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Hololive Global

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Gura Love!

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Ayamefriend love!

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Ayamebros here!

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Zoombie love!

>> No.6318605

I love Ina!

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Mori love!

>> No.6318641

I love bread!

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I listened to Ame sing Your Reality on my way home from work today.
Then I listened to her singing "Make Your Move".

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>unironically overslept the sametori collab
i fucking hate myself...

>> No.6318858

Kiara love!

>> No.6318865

>Takos telling the one trying to start tic tac toe on Ina's forehead again to fuck off

>> No.6318899

Ayamefriend posting soon. Ayamefriend love!

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my clit gets hard every time I hear polka

>> No.6318932

Missed some kino and gura mindbreak

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Poruka oruka?

>> No.6318960

Hololive? More like HoloSEX

>> No.6318988

When will evil Gura do a stream?

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I love Reine!!!
Stream Ai Dee!!

>> No.6319002

Did you miss the past couple DbD streams?

>> No.6319055

Hold the line against the discordtrannies. Remember it only takes a few to build a whole PSYOP. Don’t give them an inch.

>> No.6319061

Had to miss Mario 64. How was it teamates?

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>Yo Gura, I saw your collab with Kusotori yesterday was almost a full 7 hours. That was so dope, my dog, but y'know ya boy's a bit competitive, so why don't we make our Minecraft collab 8 hours?

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She barely spoke, but there was this loud annoying bird in the background the whole time. It seemed like she was getting sick and ended up leaving after a few screenshots of red flowers.

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[Sad News] I didn't get banned for posting a hag, so I will post cunny. I just want Ayamefriend back.

>> No.6319122

Ame really hyped for bossu 3D

>> No.6319130

i will thank mori if this happen

>> No.6319131 [SPOILER] 

Sametori thoughts

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Based, Ame and her teamates all love Holostars.

>> No.6319144

I love Ina too!

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BASED fuck the trannies AYAMEFRIEND LOVE

>> No.6319163

Gura lust

>> No.6319164

Knowing how Mori has been recently
>Calling herself the most sane in EN then strangles and insults us deadbeats as she loses her mind
We can get an 8 hour stream out of her

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I don't think there's anybody among the EN girls who don't. Even Ina had Aruran visit her stream before.

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Hag time

>> No.6319174

right here ayamefriend brother!

>> No.6319175 [SPOILER] 

>saw that tako boner picture in the last thread
>got curious and decided to look up how octopus reproduce
I really wish I didn't have to see this. Takodachis... this is how you mate...

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It's been over a month anon. I'd kill for Ina's forehead.

>> No.6319179

Me too!

>> No.6319180

There’s no such thing as a Polka Rape Dungeon!

>> No.6319181

I don't like when people are "teehee, sleep is for the weak". As someone with crippling insomnia it fucking sucks

>> No.6319188

Remember that all talk of Ayame being a whore, that she does enjou kousai with fat, old, men, that she's constantly taking breaks to get stuffed by her boyfriend's cock, that's all rumors and can't be proven. But there sure are a lot of rumors and she sure takes a lot of breaks. Legend says if you get enough money and gain enough weight, if you walk down the right Japanese back alley at night, you might encounter her. Her ass is definitely loose just like her pussy. Gaping. She probably drips old man cum from every orifice.

What can be proven is she doesn't care about Hololive. She streams the bare minimum, when she streams at all. She never thanked Ina for the drawing. She never welcomed back Miko after her months long break. She never said anything about Coco's graduation. She doesn't congratulate Holos on milestones or birthdays, she doesn't even respond if Holos comment on hers. She wasn't there for the Usaken Summer Festival. She wasn't there for the Summer Festival afterparty. She ghosted Coco for a year regarding Asacoco. She didn't show up to Subaru's Birthday/One million stream. Her first tweet after Coco's graduation was about airpods. She's a bitch in both the Western and Japanese definition.

>> No.6319189

fbk making young blue axolotls breed with hags!

>> No.6319194

Right here Ayamefriend!

>> No.6319195

Here you go

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I love Ina too!

>> No.6319209

I would not enjoy playing games with Kiara.

>> No.6319211

>First few posts are already about mourning their fucking thread celebrity.
You really don't see how this is a problem? Go fucking make a discord already where you can jerk each other off.

>> No.6319212

Hololive LIVE!
Where frens?

>> No.6319216

Brainfucking with Ina!

>> No.6319218

Which holos have the deepest lore?

>> No.6319220 [SPOILER] 


Ciao suckers.

>> No.6319221

This is how ina will off-collab with Marine too.

>> No.6319223

>> No.6319225

Hi friends!

>> No.6319226

agreed anon, it’s a blight not some quirky thing

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>> No.6319229

Ayamefriend, where you at?

>> No.6319230

>A stream where Gura has to wake up before noon AND Mori would be up over night till 7 in the morning

>> No.6319231

You thought brain pats were just a joke?

>> No.6319232

I'm late, wht is Ina drawing 8jkj2xg8

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fat cat is too sex

>> No.6319244

Brainfucking is top-tier, right?

>> No.6319247

All of these feet running through my head.

>> No.6319251

Ina is my oshi but I'm really lazy and talentless. I feel like I'm letting her down

>> No.6319253

>They somehow manage to bumble their way towards getting closer to fighting the Ender Dragon in the process

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>> No.6319255

Just got back from my actually having a life reps. Did ayamefriend go back to posting like normal yet?

