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I love this dog like you wouldn't believe

>What is /wvt/?
/wvt/ is a thread for viewers to find, share and discuss English-speaking vtubers
>Shilling your oshi?
Include a picture and a link so we know who they are and how to watch!
>List of commonly discussed vtubers
>Twitch FAQ, or "Why aren't they on YouTube?"

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How do I find an oshi?

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follow your heart

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Cute murderer drawin a pretty Nina

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I love indie chuubas who try their best! I love indie chuubas who get flustered when complimented! I love indie chuubas who lift each other up!

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I hate indie chuubas who don't try their best! I hate indie chuubas who don't get flustered when complimented! I hate indie chuubas who don't lift each other up!

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And I love you, random anon!

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I think I'm too shy to speak candidly but I share your love...

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this dude's png is literally too dark for me to make the facial features out on in the about section

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For a rainy or hard day

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That's part of the joke. Auruthur doesn't have any. No eyes. Barely a nose. No hair.
I have no idea why he chose that look, but that's what he chose.

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It's okay, we're anonymous here!

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if you're a 1-2 viewer chuuba I probably said hi to you! if I didn't, maybe one day when I have time!

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oh okay

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Same all i'm reminded of are those Roberu images next to holos except its indies. Right now it just looks like Arthur is NTRing paperbag.

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>Watch an indie on twitch
>Someone donates, an obnoxious song starts playing and drowns out the streamer
>A person follows the channel, another way-too-loud sound plays
>Someone else "redeems" some cringe bullshit, the streamer interrupts what they're doing to comply
Why are twitch indies like this? I want to give them a chance but holy shit this is annoying, nothing makes me drop your content faster.

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I'm posting a new 2 view, but she seems to have potential, I found her through her Persona streams. I want her to release her Live2D already.


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Redeems depend on the streamer more than the audience but everything else about Twitch's culture (yes even raids) is so shit from a viewer's end. Or at least, a viewer that just wants to watch chuubas and not deal with viewers that want to bring attention to themselves.

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for me its the bat

streaming MHW now: https://www.twitch.tv/batatvideogames

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Everything wrong with Ironmouse

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No thanks

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Sounds like you'd enjoy PapiFubar's streams

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If you just want to watch and don't want to interact with the streamer I don't get why you wouldn't just watch the holos like most people. That's exactly what you want already. Smaller streamers are more interactive

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I love Ironmouse and Zentreya but holy shit I can't stand trying to watch them and every 6 seconds someone donates and you have to stop the stream to listen to a robot voice reads a blog post a viewer posted

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That's Twitch for you.

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It's Twitch culture. You'll find very few people who don't have this kind of thing setup with Twitch indies so you might as well go to corp ENs that don't have that stuff

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Chuubas for this feel?

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if any of you have donation TTS you are going on the blacklist and I'm not donoing or gifting in your chat

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I will tolerate this for Koragi.

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Ninomae Inanis

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from about 100 i watch literally not a single one does that

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if someone is streaming on twitch odds are you arent the audience anyway

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Streamlabs integration is the culprit. It's shovelware. All of its features can be replicated within OBS itself, should you desire them.
Redeems are interactivity and are not always obnoxious, but in many cases they're either thoroughly uninspired or derail whatever's going on, which is an individual problem unlike the cancer that is BIG SOUND AWOOGA DONO BITS MEDIASHARE FOLLOW SUB crap you get with streamlabs

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Strategy nigga playing some trippy alternate-america HOI4 mod.

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Chuubas for this feel?

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You're either watching 2views who can't set up TTS or notifs, or youre lying.

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should >we make a list of the chuubas that don't do this shit

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Interaction is fine, the streamer reading chat is fine. What is not fine is when the streamer is talking or playing a game and then
blasts through the audio. If you want a sound for donos just have a subtle chime, and make sure it's not louder than your mic.

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>hentai mouse got a $175 skeb

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Not really. The pastebin/ghostbin is kill, but it was a genuinely good list of chuubas collected over months by hundreds of people
>but the bias
meh, they make content i like

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>All of its features can be replicated within OBS itself, should you desire them.

Even in OBS most people are using a streamlabs or streamelements browser source to manage their notifications. Setting that shit up individually using multiple third party programs and a bunch of nested scenes and bogged sources.

