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What went so wrong Takobuds?

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>Inb4 Quantity<Quality

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500 kino streams vs 994 chickenshit streams that nobody remembers.

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>anon was present at all of them

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How did inner get away with it?

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>Whori tries so hard to claw her numbers back
>Has to collab with other whores
>Her solo stuff have been getting shit views

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She cute

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Hasn't Ina taken like 15+ months off from streaming? I remember at least 3 separate 4 month hiatuses due to illness/other obligations. So that's part of the reason why she hasn't streamed much. Also her whole character is "I'm the tired one." So it makes sense she doesn't stream much.

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Cannot stream Genshin

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Say what you will, but the day one of these girls graduates will be one of the saddest days in vtubing. They were the pioneers of the EN vtubing scene. The first big hit, that had to carry expectations and everything. EN’s before them were nothing, EN’s after them couldn’t replicate their formula/success.

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B-b-but Advent...

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This. Also I don't want a Myth 3D live, keep your problems to yourself KFPiss

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ina is allowed to stream less. i can usually break her streams into 2 parts and fall asleep to each half.

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Yea I'm gonna cry like a bitch the time any of them go. Shit will never be the same

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Ina never wanted to be a lewd vtuber but got the most revealing outfit in Hololive so it's not hard to figure out why she hated being a vtuber. Gura likes her design but has major problems with management. Cover allowed the situation in HoloEN to become a crisis before they even considered making any type of deal.

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Wow Kiara is a week away from doubling Gura's entire output.

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I think so long as Gura and Ina still do their shill streams, then as Cover it's probably fine to keep them forever.

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Kiara’s only problem is that dogshit timeslot. If she streamed prime time burger hours she’d be infinitely more popular

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Pretty much
They can all coast if they wanted to except Calli I guess, idk UMG contract terms

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>but the day one of these girls graduates
Never to be heard from again...

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wow, considering that gura is the literal 0 in the scale,
ina being that close to her is....
do this girls only stream for necessity? like they hate streaming but they money is too good to just leave.

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not if is gura, it would be the same.

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When is she finally going to die?

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FWMC are going to have more videos than Gura by the end of 2024....

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collabs don't count
your move

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I don't think any of them will graduate anytime soon.
They will just walk the Gura route, showing up for collabs and shill merch.
They'll let Mori/Kiara carry them.

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Well, it took some time but eventually everyone came around to appreciate and respect true quality.

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le edgy post to defend a jp corpo

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I'm serious, her whole shtick for years is that everyone should pity her for being deathly ill and yet she's still there.

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i already cried over gura. she's not fucking here anymore lol

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The same reason that caused her to want to move out of her parents' house into her own place. Korean women only move out of their parents house for one reason, unless you're Kanande, and you're moving to a different country for work.
There's a reason why Ina's output plummeted the moment she moved. And she's hinted at it before, anyways.

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>muh quality over quantity
jp girls make both more and better content
>muh burnout
jp girls have been doing it longer
stop making excuses for lazy western whores

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There are more lazy whore jp girls than hard working one tho.

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Ah yes I can’t wait for Kino like
>Pikmin part 8
>FF16 part 5

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You take that back Anon!
Those streams cured my insomnia...

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>They will hit a wall in March in terms of productivity, numbers and motivation

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*literally carries theirs gen*

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forgot your takamori picture bro?

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Let's ignore the fact that Kiara is the runt of her gen who refuses to improve herself in terms of skills and tactics and very likely has been blacklisted by Cover since a long time ago (therefore everything you KFPfags are protesting for doesn't matter at all) due to her being a disrespectful and obstinate person in general and be mad at randoms amirite?

Oh boys, can't wait for Gura to announce her record deal/sololive so that the shit chicken goes nuclear over it, please make it happen God, I beseech you

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Anon if you watched streams you would know that after the winter 2021 contract renewals Ina was extremely depressed. Constantly talking about how she had horrible luck and having coughing fits that are often caused by stress. That happened to be when the streaming hours began decreasing for both Sana and Gura.

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>refuses to improve herself in terms of skills and tactics
literally the only one still trying to innovate and push things forward

but kiara going apeshit after gura securing something big would be fucking hilarious

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The holy trinity of no streams

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Naw, they will be much more busy at the end of this year.

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remember tick tock posting?
how is Ina still outsubbing Kiara?

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Sure, they got merch to shill.
But that's 1-2 stream max.

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>shitty tako bait thread
>makes it about Kiara
absolutely mindbroken

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Did Ina ever do X a until ____subs?

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She has a chronic illness, not a terminal one.

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If gura didn't basically semi retire, Ina and Mumei would get a lot more criticism for being lazy as hell.

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>Ina STILL maintains a lead on Kiara
It is kinda sad. Why can’t Kiara catch up?

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Her vods are so popular. Can watch them anytime.

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Nice, wholesome post in a shit thread.

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I wanted Ame to graduate the day she debut. Now I want Gura to also fuck off.

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ina had cunny working for her

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Kiara is too much of a unlikable bitch.

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Because somnologists prescribe Ina en masse.

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What's it called when you have neither quantity nor quality?

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Lotsa Myth bait threads lately
They are trying to divide us

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pick your poison, these are all synonyms

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People joke about this but I've seen so many Takosharts unironically say they use Ina's streams to fall asleep to it's unreal.

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>What's it called when you have neither quantity nor quality?

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Kiara has no timeslot. Her streaming hours are all over the place.

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And I'll be there to laugh.

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Anon, the best part of HoloEN stopped being Myth sometime around early 2022. It’s time to move on.

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I thought the difference would be bigger since Gura quiet quit almost two years ago. But when you look at the views that Gura's dead channel still gets it seems like Mori is the only one in HoloEN who actually has quality content output that people are willing to listen/watch.