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Is management trying to bury this?

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Jewtard T Rapist

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If they are, good luck burying something thats been common knowledge for years.

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What has transpired?

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So common knowledge, even Cover didn't know it was happening. He says so himself at 28 seconds.

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>literal nepotism
someone should be executed for this

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That shall live forever in this board (just like ollie yab)

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Holostars English but can't figure out plural verb forms.

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He is living rent free in this board's head so much.

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nepotism sex pest rapist pagpag

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ESL king

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yes, and?

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Do your homework shitskin

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Is he trying to get people to hate him? What a sad existence.

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downloaded the clip to keep it for future use, this faggot doesn't deserve to get a pass for pulling off shit worst than Vesper ever did.

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Clearly it's working...

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Who's his insider?

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Shitting diapers at some retarded loud flipfag on 4chan/vt/ isn't any better kek

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he made it quite obvious that it was Ollie

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Whoever it was, I hope she gets mistreated by management for the rest of her career.
Good luck learning English!

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Did you think that it was just a wild coincidence that lots of Holos just so happen to have close ties to other Holos prior to debut? I don’t know why this retard thought management would be cool with him saying this out loud, but anybody genuinely shocked by this must be the biggest newfag around.

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Morons still haven't learned what nepotism is

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I do not care. He makes /vt/ seethe. I find it funny.

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So Ollie broke nda to teach him how to pass the inteview?

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>deflects to esl and proceeds to seethe harder
Kek I was right, stop mooching off of others and find a proper full time job pls

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This is what? At least 3 known shitty western nepotism hires? All of the JP ones have been amazing, why can't we have a single good one?

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It's amazing how Ollie just keeps giving people more reasons to hate her and then plays the victim

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I guess that's why the VOD got nuked immediately, sisters tried to hide it and his manager was upset.

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Well, at least this faggot rewards her by practically throwing her under the bus himself.

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the only confirmed shitskin is the vtuber himself

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>this has been known for years
this is the first time a female talent even got a male nepo hire anons, that's what makes it different

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There's nothing wrong with helping a friend out. Fuck off faggot

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14 mins of the vod cut and any post on the official hololive social media about it instantly jannied. Yeah it's being swept under the rug and he got a little love tap instead of a bonk. Despite the obvious instant damage control /MANS/ sisters are unironically saying its a nothingburger.
They will protect their shit liability of a hire because the entire EN homo project is probably on the line with this gen, the last investor meeting they talked about needing to find that female audience and with the overlap rule changed it looks like they are testing that sink or swim style.

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She didn't break the nda. She just gave hints, not outright helping him out.

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I don't know who, but whoever it was, I hope she gets raped by her own fans

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Stop filling the catalog with useless things spacebattlers. Nobody but your place seethe about it

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Actual retard

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Kys jutard

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Where does Ollie come into this?

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Anyone with a brain would figure out that he's actually sticking to his kayfabe. This is the scapegoat they wanted and it's working. He's baiting all you pathetic fucks Jesus Christ.

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falseflagging sister post

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Hi Cover intern

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I mean I get the in the entertainment industry it's all about who you know but it's still shitty for the people that applied honestly so it makes sense why Cover are trying to hush it up

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This is /vt/ anon, everyone's a dumbass. No exception

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>muh bait
keep coping sister

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jesus this guy gets worse every day, absolutely fucking embarrassing
t.flip anon

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Yeah it's all kayfabe haha that's why they nuked a quarter of the VOD. Faggots

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Strike 1: friend with a known doxxer
Strike 2: called a reknown OG vtuber a "Discord kitten"
Strike 3: self-insert into a girls-only group
Strike 4: questionable room mate content
Strike 5: admit having a spy in the company before auditions, something even management didn’t know. Gets bonked immediately.

Reminder that there is no need to anti him on reddit or twitter, just wait for strike 6.

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that bad huh?

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anon they only needed 3 strike.

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What the fuck is this retardation? Half the girls gave tips on resume, auditions, interviews etc. Live on stream. It's not nepotism, it's not covered by the NDAs. If anyone here is not baiting, they should seriously consider euthanasia.

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>Guy had some help from inside Hololive
>The help : picrel

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Nice cherrypicking, but I can guarantee that he isn't as bad as you think

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>No events has transpired

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And he hasn't even finished his first week. Such a wonderful fucking hire, Cover.

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speculation. because she live in the same region = helping for nepohire. that's the logic /vt/ made up.