>> No.6319256

It's because you keep on getting assblasted about it. It's all just to spite you.

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>> No.6319264

I can't believe Ayamefriend graduated...

>> No.6319270

Don't even fucking joke about that.

>> No.6319271

I didn't even know it was friday
I thought it was tuesday

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>> No.6319282

It's a cope for irresponsibility. People are more productive and better off when they sleep properly.

>> No.6319289

>muh thread celebrity
Stop shitting up the thread and fuck off

>> No.6319292

I need more Calligula...

>> No.6319294

I want to have sex with a KFP

>> No.6319295

But how about your nap, Ame?

>> No.6319297

are you and your discord really going to spend the entirety of your day over this

>> No.6319299

Gunna cry?

>> No.6319300

not yet unfortunately

>> No.6319301

Did you oversleep for 7 hours?

>> No.6319302

nah I'm indifferent so I can tolerate. If Ame is in appropriate boundary it's ok. I'm happy with her.

>> No.6319304

Aki soon

>> No.6319306

Waiting for an edit of that toilet scene.

>> No.6319311

what is this weird new angle using Gura's stream length? Are you still stuck with the Gura is lazy rrat?

>> No.6319315

I'm going to brainfuck Ina!

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Back to discord faggot.

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Current Streams
Noel DQ11: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edeVuwkZYYU
Izuru APEX Ranked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5kdN4bZjRY

Upcoming Streams
Botan TABS 30m: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rF0qGqK24Ws
Luna FFIX 30m: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGKftruYI64
Aki Announcement 30m: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udfd3sHudLg
Reine YABE 1h30m: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyHzwIO4SiY
Subaru DQ8 1h30m: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=td5_LE8Ccj8
Ame Minecraft 2h30m: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xop_KX-7Als

Song Releases
Okayu - p.h.
Reine and Nene - Dee (Ai Dee).
Watame's fourth single, Sweet Night, Sweet Time.
not him btw

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>> No.6319327

Dropping by after an accidental nap...and missing Ame's 64 stream to say,


IRyS debuts on
The 11th at 10:00/10am JST

Which is:
The 10th at 9pm EDT
The 10th at 6pm PDT
The 11th at 3am CEST/GMT+2

If I'm not here the rest of the night just wanted to say hope all you anons have a good one. I'm really excited for tomorrow.

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>> No.6319333

More scrambled brain Gura hell yeah

>> No.6319335

wah. wah? wah! wah...

>> No.6319337

I care more about Ayamefriend than Ayame

>> No.6319339

I tried that earlier and yet I am still able to post

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>> No.6319347

We gonna have more Ayame streams or is she done for the month?

>> No.6319348

Yeah at this point it feels like a thinly veiled insult

>> No.6319350

It'll be fine. The only reason Gura was burned out this stream is because it started at noon and she clearly sleeps longer than that.

>> No.6319355

Thank you for your work anon!

>> No.6319357

calligula is fine though

>> No.6319359

you too friend!

>> No.6319360

Post a link to the discord.

>> No.6319361

Anon you can't post this it's a SFW board god literally sex this is what happens in the tier 8 streams

>> No.6319363

Stay assblasted nigger

>> No.6319364

Not everything is a disguised antipost anon, it might just be a joke instead

>> No.6319365

Reminder: Never shake hands with a Tako

>> No.6319366

Did Ame unethically git gud at platformers? She's practically blasting through the game now.

>> No.6319370

anyone ever notice how people always start saying "WAH" just when the thread is about to get terrible

>> No.6319373

You joke but I'd be so fucking down for this

>> No.6319374

FFIX? Holy based

>> No.6319382

Does anyone have IRyS' bgm, been looking for it all day

>> No.6319383


>> No.6319384

Good, this is much better & easier to post. Overdone shit is overdone.

>> No.6319387

Fuck that traitor bitch though

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>> No.6319392

Discordnigger away!

>> No.6319393

I hate Wah posters

>> No.6319396

>literally not only a part of the problem but a huge reason it spiraled out of control like this

>> No.6319399

>takos are cumbrains

>> No.6319400

I love Ina/10
Her chatting streams are the best, her guard is completely down.

>> No.6319402

Ina is a grown woman, sitting in her room, repeatedly saying WAH into her microphone almost every day.

>> No.6319404

Zoom zoom zoom…bie.

>> No.6319405

As quickly as we get all this kino content, it seems to end all at the same, why is it always like this? But hey we still got plenty to watch!

Noel continues her DQ and degenerate gambling.
While a tiny izuru continues to do his apex reps.
Coming up in 32 minutes you got Botan's TABS, Aki's Zatsu and Luna's FF9.
If that's not your cup of tea, wait even longer as an hour and 30 after that you YABE Season 2, more air fryier adventure with Reine+bonus discussion of her brand new cover song with Nene.

Give it a listen!
You also got Watame's new song.
And the fat cat to round it all out! Get it? Round it all out, cause she' fat?

So friends, where we at?

>> No.6319408

Hey bros, back from my 30 day ban, what did I miss? Besides this new captcha.

>> No.6319410

tolerate what?
you are implying she's doing something wrong, please elaborate

>> No.6319411


>> No.6319413

This one?

