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>NijisanjiEN streamer caught committing plagiarism for his official mascot design
Not satisfied with paying someone to make the official design based on a fanart, the original artist didn't receive a single dollar from him, not even a credit for original design.
Just another example of nijisanji being a black company and treating their own fans like cattle

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Not really a surprise to anyone

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What's with the men in this company?
None of the girls ever get in trouble like this even Enna

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This trouble is stupid

>> "once the design is submitted, the liver has the right to use it"
End of this thread.

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But he didn't credit the designer

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stop being a faggot tribalfag for a second. This has nothing to do with the vtuber sicne he's not the one stealing any work.
twitter artists tend to be dramafags, might i remind you what happened to fuwamoco when they asked their fans for free art work ?

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Niji defense force is going to be busy today

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>This has nothing to do with the vtuber sicne he's not the one stealing any work.
How is he not the one stealing the work?

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Just a single fucking week without drama please, Kurosanji...

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>literally got featured/credited
>meanwhile kurosanji livers refuse to even acknowledge the original artist

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He's crediting someone else even, @maeriette.

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yeah, that's the artist who did the redraw for the official thing

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Rip the guy that made the original concept I guess. Good for the redrawer

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Dude, you get free art from fans, at least credit the artist. It's even more baffling if he paid another guy to redraw the design.

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Thanks for the content, anon

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No need to, they signed away any credit rights when they submitted it to Niji.

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They have a nigga named wilson?!?!

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the right move should be crediting the original artist and the redrawer

this shit is so fucking simple
why this happen really baffles me

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>once the design is submitted, the liver has the right to use it
the faggot artist should have learn how to read properly before learning how to draw

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>Dumb artist draw mascot for niji
>Art got stolen without credit
A tale old as time itself

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Now they'll have to defend stealing art, I love it

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Nobody is saying he doesn't have the right to use it, ESL-kun

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Nijisanji and stealing is the most iconic duo

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when you draw these corpotubers you are basically giving them the rights to your drawing. holo does the same shit. they own the character you drew and can do whatever the fuck they want. it's a japan copyright thing. they don't have fair use protecting derivative works.

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once you submitted it, it's no longer yours. it's mine. whatever i want to do with it, whoever i want to credit, is none of your fucking business. so the stupid artist should just delete his posts before he embarrasses himself further

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Wilson fucking apologized to the artist and even went and said he'd change the design if it made the artist uncomfortable so why are you being a fucking retard about this

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God damn they really force the NDF to defend a thievery huh?

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What I don't get is: why doesn't he just credit the redrawer AND the original artist? Just copypaste the dude's twitter handle ffs. There, drama avoided. You get new mascot, fan feels appreciated for their effort.

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>Miss the whole problem
At least defense properly

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That's inspiration, not stealing art. You don't own a pose

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Are you retarded? That's the point, people give vtubers free shit all the time, the least they should do is to give proper credit. That dude isn't even being paid in exposure. How hard is it to add "based on the original design of..."?

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>Wilson fucking apologized to the artist
he just proved that he's a far better man than the faggot artist. maybe the bastard should learn something from him

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nijifags never give credits to artists. not sure why they even get fanart.

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i don't watch any corposhit and the word you're looking for is "defend" braindead holokek you're sucking the same corpocock. don't draw for billion dollar corporations. draw some cute western indies instead and they will appreciate it and commission you for work.

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shit example my dude

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Technically true, but you gotta think of the PR and how it looks, too. Not crediting the original artist is just plain bad manners. Not that Niji or the NDF would know anything about doing PR reps though.

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Your niji is showing, anon

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I'd say this is more on the artist than Wilson. I'm pretty sure NijiEN livers can't contact fan artist for work anymore after someone Luca hired leaked a project. So most likely Niji Mangament were in talks with whatever artist they hire and Wilson probably said he wanted an Axolotl design.
>why an Axolotl
That was his shtick in Minecraft where he breed a ton of them to get a blue one.

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>Wilson fucking apologized
>nobody posts the proof so the discussion can end
not very smart huh
suck my cock

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Wtf? Why didn't he just credit her? Fucking moron

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I accept your concession

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Why didn't he just hire this artist instead of going for another one when they're the one who made the design in the first place and probably had 0 fucking qualms in editing it to fit his vision

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>oh I saw your fanart, loved the concept, wanted my mascot to be like that, so I hired an artist and told them to just copy your work without ever contacting you... nothing personal, I hope you won't make me change de design as that would bring a lot of hate to you within the community

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>Yeah I tried to steal your art and not credit you but now you found out and enough people retweeted ut I'm sorry
Garbage human being, perfect for chinksanji.

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It wasn't the fans complaining retard, it was some random artist who was offended on 'behalf' of the fans. They were all credited for the voluntary soundbites.

A very different scenario from this case where the one complaining is the actual artist who not only did not voluntarily submit but wasn't even credited for said submission.

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Try defense properly next time,nijikek

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>Only apologise when get call out

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The rights were never the issue. The original artist isn't asking for rights. From what can be seen, they submitted it as part of a contest of some kind.
They're simply asking to be mentioned as the original designer which is the very smallest amount of courtesy they could have offered them for this.
Giving credit to the correct people is the very least someone can do for artists that give you shit for free. But a chinese opportunistic shit pile like yourself wouldn't understand that.

>whoever i want to credit, is none of your fucking business.
Actually that's completely wrong. Even if you buy a piece of artwork from someone, you can't then claim it was drawn by someone else. That's literally fraud.

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try an english textbook next time corpocuck

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>they submitted it as part of a contest of some kind.
They actually didn't. See >>63265544

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This unironically makes him look like even more of a scumbag.

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I remember Selens fanart contest and niji just said if you submit anything then they get a commercial license to your work.

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Uh, I'd rather completely remake my mascot and spend more money than give you the bare minimum of credit so can you fuck off??

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Just another regular week for NijiEN. They just can't stop.

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>They're simply asking to be mentioned as the original designer which is the very smallest amount of courtesy they could have offered them for this.
that would be nice but they have no obligation to thank you for drawing their ip.
>But a chinese opportunistic shit pile like yourself wouldn't understand that.
japanese copyright law. not china. i don't know if they even have copyright over there.