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Alice keeps accidentally drawing Nina's booba too big...

>> No.6311912

that would be nice honestly, I'm curious to see how many would make it

>> No.6311968

That is disappointing to hear, but not surprising. I don't touch streamlabs, since the twitch dashboard has a notification feed for some things that don't show in chat, and having only that tab open consumes essentially no resources when in a chromium browser.

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It'd be nice to know when chuubas generally stream and when so I know when to stream when I start myself.

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kenji has a professional sounding voice
he should do voice recordings for hire

he's doing a chainsaw man reading right now with bodega rat

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Name some right now

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why is almost every vtuber's design generic as fuck?

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With this character's death, the thread of prophecy is severed. Restore a saved game to restore the weave of fate, or persist in the doomed world you have created.

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>kenji and bodega
>cat and mouse

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teruteru....your niche.

>> No.6312324

That's what's safe for broad appeal, and easiest to get commissioned if you can't draw your own model

>> No.6312333

Good voice is a niche?

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Today's chicken gacha roll!

I will find the source later because I accidentally deleted the bookmark and now I can't find it.

Also go maybe Tiger guerrilla later and the tournament beings in about ten minutes!

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Teruteru is a reading voice
Kenji is an anime voice

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My Christian wife...

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She's talking about her size diff kink again

>> No.6312725

Ninomae Inanis (forma de Doxx (forma de Miko))

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I have a pretty popular clip channel and i'm thinking in start charging to post clip of indies vtubers.
Would anyone pay? Like $50 or more

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drop your channel and I might contact you

>> No.6312947

Depends which channel. If you're the real deal maybe

>> No.6313210

what other types of voices are there?

>> No.6313272

Depends. For $25 you get just buy ads here.
You would literally need to guarantee 100k views to match that.

>> No.6313327

gay voice

>> No.6313406

Tournament on still can't find the time stamps searching the archives did not help

>> No.6313460

If you can give them 100k views? Sure. If not, you wi probably only get a bad rep, but you can still do it

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Come join me while I spend the next two hours trying to beat bed of chaos while blindfolded. Laugh at my misery, of this foolish skeleton who bit off more than he can chew.


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I'm so lonely, I ask out birds.
Hatoful Boyfriend


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Nice try, racist skeleton.

>> No.6313633

sorry, i don't associate with racists

>> No.6313700

corpse is having her 600 subscriber celebration in about 15 minutes!

>> No.6313709

Not unless you're clipping them yourself.

>> No.6313743

New Moe ASMR video

>> No.6313758

Based anon or unbased samefag?

>> No.6313991

Is it cucked to shill someone else's wife?
Also the pastebins are not working for me

>> No.6314077

simply become the wife and shill yourself

>> No.6314176

Did Ant Hime have a heated gamer moment during her stream with Sonic?

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>calliecord is real

>> No.6314312

take the nelsoncord pill anon

>> No.6314349

But her husband is not my type

>> No.6314382

Tonight we're playing Lob Corp. Leon is going to be the one playing because Alice doesn't want to do the missions. Join us!

>> No.6314421

No, you can be her wife. Lesbianism doesn't count as cheating.

>> No.6314474

Wow feef beat gyaru

>> No.6314513

Anon, we all know that no one here is an actual girl.

>> No.6314537

i am turned on immensely over the idea of eat Callie's man-ass

>> No.6314549

hot, I want to suck my oshi's dick in that case

>> No.6314551

Anon, we are all cute girls here

>> No.6314607

That doesn't mean you can't be lesbians.

>> No.6314609

when everyone's m*le, no one is

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>> No.6314623

>good morning, big bro

>> No.6314690

Gutsybird this is inexcusable.

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>> No.6314829

reminds me of some old meme website where you put in 2 people's names and it analyzed sexual compatibility, any anons remember that?

>> No.6314851

femcel hands typed this

>> No.6314861

It is literally the same website.

>> No.6314868

You okay? Why the butthurt?

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>> No.6314922

It is the same site http://en.inkei.net/

>> No.6314941

Does Moriko like any games besides Monhun/Pokemon/Isaac?

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>> No.6315190

Fuck it, I'm posting her even if it is considered cucked.

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>> No.6315229

I'm not clicking that.

>> No.6315288

Hard pass.

