken voice that is the problem (see old minecraft videos where she randomly sings) it's just the fucking settings. She is using Ame's settings, which is fine tuned for Ame's voice, not for Kiara.

Some1 needs to tell her how to fix that.

>> No.6378932

Anon, people don't watch vtuber karaoke because it's actually good singing. Just look at fucking Ame. They watch because it's their oshi trying her hardest.

>> No.6378975

God damnit, I just got to the point in one of her earlier videos where she just starts neck-cracking. I remember back when I first started watching her and posting around here I talked about how bad it was for her to be doing that shit and got dog-piled.

>> No.6379026

Watch this then


Still my favorite

>> No.6379047

Looking forward the Mario Party Collab tomorrow, but oh boy, 9 AM on a Sunday is rough for US-folks

>> No.6379050

I don't watch Gura but I watch any publicly available karaoke VoD because she has a nice, soft and sweet voice for singing.

>> No.6379087

I dont care about shipshit but if it means better collabs I'm all for it. Mori is essentially a dead fish when it comes to this even with her chuuni dialogue. I expected funnier collabs from the two but Mori just seems to miss every time.

>> No.6379097

Irys is not any different to the good singers hololive already had, adding another onto the pile changes nothing.

>> No.6379103

the best thing would probably be a sound comparison between off collab JP Kiara with Kiara current Kiara. Show her how good she sounded while she was in the studio for orange 1, at matsuris home for lion and at Nene's place for orange 2

>> No.6379130

It's hard to balance concernfagging with actually caring about her in a non obnoxious way.
Just ignore the fags in here if you know your heart is right.
Neck cracking so much was a bad idea since it started. Actually during her first streams she TRIED to not neck crack as much because it's weird but she eventually got used to KFP and neck cracked like normal.

>> No.6379150

And I'm saying she's one of the exceptions who can ACTUALLY sing well in a pleasing way. A lot of Holos can't sing, it makes no difference to their karaoke numbers.

>> No.6379267
File: 393 KB, 398x607, 1613087217898.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just collabo with Runa nanora chikin...

>> No.6379333

What limiters? Orengi woman physically can't try harder.
...Or do you mean her Austrian limiters?

>> No.6379542

I just checked the archives, she actually sounds human in the Subaru and Matsuri off collabs, incredible.
Too bad she truly believes her sound settings are perfect now and prefers to leave it that way. It's really hard to ask her to change if you don't make a literal step by step tutorial on what to change without a chance of fucking up

>> No.6379563

As an EOP casual, I love our nanora princess. I wonder how they would play? Would Kiara just try to act like a big sister and get yelled at constantly? I am very happy at least one Holo plays the piano and even if I can't understand her streams, I watch every piano stream she has available to the public. Chimkin and my music taste could be further apart...
Here's an example where you can hear mostly her voice with the very slight chicken pitch stuck into it. I think the Anon is just asking for something she'll never do because the chicken voice is her character. Just finished this stream and clipped this a little bit ago.

>> No.6379583

Or even when she was at Callis house for the sleepover and Shrek watchalong

>> No.6379603

He means dropping the chicken voice. Her real voice (low voice) is actually very very good. In her last karaoke stream she ALMOST dropped it, there was still 70% chicken in it, but this means JUST 30% of her real voice made such a huge difference it's mind blowing.


>> No.6379612

Would watch just because of her Papa's vocaloid songs.

>> No.6379762

low voice was never her natural singing voice, anon

>> No.6379842

Bla, bla, bla, timeloop, bla, bla, bla...
Mori and Gura are gonna have a minecraft series together now? Wtf? How come Mori ghosts Kiara for their series and ends up doing one with someone else instead?

>> No.6379868

Part of the hard part is, depending on how awful her audio set up is her settings might legitimately sound good to her. If whatever headphones she uses don't have good high frequency reproduction then obviously that wouldn't stand out to her. Given how the default response by regular KFP is just to assert that the sound is fine coupled with how bad the average person's sound set up is she'd really have to trust whoever gave the advice and I know at the very least I'm not really all that trustworthy a person since I'm mostly just a random. Maybe I'll try making a short video or something and tweeting her about it when I'm less busy but as I've posted previously her settings truly are out of wack.

>> No.6379875

>natural singing voice
I know that. But it's her natural voice. She should use it to sing too. Don't you agree? It's amazing in my opinion.