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What is NijiEN's yab per capita? They get themselves into the most shit every week but they have a lot of people also proof that quality > quantity always

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What? That makes him even more of a Scumbag

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You can repeat retarded crap as much as you want, it won't change a thing.
There's a set of unwritten rules for that kind of things, and properly crediting artists is the most basic decency. It doesn't matter that you can technically not do it, you're basically spitting on the face of your fans if you act that way.
Glad that Wilson apologized and I hope it was a honest mistake.

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Don't really care about the drama, but fanarts under the tag can be used by the vtubers however they like, it's like that everywhere. Don't want it to be used by them? Either don't post under their tag or put a big 'DON'T USE IT FAGGOT' in the post along the art.

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Go watch your dying nijiEN

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And Selen had to fight to even offer some money reward out of her own pocket, which just made her look bad in management's eyes

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The only thing this is missing is a passive agressive ":)"
He should've taken hints from Ren on how to play victim

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People neglect that Japanese corpos flat out explicitly tell you anything you make with their brand belongs to them including fanart, designs and etc
People neglect that Wilson actually apparently apologized even though the designs themselves are pretty different from each other
People pretend to be on the same side as the guy who called out fwmc on Twitter for using their fans.

You're all retarded

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Can't he just remake it or give the credit to the original artist? Why all the pr speak?

>> No.63266197

How is every post defending him missing the point? Are you samefagging?

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Sis how pimply are you?

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Why the fuck would management block Selen from giving out prize money from her personal funds? Livers can't choose how to spend their own money now??

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He literally could've just added "Inspired by @artist cool submission" and it would've been okay. Its so easy. Why is it so hard to just credit stuff? Just copy paste a name.

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Wait, I hope that's not the "apology", because it's fucking garbage.
>sorry if you feel bad about it, but I purposely took your design without crediting you because I wanted to add a pair of goggles on its face

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Doesn't this stuff usually use the original artist like that chibi for HoloEN

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Cause if she has so many money like that then she should give it to the company, not the fans

>> No.63266269

shh the adults are talking

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It literally happened
I think it's about japanese gambling law where they prohibit cash prize
but that's still fucking stupid

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>someone makes a really cuteascot design
>Wilson sees it
>instead of asking the original artist takes this design and gives it to another artist and says to just copy it
>reveal new mascot without credit to the guy you copied the art from
>get called out on twitter
>only reply when you absolutely have to
>make yourself look like a complete scumbag by confirming it all

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You mean Walfie? Well yeah, if HoloEN never properly credited the guy and instead paid someone else to copy his design and give that person all the credit

>> No.63266380

>ecause I wanted to add a pair of goggles on its face
The original artist HAD THE GOGGLES. Look at the OP image. The only difference is the eye shape. unironically.

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commercial license does not mean that they can transfer the creation of said art from it's original artist to another.
The creator of something is an immutable fact and cannot change even if you purchase that design from someone else.
Japanese copyright literally entails the moral rights of the author, which explicitly states that the credit for the authorship of a work cannot be changed or misattributed.
Nice try, you shit-eating EOP retard.

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The original has goggles too. He literally didn't add anything lol.

>> No.63266442

>oh shit, I got caught. better apologize.
And he's even telling her he did in fact use her design. Scumbag move, really.

>> No.63266475

Watch as the artist got attacked by Yucky's fans

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There's a shit ton of differences.
The eyes are bigger
The features are more fox like and less round
The tail is on fire and less amphibious looking
The whiskers are hollow and rounded
The ears are pointed and given hair

It resembles a fox more closely than an axolotl

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Bro just credit the original artist. Holy shit, it's not that hard.

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Everything "Selen" does is what Nijisanji does. She is not her own person, she is a company mascot. its the reason why Kyo got suspended because he made Nijisanji look really bad in Korea.

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>Sisters getting mad that they shill for free while someone else expects to get paid for their work

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Always funny when people talk about someone doing something wrong, then other people defend it by talking about rules and laws. Do you only know right from wrong because of rules and laws?

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What a cunt.

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I get that its an axolotl but what is it supposed to be hybrid with cat or a ferret? Seems like an easy fix to do. May I suggest picrel or a salamander

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Unironically just did this so he can talk to and commission an artist that did a handful of holoen and twitch streamer emotes.

>> No.63266722

Yeah, I saw after that the goggles are on the same fucking place. What the fuck is wrong with that guy?
What pisses me off is that he knows that the artist is a fan and would do anything to please him as long as they get acknowledgement. His apology is incredibly disingenuous.

>> No.63266775

Isn't this just a blatant copy of Axel's mascot?

>> No.63266780

good luck arguing that in court against a team of corporate lawyers you fucken nerd

>> No.63266784

Just like the other anon said, jap corpos tend to avoid doing cash prizes.
Konami's official yugioh tournaments gives out nintendo switches, playmats and booster boxes instead of prize money. A bit lackluster but wcyd

>> No.63266787

Never mind I see it says AxoCat

>> No.63266788

Are all french canadians cunts?

>> No.63266898

Yes unironically. They think they're french and act like the most cuntish french you can imagine. Even the French hate them.

>> No.63266922

>the worst of both worlds
it checks out

>> No.63266926

People who are unable to follow a moral compass unless it's dictated by rules and laws are at best midwits, and at worst psychos.

>> No.63266988

Basically this. It's due to how Japan views gambling. It's weird but Selen talked about it on one of her streams. Basically any sort of prize involving cash can be seen as gambling which is why some corporations have skirted the laws using gift cards but literally even physical prizes could possibly be seen as a sort of gambling. It's retarded but it's Japan. How hololive avoided it a few years back during their summer contest I'm not sure

>> No.63266993

>This has nothing to do with the vtuber
>design getting literally approved by chuuba himself

>might i remind you what happened to fuwamoco when they asked their fans for free art work
that was a community contest, and not even artwork, it was an intro tune for their fwmc morning, winner's got their thing used for the streams, which is literally approved by the artist themselve to use.
Same with the other contestants.

These are 2 different situations lmao.
Do you actually have no braincell to comprehend this shit?
And how ironic to call someone out being a tribalfag when you're literally being one rn.

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False will cover it not LayDee

>> No.63267063

Anycolor is chinese

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>I'm willing to redesign the Wilsoneers mascot if this makes you uncomfortable
>---It's okay if the fan mascot doesn't need to be redesigned --- So let Wilsoneer become Axocat
Then what was the whole fucking point of this? If you are calling him out because he supposedly stole you design then the correct thing to do it's to make him change it. Did it stop mattering the moment you get attention or what the fuck is wrong with this idiot?