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>> No.6315332

>100% Affinity.

>> No.6315438

which chuuba is most likely to come beat me up if I ask them to?

>> No.6315484

Male or female?

>> No.6315490


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>> No.6315530

Bat if you piss her off

>> No.6315535

She already hates her viewers

>> No.6315549

nanashii a chuuba now?

>> No.6315551

I chuckled

>> No.6315580

They have an OC so I say it counts.

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>> No.6315691

He cute too so i don't mind this

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>> No.6315746

>100% Affinity
>Doesn't cum a single time
If that is how sex really is, I'm glad I will never do it.

>> No.6315913

>try affinity with kamiko koopa as a joke
>100% affinity both finish multiple times

>> No.6315946

She gets her magical wizard powers from practicing tantric semen retention.

>> No.6316008

Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
And if you find the time to say hi tiredsquidd won't pass you by
I have spent many hours watching her stream
I like her image on my mobile screen
Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
I have never been disappointed by her
Tiredsquidd is a treasure a pearl
She can make bitter coffee sweet
Tiredsquidd I would like to meet
Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
Vtuber with a passion for games
Tiredsquidd deals her enemies pain
She has killed a god with her glowing stick
Tiredsquidd streams aren't something to miss
Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
Tiredsquidd if you're reading this here
I'm trying to tell you I love you my dear

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>> No.6316331

this is making me feel things

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>> No.6316378

>> No.6316579

>Puts just the tip in
>Immediately cums twice.
LMAO the absolute state.

>> No.6316629

>Shimada vs feef is not a dead dream

>> No.6316648

Two views!!! Get your western emglish speakimg two views! Here is a discord/they/them vtuber who streams oblivion for who? For you the viewers.

>> No.6316731

I fucking hate you RebelEarthSky.

>> No.6316801

He's gotta be the most depressing dude here, and that is quite an achievement

>> No.6316808

I hate that there is not way to see the fights you want to see. We need a secret cytube for this.

>> No.6316842

That extra ectasy on Callie's must have been to make up for the cucking

>> No.6316944

Dream is dead tiger lost.

>> No.6316980

Zet again you have the chance to avenge shimada kek

>> No.6316995

you need to ask them to stream their side of the tournament then

>> No.6316999

>matched against a VIP may
she'll get there soon

>> No.6317018

>Feef lost too

>> No.6317023

>Affinity of Callie Calico and Ass Eating Anon
>Ecstasy of Callie Calico : 2 times
>Ecstasy of Ass Eating Anon : 4 times

>> No.6317042

I don't know if this western vtuber can be allowed in /circlejerk/ anymore.

>> No.6317060

tell deer what matches to stream next

>> No.6317073

Let's goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

>> No.6317128

>Didn't read further down

>> No.6317160

This is not gyaru's tournament though

>> No.6317213


>> No.6317268

Shimada really sucks at this

>> No.6317310

Zet mains Faust. It's already over. Screenshot this post.

>> No.6317372

not really she's above average

>> No.6317375

>> No.6317401

If gyaru is helping TO then she has the power to affect that; she's the reason why past tournaments have always featured /here/chuubas at the start
However, winner's bracket always takes priority so unless someone here is in winners still then we are doomed to not see one of /ours/

>> No.6317406


>> No.6317411

No one cares about you getting banned by that kraut bitch

>> No.6317530

I do, he's my favorite pet schizo

>> No.6317544

putting the femboys into this site is just way too fucking hot...

>> No.6317671

The anal gay one? It's pretty good, but all our femboys keep cumming 0 times because they are bad at sex.

>> No.6317685


>> No.6317711


>> No.6317716

Deer does the brackets and also picks out stream matches for Sarina's tournaments

>> No.6317748


>> No.6317778

the anal one sucks because I tried to put Callie in and she only came once

>> No.6317790

gyaru is probably why feef and shimada got on stream

>> No.6317802

You two always get matched against that monster kek

>> No.6317900

It's your mission until shimada get to the point where you don't avenge, her you fight her!

>> No.6317943

I put in a bunch of femboys and they came a bunch

>> No.6317975

femboy tierlists

>> No.6318013

All shit tier

>> No.6318032


>> No.6318073

literally all the femboys don't want to vtuber they just want to erp as a femboy with other femboys

>> No.6318105

Finally found it

Also Horror game in about 5 minutes!