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>No events has transpired
Add - a notorious SEA shitposter on /vt/

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glad someone cares, let's spread this shit everywhere, don't forget to tell 5chan bros too
we, hololive fans won't tolerate this cancer

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File: 525 KB, 1162x519, Jurard and the Insider[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F18v5db.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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>cherry picking
He just debuted. When one VOD is taken down that’s 20% of his content already.
He tweeted for 2 days and got two twitter-offence already.

At this rhythm he’ll get a new yab every day.

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You should go watch her totsus

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Bae is also Ollies friend, much closer friend btw, and got similar tips prob. It's just used now by #monkeys because it's a homo. The ones at cover going through complaints are rolling their eyes right now
>actual call to raid

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Holy based

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Shut the fuck up nijinig

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She has not said anything about it

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Ollie collabed with his PL at one point, not really hard to connect the dots on that one

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guarantee my ass, from what i've seen he's the worst in hololive history

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not your personal army faggot, and calling for a raid is asking for a ban retard

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Why was it cut from the vod then?

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He did say "it's a spy" repeatedly about his interview coach so that could have been Zeta, even though it feels so fucking unlikely vs Ollie. Someone this fucking dumb and ignorant and loud sounds EXACTLY like an Ollie pick, it just fucking has to be, but Zeta's lore is she's a spy straight-out.

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>he cares about getting banned

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how about this one?

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Because he doesnt want to stir up dramafags

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It's pretty clear from how he phrased it and the fact that management had to take down the VOD that the "help" he got was not something a normal applicant should get. Doesn't matter if it legal or not, it's a fucking disgusting thing to do

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Ollie collabed with him. Even the chat was just spamming Ollie when he said that and he didn’t deny it. He was actually trying to make them guess.

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The more you call it a nothing burger, the worse it actually looks, sisters. You can't make a molehill out of a mountain.

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Once again dino boy has managed to make you faggots seethe...
I forgot every single one of you have only one chromosome.

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/vt/ are the biggest dramafags here, and we have fags like Banned vt memes and that one guy on youtube that uses AI voices to read our posts here. That clip is going to leak anyways and be reposted not just here

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management does not want to stir up dramafags, but he does

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Well they fucked up, streisand effect baby

>> No.63041282

probably this one

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Massive cope right there

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Ollie show up in chat of 90% of indie vtubers that are at least somewhat known. It’s still different from inviting them on her own channel.
And even then, Bae didn’t just start her career with "HEY GUESS WHO MADE ME GOT IN???"

Honestly, I don’t even blame Ollie, just the guy for being a retard.

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Great, now *all* the obsessive fringe Vtuber demographics (i.e. the people most likely to doxx and harass you) hate you. What's next? How do you translate this into CCV/Revenue for Cover?

>> No.63041318

>gives his latest stream a bait title
>dramaniggers and buck broken unicorns salivating at the potential shitpost opportunity
>doesn't address the "yab" at all

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How would I know this retards thought process? Do you deny that multiple girls both EN and JP gave tips/advice on getting into Holo? Do you think Ollie or whoever it was is involved in picking homostars and has some secret knowledge on it?

>> No.63041340

sounds based to me

>> No.63041370

that's what i'm saying, why is it Ollie's fault when the guy did that to himself? faggots here have been unjustly hating on someone that didn't even do shit.

>> No.63041393

and how many chromosome do you have, to be seething about people seething then ultrafag ?

>> No.63041431

There's a lot more to what he said about it than stuff he could have just picked up on stream from watching girls talk about auditions. If that's what it was he would have just said "I paid attention a lot to when they were talking about auditions" or something but he very specifically went out of his way to say he had an upper hand with someone from the inside feeding him info.

If you've ever had a position higher than burger flipper or shelf stocker in a job, if you've ever had to hire subordinates and pore over resume (I have, numerous times), there is absolutely a secret sauce wombo combo of attributes I'd ideally want to hear an interviewee say, I ask questions designed to assess if the candidates thinks or has what I actually-really-wanted to hear the most without at all giving away what I'm doing. If someone told a candidate the secret sauce attributes without my knowing I'd be extremely pissed someone was simply given the access code for me to go "THAT'S the one! it's exactly what I wanted!" and he didn't actually fucking think that up himself. I'd think "well I actually have no idea who this person really is then" and rethink everything.

