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Will this pay for my 5 star hotel fees? no? Okay, then you can't post this with our company IP.

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What? A nijigame?? Hide it from Riku quick!

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Why Enna of all people? Besides Selen who gets shitty ones but at least there's a lot of them, why couldn't the more fun members with lore fitting for certain genres get a game? Like Fulgur as a robocop bearing up thugs or Alban actually stealing stuff

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Holokeks our response?!

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they already have some fangames before op,
which is atleast better quality than whatever the fuck this is.

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>Male Chuuba has a majority female fanbase
>Expecting a female to be a dev

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Visual novels ain't games

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do you even need a response from them anon?
even I can tell how shit this is...

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>blatant Pizza Tower reskin

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I liked the Megaman knock-off of Selen, I'm surprised Nintendo didn't sue like they normally do

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>talent wasted on enna
its shit already...

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I think they'll only take action if they're selling it.

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that's not what I was talking about anon,
they do have some fangames,
but ofc not the same quality as what holo's have but they do have some.

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Capcom owns Mega Man.

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Every single Holo fangame is a reskin of something else.
>Attempting to be rational with the monkeys
Don't. They just wanna circlejerk and post their ebin Riku memes.

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Anycolor is more likely to be the one that goes apeshit over a niji fangame than Nintendo in this particular case

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Enna's fans are actual cucks

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Enna is somehow currently the most popular of the NijiEN girls.

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Btw Capcom even endorsed and supported a Megaman x Street fighter fangame one time.

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I'd prefer anyone but Enna, but I wish the dev luck regardless as a fellow gamedev myself.
Fan communities are the best, the lifeblood of gaming.
No, I prefer my anonymity, so no links.
t. ex Sony dev.

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Really if you're not making anything off it Capcom tends to not give a fuck

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My theory is that she drove away everyone else from the girls in the company, so the only people left are the ones cool with her antics, and therefore she’s the most popular

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thanks for the heads up
gonna send this to Riku for unauthorized use of Nijisanji™ IP

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with women

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this is literally what happened

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Riku gets 98% of the profits.

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Only women watch niji, that's not new

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good for you nijikeks, enjoy

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lol nice game
they aren't trying at this point

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the reason males won't watch NijiEN is specifically because of people like Enna. Special snowflake syndrome and her drama drove away everyone but snooty asian women.

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Sorry, I was thinking of Metroid that time

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>This game that looks likes Pizza Tower looks like Piiza Tower
Someone call False, we got a scoop here.

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holocure is much better with more feature than Vampire Survivor

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I know this is a bait thread but about time they get something positive. Its kinda tiresome how every niji fangame is just a visual novel.

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where's rosemi's fan game?
exactly. heh.

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There's a dude making an RPG.

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only here seethes about Enna and makes up all kinds of rrats
likewise Enna seethes about here
she's well liked otherwise

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I have pretty high hopes for this. This is very far from the holo passion-less games dev make only to get recognition LOL

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She's "well liked" by her audience of cucks and asian women, because she drove off everyone else from Nijisanji EN

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98% of zero is still zero.

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why? you need them to laugh at you?

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There are plenty of original hologames out their, mumei played one yesterday.
And these reskins are better than ogs, also the deb should probably prepare himself for a DMCA strike nobody touches Rikus things.

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How many years of a western art school do you have to go through to make something this ugly and think you should realise it?

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>And these reskins are better than ogs, also the deb should probably prepare himself for a DMCA strike nobody touches Rikus things.
Did the yacht meme die? Is this the new thing the brownskins are saying now?

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there's a reason nobody makes niji fan games. Because you get DMCA by Riku.
Remember when someone made a 3D model for Pomu, and they DMCA'd them? Same with the petra model.

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>Remember when 2 things that didn't happen, happen?
Can't say I do.

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Nijisanji doesn't just shut down fan projects, they refuse to pay for any fan projects themselves. Therefore the only way fan projects happen is if a vtuber pays for it with their own personal money. Like Selen did, and Vox did.
Nijisanji is dogshit. Black company.

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>antis are this retarded

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Can you show me all the fan projects that Hololive paid for?

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Didn't Rocksuki get hit by a fat DMCA by Anycolor which caused the dev to cancel development?