>> No.6318163

You guys looking forward to this?

>> No.6318186


>> No.6318199

literally who

>> No.6318210

>debut as first stream

>> No.6318214

>be in elementary
>Megaman X4 for the first time
>Zero looks cooler, lemme pick him
>gameplay happens
>complete shock

Anyone else hyped when alium gets to this point?

>> No.6318233

Just another facecam streamer getting a vtuber model to jump on the bandwagon. You can safely ignore.

>> No.6318241

>that engagement
probably female (yuck) and normalfag (double yuck)
probably has real face posted somewhere, not going to bother checking because it's essentially guaranteed
Literally who and why would anyone on this board ever care? Go to /soc/ with your whore.

>> No.6318275

This looks familiar but I cant figure what it is. Actionpts is doing a stream of whatever it is on youtube later

>> No.6318306

what happened to deer's tournaments then, did they stop

>> No.6318309

Why is Pat from the Super Best Friends' cuckolding GF switching over from facestreaming?

>> No.6318315

>probably female (yuck)

>> No.6318325

There's a Vtuber I enjoy watching who goes by tired squid. Great streamer. High energy with a upbeat attitude. Great artist too. Makes all her own stuff from scratch sometimes even on the spot. Tiredsquidd has quite a loyal small but loyal fan base. I would like to think that I am a member of her fandom. Tiredsquidd is constantly getting squid jokes and handles them well. Tiredsquidd can sometimes be heard sipping on a coke or munching on a cookie. Tiredsquidd is a sweet delight who enjoys sweet delights. Tiredsquidd did a five hour Morrowind stream that was really fun to watch. During tiredsquidd's Morrowind stream tiredsquidd may have let slip the secret ingredient in her special dish that she has spent years perfecting. I forgot to mention tiredsquidd is a incredible chef often willing to push the boundaries in the culinary world and have fun but still managing to appreciate food, and to enjoy food for the flavors and satisfaction of eating something that has been specially made.

Tiredsquidd clipxh

>> No.6318342

Shill her when she's live please

>> No.6318347

Pat's wife from Two Best Friends Play

>> No.6318360

>tired squid
>high energy streamer

hmph. points deducted. but we shall see.

>> No.6318371

and >we should care because

>> No.6318386

never heard of them, share a link here when the stream happens

>> No.6318453


Actually, if I don't post the whole thing it is going to be a pain for me to look for this in the archives when I start analyzing the statistics.

From yesterday's >>6269892
to >>6269892
to >>6263583

Also stream starting now!

>> No.6318521

If you don't have friends to boost you
with engagement and you're going in solo as a streamer without a team engaging with your content you'll never make it past 2 view. Embrace the boiler room. Embrace the astroturfing.

What is engagement?
View time
Messages per minute

>> No.6318562

ok thanks rebel

>> No.6318582

the logo? that's some darkwing duck shit

>> No.6318593

deer had one last weekend and has another one in two weeks with sarina again

>> No.6318676

Oh shit. I bet your right anon

>> No.6318696

I'll work on my twitter reps

>> No.6318728

drawing big robots today
drop by if you wanna do art reps or have art questions

>> No.6318774

>Shimadacord team vs /wvt/ team is the first match

>> No.6318786

>big robot
>b r
>the br chuuba
the BRap chuuba

>> No.6318802

I noticed that Kotomi aka goat made a sketch of Eira for her anniversary.
Also called her sneep which is kinda funny.

>> No.6318808


>> No.6318867

>Feef and Colt on a team instead of Feef and Shimada
Colt cucks everyone

>> No.6318942

>Dolphin Ranch 18ND
what is this name for the /here/ team

>> No.6318977

Dont mind me bros,just gonna rest here for a bit.

>> No.6318983

I love you mom.

>> No.6318992

holy shit i did it

>> No.6319016

Sorry, I asked them if they wanted to team up :x
The secret strat was I didn't want to get kicked out of top 8 again by Colt.

>> No.6319025

got room for one more?

>> No.6319084

can i join you two gentlemen

>> No.6319118

Take this vtuber coupon with you. It's dangerous out there.

>> No.6319138

How are the lads tonight

>> No.6319165

You know rebel, for a schizo, you do make a substantial amount of OC
I like you better than linkanon already

>> No.6319208

what did I miss, what's the gosling event?