>> No.63041441

>proceeds to make an elephant out of a fly
Bruh, 1/4 of hires are someone's friends, everyone knows that, you're just not supposed to say that you got a job because someone recommended you (even tho it may even be a requirement at some jobs), it's not nice to gloat that you had it easier at getting a job even tho everyone knows that. The vod would've been taken down if Koyori said that Mio helped her to get in as well for example. Everyone knows they're buddies, but it's just not nice to say it out loud, it demoralizes people applying right now.

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Barely. Cover is aware, viewers are aware, it's not even surprising. Nepotism hiring in corporations always was a thing. Rextard is living proof of it.
Question is how long will he stay in his position and if he'll play his cards right without digging his own grave with his bullshit.
Most likely Ollie or Zeta because he is their friend.

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>Strike 2: called a reknown OG vtuber a "Discord kitten"
Ironmouse discussed this and laughed about it on her stream, (You) are unironically more triggered and offended on her behalf then she is.

>> No.63041452

If anything, the sisters seem very desperate to bury this lmao
>he's actually based
>he's playing underwater 5d chess with bait
>it's not ollie's faul
>but everyone did it


>> No.63041455

>number of posts to posters
yep it's homosister defense force time yabba dabba doo bitches

>> No.63041470

Relax, he doesn't know what his talking about. Obviously people seething here have more chromosomes than common plebs.

>> No.63041479

how is it Ollie's fault, exactly?

>> No.63041495

Eh, no one cares if it's a nepotism hire or not, Same case with Sana, the only ones caring are rejected 2 views.

>> No.63041510

>Strike 1: friend with a known doxxer
Is there any proof that DN is actually a friend other than responding to a tweet?
>Strike 2: called a reknown OG vtuber a "Discord kitten"
Cringe at worst, not really worthy of all the seething
>Strike 3: self-insert into a girls-only group
Is Holostars a female group? Not really sure where you were going with this.
>Strike 4: questionable room mate content
Actually happened, pretty weird all around
>Strike 5: admit having a spy in the company before auditions, something even management didn’t know. Gets bonked immediately.
Also happened, while its not surprising to anyone, my bigger concern is that he didn’t know to keep his mouth shut about it in the first place. It makes him seem like he could be a potential liability in the future if he doesn’t learn what he’s allowed to expose.

>> No.63041517

That’s her reaction in a second time.
Her first reaction was to remove her likes on Twitter.

That’s a nice recovery to not make too much waves, because mousey hate drama, but that’s still not a way to address anyone, let alone someone like Ironmouse.

>> No.63041518

cherrypicking is only a thing if there is a large swathe of content to pick cherries from. He has what? two post debut 2.0 streams, one of which got cut down by 20% because he is a yabbing retard

>> No.63041567

Because Ollie willingly and actively was his spy/insider during the audition process fucking retard
huff lead paint and you will become smarter

>> No.63041575

If you lot are going to bite every damn bait he chucks like a damn schmuck, you'll push him into top 10 Cover corp talent. You want the Stars to stay down or not? Stop feeding him traffic. Goddamn.

>> No.63041593

If you tell all you employees the secret sauce attributes you want to see on an interview, congrats, you are a moron.

>> No.63041603

>Is Holostars a female group? Not really sure where you were going with this.
That’s the holotori yab. He self-declared himself a holotori when not even Nerissa nor Kaela are part of it.
Hakka was a thousand times more tactful about this.

>> No.63041609

On strike 3 I realized you were talking about the holotori stuff, kinda forgot about it.

>> No.63041617

the link is dead, update it

>> No.63041627

This. OP is probably him.

>> No.63041635

Isn't this normal in when applying in a workplace tho?
he's retarded for exposing himself lmao.

>> No.63041640

then you could say that too with fubuki then? how about ina? nepohire was there since long anon. it's not the insider fault if their little secret was unfold by some retard talking it publicly.

>> No.63041643


>> No.63041652

Nta but to single out and to respond to one comment that by chances happens to be a known doxxer is kind super unlucky. Or does he just respond to everyone?

>> No.63041668

Wrong post >>63041575

>> No.63041667

You know this is big when sisters are out in full force saying nepo hiring is ok.

>> No.63041738

>nepo hiring is ok
It's not nepo hiring. Even Sana wasn't. You are retarded. Go kys.

>> No.63041766

/vt/ is obsessed with Shiori but she's still the runt of her gen. This is not the kind of attention you want if you're trying to stream professionally.