>> No.6379920

Oh that's what he means. Well that's considerably less based than the aryan supremacy option.
But yeah idk why she insists on using chimkin voice to sing, a lot of holomems and even some homostars just use their regular voices to sing. Or change it entirely at any rate, can't really say if it's their "real voice" or just a tone and pitch they prefer to sing in.

>> No.6379940

fuck off retard we're busy looping here. Take your rrats to a split

>> No.6380016

>If whatever headphones she uses don't have good high frequency reproduction then obviously that wouldn't stand out to her.
She watches her own clips though so she definitely knows how she actually sounds to others and she's ok with it.
I'm not a random in the streams but I know jackshit about sound settings, I just can't ask her to do something without me knowing what I'm talking about.

>> No.6380051

Nah, its not that. Remember that Kiara egosearches and watch clips of herself, she 100% knows what her voice sounds like no matter the setup she has.

>> No.6380052

There is always one anon here who claims she uses it because she doesn't wanna "dox" herself. But let's be fucking real her lel. Let's def not the reason.
I don't know why she isn't changing it. Only she knows. She also knows that this voice debuffs her because she ego searches this stuff on twitter. There are A LOT of people on twitter who talk about getting fitlered by her voice. So she is not ignorant about this either.

Who knows why she doesn't wanna change it.

>> No.6380084

>Maybe I'll try making a short video or something and tweeting her about it when I'm less busy but as I've posted previously her settings truly are out of wack.
Tell us when you make the tweet. I dont check twitter that often and dont want to miss it. Just need to make sure that early comments are in agreement with you, so normiefags are more inclined to jump on it aswell.

>> No.6380101

What confuses me about people screaming about timeloops is that the thread naturally progressed into the discussion and we have actual possible good info here. >>6379868
Just because one faggot doesn't want to talk about it while 5 do doesn't mean it's a TIMELOOPFUCKOFF IDON'T WANTTOTALK ABOUT THIS.

>> No.6380171

but does she know the difference compared to how she sounded like during offcollabs in Japan? I think a side by side would actually be great.

>> No.6380199

My only speculation is something we've talked about before, she wants Kiara to be Kiara, and the voice being 'chicken' is part of the Kiara lore and memes. The other bit doesn't matter as much, but it's something she sees as the character.

>> No.6380208 [DELETED] 

I think the doxx reason is fine. I don't think she doesn't want fans to find out Kiara is her, I think she doesn't want people from her past to think that she is Kiara. I really don't think she did anything wrong, but she is paranoid and traumatized for a reason.

>> No.6380269 [DELETED] 

Anon. Anyone with a brain knows who she is. Everyone from her past already knows.

>> No.6380300 [DELETED] 

Anon...She has artfags with 1k+ follwoers who tweet on her RMT account and she likes/answers those tweets. She isn't afraid of that believe me.

Let's not go there AGAIN please. Let's say with the voice timeloop please.

>> No.6380319 [DELETED] 

Yet she's also hiding her cats name and was annoyed when her friends found out who she was

>> No.6380344 [DELETED] 

It's information you can google in a second. This isn't a secret at all. almost ALL of her subs know who she is. It's literally one of the first results in both youtube and google.
Change topic.

>> No.6380355

Just venting, my friend. I don't trust Mori to be a good friend to Kiara anymore, I cannot help but feel like she takes Kiara for granted and doesn't even care much about her.

>> No.6380431

If/when I'll do it I'll make sure to let you guys know but it probably won't be for a while. We're falling behind schedule for a contract at work currently so I'm even busier than normal.
I remember her writing off the change to her voice during the takamori vacation stream as being just because of the mic change, and that was part of the change certainly, but she definitely isn't able to force the voice as hard with out being able to get live monitoring of her voice with the GoXLR.

>> No.6380484 [DELETED] 

There are really anons among us believing this?
Face is the number 1 identifier of a human person without using any tools. You can easily google her name and get a picture. Knowing her real voice is not needed. Also if her friends would watch her, her mannerism would be more than enough for them to tell who she is. You think you could fool your friends with a slightly altered voice?

>> No.6380514 [DELETED] 

Guys, I know that, it doesn't matter though, if she is paranoid and anxious over this, she is gonna do what she feels she must do to protect herself. Kiara is happier now, but she was at her lowest low last year and she fears losing this happiness more than anything else. And this fear is even more irrational if she feels like she had something taken away from her.