>> No.6319389


>> No.6319395

>banned from a Vtubers chat
>like clockwork she is in my reccomended almost everyday
>never have to follow because she is in my reccomended
>never have to read her wonky chat
>Never have to worry about being gifted a unwanted sub
>hours of free entertainment and amusing spectacles
>never have the urge to clip because you can't clip channels you're banned from
Sometimes the loser wins it all.

Take that back.

>> No.6319478

You still watch the bat? Bro you need help, seek it.

>> No.6319487

Another one under Colt's belt

>> No.6319499


>> No.6319535

Goslingbros stay strong for our oshi

>> No.6319537

kek i need the story of how you got banned

>> No.6319570


>> No.6319572

There's only one person I like like that. I already told them too

>> No.6319578

Rebel you're a fucking idiot, man.

>> No.6319605

From what I understand, she reverse engineered who he was from him posting that image you replied to since he's a well known schizo, banned him from her chat

>> No.6319610

Behold, the face of a MAN. eh streams for obscene hours and doesn't afraid of anything.

>> No.6319661

leon cucked by zet

>> No.6319761

Gonna be singing some weeb songs!

>> No.6319806

Leon cucked me before I even knew him.

>> No.6319829

I'll pay, how popular are we talking though

>> No.6319950

Fuck you and your extortion

>> No.6319978

>Koeficcient raids Shimada again

Which is his clique, again?

>> No.6320004

advertising is against the rules

>> No.6320102


>> No.6320104

hololive fub youtuber that got cancelled from fgc for being racist and based

>> No.6320138

Purin is revealing her new outfit!

>> No.6320225


>> No.6320302

I remember him from Coco's stream.
I was wondering what is his current circle.

>> No.6320483

She's sounds so happy. Such a precious girl.

>> No.6320629

How's she doing? I watched her debut and a little after, but not since.

>> No.6320657

She watches a lot of nyanners. You can hear it in her voice. I approve of this western vtuber. They can be nyanners replacement when she inevidibly retires from entertaining.

>> No.6320711


>> No.6320784

You sure? Purin is very openly a lolicon.

>> No.6320790

why would it be?

>> No.6320803

*sips tea,*
*couphs a lung*
Returning to the old normal is working womders for the well being of vtubers.

>> No.6320846


>> No.6320926

>Nazi dog
Which side were flips again in WW2?

>> No.6320966

I will watch your chuuba now

>> No.6320968

She is a pudding dog obviously.
Pudding puppy.
Jigly and tender and cute.

>> No.6321024


>> No.6321062

when will twitch make it so you can IP ban someone from watching your stream in general

>> No.6321110

Ip ban evading is too easy
Just block his entire country.
He's probably a Frenchy so you are probably doing yourself a favor rangebanning their entire country.

>> No.6321118

that worked back in 2012, ip bans don't matter anymore, anon

>> No.6321144

what if you could appeal to a mod for a range ban on a viewer if they keep evading

>> No.6321163

I wanna cuddle up with the bat and whisper racist things in her ear.

>> No.6321170

you'd have to be Shroud tiers of pulling in viewers or else twitch admins and staff do not give a shit

>> No.6321183

are you me

>> No.6321185

>ban someone from watching your stream in general
Never, just stop being a pussy and ban whenever someone talks shit you don't want in the chat, if you are constantly checking user list, take some fucking meds

>> No.6321204

I imagine it'd be a ticket and it'd take some time before you got results of course, but I mean every streamer's emotes have to be approved. the manpower is there.

>> No.6321235

are you both me?

>> No.6321279

>I mean every streamer's emotes have to be approved. the manpower is there.
>checking whether emotes are explicitly sexual takes the same amount of decision making that it takes to set up an IP range ban for a chuuba who barely breaks 20 viewers on a good day

>> No.6321295


New bread viewers vtuber meme idea.

>> No.6321300

based outfit

>> No.6321309

>t. rebel

>> No.6321350

Well, now I'm fucking offended, I would rather you call me french than that

>> No.6321405

>marshmallow: can you say pomf pomf kimochi
>she actually signs a bit

>> No.6321431

Charlotte unarchived? bearaoke

>> No.6321478


>> No.6321583

>but I mean every streamer's emotes have to be approved. the manpower is there
I remember a guy had an emote of Trudeau in blackface for like a solid year before Twitch noticed and removed it so I doubt whatever manpower is going into that is very effective.