>> No.6319415

>> No.6319418


>> No.6319425

That's fucking great shilling. Bossu getting a 3D is a long time coming.

>> No.6319426

It's not the same anymore...

>> No.6319427

Subscribe to her channel, buy her membership, stream Ai Dee https://youtu.be/o_xMgw2j9v8 and watch her Y.A.B.E. stream tonight!

>> No.6319430

Less tangents, more productive.
Probably the best eating part out of all she's done.
I love her

>> No.6319431

I’m here friend

>> No.6319433

I did use "you" but it was more of a metaphorical "you" and my post was more of a comment to the last thread

>> No.6319437


>> No.6319439

Bros, where is Ayamefriend, I hope she’s doing well. These threads just aren’t the same without her

>> No.6319442 [SPOILER] 

Ame is harvesting the grey matter from young Japanese children to enhance her platforming skills!

>> No.6319444

Got any timestamps on the IRyS talk?

>> No.6319445

Right here, Ayamefriend!
please be you

>> No.6319447

Calligula isn't shit like Sametori, and actually has chemistry, so this would be amazing.

>> No.6319448

Right here non Ayamefriend!

>> No.6319451

Koko, Ayamedachi!

>> No.6319454

I would kneel so hard.

>> No.6319457

Even mods are mourning his loss.

>> No.6319458

She got decent (enough) when she played Galaxy, got everything in that game apart from purple coins. Still makes a lot of stupid mistakes for a kid's game but yeah.
Sunshine's built different.

>> No.6319459

Are you the real ayamefriend?

>> No.6319462

offcollab would be nice
gura would finally rape this boy

>> No.6319463

can i just stare at her chest instead of going through all that work

>> No.6319465

yeah, was a long day at work so I figured I'd take a short nap...

>> No.6319466

Right here, Ayamefriend!

>> No.6319469

i-is this real?

>> No.6319470

cute and comfy as usual/10
Love that Ina's starting to do more of these member's streams where she's able to finish her work too. The eating segment of the stream was great and I always appreciate her stories. Now to stay up for the Nabi/Mel/Ina collab...

>> No.6319474

It feels so soulless...

>> No.6319482

Right here friend!

>> No.6319484


>> No.6319489

She did the same thing for Roberu too, what a good girl

>> No.6319490

Yeah, I'm thinking i'm going to have to avoid looking at my Oshi likes on twitter for a good while

>> No.6319494

>> No.6319500

they actually did it! thoughts

>> No.6319501

[Good News] I didn't get banned for posting a hag, so I will post cunny. I just want Ayamefriend gone.

>> No.6319502

I am present Ayame acquaintance.

>> No.6319504

>Sametori is shit
Was the collab bad? Or is it just shitposters?

>> No.6319505

A ton of concerts, retards actually getting filtered by this captcha, Coco dying, cool festival, some craze about blue lizards, VSinger soon, homos getting 3D starting today and some other details
Oh right, also ton of music and shit, check out this sick MV from Reine and Nene

>> No.6319506

Ina finished on stream/10

>> No.6319507

Dumb oni. Thats not how you eat gogurts.

>> No.6319509

>You also got Watame's new song.
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_xMgw2j9v8&ab_channel=PavoliaReineCh.hololive-ID [Embed]

>> No.6319510

Biology is fuckin wild

>> No.6319511

>> No.6319513

I've figured it all out now.

>> No.6319514

She usually gets the stars easily but she still struggles with the camera and some moves.
This switch port is horrible though and she'll suffer a lot on the later stages especially if she's goning for all stars (probably not).
I can see her getting 90-100 stars, but not 120

>> No.6319515

Right here Ayamefriend!

>> No.6319516

This is such a mindfuck, I thought they just lay eggs

>> No.6319523


>> No.6319524


>> No.6319525

So the same discord shitters who got asshurt at Mori are bullying AyameFriend?

>> No.6319527

Steram AIDEE

>> No.6319528


>> No.6319531

I sure hope so, friend.

>> No.6319533

Gonna hit the store before Aki's announcement/Botan TABS/Luna FFIX, you lads want anything?

>> No.6319536


>> No.6319539


>> No.6319541

I love Ina more every time she streams!
God, she is always so fucking cute... I'm glad we got this comfy stream today, Ina is the best!

>> No.6319543

This is my current location, random anon!

>> No.6319545

do you like your eggs overdone or scrambled?

>> No.6319546


>> No.6319548

Right here!

>> No.6319551


>> No.6319554

Shitposting, it had its lulls to be sure, but it was pretty damn good

>> No.6319555

you're the problem

>> No.6319556

>> No.6319557

If you hate Kiara I guess. Still enjoyed it even if I'm not a fan of chicken.

>> No.6319560

>People already hating on sametori

>> No.6319563

Yeah, get me two big jugs of Mori Milk.

>> No.6319565

It's not them
Ayamefriend doesn't space their paragraphs and sentences like that and never has. You're being baited.

>> No.6319575

Right here Ayamefriendoo!

>> No.6319577

She's not diligent either. But if she wants to do a long collab/stream, then do something enjoyable. Copy-paste pixel art shit IS NOT enjoyable.
I had a blast during the Saves Watson not collab & she didn't even utter a single word at Ame.

>> No.6319580

Take a guess, though it did drag towards the end because both their brains were clearly fried.