>> No.63267091

Some artists just want to be credited, bare minimum. Something this fuck didn't even care to do.

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Sex with fem false

>> No.63267156

every bit of clout helps for small time artist bwo
and it's a common courtesy to give credits to where it dues

>> No.63267174

Isn't gambling huge in Japan though? Like horse racing and pachinko and shits like that, so those are okay but the other kind of 'gambling' like paying prize in cash aren't? Is it like, 'it's okay when Hololive does it' kind of thing?

>> No.63267182

Because at the end of the day they're a fan and don't want to rock the boat. But they're also an artist and just want credit.

>> No.63267200

She literally wants to just be paid in exposure maerie doesn't need more when she does a bunch of high profile vtuber comms already

>> No.63267225

Pachinko don't have cash prize for a reason and Horse Racing have their own laws

>> No.63267242

no, Axel's mascot is black, has 3 tails and has the format of a dick

>> No.63267255

OMFG I don't like nijifags but this is so fucking faggy, Kill yourself OP

>> No.63267265

Nijikeks can't go a single week without some sort of drama.

>> No.63267292

Anon, what the fuck are you talking about, who are you quoting?

>> No.63267328

probably quoting this >>63264575

>> No.63267373

yass queen so true sis

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>> No.63267445

You couldn't even tag the right person while calling them an idiot....
Also the original artist got a rework of their design to be approved to be featured as an official fan mascot, if I had to guess I'd guess there was probably some kind of contest involved in this situation too where the original artist submitted it as a way to get their design featured on stream.

It's different but also similar. Once you submit anything under those hashtags it can be used by the vtuber even hololive had a whole ass section dedicated to explaining that 3 years ago. They've changed it to be less clear nowadays but kinda imply that they will strike you if they don't necessarily agree with it.

This used to be their guidelines 3 years back

"The Characters are protected under the Copyright Act and other applicable laws and regulations. You agree that the Company retains ownership in the Characters and all Alterations thereof provided by the Company.

2. Pursuant to Article 28 of the Copyright Act, with regard to use of Derivative Works of the Characters, the Company has the sole ownership in the rights under Article 21 to 27 of the said Act, which are of the same type as those owned by an author of such Derivative Works.

3. Any trademarks, logos, and service marks (collectively “Trademarks”) that are indicated in delivery of the Characters will not be construed as an assignment, transfer of Trademarks, or granting by the Company a license to use Trademarks to you or other third parties.

4. A User agrees never to assert moral rights against the Company and its successors in title or licensees."

I agree he should have credited the original artist and he probably will judging by his apology but he seems to be offline now seeing as his last tweet and like was 9+ hours ago and was to the artist

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They didn't even give credit to Sugimori for the original design. It just looks like a shiny mudkip.

>> No.63267525

Look at this nijibitch lmao

>> No.63267575

good try but the design in question wasn't copyrighted by Anycolor, it was a fan design for an eventual mascot that didn't even exist at the time.

>> No.63267963

Anything submitted in those hashtags including designs or potential designs belongs to the company as it is assumed that your artwork is designed for an IP that they own.

As per anycolor guidelines which are pretty similar to the holo/cover guidelines I posted

"At the point in time that you publicize the Contents derivative works, then you will be deemed to have given approval regarding our Company and a third party designated by our Company to use the derivative works pursuant to the methods set forth below:
(1) Use on live transmissions and SNS, etc. (also, there may be instances of carrying out trimmings or deformations, etc. of a degree that does not damage the identity of the product).
(2) Carrying out official distribution or turning into goods (also, upon carrying out turning into goods, we would like to hold consultations in advance)"

You post something for the vtuber to see in their hashtags and the company legally owns it as per Japanese copyright laws and company codes.

As per covers more recent guidelines it's summed up pretty well
"We consider derivative works to be creations born of fans’ ideas and creativity, based on content created by us.

We will not exercise our rights in regards to works that we deem to be derivative works, as long as they comply with these overall guidelines.

Please note that we may use any derivative works you create as stream thumbnails, on social media, etc."

Anything you post based on the company or people in it falls under their guidelines and is owned by them. Unironically support indies they'll appreciate it more and won't claim that your work is theirs

>> No.63268060

Oh fuck. I forgot about beatani. Does anyone know what she's doing now or has she vanished off the face of the internet after she graduated?

>> No.63268105

>but legally speaking
Shut up faggot, you can't change the author without looking like a piece of shit. Nobodies arguing that he can't monetize it or whatever you bootlicking faggots
>we're still right
The Niji organ flat out admits he took it without crediting them.

>> No.63268111


>> No.63268122

A lawyer is a wizard, and can change the law at will!
That's not how that works, anon. If I paint a picture and then sell it to you, you can't claim that your friend is the one that painted it. That's what that means.

>> No.63268168

At least try reading the guidelines posted by the companies before trying to invent some law to get around it.

>> No.63268225

He probably will credit the artist in the morning judging by the fact that he literally sent his last reply 9 hours ago to the artist. He should have done it in the first place to be nice, I don't disagree but the fact that he owed up to it when he didn't have to was in my opinion nice.

>> No.63268232

Thats what you are doing you retarded fuck
Some imaginary rule a company puts out doesn't let them bypass the law

>> No.63268293

I don't think you can commend him for owning up to it. It was obvious that he was using that artist's design, so he'd probably just look worse if he denied it

>> No.63268331

NijiEN hires aren't exactly the cream of the crop

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>> No.63268408

Yes it does. Corporations say
>This IP belongs to us and by designing something for this IP you are signing away your rights to the product
Japan and just about anywhere else including the US would likely side with the corporation because they explicitly stated in their TOS that by designing something for them or people in it, you signed away your rights to it. It's not uncommon. In fact look up "Terms of Service" and you'll see that per Wikipedia itself
"Terms of Service are legal agreements between a service provider and a person who wants to use that service."

>> No.63268442

Great, now tell us what part of that design is owned by Anycolor

>> No.63268445

They are nothing alike and I hate niji

>> No.63268463

Nothing you just posted matters, retard, because according to Japanese Copyright law, you cannot misattribute the creation of a work to another author, even if you own the rights to it.
And that was the entire issue raised by the original artist. They weren't demanding ownership of the mascot, you scum-sucking idiot, they were asking to be correctly identified as the person who designed it.