>> No.63041771

He's just trying to be the next Coco without realizing the very reason why Coco left Hololive

>> No.63041773

Someone who's been working there for years and actually-knows me knows what I actually-value in someone or not. They probably won't even be exactly-right about me but it's way way more accurate to have someone giving a candidate a profile about my demeanor, the expectations I didn't put on the job description, hidden red flags to avoid tripping etc that anyone already working there would clearly know.

>> No.63041802

Stop larping like you actually hire people dude it's fucking cringe.

>> No.63041803

Just because it happens doesn't mean it's ok and the fact that this moron said it on stream is the problem. Everyone knows what's in the sausage but you don't show how it's made and expect it to still be appetising. Now the rejects will kick up a fuss that he "stole" his spot and if he fucks up badly enough then there would be blowback on his "spy" for getting him the job

>> No.63041816

Nepotism is pretty much the norm everyone. The issue is boasting about it. On the other hand, his constant yabs are making waves and generating a lot of traffic which could be leveraged.

>> No.63041839

How can anyone be this obnoxious and retarded? Last thing you want to after cheating your way past something is to brag about it.

>> No.63041876

Is this retard trying to get terminated in record time?
It would be pretty funny if he became the Aloe of the homos being graduated just a week after his debut.

>> No.63041884

probably this

>> No.63041898

Ads pay almost nothing. Do you plan to aka supa him for drama or buy his merch to burn it? If not, there is no leverage.

>> No.63041912

yeah, everyone knows nepotism happens but bragging about it makes him and his company look bad

>> No.63041915

most that do the complaining that jurard stole their spot probably are talentless themselves

>> No.63041920

retard, how is this correlated to the edited vod

>> No.63041938

Apparently he wasn't talented enough to get in either. He had to cheat.

>> No.63041946

>assuming /vt/ will watch stream
>assuming opinions from /vt/ matters

>> No.63041953

just implications that he probably was talking about ollie

>> No.63041963

I know jack about marketing, to me the whole "engagement through enragement" sounds retarded, but apparently it's a thing

>> No.63041988

we know that Ollie helped several people to get in, since long ago. how is this, magically, became Ollie's fault rather than the fag's fault?

>> No.63042007

His voice acting is good, and he even said that he's afraid that his streams might get copyrighted because of his voice imitations.

>> No.63042013


>> No.63042014

His stepping into shit literally daily indicates someone who mentally is really unqualified for the position, and it turning out he was secretly a nepo hire clearly set management on a tilt and I bet they're thinking "oooh, now it all makes sense."

There's a huge difference from nepo hire being "management asked you to recommend someone" vs "guy was given secret tips to ace the audition by someone inside and management had no idea and thought he was a natural standout." He's the George Santos of Hololive.

>> No.63042049

I have mixed feelings about the holotori yab, on one hand it’s just kind of rude to self insert into the group, but on the other hand management has kinda just gone along with it so I don’t imagine it will have a major long term impact unless a collab actually happens.
It’s not as shocking as you might think, DN is definitely a more well known figure then just any twitter user, so odds are that his tweet got more traction and as a result became more visible. It’s kind of a weird coincidence but I think you need more then that to definitively prove anything.

>> No.63042064

are you... actually a 2views? a seething one?

>> No.63042068

Lol even if we miraculously ignore all the 'yabs', he's just a loud boring zoomer that did mid anime impression and doesnt have anything outside "arrogant kayfabe", even with 1 hour limit you can see he's out of topic and went into circle real fast and fill the time with random loud laughter. he's simply generally bad, if anything all his 'yabs' are the only thing that gives him extra exposure

>> No.63042080

They're probably giving him enough rope to hang himself at this point. You'll know when he's fucked enough from the massive amount of -ACK posting here

>> No.63042092

Ollie is pretending to have an internet issue now to avoid streaming

>> No.63042115

Any more buzzwords, dipshit?

>> No.63042124

Cause she would be company worker who might have leaked company practice /info to an outsider (since he's not in yet)

>> No.63042128

Could be but like I said super unlucky if that's the case.

>> No.63042160

there is a set difference between using your connections to recommend a person for the job and going around management to tell the person applying how to trick them into letting you in. One is you putting your standing with management on the line by showing who you rally behind while also using your earned credibility to legitimize the applicant, the other is just straight up helping someone cheat since you know they wouldn't get in by their own merits and hoping your boss won't catch on.

>> No.63042176

same with fubuki or ina then.

>> No.63042180

We can safely ignore the yabs.
Because this is not a one-time yab problem. It’s a behavior problem.
He’s just going to yab and yab again. It’s going to be "it’s a one off", "it happened only 5 times", to finally people realizing what kind of person he is.