>> No.6319583

i-is it safe yet

>> No.6319584

wassup my nigga

>> No.6319589

I know, that's why I posted the it's not the same after the yab gosling

>> No.6319590

>didn't get banned for Hag posting
>instead of posting more glorious Hag
>he post cunny cringe

>> No.6319592

Uhh yeah, get me a Clark Bar

>> No.6319593

fat cat

>> No.6319594

Why does everyone keep pushing this? She's half-angel half-demon, not half-angel half-gorilla.

>> No.6319595

>Ame is gonna fuck her sleep up after sleeping "decently" for two days because of a homo.

>> No.6319596


>> No.6319601

>He doesn't know
Ayamefriend isn't a person, it's a state

>> No.6319608

I think she's given up on the 100 coin stars so yeah, definitely won't be a 100% run

>> No.6319609

>Caught up with the Mori ASMR
>She starts humming Bully


>> No.6319611

I really enjoyed it idk about the crying eggs.

>> No.6319612

If you don't like Ayamefriend, you are actually a nigger. Kill yourself immediately

>> No.6319616

>he's not going to wake up early to watch a grown man electrocute his own balls in 3D

>> No.6319617

Clap clap next meme

>> No.6319618

A lot of the platforming troubles Ame had in the past were unironically caused by faulty controllers or laggy and retarded screen capturing methods.

>> No.6319620

Atlus video game company

>> No.6319623

>Ame sucking on Ina's nipple and fingering her while Nabi watching

Left your request here with cute art of Ame and her parter

>> No.6319625

Stuff the turkey.

>> No.6319627


>> No.6319629

>She's not diligent

>> No.6319633

I want to believe it’s really you…

>> No.6319634

I thought it was shion yo...

>> No.6319637

Very unlikely, but based

>> No.6319638


>> No.6319639

Ayamefriend always uses proper capitalization and punctuation. You can't fool me.

>> No.6319641

Don't worry, if it wasn't this it'd be something else.
People like her don't get better.

>> No.6319643

I'm super horny and I'm going to edge until polka streams then polkum all over the screen. And you're going to look at it and like it!

>> No.6319645

I just want her back...

>> No.6319649

>Aki's announcement
Please tell me she's clarified it's a happy announcement.

>> No.6319651


>> No.6319652

It was fun, as usual, if you watch something alongside the thread, there's a higher chance of it being ruined for you, or you thinking it's shit. Because of this, I usually just watch collabs without the thread

>> No.6319654

That part seriously killed me, I don't think she's ever been sweeter than she was then.

>> No.6319657

I'm a rebel posting chicken instead

>> No.6319663


>> No.6319666

I don't need ayamefriend, I just need someone to pretend.

>> No.6319668

I was listening to bully
it's a sign to post the link again

>> No.6319673

It's no coincidence that IRyS's lore fits with the Myth theme. Once the 5 member EN2 debuts, I'm willing to bet that another Project Hope member will be announced later down the line that coincides with whatever EN2's theme is. This caps EN to 12 members in total, which is a great number for groupings and large scale collabs

>> No.6319674

Hololive Global? more like Ayamefriend Global amirite?

>> No.6319675

Most of the people shitting on him are already gone, you are the faggots making this entire thread about him. Just give him a (You) and shut the fuck up

>> No.6319678

Hold on, losing my mind, thought the post said "post fat cat"

>> No.6319679

>my request
very based, thank you

>> No.6319681

>Luna in a few minutes
>Korone in a couple of hours
Guess we're heading into a FFIX arc.

>> No.6319682

Why have I never seen any porn of SameTori
I want to see Kiara eat Gura's cunny while they both have the cat ears on
come on now

>> No.6319684

I know...

>> No.6319688

And thank god for that. As much as I love Ame's Mario streams, the 100 coin stars are just straight up terrible stream content.

>> No.6319689

half of hololive fits the Myth theme

>> No.6319690

Ame pegging Gura

>> No.6319691

Doesn't she stay up that late anyway?

>> No.6319692


>> No.6319695

What makes you think that she would keep a proper sleep cycle in the first place?

>> No.6319697

>why the fuck all discordfags use the same argument?
Because they're retarded.
Pic related.

>> No.6319698

You guys are acting like a Discord more than anything. Sorry schizos, I'm not from a Discord or any super secret group. Turns out, I just got sick of people jerking off a thread personality on an anonymous imageboard, to the point where you weren't even discussing the topic this board is for anymore.
Literally all you had to do was follow the rules.

>> No.6319700

There's one very specific ESL quirk I'm looking for that will convince me

>> No.6319702

shitposting of course, i didnt like kiara that much but this one is fine

>> No.6319704

What? She's not lazy either. She's pretty average.

>> No.6319708

I think this PSA needs to be posted every single time now because you guys seriously have PTSD.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4SeK27alUo (Turn on CC)

>> No.6319709

>couple of hours
in what world is 10 hours a couple

>> No.6319713

It’s a damn shame the two biggest rug munchers of EN of zero porn together.

>> No.6319714

Right here, Ayamefriend!

