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Sick of seeing people say we must bow to the Japanese as without them we wouldn't have Vtubing. Newflash: We wouldn't have vtubers without the BRITISH. It was the BRITISH who debuted the concept to the world with the Gorillaz, Japs simply bootlegged this idea in various forms leading to vtubing. But do not forget: it is the British we must thank for everything here. Arigatou, chaps

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Its quite literally the truth

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this has got be the most pathetic astroturfing I've seen, any regular VT schizo could come up with better stuff than this

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They hated him because he spoke the truth

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the fuck with the man in the sky fuckin gangrene gang lookin ass

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this explains why every new agency has at least one british talent

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He's canonically part of the Gangrene gang

What is wrong about what I am saying?

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OP is a fucking faggot

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But they never did in character livestreams or really any thing a vtuber would to prior to their 2018 comeback. They just started out as an animated band with cartoon segments giving them personalities during MTV bumpers.

Shit if you wanna get specific the gorillaz themselves aren't a completely original idea, they were preceded by the popular gimmick cartoon bands of the 60/early 70's like the Archies, or josie and the pussycats.

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Go back faggot

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The fuck happened to the asian girl

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Imagine being one of the most powerful empires of human history and now your biggest export product are aging, possibly autistic, dorks that go to far places to look at shit, the only redeeming feature of your incestuous island is that it mere existence makes poorfags and mudhut dwellers seethe

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Cheers to that

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They did live concerts in the 90s. Yes, since the 90s the Brits have had 2D character brought to life as an avatar for a person technology. Show me where Japs had that tech before the 90s.

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their first concert was in 2001, and they weren't even the first to use that same tech your talking about

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Who was the first before them? Let me guess, a British person

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>Turn green man into a massive pussy
>Age up the asian because muh lolicon
A shit

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don't bow then, tards

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Maybe that is the origin of Japs stealing this concept, to lust for the child in Gorillaz

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Loli bad

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my favorite song of theirs would be tranz
cause they be talking about me fr

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That's because he is a member.