>> No.6380518
File: 206 KB, 430x402, 1625965564488.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>29 results

>> No.6380533 [DELETED] 

>Yet she's also hiding her cats name
Because her cats instagram can betracked to her own instagram which breaches cover rule.
Anyway...Let's wait and see and hope the sound anon makes a move.
But yeah tell us beforehand so we can like and give positive comments etc before all the yes-mans arrive and say she has the most perfect voice in the world and doesn't need to change anything.

>> No.6380591 [DELETED] 

>Because her cats instagram can betracked to her own instagram which breaches cover rule.
Literally pulled that out of your ass

>> No.6380607

Okay anon listen to me.

First of all, take your meds.
Secondly, we know literally nothing about their private lives (rmt shit aside) or their personal relationship, what you see through streams or tweets it's a microcosm put through a filter. If they ARE real friends then you can bet you wouldn't even find out about half of their interactions so it's completely pointless to speculate, and if they AREN'T then it's literally a moot point.

At least have the decency of waiting until we don't see them talk with each other for a year and THEN we can start some good rrats. Pekomiko already has dibs on sleep dyke rape so we'll have to figure something else.

>> No.6380638
File: 154 KB, 322x315, 1622923071678.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6380667

nothing wrong with speculating how Mori ditched Kiara's idea of a Minecraft series and replaced her for Gura time after

>> No.6380699 [DELETED] 

The cats are unironically linked on one of her socials lol
She is not allowed by contract to reveal herself openly. Anyway back to voice please

>> No.6380726 [DELETED] 

Who are these faggots among us? Someone trying to stop us from improving her and someone not accepting a valid reason.

>> No.6380773
File: 701 KB, 220x214, Tsuno.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The vsinger really rustled their jimmies.

>> No.6380797 [DELETED] 


>> No.6380808 [SPOILER] 
File: 659 KB, 915x762, 1625973390523.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6380824

Her EU times are really bad tho. Kiara will stay the EU queen. But this also means there will be no collabs

>> No.6380841

And if he wanted to rrat about just that then it'd be fine.

But when he comes out with the "I don't trust Mori to be a good friend to Kiara" he needs a reality check and some meds.
Or to write it as an entretaining rrat. If you're gonna be a schizo at least be a fun one.

>> No.6380875

I want Luna to play a nice song on the Piano and have Kiara do vocals.

>> No.6380907

he's expressing his opinion, its by definition a rrat and not to take seriously, just as something you agree or disagree with

>> No.6381262

Mori shouldn't have kicked off with that Minecraft series idea when we all knew she absolutely dreaded the thought of playing the game back then. If it weren't for multiple full members MC collabs, she wouldn't even try to touch the game. She eventually got used to it over the months, and probably realized it's a great collab game because we barely get any interaction on the EN server nowadays.

>> No.6381281

No, it just means she will have to ruin her sleep for a day to make it to some collabs. She's already done it before so who cares.

>> No.6381397

Honestly, I think her game preferences would make constant collabs harder than their timezones. The most we can hope for is one time games and minecraft.

>> No.6381624

yeah she said she likes PvP games and has an Apex stream scheduled already so I suspect there might not be too much overlap.

>> No.6381796


>> No.6381832

At least for Kiara it's probably gonne be the same as Watson, collabs very rarely. The one exception might be if they join up to do anything where knowing Japanese matters.

>> No.6382020


Let's be honest Irys will collab a lot with Ame (time zones, game taste) and probably gura and Mori.
Kiara will continue being isolated and will further degenerate into a crazy cat lady.
I was really hoping for another EU girl.
Yet we get one with unironically the worst EU times possible and completely different taste in games.

At least that means more Kiara for us I guess. More parasocial relationship since she will get more addicted to us when being lonely

>> No.6382458

If she cares about her as much as the MC stream let on, I think she will try to find something a bit more unique.

>> No.6382460

>More parasocial
ew no, get away chicken. Go meet your friends or something. ew

>> No.6382665

What's up with these anti-gosling sentiments from you fags?

>> No.6382902

Why the fuck would anyone have positive sentiments towards goslings.

>> No.6382965 [DELETED] 

You seem like you just got done rp blowing someone in doxcord.

>> No.6382968

>Not loving your Oshi to your fullest.
>Not wanting to be with your Oshi forever and ever.
Yeah, fuck off retard.