>> No.6319715

>Ina rewatched Hathaway's Flash twice with her full attention and three more times in pieces for fight scenes
>Ina bought some RG gunpla kits (Nu and Sazabi)
>Ina prefers Rare to Medium-Rare steak -- a trip to a Steakhouse in New York convinced her of this.
>Thought Black Widow's premiere was yesterday and excitedly asked her parents to watch it together with her. Was sad when it turned out the premiere was the day after
>Watched Noel and Flare's Molly Online stream
>Ina now has hand-tracking for drawing. It cannot keep up with her speed and glitches out
>Wants to do EN Hologra
>Is drawing a secret project -- not Kiara nor IRyS
>Confirms she still humu humus and people who don't hear it need to get their ears checked.
>Ina confirmed to hate shipping. Says "When you force it onto the talents it becomes very awkward."
>Specifies she is okay with seeing the girls shipped, including herself, but hates how people use it as a way to begin arguments; mentioned that the sentiment is shared among the girls. "Let people like what they like"
>Is human. Will explain the wings in the future hopefully if things work out.
>Hinted at that explanation occurring post-Violet release
>Wants to draw something cool for Kiara. Something actually "cool" like Huke-papa did and not generic idolshit.
>Is drawing someone as a secret but doesn't want to say who nor give hints. Mentioned she'll get bonked if it gets revealed before ready by ENMa
>Is thinking about doing members-only drawing streams. Nothing serious like her public ones, but drawing zatsudans that allow for a bit of interaction via drawing for members. Will also release the art to the public right after
>Loves watching Mori and Kiara draw and wishes they did more
>Wants all of her collab partners to feel comfortable. Understands that drawing with her may not be comfortable so she's nervous about doing many drawing collabs.
>Coincidentally, the Nabi and Mel collab will be a drawing zatsudan and on Nabi's channel
>Worries senpais think it's too difficult on Ina's body to do collabs; has to assure them she will be awake at the time anyway
>Hates the light; lives in the darkness out of necessity
>Ina is increasingly nervous about Violet since it's been three weeks since she finished her part and now wonders if the hype will grow to be too much and become difficult to live up to.
>Mentions she stopped having projects she's worked on cancelled so is now more sensitive to delays.
>Hopes we can be a little more patient but believes the process of Violet was invaluable.
>Doesn't want Takos to do "Stream Violet" memes when it finally releases
>Has multiple songs planned for covers already. May not release a teaser for them.
>Is thinking about getting a singing coach.
>Began gushing about Ame's singing -- said she really improved since her first live singing and gained more confidence. Called her and her singing voice really cute.
>Another unarchived karaoke soon. They're all JP because fuck you Ina's an Otako
>Developed her love of puns due to the friends she was with in HS shoving puns in everyday conversation; Ina's competative nature took over.
>Loves Nene and considers her a perfect match because Nene loves cucumbers and hates tomatoes while Ina hates cucumbers and loves tomatoes.
>Ina eats tomatoes like an apple and likes pretending she's a vampire by sucking on the tomato juice as it pops out
>Her favorite alcoholic drink is a bloody mary
>Eats buratta cheese and likes how how it squirts in her mouth when she bites it
>Burrito was banished to the corner of the room and forced to watch takos take over his spot
>Ina was trying to release a voicepack for birthday goods. She couldn't do it due to too much going on at the time.
>As a result she's now releasing a larger voicepack for the next wave of merch
>Ina was really scared of being hated by her genmates back before they knew each other. She considers them a blessing and lifelong friends now.
>Ina does NOT reach out to people but makes sure to reciprocate if someone reaches out to her
>Doesn't know why she ended up having so many girls talk about her. Doesn't understand how she became a "harem protagonist"
>Considers herself "side-character A" in everybody's relationship. Didn't know anybody ever spoke about her in their streams (somebody told her Lamy was talking about her today and now she's going to check out the stream later)
>Tries balancing games she wants to play with games others have been asking for
>All advice Ina's given has been advice said with the perspective of lecturing herself
>Considers herself naive, immature, inexperienced; got bonked by a friend over it
>Was sad because she thought she let people down; is over it now. Believes she's only capable of getting over things quickly because of her genmates being there for her and the support of her takos.
>Is looking into Wondersong, One Hand Clapping, Papetura, Ender Lillies, Outer Wilds, VA-11 HALL-A
>Managed to finish her mystery piece in its entirety.

>> No.6319718

>> No.6319719

Just watched the game a 2nd time.

How do you fix the defense?

>> No.6319724


>> No.6319726

Because that doesn't fit their dynamic

>> No.6319729


>> No.6319732

you will never be a janny

>> No.6319733

Because they kind of made it a retarded sisters deal, with Kiara occasionally larping as mom. Limited /u/ potential.

>> No.6319739

Right here Ayamenemy!

>> No.6319740

Don't disrespect Watame like that.

>> No.6319742


>> No.6319744

She's the best!

>> No.6319745

a couple of fives

>> No.6319746


>> No.6319748

Post runnybunny cunny 8

>> No.6319750

RULES RULES RULES YOU ARE LITERALLY NOT FOLLOWING THE RULES IF YOU FUCKING COMPLAIN INSTEAD OF IGNORE AND REPORT IF YOU SEE SOME RULE VIOLATION, HOLY SHIT. You dumb motherfuckers don't fucking realize that you are just as bad as everyone else, in fact you're fucking worse because you shit up the thread for HUNDREDS of fucking posts complaining about shit. SHUT THE FUCK UP.

>> No.6319752

>the rules
and you say you arent from a discord?