Are you stupid? The guidelines do not mention anything about re-attributing credit for the original creation to someone else, you fucking idiot. And even if it did, such terms would most likely be illegal according to the inalienable rights of the author as stated within the above law.
Buying something, or otherwise obtaining something through legal means, and then falsely claiming you were the one that created it is fraud in pretty much every country, you mental midget fuck.

>> No.63268473

the guy who complained about FuwaMoco jingle is gonna have a field day with this one

>> No.63268489

Ok nvm just saw this >>63265544
What a fucking retard

>> No.63268499

Anycolor clearly holds all monopoly on orange axolotl's with goggles man its the law

>> No.63268510

The issue was never ownership rights, you illiterate moron.

>> No.63268516

too bad the tranny already got chased out of the hobby

>> No.63268571

LMAO THIS FUCKING DUMBASS he's actually made it worse. He could've just stfu and it'd blow over

>> No.63268575

According to the guidelines/terms of service you agree to. The company owns your artwork the second you post it if it involves their brand, their IP or anything else and it does not say anything about crediting them for their works.

>> No.63268612

Answer the question >>63268442
Can you show us anything anycolor owns that is a orange axolotl with goggles

>> No.63268667

The problem isn't whether Niji has rights to the design, it's the fact that not crediting the designer makes you an asshole. The laws are irrelevant

>> No.63268688

Unfortunate. I would've liked to see the twitlonger

>> No.63268724

You would even defend Sonichu as an original character if it would help you take a shit on Nijisanji.

>> No.63268727

>I am willing to redesign the Wilsoneers mascot if this makes you uncomfortable
The artist isn't even asking for money, just credit where credit is due. Why is this fag being such a little bitch about everything?

>> No.63268751

No you see if you post a image replying to a liver anycolor automatically owns everything in that image even without contract
Its the law man I'm a lawyer

>> No.63268775

I'm not the one trying to argue against the terms of service posted by a company that explicitly layout how everything you post based on that company belongs to them per their own terms of service/guidelines. As I flat out said he should have apologized but I will be quite frank and say that as per their guidelines he doesn't have to.
The artist posted a picture of the design in the hashtags used by the talent and also posted it several times next to the talent in question themselves. It was clearly meant as a design to be used by the talent and any modifications taken by the talent are well within the talent's rights since the talent/company do have the legal rights to the artwork and design as per the legal guidelines you agree to when you support your favorite Japanese vtuber by posting any content for them or featuring them

>> No.63268787

Sega might have actual Yakuza members amongst it's staff but even they're not that terrible that they'd sue CWC for selling Sonichu medallions you faggot.

>> No.63268877

Actually speaking they probably would either them or Nintendo since the character in question was derived from an IP that they own and they likely have similar guidelines for artistic creations using their IP.
I could easily see Nintendo if nothing else throwing a fit if the character ever became worth more than a meme

>> No.63268968

>and it does not say anything about crediting them for their works.
It doesn't need to say anything about it. That's literally what inalienable means. It means the right is intrinsic, and cannot be taken away.
The niji in the OP credited the hired artist as the creator of the design, when that is strictly false. It's a misatribution of the creation of the original design to a different party than the one that actually created it.
An author may not own the rights to their work after a company buys it, but the company cannot then turn around and change the facts of a work such as who made it. In many countries, the rights of the author even prevent the company from changing the artwork in such a way that the original author did not intend.
For example, in many countries, including the US and Japan, it would be illegal for a company to purchase someone's art, add nazi symbols to it, and then attribute it's creation to the original artist.

>> No.63268993

>Anything submitted in those hashtags including designs or potential designs belongs to the company
Do they own those hashtags? Is that a special deal with Twitter/X? Is that on the terms of service of the website?
No one ever signed anything about it, they don't own shit if it's not based on their copyright

>> No.63269087
File: 90 KB, 400x320, 1700801258756980.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This shit is just going to kill the nijiEN community for every fanbase, its actually fuckin unbelievable how stupid it is that the retards on the male side can indirectly ruin things for women who largely operate without a hitch, fuck this nigga and fuck his dumbass hebe chinkoid fans with white fever

>> No.63269115

Except the artist he credited used the original design as a reference and modified it making it an entirely different piece. If you actually examine them closely you'll notice a multitude of differences between the original and the piece he paid someone to create.
The design of that mascot in particular was originally created by the person he credited. And even if it weren't, keep in mind that many fan mascots aren't even commissioned they're designed by the communities and used because as per your agreement with the company anything you post for the people in it with the intention of potentially having that piece used by the people in it, it belongs to the company.

>> No.63269120

You still don't seem to understand. Owning a piece of artwork or even owning the rights to it doesn't allow one to misattribute the creation of that artwork to someone else.
If that were legal, then I could hire a painter to make me a imitation Salvador Dali painting, and then because I own the rights to it, I coulf then attribute the creation of that art to the real Salvador Dali and sell it as an original. Owning something doesn't allow you to change the material facts about that thing.

>> No.63269169

Those hashtags are a direct way for the talent to see any works that could potentially be used by the talent, it is implied that if you are posting something in that tag it is likely because you want that piece to be noticed and potentially used by the person you're posting it for.

>> No.63269183

That's not even inspiration.
There is only so many poses you can do on a chair that are that particular mood.

>> No.63269269

nice try, but the niji even admitted that the original creator's "axocat" drawing was the basis for his mascot.
He said he commissioned this other artist to draw that axocat with goggles.
So while I understand your argument being it's a derivative work and thus uncreditable, adding goggles to something does not equal Original Character Do Not Steal.

>> No.63269302


>> No.63269321

Another one bites the dust

>> No.63269325

If you're going to make a moral argument, or one of common understanding, then at which point did the original artist agree to have their own design credited to someone else?

>> No.63269342
File: 42 KB, 232x224, 1635713659172.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63269378

Except it kinda does when the guidelines express that they own that content. It'd be more like having Salvador Dali to paint you a piece of artwork and then having someone else paint over it changing the original content entirely.
Dali made that piece originally, sure, but he gave it to you knowing full well that you could modify it after he did so.

Or if you really wanna get technical, referencing artwork is perfectly legal and how most artists draw as posing is difficult. The piece in question was obviously referenced but it was referenced to create a new piece entirely.