>> No.6382978

KFP and Kiara are both Goslings

>> No.6383109

You're unironically in the wrong thread dude. Most of >us here are obsessed schizos who love her to death. Her being more intimate with us is considered a huge win.
Also as this guy said >>6382978 Kiara is a huge gosling herself towards KFP

>> No.6383402

If you love your oshi why do you drop shit like >>6382020 . Doomposting idiot wants his oshi to do badly so he can have her all for himself. You call that love?

>> No.6383438

Am kfpfag, despise goslings and gosling bs with a passion.

Schizos? Sure. Autistic retards? Definitely. Faggots? Not most, all. But I refuse to believe most of us here are fucking goslings, liking a content creator, even IF to an obsessive degree, doesn't mean you have to be a gosling.
>Kiara is a huge gosling herself towards KFP
How does that even make sense.
She's an attention whore sure, like most actors, but that's not being a gosling.

>> No.6383466

>Doomposting idiot wants his oshi to do badly
What? Where did I say that? I literally said I wish there would be an EU girl for her to collab and be friends with. I'm just pointing out the upside of her being lonely.

>> No.6383530

>Am kfpfag
>She's an attention whore
eggchama...You blew your cover too fast.

>> No.6383624

I don't mind her being an attention whore though? It's just natural, downright what I expect from entretainers.

>> No.6383684

If you watched her you would know how many times she said she needs us, loves us and is nothing without us. >We are everything to her. She worries a lot about us, when she doesn't release a single piece of content for us within 24hours she gets sad very quickly. She DOES have a parasocial relationship with us whether you like it or not.

>> No.6383780

We'll support her either way you dumbfuck. I'm happy her mood improved so much when finally settling down in Australia and it's been really nice to hear her happy about her personal life situation. I still enjoy the little bit of worrying she does and she really does love her job and fans a lot.

>> No.6383814
File: 263 KB, 722x561, gooseling_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6383941

Ok, first of all.

And second, parasocial relationships don't function "in reverse". That's just not what they are. A public persona caring about their fans as a collective isn't any type of relationship, and if she cares about any of them individually (she doesn't) then it's no longer parasocial either.

>> No.6383972
File: 24 KB, 100x100, angry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.6384036

Im on west coast so will be 6am for me. pretty much be watching the vod unless i somehow wake up to catch it live.

>> No.6384125

Alpha Krautchad here. 3pm for me.

>> No.6384325

Eating Kiara's Fresh Pussy!!

>> No.6384418

hell yeah dude

>> No.6384619

the Minecraft "series" is prolly just a meme cause they know they are probably not going to finish it in one stream, unless they did a 6-10 hour stream, and even then probably wont finish.

>> No.6385650
File: 249 KB, 710x720, 77377737737.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Given the time it took to finish the Kiara x Gura collab project I predict they'll finish the wheel halfway. It was stated it would be functional but to what degree is uncertain. The stream itself will probably be around 3-4 hrs but I might be completely wrong entirely.

>> No.6385669


>> No.6385738 [DELETED] 

Funny how she keeps referring to redjuice as god. Maybe she got confused.

>> No.6386241

Yes, anon, I too just realized how cute Kiara was today.

>> No.6386727

>Implying he didnt start with a fully naked kiara model and added each cloth piece one by one
You realize that if it wasn't for cover being pussies we could have bikini kiara right? huke did it all, and then also made the shirt transparent as a compromise. The man is a fucking genius.

>> No.6386868

I mean look at BRS, Huke certainly has no issues baring skin. Though I wish Kiara would relent on the form-fitting requirement and get a removable coat in future outfits.

>> No.6387060

My heart's deepest desire is a hoodie.
But for the love of god not a bird themed one, just a normal hoodie.

>> No.6388057

What do I have to do to taste Kiara's asshole?

>> No.6388142

First you need to be an actual sexy girl

>> No.6388279

I feel like becoming 2D might be the bigger of the two hurdles

>> No.6388317
File: 112 KB, 900x589, E58mH3PUUAQZg7N.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6388345
File: 102 KB, 900x637, E58l71RVUAMDYTC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

full unity version

>> No.6389063

>not being happy about less takamori
if anything, it will be people like you with annoying chat comments similar to >>6345923 that will kill the mood.
I personally think it is hypocritical to be mad mad because of a rrat like that.
Because if kiara would do something like that I would be happy about it.