There is nothing necessary to do, just wait. He’ll yab again.

>> No.63042183
File: 348 KB, 424x443, 605c615ec06cdb25ba4bd7fb8cf29144.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not a massive yab but still pretty bad especially for someone just debuting. Already showing he is unprofessional. And it will get Ollie in trouble behind the scenes too. It shows no one can trust him with sensitive information and he is a walking liability. Remember someone on the team leaked the gen to /#/ and then we see this sperg be completely retarded.

>> No.63042210

She's streaming

>> No.63042218

Who’s gonna bonk him for the Holotori stuff. A chan? Kiara?

>> No.63042219

did fubuki or ina tell their friends what to do in order to get in while making sure management didn't know they were doing that, or did they simply vouch to management that those people would be good choices?

>> No.63042220

Do you actually believe the talent have some secret cheatsheet to pass the interviews?They can only share what they've experienced or what they've discussed with others after. And they do it publicly all the time. They can't help much more in private. This retard just phrased it the worst way possible cause he's fishing for outrage.

>> No.63042226

Fuck, that's actually a good comparison.
Dude is fucking slimy and weird, so quick at made up shits while throwing people under the bus. Talent aside he's just bad worker to pick.

>> No.63042228

see, this anon understand it.

>> No.63042247

Did they even have proper audition or enough applicant when Fubuki did it

>> No.63042264

Sister, gamers did not have auditions. And you can't prove Ina did more than vouch for Sana because she wasn't a retard about it.

>> No.63042278

Not to mention how it makes Cover themselves look like a second rate corpo now. This is low-/mid-tier corpo bullshit. It shouldn't happen to an industry leader. And I doubt they would risk their reputation for an under performing branch.

>> No.63042296

>to tell the person applying how to trick them into letting you in
This not a thing, there's no secret passphrase. And what they want to hear is not much of a secret either.

>> No.63042303

I just hope he yab alone and not dragging someone along the way. Wish him hell if he cause minor inconvenience to other talent.

>> No.63042309

holy kek i hope this guy keep doing what he's doing. dramachads our time will come soon

>> No.63042319

No, a seething unicorn who shits his pants everyday that males exist in Cover as talents.

>> No.63042332

Good thing you arent running cover then, cuz this shit is nothing to big corpos.

>> No.63042334

Check again!

>> No.63042340

No one. Not all yabs are considered bad by management. This one will be buried and forgotten.
But as the audience you have the right to think it wasn’t appropriate. Especially when Hakka is in the exact same situation but handled it tactfully.

It also shows what kind of person he is. Tactless, no restrain, in for hololive while not knowing the first thing about holostars, etc.

And since it’s a 1 out of 5 yabs already, he’ll just keep doing more shits like this.

>> No.63042344
File: 142 KB, 600x600, 1436923217318.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ollie's nepo hire
I didn't and still don't give much of a shit about T-rex boy either way but you faggots deserve this for shitting on her for so long and contaiment breaking with Yubigate.
I hope you enjoy the bed you made, retards.

>> No.63042355

How convenient.

>> No.63042359

Gamers was Weird for recruitment as it was not only early Hololive but pretty much Fubuki's project.
If we take the words for some of them it was hyper informal for the interview as FBK was vouching for more of them. Of course this is Pre-Gen 3 so times were really different

>> No.63042366

As an indon I hate Ollie now

>> No.63042387

no one asked

>> No.63042389

It's 110% Ollie who got him in

>> No.63042390

>Especially when Hakka is in the exact same situation but handled it tactfully.
no he didnt

>> No.63042399

Knowing Ollie, she'd see that as an absolute win. Better to wish she *wasn't* if you really want it to be punishment.

>> No.63042404

Repent by converting to Hinduism or Christianity.

>> No.63042439

Anon the retard made if harder for Ollie. Even if it turns out she didn't be will speculate, his fucking chat pinned it on her.

>> No.63042465

Truly the Nux of SEA

>> No.63042485

you tell em sis!

>> No.63042488

One bullet Jurard or Depressed Nousagi

>> No.63042489

Why the fuck is Ollie trying her damn hardest to be unlikable? Who is even watching her nowadays?