>> No.63269383

lmao. hope you're happy now that you got your oshi fired for petty drama, bitch

>> No.63269384

How many days usually getting banned from nijisanji ??

>> No.63269410

Just take a look at Kyo
He said 1 week break right?
He still hasn't returned btw

>> No.63269422

its just a respect thing, fuckhead.
they used it as reference, it cost them nothing to just say once "thanks to Kitty for the original work". there is literally 0 good defense for this, its just petty bullshit, simple as. if you dont care then just admit "yeah its an asshole move like always but we dont care". i fucking swear every single time something like this happens the nijidefense force just come out with all kinds of mental gymnastics that make them look like garbage with no sense of ethics.

>> No.63269432

Minor shit is usually 1 week. Anything that hurts nijisanji as a whole is a month

>> No.63269460

Yes he has unfortunately

>> No.63269464

Twitter is a website used for millions of people, all the time you have random arts posted on vtubers' hashtags because most of them has the word "art" in it. Doesn't mean that it's for the vtuber to use, there's nothing in the website's TOD that states that you're giving them the right to use any design posted on that hashtag. The mascot wasn't a copyright of Anycolor as it didn't exist yet.

>> No.63269472

Technically he/she agreed to it when they posted it under their tag in an attempt to get their artwork noticed by the person themselves

>> No.63269481
File: 112 KB, 709x896, KEK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63269498

>Another shadow suspension
This is way too fucking funny

>> No.63269507

I flat out said that from the beginning, I said he should have but that legally speaking he had the full rights not to.

>> No.63269517

I suppose that would be fair, however, if for whatever reason it was brought up in court, and it probably never would, a judge would have to decide whether the new design is derivative enough to not require attribution to the original artist.

>> No.63269520

I kneeled so hard when Pero hijacked FWMC Morning to indirectly shit on him

>> No.63269557

Except it was designed to be an asset for the talent and designed solely for the purpose of being potentially used by the person whose hashtag they put it under and also who was literally featured in the design with the mascot

>> No.63269565

nijisanji really steals, no dignity

>> No.63269594

How long are these autists going to keep arguing about laws when the whole point is that it's messed up to use a fan's design without crediting them

>> No.63269603

It's not an entirely different piece. It's basically the same thing but with a different artstyle.
The design is still the same. It's the same logic as why you can't just take Pikachu, make it rounder and red and claim it as your own original creation.

>> No.63269611

If I posted AI art of Gura on that hashtag Nijisanji now owns Gura? I hope you realize how fucking retarded you are

>> No.63269628

Kanata ripped her mascot off from minecraft and no one cared.

>> No.63269642

M8 there have been like 3 different times where someone in holo JP flat out traced over someone else's art and advertised it as their own I'll be quite frank I'd rather have my piece referenced than sold as an original creation by someone who just traced over it

>> No.63269654

No they didn't. You're confusing the rights of ownership with the right of attribution. I can't buy the rights to Star Wars and then sell it as if I directed the films instead of George Lucas.

>> No.63269685

Dancing on sisters grave

>> No.63269697

Mc has an angel winged axolotl with star shaped halo?

>> No.63269710

Too much bad PR = Suspended

>> No.63269721

it's not stealing unless you get caught and enough people scream about it https://twitter.com/Demilogic/status/1558178733210624002
yes I'm bringing up this old dumb thing because I still think it's funny, and it proves that you just need to shut your mouth and hope nobody notices

>> No.63269728

>Turboretard post
>Defending the already black Anykuro
Nijiintern at it again.

>> No.63269742

It wasn't three separate times.
It was the same holo tracing the same artist (with that artist's permission) on three different pieces of art, but it was still scummy and shouldn't have happened. Nene completely stopped drawing as a result of that.

>> No.63269819

>hey man i loved your design so much i hired a different artist to just copy it and then credited him and not you sorry!
what a good man.

>> No.63269825

>whoever I want to credit, is none of your fucking business.
Wow, you'll fit right away if you apply at Nijisanji anon! This scumbag way of thinking really suits their philosophy!

>> No.63269862

If you posted an AI generated piece of gura with the sole intention of the person whose hashtag you threw that piece under potentially using your works you would indeed forfeit the rights ( that you don't have since AI can't even be copyright according to scotus) to that piece to both hololive and possibly nijisanji since that piece was designed for Nijisanji but features a member of hololive.
It'd be confusing and most people would likely just overlook it due to it not really fitting in either.

But as per their guidelines any original creations designed for the company or the people in it are owned by the company since they are considered derivative of that IP

>> No.63269905

>with that artist's permission
Maybe you should add that she got that artist permission after getting called out and the artist didn't want any drama.

>> No.63269935

No but you can buy and change the complete canon of star wars without any input from the original creators or anyone involved in the original creation. Disney literally did just that which pissed the fuck out of Mark Hamill because he felt like they completely screwed up Luke.

Shit Disney literally retold episode 4 and passed it off as their own original thing because of the changes that they made

>> No.63269953

>He still hasn't returned btw
retard it takes two seconds to check

>> No.63269968

nijifans might as well be pretzels at this point with how much they twist and turn to defend their pieces of shit

>> No.63270048

they always get the gold medal in mental gymnastics

>> No.63270058

I have never been more confused in my life even after reading all his replies
What weapon is he talking about?

>> No.63270061

Yeah my bad
I'm not really up to date with NijiEN homos

>> No.63270100
File: 117 KB, 1280x720, ESL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>everyone on every side of this conflict is ESL
Flags, range bans, etc.

>> No.63270130

Actually if you want an even better example you can find that the best seller 50 Shades of Grey was originally a twilight fanfic and then the author changed a few names and details and made a series of books and movies that made her a millionaire.
She didn't even own the rights to the characters she just used them as "reference points" to create her own and then made millions off of it.

>> No.63270144

NDF really likes to overexaggerate and flat out lie if it suits their ambitions huh

>> No.63270281
File: 22 KB, 427x381, 170088189906256906.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63270292

Nene literally did trace over artwork and only got the artists permission after she was called out for doing so. If you have something to the contrary feel free to point it out but I gotta say that Nene didn't even get a slap on the wrist for literally stealing someone else's art and claiming it to be her own. At least not from what I remember.

>> No.63270331

Wait, what did Zaion do besides talking to another manager then, for her first suspension then?