>> No.6319753


>> No.6319754

You'd never know if I was because it's not like they do anything.

>> No.6319757


>> No.6319758

Seriously though, why are they building useless shit? Kiara has repeatedly stated she wants to fight the dragon, so she can have elytra, and link the servers, right?

>> No.6319763

These retards don't even see the talents as actual people. It makes me fucking angry that their shitty channel is one of the first search results on youtube if you search for hololive.

>> No.6319769

I wonder if Luna or Korone will try to impress all 100 nobles.

>> No.6319770


>> No.6319772

No one wants to draw two hyper dykes going at each other.

>> No.6319773

So all raiderfag achieved was make ayamefriend become the embodiment of
"If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine"?
The thread now has had ayamecompadre, ayamebrother and who knows whoever else decides to become a threadly replacement later on.
Imagine the absolute state of that faggot right now.

>> No.6319776

Based note takoer.

>> No.6319777

>> No.6319778

>> No.6319780

Did they fix the FF9 PC port with the awful backgrounds that Squeenix was too cheap to remake for not ancient CRTs.

>> No.6319783


>> No.6319787

>Hundreds of posts
Hyperbole is not your friend, especially when there's so many more posts talking about a thread celebrity who isn't even here anymore.

>> No.6319792


>> No.6319796

Ame x Rratmom.

>> No.6319799

Thanks for the InaNews!

>> No.6319800

did she shill roberu's in the past? aren't bossu and astel her favorites(?) from the homos? stay away from bossu you whore...

>> No.6319802

>No one
Speak for yourself
I wanna see Kiara sexually dominate that mesugaki shark cunny

>> No.6319804


>> No.6319807

>Watch Mori ASMR
>She kills me with a plastic bag

Uhhh... Deadbeats?

>> No.6319809


>> No.6319810

>one of the first search results on youtube if you search for hololive.
not for long

>> No.6319815

Also taking any other numerical requests

>> No.6319817

these faggots need to be doxed themselves and get their lives ruined

>> No.6319819

I miss this brat…

>> No.6319821

Ended Dragon two weeks from now (maybe) according to the SameTori collab

>> No.6319822

Ame sniffing or licking Gura's stinky fuzzy (or smooth) armpits please

>> No.6319826

go back to your discord you dumb fuck

>> No.6319830

It's part of the ritual to make you into one of her skeletons. Forever.

>> No.6319832

What should I draw next?
Ametori or Rainforest?


>> No.6319833

What was the game on Steam she linked?

>> No.6319835

Great. Maybe if we can get more of you retards on the 3-day, IRyS's debut will actually be tolerable here

>> No.6319836

>>Is drawing a secret project -- not Kiara nor IRyS
Hope it's Coco

>> No.6319837

>Kiara occasionally larping as mom
There is potential for that spanking then, but I doubt we'll get that either.

>> No.6319838

Anon she doesn't want to fuck bossu and astel
She wants them to fuck each other

>> No.6319841

thing is unless their brains are scrambled thats the same week as TTRPG

>> No.6319843

Cracks me up everytime I think about her posting cute and funny to almost 200k people.

>> No.6319845

>Ina confirmed to hate shipping. Says "When you force it onto the talents it becomes very awkward."
>Specifies she is okay with seeing the girls shipped, including herself, but hates how people use it as a way to begin arguments; mentioned that the sentiment is shared among the girls. "Let people like what they like"
Holy based.
Fuck /u/schizos. And she confirmed all the girls agree with her.

>> No.6319847

Don't have one. Fucking schizo.

>> No.6319856

>releasing a larger voicepack in the next wave of merch
Uhh, when's the next wave of merch?

>> No.6319861

Are these the Ayamefriend antis? I’m out of the loop.

>> No.6319867

I love you

>> No.6319871

Based, I can just listen to her without listening when I do my vod reps.

>> No.6319873

kill yourself

>> No.6319877

>Hyperbole is not your friend
Closing your eyes and ignoring just how many stupid complaining posts you all do is not hyperbole it's you being fucking stupid

>> No.6319878

so am i, bossu deserves it.....

>> No.6319879

All tripfag and avatarfags deserve antis.

>> No.6319880

>Is thinking about doing members-only drawing streams. Nothing serious like her public ones, but drawing zatsudans that allow for a bit of interaction via drawing for members
Fuck.... I guess this is it for me then.... This will be the only kind of monetary spending that I do on a vtuber ever. My second will be Suisei's album, once I get to go to Japan...

>> No.6319886

Go back to your discord, you lost this one.

>> No.6319889

these are the kiara antis / eggs / doxfags

>> No.6319891

They don't care retard, their goal was to shit up the thread and they succeeded. The method doesn't matter to them.

>> No.6319893


>> No.6319894

Now that the dust have settled we can all agree teamates are the worst posters right?

>> No.6319895

>>Ina is increasingly nervous about Violet since it's been three weeks since she finished her part and now wonders if the hype will grow to be too much and become difficult to live up to.
Even if the song ends up not being amazing I'm more hyped for the illustrations and probably new lore

>> No.6319898

Stop throwing a bitchfit about Ayamefriend you fucking niggers, you are acting like 12 year olds

>> No.6319901

I want to learn the facts of life from my boss

>> No.6319906

You don't. PES21 is fundamentally broken. Defense has been fucked since 19 with the cursor bug, but especially with the AI patch they're using for this tourney good fucking luck. Manager-san did a good job today. /vt/ were big underdogs so a draw is huge. No team in our group looked good today so there's still a good chance to advance.