>> No.6389397

The vSinger seems like a nice enough girl but also a bit too calm and not in a comfy Ina way. Maybe future streams will redeem her.
Sadly she doesn't seem like a good collab partner for Kiara. They will probably make it work but it will be a rare thing. Kiara will hopefully manage to get a few reactions out of her. In a month or so.

Also her face looks liveless and her mouth is too big - only Keffiy can get away with something like that.

>> No.6390571

vSinger is a kike. Kiara is a nazi. Latter will murder the former out of sheer hatred and jealousy, then be forced to graduate. Only then will we enter the golden age of HoloEN.

>> No.6391410

I had a dream that, for some mysterious reason, I was sleeping together with Ina and Kiara in a small one person bed. Ina's legs were quite cold. And Kiara hugged me from behind in her sleep but she woke up and was kind of confused about the whole thing.
It was okay.

>> No.6392099
File: 371 KB, 577x711, JESAS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love this anime woman

>> No.6392375


>> No.6392445

I don't even really care for them, Fubuki's my favorite holo.
That said, the chicken was soft and warm and made cute pleasant noises.

>> No.6392507

my kiara tulpa keeps combusting into flames

>> No.6393820
File: 174 KB, 1096x1647, 1604965055169.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6396007

I don't mind timeloops, but that anon pointed out the flaws four months ago. If by that time no one has even tried to do something about it, bringing it up is worthless. Either put up or shut up.
Yes, check sadpanda.

>> No.6396030

Mario Party starting with sheep, lion, and seal!


>> No.6396071

Imagine the warmth of her embrace.

>> No.6396156

Good stuff anon.

>> No.6397811

It hurts…

>> No.6400297
File: 210 KB, 1343x2048, E6Ao580VIAMnF4P.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love Kiara.
Simple as.

>> No.6400346
File: 595 KB, 2279x1663, E5l1y_2XoAAy--z.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Man that was a great collab. I hope there is a rematch soon.

>> No.6400440

Weren't they talking about Mario Golf at the end there? It'd be fun seeing the same group play that together.

>> No.6400446

Member's stream up

>> No.6400503

Will a kind anon be restreaming it?

>> No.6400824


>> No.6400855

How did you get that link?

>> No.6400896

Kill yourself, thanks.

>> No.6401035

Community post.

>> No.6401062

its ok to post members pre chat chat?

>> No.6401104

>link posted here 15 minutes ago
>community post only up 2 minutes ago

>> No.6401142
File: 3.68 MB, 232x227, 1626015940927.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>KiArA is HeRe BrOs

>> No.6401172

Yes, they already posted a bunch of it over at /hlgg/

>> No.6401185

Can you edit community posts? Because if not she might have deleted it and wrote a new one to put in a Japanese translation.

>> No.6401235
File: 65 KB, 1080x119, Screenshot_20210711-182832452 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Most likely explanation.

>> No.6401254

Certainly possible, but as I understand it she's currently busy unfucking her Minecraft builds.

>> No.6401258

Honestly it's a good idea that Kiara's not doing an art stream because the Tiara drawing stream should be public, so that we actually get fan art for her

>> No.6401324

Why is she so averse to having a 'pure' zatsudan? Who cares about Fall Guys?

>> No.6401402

Oh ok I found said screenshot.

That remind me of that peek emote months ago.

>> No.6401498
File: 7 KB, 590x82, Sin título.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

chit chat or fall guys she said on chat.

>> No.6401700

Something to fall back on if she loses her train of thought.

>> No.6401972
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I see what you did there.

>> No.6402732

Was Ina going to draw a birthday present to Kiara or something?

>> No.6402909

Because that's literally what her superchat readings are.

>> No.6402969

Yes, apparently she's going for something cool looking.

>> No.6403005

did you watch the Bday stream anon?
she said she would during the call in

>> No.6403137

Can't say I remember that, but I also couldn't make out even half of what Ina was saying.

>> No.6404343

Ina wants to draw something cool like Huke did for Kiara instead of the usual. She's currently busy with drawing jobs for her priestess duties and Hololive (she recently did NoeFurea merch) on top of streaming.
Isn't she already 2/2 on having a bad time with fall guys?

>> No.6405338

It's a members only stream. Greynames can't really snipe her unless they luck out and I think members can be trusted to not be dickheads when it's no longer fun.

>> No.6405512

New thread in a few minutes.

>> No.6405816

Before this thread dies, I want to say that I love Takanashi Kiara very much

>> No.6405865


>> No.6406418

New thread up:

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