>> No.63270333
File: 1.09 MB, 1738x1124, 1684501522769.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It keeps happening!

>> No.63270335

Hey faggot, you do know that the artist she was stealing from was sitting in front of her, in person.

You are embarrassing yourself to defend a shitty liver who steals art.

>> No.63270387

Did she or did she not plagiarize art from someone else

>> No.63270429
File: 20 KB, 960x229, 86a83103c623e323c00fb4a7bcef49628e21e91fe179cbbcd25893dd8c6b074f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hey faggot, you do know that the artist she was stealing from was sitting in front of her, in person.

>> No.63270447

the Terraprisma, for some reason they just pasted the sprite in the video, I guess they were looking for rainbow colored objects on google or something

>> No.63270451

What is with these nijiEN homos. Holy shit they just need to use their fucking brains and not antagonise their damn audience
>kyo refused to apologise about a touchy subject when he should just do it anyways
>this dude just straight up admits to using this persons design when he should’ve just linked to the original and give it a brief mention
They’re corporate vtubers, why do they keep responding in these ways

>> No.63270480
File: 922 KB, 850x2623, 1688170676999.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah I don't think Anykara will stop stealing anytime soon

>> No.63270512

>RIAA hands typed this post

>> No.63270523

Retard. Company rules are void if they go against law.

>> No.63270625

Unlike Hololive, Niji hires them and lets them do their thing without any proper training and support. It's part of the business model to reduce costs and maximize publicity through frequent yab generation

>> No.63270636
File: 254 KB, 399x399, 1700897055193.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That one I'll give them a pass on. You can find countless designs using

>> No.63270655

Anykuro didn't bother to train them pre-debut, so amateurish mistakes like these are really frequent.
You could argue that this is a really simple and sensible thing to do and that it's so hard to get it wrong, but this is vtuber that we're talking about, they are retarded.

>> No.63270662

Yeah, I'll give them that

>> No.63270696

Why are modern apologies all like this?
>I'm sorry, not because I said the wrong things, but because you got offended
>a hashtag is legally binding

>> No.63270705

The moral here seems to be don't make niji fan art unless they pay up.

>> No.63270710

There is no law that says that you own the rights to a different company's IPs. If you create content specifically to be used by the company you are agreeing to their TOS and their TOS is certainly not illegal.

>> No.63270744

For real? Can you give me a timestamp? I'd love to see it.

>> No.63270753

Answer >>63269611

>> No.63270795

With the right context yes. It'd be very easy to argue in front of a judge that this item in the hashtag was purposely posted for the content creator who uses the hashtag to notice. It was designed with the sole purpose of potentially being used by the content creator, the company and the very person featured in the artwork. per guideline agreements the content is legally owned by the company

>> No.63270809

>according to scotus
Except SCOTUS doesn't rule Nihongoland.

>> No.63270816

I did. I'm literally the only person who replied to it

>> No.63270814

Anon anyone can use any hashtag. Enna's hashtags are filled with random indian porn sometimes. You're saying they take control of the hashtag and assume ownership of everything posted under that hashtag, it's legally incomprehensible.
Companies cannot write their own laws.

>> No.63270846


Fucking retard
he could've just let it stay behind the scene

>> No.63270852

I'm saying that if you wanted to argue in front of a judge that the content posted in that hashtag was directly and purposely put there with the sole purpose of being used by the person who created the tag as a way to find artwork that per company guidelines, belonged to the company, it would be a very easy argument to make.

>> No.63270887

What a fucking idiot. A simple thank you and a tag was all that was needed. Amazing he couldn't even manage that in the first place.

>> No.63270917

This time, the fault is more on the artist autism.

>> No.63270936


Do you need a picture so your 8 year old can finally get it through your underdeveloped brain?

>> No.63270958

Is this really the way Nijisanji has been operating? Making up laws that "sound plausible"?

>> No.63270969

No you moron. A hashtag is not legally binding

>> No.63270998

The Yugioh thing is because when Kazuki Takahashi was licensing out the rights for the card game to Konami he expressly forbid cash prizes being given out in official Konami events (among other things like saying Konami of America cannot modify/censor artwork of cards he personally drew) partially because he hated the MTG community and how it was run.

>> No.63271050

Nijifags are hilarious

>> No.63271057


>> No.63271080

What is there to figure out? The original artist said all he wants is a tweet explaining what happened to his audience and credit. Is that too much so now he has to do an entirely different mascot?

>> No.63271094
File: 14 KB, 225x225, A12ED5D6-24EE-4CCF-B975-0A8C105DE840.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i did see your design at the time, really liked how cute it was
>used as a reference
Why did he not just ask the original creator

>> No.63271120

Unironically it will enrage the original artist if he did change it after getting recognized

can't win this one I guess

>> No.63271122

If you scrolled down right her on 4chan (which follows the same rules as twitter) you'd know just how wrong you are
>All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective parties. Images uploaded are the responsibility of the Poster. Comments are owned by the Poster.
Anycolor does not own that design, the artist was the one that made it and never passed ownership

>> No.63271130

I worded this poorly sorry. I am actually eop despite how this post might look.

I'm trying to say that this artist posted the artwork in that hashtag as a way to be seen by the person they created the artwork for. The person is also featured in the artwork and they had the goal of their artwork being used by the talent. There is no question as to what or who the artwork was for, thus, the artwork would fall under the guidelines for derivative content and would belong to the company who could then choose to do as they please with the art. If you were to argue in front of a judge that this content fell within the guidelines that everyone agrees to when uploading artwork, you would have a very easy time with the case since anyone could clearly see it was designed to be used by the company and the people in it.
I hope that this clarifies things and it's not just Niji that operates this way. When your holo oshi uses a piece of artwork for the schedules or thumbnails they don't have to get permission to do so from the artists. They see it in their hashtags and as per guideline agreements they are allowed to use the art for whatever purpose they deem fit. They usually credit the artist and thank them but again as per guidelines, there isn't necessarily a need to do so. There are no restrictions on what can seemingly be done with the art by the talents themselves just as long as the artwork falls under the guidelines of cover

>> No.63271156

That's not how it works lol. No one owns a hashtag. You don't get legal ownership of art just because someone is using a tag you like

>> No.63271157

Honestly seems like he just feels bad about it and he doesn't want to force the artist to compromise on his behalf. I can respect it

>> No.63271191

Except again, they do. The artwork was designed to be used by the talent in question and was in fact created for that sole purpose. It was posted under the assumption that it would follow the guidelines that everyone agrees to when they upload fan content.