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soulless vs SOVL

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>look, Niji got a fangame!!
happy for them, hope they have fun
>so uhm, w-will you finally watch us plz?
lmao nah

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Nijifags can't produce anything original, they NEED to leech everything and everyone.

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The pippa one predates your image.
Try again little monkey man.

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The Pomu 3D model was a barely rigged project someone was making, Pomu used it for a single members stream, then commisioned the little chibi one.
The Petra model wasn't even a 3D model, it was something peopled ripped from a project someone was making and used it for borderline softcore porn in the niji express.
Rocksuki was a complete game.
Genuinely and I'm being serious here, where in the FUCK do you people come up with this shit

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Hololive has actually made several games, like Hololive Error, and HoloEarth, and others. Plus they get hundreds of fangames, 400 and counting.
Because Hololive is a good company with the best standards in the industry. Nijisanji is Riku's own investment project designed to fill his wallet

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That's holofag trying to leech, you can find his etsy shop lol

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>The Petra model wasn't even a 3D model, it was something peopled ripped from a project someone was making and used it for borderline softcore porn in the niji express.
and it was based

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>they refuse to pay for any fan projects themselves
If a company is paying for a fan project, then it's no longer a fan project

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Riku has a finance background. He sees Nijisanji as an "investment property" and treats the units as disposable. The organs get zero money for their debuts. Zero management support. There are zero standards of conduct other than "make money however possible". They don't get their playbuttons, they are property of the company. They take full ownership over submissions for art contests, and shut down clippers they don't like. As a Nijisanji vtuber you don't own any of your original songs, or the model, or anything else. There is no base salary.

Nijisanji is complete fucking trash. It is absolute garbage. Lowest common denominator shit. Maybe think twice before supporting this bullshit company

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It's 3am on a Thursday why are there so many pagpag eaters around?

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It means "projects for the fans". Like the Nijisanji Express that Selen made, which was for the fans. Nijisanji corporation would never fund something like that because it decreases Riku's profits, even though it builds a solid fan community. Hololive meanwhile is investing literally millions in the HoloEarth project designed to bring fans together online.

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>holoearth is fan project

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didn't Cover also make rules for people using their IP to make content and whatnot? that does seem a tad more creator-friendly.

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It is a project for the fans. Hololive actually reinvests their profits into projects. Look at how Hololive's models have upgraded over time, while Nijisanji's models are stuck in the 2019 era. Nijisanji even has worse models than small corporations now.

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You're using the wrong terminology.
Just like how "fan art" is art created by fans, "fan projects" are projects created by fans.
For HoloError and HoloEarth, the word you're looking for is "products".

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Yeah they also had rules before the whole Holoindie thing, it was more or less basic stuff like "Don't try to sell the game or pretend the IP is yours" and "Don't make our talents say weird shit".

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I assume Niji won the imaginary number trophy today.

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Then it's not a fan's project retard, make a new thread about it

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I realize as an asian you are used to memorizing lists of characters and their definitions. But in the west we can pick up different meanings from the context of how he words are used.

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You're not fooling anyone with that comment KEK
Go to bed pagpag eater

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An english speaker would pick up on the subtle changing of definitions of "fan project" from "project by the fans" to "project for the fans" and it might even change their perspective on the topic. But in a room full of ESL you can't have any subtlety because they jut start screeching about definitions of words.

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Nta but holoearth and holoearth aren't fan games and at this point it's hard to even call Holo Earth a game as much as a tech demo. It's a gacha, survival MMO with VR elements and live concert performances which sounds cool on paper but everything we've seen of it so far is pretty mid except the performance aspects.

I genuinely don't even understand what this thread is seething about. Nijisanji has had several fan games, just like hololive. Hololive took what, 3 years to get a massive game in the west and that's with the fact that hololive has like 4x the fans in the west. This project looks kinda cute and I genuinely do not understand what the seethe is about. It's no holocure, but most fan projects aren't. Let people live and have fun with their projects, I honestly wish I had enough skills to make something like this

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>Not pizza tower
weird choice but cool i guess
still waiting for someone to be ballsy enough to try for nijicure

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>Pizza tower
This has to be a falseflag

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Holofaggots are just seething about Nijisanji's mere existence. It's pretty sad when they have to resort to straight-up lying in order to put down anyone not in their tribe.