>> No.6321609

You have a point. There's also a staggering number of ass emotes.

>> No.6321782


>> No.6321954

you guys ever take a shit so good you feel empty inside, but it's a good kind of empty? which chuuba for this kind of feel

>> No.6321960

Against chim again kek

>> No.6321970

cadenceanon why havent you shilled your oshi? she's hanging with my favorite butt slut

>> No.6321980

Feef just fought with Tiger on her stream, was cute

>> No.6322020

It's this late and you haven't said anything to my favorite retarded menhera /jp/ rabbit

>> No.6322054

I sent her a DM so it's fine.

>> No.6322091

grognard tries to convert shadowrun to OSR

>> No.6322100

I want to mating press her

>> No.6322150

>yfw you will never be able to summon Bartholomew because you keep losing everything on bets.

>> No.6322217

cadence anon dropped cadence after collabing with too many dickbats

>> No.6322243

this is the 4th or 5th time its happened
they fought almost as much as deer and tiger fought

>> No.6322295

what exactly is a dickbat?

>> No.6322336

you will just get depressed too

>> No.6322370

Well I tried my best, Sol is too unga ;A;
I need to learn how to deal with Dusts and Throws too.

>> No.6322415

any m*le that gets in between cadence and cadence anon

>> No.6322498

What will you do now that GG is over?

>> No.6322504

Such is the tiger bro way of life and burden

>> No.6322532

Well top 2 is good you did well!

>> No.6322554

she's /here/. I dont want to embarass myself.
i still love her.

>> No.6322580

why is it a rabbit if it has cat ears

>> No.6322583

I see she stopped paying you as much.

>> No.6322588


>> No.6322592

>simping for a tranny that cucked you

>> No.6322596

Aria Art
Leon+Alice Lob Corp
Shady DS3
Phantom Karaoke
Charlotte Chatting

>> No.6322685


>> No.6322695

I love her so fucking much.

>> No.6322712

bro, I admire your dedication

>> No.6322753

watch her
she's adorable

>> No.6322828

fucco continues to be based

>> No.6322854

why did you team up with feef instead of the sol

>> No.6322855

>she screams in silence
>a sullen riot penetrating through her mind

>> No.6322858

>bat wants to draw herself as a magical girl turned witch

Somebody has nina envy.

>> No.6322885

you are even more mentally ill than he is

>> No.6322913

Kill yourself.

>> No.6322971

fucco could make a living off drawing /here/ chuubas

>> No.6322976

cadence convinced me to quit cigarettes
if I smoke heavily people will start to think I'm a tranny too

>> No.6323034

good fuck fags

>> No.6323036

Fucco's in the Felticord. All the deadbeats are already there anyway.

>> No.6323037

how can you say something so spicy yet so based and true?

>> No.6323058

what do you mean? that's obviously a rabbit
It's because she's an unlucky black cat who tries to be a lucky rabbit

>> No.6323067

got that pun , mate

>> No.6323121

Ah shit okay
I didn't catch that at all too clever for me

>> No.6323144

women with deep/raspy voices are fucking hot though

>> No.6323163

Yeah, I could totally jerk off to a Tom Waits babi.

>> No.6323194

Tom Waits is a bit too much for me, but Stephen Merritt would be good

>> No.6323195

I'm not used to discords I don't feel comfortable talking there at all also I'm embarrassed to show my crappy drawings to Feltie.

>> No.6323204

Find people to bully online in Strive I guess, I need to go against more Ky's.
Thanks, I'm always gonna try to improve but man if Faust gets buffed...
I would rather win with friends than match with people who are just good.

>> No.6323227

Bro just lurk. It's a low-intensity discord anyway. If anything you can just learn from the masters since sometimes they do private streams of them doing their reps.

>> No.6323230

>> No.6323275

>I would rather win with friends than match with people who are just good.

>> No.6323311

For good reason.
Look up reiko a news article on a hacker who used discord a bunch of lonely dudes into becoming his trap harem and saying "yall" in their semtences despite none of his victims being from the south.
I know you love your oshi but avoid discord at all costs.

>> No.6323395

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