>> No.63271192

What are you talking about? It's very possible that the guy literally sent that image to the artist when he commissioned the design, all he has to do is credit one as the original concept and the other as the designer.

>> No.63271257

Fwmc and this one is not even close kek

>> No.63271402

This is turning into some Japanese holdout shit.

The war is lost friends, your ESL understanding of questionably enforceable rules means little.

>> No.63271409

I dare one of you niggers mention that one dude who got pissy about the FWMC fan event kek

>> No.63271521

It already has been. That comparison falls apart cause it wasn't about crediting work, but payment.

>> No.63271526

It's already derivative enough he didn't use that artists design, he literally saw it, hired another artist and use that as REFERENCE, are you fucking retarded??
>Owning a piece of artwork or even owning the rights to it doesn't allow one to misattribute the creation of that artwork to someone else.
No the one who seems to be misunderstanding and purposefully ignore is that HE DIDN'T USE THE ARTISTS DESIGN! IT'S A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DESIGN (DOES IT LOOK SIMILAR? YES) STILL DOESN'T FUCKING MAKING THIS RETARDED ARTIST DESIGN (DID HE USE IT AS REFERENCE? YES sur-fucking-price retard billions of artists use REFERENCES of popular IP to draw inspiration and draw something completely NEW which maeriette DID) STILL HE IS NOT USING THIS ARTISTS SUBMITTED DESIGN (Kitty) THE FINAL OFFICIAL DESIGN WAS DONE BY MAERIETTE.

>> No.63271538

Do nijikeks fucking really? Even the nijifags on this board do not manage copes this pathetic. Self-imposed suspension? kek

>> No.63271543

kek nevermind then

>> No.63271599

The fan design is way better

>> No.63271620

Ehhhh they've got a point tho. When Kyo was suspended he went twitter silent for over a week and didn't show up anywhere else. When Millie was suspended she went twitter silent for like 2 weeks and didn't show up anywhere else.
It actually does seem like a self imposed suspension more than anything else

>> No.63271640
File: 21 KB, 784x397, image_2023-11-25_024041338.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i wanna take this moment to remind everyone that takodachis are basically just slicksters from Oxygen Not Included.
theres only so many designs of you can make from some animals that are cute before it mimics similar designs.
while yes we know he referenced the artists design, its not the same design and was modified for his purposes.
should he have gave a little credit?
maybe but fundamentally you dont have to credit disney if you make a lion that looks similar to lion king lions.

>> No.63271721

The design is almost identical and it was specifically sent to him by a fan. It's not some random design he saw in the wild that he took inspiration from

>> No.63271749

He got suspended sister. You can stop now. Nothing you do will change this fact

>> No.63271756

You don't need to yell at him but you are correct. The original artist should have been credited tho

>> No.63271786

I don't honestly think he did. Kyo tweeted once before his suspension and didn't show up anywhere else. This guy's tweeted like 3x and has talked about showing up elsewhere. Maybe he's working with both the artists to create a combination of a mascot?

>> No.63271921

This is the same as arguing Sonichu is an original design, it just used references.

>> No.63271949
File: 200 KB, 1289x565, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> live transmissions (livestreams)
> trimmings (clipping)
> deformations (chibi)
This is some DeepL shit.
These fuckers have an English branch with like 40+ talents and they don't have the money to hire ONE guy to do a proper English translation for their official stuff?
Are they really that cheap?

>> No.63271965

Oh I'm sure he decided to take a break right after getting caught stealing art
What a nice coincidence

>> No.63271975

Nah, disney should've credited osamu tezuka for lion king.

>> No.63272013

it's just a yellow Axolotl, you can't claim to own that.

>> No.63272108

youself also agreed it looks similar so why insisting it's a "completely different design"?
if it's similar enough, it's stealing

>> No.63272117
File: 125 KB, 408x293, image_2023-11-25_030706779.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thats why i said
>while yes we know he referenced the artists design
>should he have gave a little credit? maybe
either way theres only so many ways you can draw a chibi axolotl mixed with a cat.
look at the slugcat in pic related, are you telling me the original artist in OP is copying rivulets design?
ironically this adds to my point since YMS already went over how theres only so many things you can do with the setting of the savanna and a bunch of super old comics did most of the same plot beats before even kimba the white lion.

>> No.63272130

How else do you think their financial reports look that good? Certainly not by paying people adequately

>> No.63272141

Thats not orange nor does it have blue eyes nor does it have orange/red tinted goggles

>> No.63272147
File: 45 KB, 1219x179, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63272191

He copied it down to the most miniscule detail.
That is no longer "taking inspiration" that is fucking stealing.

>> No.63272206

Kek Does Nijisanji have lawyers that livers can consult? Shouldn't have said that they used it as reference. That's the killer in kost plagiarism cases

>> No.63272213

> But y'know
> The most important thing is
> And I dunno how some of you (didn't) got it
> We don't want your jingle if you're not a Ruffian
> This is something for you Ruffians to do to get closer to FuwaMoco and vice versa
> It's about PASSION
> So, don't worry if you're never made something or have a musical bone in your body
> It's about trying something new y'know
> Now, remember, the most important thing
> You have to be a Ruffian to enter. Got it?
> Yeah, ok.

>> No.63272247

The two designs in the OP are way more similar than your pic. What a silly comparison

>> No.63272250
File: 121 KB, 475x475, image_2023-11-25_031620093.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

a sonic oc being purple doesnt make it not just purple sonic the hedgehog anon...
also OP shows a blue one and it looks like a less pokemony mudkip
sorry anon but this doesnt reach copyright infringement even if it was copyright protected in either america or japan

>> No.63272312

False promises
Shady terminations
Underpaying talents

They have it all

>> No.63272313

Seriously, wtf. What kind of retards—it's Nijisanji. It's hopeless.

>> No.63272314
File: 241 KB, 859x707, 1700887639593073.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Neither of these match the one in the OP. Try again

>> No.63272317

I mean he literally said he was trying to work something out for the mascot creation. From the way that artist talks it seems like there's something planned for their half anniversary soon? Idk man I'm just saying that I haven't seen anyone else who has been suspended showing up on other people's channels post suspension. They get sent to the corner and told to think about what they did

>> No.63272373
File: 66 KB, 620x387, oie_BRA7IWMpJq9Q.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's always something

>> No.63272391

Putting sunglasses on pikachu and then calling him my Totally Original Character Do Not Steal isn't gonna work, you sand-eating retard.