>> No.6319907


>> No.6319908

can you niggers stop talking anbout this shit already? if you want to talk about it so much go fucking make a discord already where you can jerk each other off

>> No.6319912

>Polka isn't oruyo

>> No.6319914

Kiara sadly does that with every holo, like Nene and Subaru, because of Takamori. Really limits viewer engagement by strictly adhering to one ship. She should just joke that she and Mori have an open relationship so she can flirt with the other girls

>> No.6319917

There is no Discord you deluded moron.

>> No.6319919

>tatsunokos money alone could have hired kyoani to make an episode of coco

>> No.6319920

Which EN girl loves their members the most?

>> No.6319922

Skip the meds and go straight to suicide.

>> No.6319925

all tripfriends and avatarfriends deserve love

>> No.6319926

I love the outfits in the MV, they're great.

>> No.6319928

Just got back from getting a pizza, can someone explain to me why the thread would appear to be re-enacting the Cult of Alessia?

>> No.6319929

>disappeared for 3 weeks with no word on Twitter
>百鬼組 riots in Fubuki's chat asking about Ayame's whereabouts
>didn't even say okaeri or anything to Miko after she got discharged from the hospital (chronic illness)
>Miko explained on behalf of Ayame when it became a hot topic
>got back on Twitter but no mention of why she was gone. Mama explained on her behalf but it didn't match with what Ayame said. Mama got flak for it.
>only 2nd gen to not show up on Aqua's and Shion's birthday totsu
>started totsu on her birthday in which Aqua and Miko appeared
>didn't even stream much overall but streamed at the same time as Suisei and Akirose's new outfit stream
>day before live show, streamed while A-chan was doing totsu. other holos came by and turned on their stream after.
>a lot of days didn't turn on stream saying she's practicing something. can't tell what she practiced during the live
>Subaru, Choco "Hard to see during streaming and hard to see irl. rarest to see among holos"
>ruined the mood on SENPAITACHI by showing hard disinterest at least twice
>didn't participate in christmas singing relay
>streamed during 5th gen new outfit stream (nene's)
>didn't show up for afterparty of song she released with Fubuki and Mio (Hyakkaryouran Hanafubuki)
>participated in Apex tourney, didn't practice or stream. she said "everyone was serious huh(about the tournament)" while streaming with no l2d
>tried to end SENPAITACHI OKBR after doing once even though they changed rules to accommodate her and it was late because of her
>late to monhun collab with Rushia by 40min without contacting her till
>only one to not mention Coco's graduation in any form (prior to graduation date)
>play LoL with her dildos during Coco's graduation stream
>in recorded segment of Coco's graduation said "I ghosted Coco a year ago about Asacoco segment because I thought I submitted it".
>didn't turn on stream for 50 days with excuse about moving but streamed for 1 mil celebration to collect money (consistently played LoL during those 50 days)

>> No.6319934


>> No.6319935

kill yourself then go back to discord faggot

>> No.6319936

>> No.6319937


>> No.6319938

Ame of course

>> No.6319946

streams were good so naturely shitposters are complaining about stuff

>> No.6319947


>> No.6319948

Given all the posts pining for Ayamefriend, no they can't stop talking about it. Ever.

>> No.6319951

Dog with fun things planned.

>> No.6319952

Just got back, I see the discordfag is still bleeding out his ass about how Ayamefriend will always live on. I guess I can make fun of him for the moment while I wait for Botan

>> No.6319953

Specifically, she called member drawing zatsudans "MSpaint drawings" meaning she's going to be talking and then doing those doodles you sometimes see with her chibis to assist in storytelling. Stuff like her public drawings which end up being heavily-detailed pieces will be always publicly available

>> No.6319956

First and Final Warning.

>> No.6319958


>> No.6319961

sure :}

>> No.6319965

Yes, she shilled Roberu too.

>> No.6319968


>> No.6319969

Fucking based

>> No.6319970

Don't care, go back to the discord.

>> No.6319972


>> No.6319973

This is the "Hololive Historian" doxcord.
They're 3 strikes out of 4 before their shit is baleeted and they have to migrate to their backup like roaches. Dumbfucks didn't think advertising their SEAnig infested shithole would backfire.

>> No.6319975


Now draw this with Ina and Ame

>> No.6319977

I'd assume she's interested in playing it? Was only able to tune in late.

>> No.6319980

you're not in EN Risu

>> No.6319982

>open shien 3D debut prechat
>first comment is see is "let him have big hands "

>> No.6319983

I mean of course they do, I remember back at the start of January Kiara had to tell the chat to shut up when some retards were spamming NTR when she was talking about taking a small vacation with an old friend

>> No.6319986

Just ignore and report

>> No.6319989

Ina, bloody mary is fucking disgusting. I almost threw up when I drank that.

>> No.6319990

Reading all this just makes me love her more!

>> No.6319991

do you know if we banned the Ayamefriend anti discord yet?

>> No.6319992

Did Kiara or Ina say who the third person they were going to be playing PSO2 with was?

>> No.6319993

Ametori is special kind of crack shipping. I mean, Kiara did say that in another timeline, she would have gosling for Ame.

