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If you know, you know

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With me ofc

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>both haachama and sora have done countdowns in ASMR
who else bros

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Your mom

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how is she so sex

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fresh soda to quench my thirst

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Be careful not to shake your soda, or it might spray everywhere when you open it

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gimme the iwara link

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username is poncozione iirc

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got it thanks

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3d model shit is too uncanny valley to be hot
same with ai stuff
I can never fap to it it just makes me feel like I'm sticking my penis in goo

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Made for ojisans(me)

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I would disagree

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I only get that from the 3d shit that tries to actually look more realistic like VAM stuff that seems to be popular with the chinks for some reason. Anime style is so unrealistic in proportions and colors that uncanny valley isn't an issue. If you can fap to hentai and lewd doujins, you can fap to lewd mmd's or koikatsu.

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The girl next door

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Iykyk is one of the most retarded phrases to have come out in the past decade.

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Queen of iwara

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Why? I looked at some of the content and it wasn't that special.

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She isn't. She's not even the top vtuber on there.

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Did I miss something? What's with all these posts about Sora in the catalog?

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Sora threads are slow af so they need to attract people somehow