>> No.63272404

based NijiEN giving us new tasty drama. I'm expecting the catalog to be full of deflection threads attacking anything but NijiEN (like usual)

>> No.63272443

If Chris-chan can do it why can't Niji?

>> No.63272448

If only you knew.. The weird thing is they're all idiosyncratically weird psychos, not like a fixed thing
t. Canadian

>> No.63272455

You're really doing a bad job at this by showing the problem with Wilsoneers. Designs under a generally similar concept will have similarities. But we can easily see when something is in fact distinct. Takos similar features are done in very different ways, and some like the ear nubs can be traced back to Ina's design. Mudkips might share a colour scheme with one of the fan vers, but that's about it even the similar ideas like has a tail look entirely different.

Meanwhile in the OP all the core design elements are the same. Its not just well it has cat ears instead of some big head fin. Its the whiskers are pretty much the same but wavy. Both have goggles as both were intended to reference his goggles. Not something inherent to the idea of an axolotls.

>> No.63272457

Chris-chan isnt a corpo. He is a no name loser that raped his mother

>> No.63272466

Mori removing his music from her intro did enough emotional damage to him he immediately left the scene and straight never talked about anything VTuber related anymore

>> No.63272484

Men are retarded and menhera. Men moment, for short.

>> No.63272493

How do you know the Niji hasn't raped his mother?

>> No.63272519

Fair point

>> No.63272603
File: 20 KB, 220x225, file.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New design is honestly kind of uggo compared to the old one even if it was made by a popular artist, hope it was worth it frogboy

>> No.63272640

Isn't the black one the frog

>> No.63272641
File: 38 KB, 881x115, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was a reference, and Namori - the artist - did retweet her merch afterwards.

>> No.63272786

>inner ears are a different colors
>the eyes arent the same color and are bigger
>pink mouths are default mouth colors for most animals
>tail lacks stripes
>paw pads are included in any cat mixed design
like i said anon theres only so many ways to design something before it mimics similar pre existing designs, refer to my takodachi and slickster post.
the closest thing to one to one copying is the goggles themselves which come from the guys actual design.
you are right im not framing it properly but i used rivulet slugcat as an example because its concept is a mix of a cat and an axolotl too.
but where as the fan design and rivulet read more as cats, the final design reads more plush toy like because of the legs being cylinders instead of multi jointed legs.
>some like the ear nubs can be traced back to Ina's design
this actual traces back to the base animal for both of them, being a dumbo octopus, on top of also being a shared feature with ina.

>> No.63272824

>make him change the design
>as the artist already pointed out, there's a half anniversary celebration coming and making him change it would mess their plans
>the fanbase attacks artist for "causing trouble"
Have you never seen how nijifans behave online?

>> No.63272847

Pachinko uses a stupid loophole

>The machine doesn't award you with cash just worthless tokens you can take home
>Outside the pachinko parlors you can see a "totally separate and legally distinct shop" that just happens to buy pachinko tokens for cash

It's like Neko Neko Finyance shenanigans except the sexy fat catto is replaced with possible yakuza thugs

>> No.63272906

What's in the water in Quebec that makes them act the way they do?

>> No.63272925
File: 913 KB, 1387x900, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63272989

not even nijifag exclusive, this is just a human thing where if someone makes a stink about something being bad the group will attack them for doing so.
holofags do it, vshojofags do it, indiefags do it, people in this very thread are doing it, im doing it.
this isnt a whataboutism, this is just stating its common among all communities.
its not in the water anon... its in the blood...

>> No.63273178

I imagine that when they design merch, they would have to pay two people to use their design, think about the yacht, anon.

>> No.63273269

It's kinda hard for me to agree with an internet artist because they crybully for the pettiest reasons all the time, but he really did go out of his way to make them mad

>> No.63273355

Meanwhile in the JP side of things, a fans design was used for a Ririmu outfit and they were over the moon.
God the west are cancerous.
Fucking Deviantfart "original content donut steel" fuckwits.

>> No.63273386

Ririmus outfit wasn't stolen

>> No.63273394

>i own this imaginary creature. only my brain could possibly have come up with this.
twitter artists are so fucking annoying i hope they all get eviscerated.

>> No.63273542

Ah she did get a slap on the wrist my mistake

>> No.63273568

>but i used rivulet slugcat as an example because its concept is a mix of a cat and an axolotl too
Which undermines your point, its the same basic idea but entirely different in execution. Not er well they changed the inside ear color. These aren't coincidental design choices cause it is the same base concept. But as already admitted an iteration on the fan art.

>theres only so many ways to design
There are more than 2. You can easily come up with your own spin on it. Make the feet more like axolotls, combine the gills and cat ears, make the goggles look more like a collar, experiment with different cat body types, faces and markings.

>> No.63273641

Literally nobody is attacking the artist though, I actually mean it. Not even containment breakers seem to be interested in it.
All the comments are tagging the Wilson guy and all the quote tweets are literally saying
>I'm disappointed to find out that Wilson did this hope it gets resolved
I've seen way worse from accounts that have shit like "holosimp" or "ban" in them

>> No.63273670
File: 120 KB, 443x254, 1683373578332.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

w... why didnt he just commission the original artist? what??? he liked the design so much so he hired another artist to fucking redraw it? i cant wrap my fucking head around this

>> No.63273890

Good question honestly

>> No.63273907

Why pay when you can steal

>> No.63273917

2%sanji? Cheap? Whatever gave you that idea? Haven't you seen their merch? It looks like they've got a massive fucking budget for it.

>> No.63274003

Thank you. Kinda unexpected for them to show some teeth, but not unwelcome.

>> No.63274027

Couldn't he just commission the same artist again to design something similar? This feels so stupid.

>> No.63274065

Which outfit?

>> No.63274694

What a confusing and retarded drama. Luca or whoever it was got away with stealing holo songs to use as BGM. Literally all he had to do was ignore it but instead he acknowledged it and refused to credit the artist anyway because of niji policies? What?

>> No.63274764

Niji organs are called livers, not brains ok

>> No.63275044

There is no single male vtuber that is mentally stable