>> No.6319995

does any body even click on this?

>> No.6319996


>> No.6320001


Do not count on them to fill any dead hours or be in that many collabs.

>> No.6320005

Have faith. Polka is all around us, even in the air you breathe. Relax with some VODs or ASMR and find the Polka within yourself.

>> No.6320006


>> No.6320009

>> No.6320010

I've always wondered this, but isn't this both doxxshit AND shitting on a Holo? Why do you guys not get upset about this rule breaking but instead get upset over someone who talks about streams?

>> No.6320015

Ok, that changes things a bit. I adore Ina and I find a lot of usefulness in her art streams. I'm glad the member streams are just something sillier and fun. Thank you for the clarification, I can't justify spending money on a membership and not having the time to watch the content right now.

>> No.6320016


Aki announcement in 5 minutes

>> No.6320025


>> No.6320029

Its Mori

>> No.6320033


>> No.6320040

t. not a gator.

>> No.6320043

Gonna cry about it?

>> No.6320044


>> No.6320046


>> No.6320049

cute I don't know if I've seen this one yet, and also it looks like the short horns are becoming permanent? Is this one released yet?

>> No.6320052

holyshit i was gonna miss the debut. thanks anon

>> No.6320053

Kiara > Ina > Ame > Gura > Mori

>> No.6320054

Announcements give me pain now.

>> No.6320055

I dunno anon, who is the third person who streamed PSO?

>> No.6320056

swimswit stream lesgooooooooooooooooooo

>> No.6320058

>Loves Nene and considers her a perfect match because Nene loves cucumbers and hates tomatoes while Ina hates cucumbers and loves tomatoes.

>> No.6320059

Based. Fuck this whore,

>> No.6320061


>> No.6320062

Mori said herself that she’ll be joining in her PS02 stream.

>> No.6320063

When's the next TTRPG, I need more Scout art...

>> No.6320064


>> No.6320065

me on 0:30

>> No.6320069

So when's the next big thing so shitposters can move on from the easy (You)s and we can better threads.

>> No.6320073

Ah, good. Haven't watched the stream(s) yet. I'm actually behind on the Minecraft streams Just finished watching Kiara's 12 hour 1 million celebration stream

>> No.6320076

Based but they should say it in a public stream

>> No.6320078

don't mess with us Hololive fans, we are scared of announcements

>> No.6320080


>> No.6320081

she has been working on something for awhile so no need to worry friend.

>> No.6320082

>Ame and Ina are commenting on Kiara's tweeter with the image of the statues they made
how was the collab?

>> No.6320083

Yeah. She's looking into being able to play it on-stream and thinks it's very cool. Mentioned she also wants to "support indie game artists".

>> No.6320084

Stop using Suisei to shitpost, this isn't /jp/

>> No.6320085

Eh, I don't give a shit. I'll let the meidos sweep me away. This ones maybe a week old? I can't remember.

>> No.6320087

IRyS debut less than 24 hours from now.

>> No.6320091

God I wish those people would get their heads acquainted with a baseball bat, multiple times

>> No.6320092

>Ametori is winning

>> No.6320094

Amelia "I'll stream for my member in the middle of massive inflammation" Watson>Gura>Ina>Kiara>Mori.

>> No.6320095


>> No.6320098

>Ayame anti shows up
>at the same time as the person mad at one of the few people here that actually watch Ayame and can shut down his rrats

>> No.6320099

Personally not my cup of tea, but I did enjoy the last collab these three had together, looking forward to it.

>> No.6320106

Thanks for the reassurance friend.

>> No.6320107

Reminder that Bossu's 3D debut is in eight hours

>> No.6320108

I mean, at least a few of them have expressed that exact sentiment more than once.

>> No.6320110

>when there's so many more posts talking about a thread celebrity who isn't even here anymore
which you're 50% responsible for

>> No.6320118

Ina ina inaaaaa

>> No.6320119

Her birthday's on July 15th.. less than a week to go.. please celebrate...

>> No.6320121

When IRyS debuts and her voice is heard, the mad dash to dig up her history will begin.

>> No.6320125

I wish dogfuckers like >>6320084 would go back, but they've shit up their thread too much so now they come here to peddle C-tier bait.

>> No.6320126

Kiara mindbreaks gura and other tales of death

>> No.6320127

>>Doesn't want Takos to do "Stream Violet" memes when it finally releases
I don't know why this specific line killed me

>> No.6320130


>> No.6320131

They can buy Hololive if they have opportunity. We talk about multi millionare group and no joke.

>> No.6320132

That placement is March Gura, current Gura would be below Kiara and above Mori

>> No.6320133

>>Burrito was banished to the corner of the room and forced to watch takos take over his spot

>> No.6320136

>People don't care about Ayamefriend or just talk with her
>quallity of thread remians stable
>Some fagot on crusade against somone that was here longer that the board existing
>quality drops, peaople start to shitpost both way
(you) are the problem here.

>> No.6320137

Ame hates her normal audience. Members might be a different story. But I guess that’s with every fanbase

>> No.6320139

I'm going to do it anyway and she can't stop me.

>> No.6320141

The girl who gives her members the most value for their money is the one who loves them the least?

>> No.6320142


>> No.6320142,1 [INTERNAL] 


Well you're just a weak bitch :D

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