>> No.63042504


>> No.63042512

Depressed Nousagi. Because he's not in Hololive right now to cause trouble

>> No.63042514

DN all day. Jurard didn't harm anyone else but himself

>> No.63042515

Depressed Nousagi

>> No.63042524

I'm so happy for this clip. Thank you OP. I've been staying away from them, now I got the sample I needed to continue doing that.

>> No.63042530


>> No.63042545

If I had two, I would shoot Depressed Nousagi twice.

>> No.63042569

Still DN. Doxfaggotry is low as fuck, plus he has his homos raid the board all the time. He's the one I'd go for in all of the vtubing sphere if I had a single bullet.

>> No.63042571

I'll give Jurard the gun and the bullet and tell him to shoot DN

>> No.63042572

I'm pretty sure they have acknowledged the typo and he won't be in that much trouble for it.

>> No.63042599

I thought nousagi was our guy, what happened? Is this some kind of Niji's raid?

>> No.63042612

Selling Holo doxx

>> No.63042617
File: 3.85 MB, 1920x1080, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's the "help, I'm buggy" filter that really does it.

>> No.63042629

What kind of "our guy" doxxes Gura and Kiara and monetizes the doxx?

>> No.63042635

He was respecting their privacy by not giving it away for free

>> No.63042639

Nousagi is only talking shit about Nijisanji these days to make others forget of his doxxfaggotry of Hololive.

>> No.63042641

He still tricked you into watching a faggot. You're now tainted forever, sorry.

>> No.63042657

Nice headcanon, schizo

>> No.63042661

Would rather side with the Nijinigs than him

>> No.63042662

nta but I would think someone who knows management very well would be able to at least make an educated guess as to what would really tickle their fancy. more important, IMO, is that an informant probably would know at least what to -not- say to the management and that helped him stay competitive by process of elimination. if there are some trick questions designed to really chop off and filter out most of the applicants, he if was told simply what not to say that'd be a huge leg up. lots of guys probably come across as charming-enough in passing, likely they have some filter points designed to make people out themselves as less-attractive candidates and I bet that's what was critical.

even so, indeed I doubt a random holo could give any rando literally 100% odds to pass, just increase the chance, and that happened to work out there however. I'd also think that the more info was given, the more helpful it would be, and if it was helpful enough to get this guy in I'd imagine it was more than just a few little pointers. if it was that then as was said, you already hear little tips about auditions from random girls on-stream sometimes. also imagine being jurard and you're literally there talking to zeta or ollie or someone already before going into the interview - you'd want to pump that girl's entire head for every little grain of knowledge she can give about the management, the interview etc if you really-really wanted to try to pass. he must have taken full advantage of the informant and because she was doing this in secret there weren't assumed limits on what she could talk about.

>> No.63042666

I'll shoot DN right in front of this anon's face >>63042599

>> No.63042669

I actually didn't expect such a big response from sisters on this, makes it all the more obvious how bad it is.

>> No.63042682

Selling holo doxx was the downfall. But even before, his takes weren’t great. He’s just kind of saying whatever comes to his mind and edit it as a video as if he was some kind of genius with deep insider knownledge. Some people liked his "parasocial" video, but even that one was mid.

You’ll find better takes anywhere on twitter or even /here/.

>> No.63042699

She'd have knowledge about the interview process right up until hiring. She'd have an insider's perspective on what niches Cover are interested in or what demos they want to hit. Dude said himself he wouldn't have got in without her help. It's proof enough

>> No.63042705

Doxxing Nousagi any day of the week.

Fucking stole my idea

Literally started selling hardcore doxx shit. Like the deep shit. It was even listed as a perk on his Patreon for one of his tiers.
He naturally did the fake crying video on Youtube and a few months later realized he could still get on with the graft.

>> No.63042708

hit them both JFK style

>> No.63042717


>> No.63042727
File: 82 KB, 627x758, 1700501493646234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63042764
File: 269 KB, 1280x720, marine kek[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Ftyq7yt.ogg].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, I'm kekking now. Is that the sister defense force discord?

>> No.63042777

This place completely broke me, everytime I see someone this retarded I just assume it's falseflaggers. These people are too dumb to exist

>> No.63042782

I know vesper and magni were the face of the management mandated holopro era and I am glad that got gatekept but if you remove that context this dinofag is 100x worse than the gay old man ever was. Vesper didn't come onto the scene calling people discord kittens and sperging about his hololive oshis retweeting beggar art every day since debut and his previous activates did not include lewding hologirls for clickbait.

It's like lynching a fucking slime then an aspiring NTRdemon taking his place kek.

>> No.63042785
File: 158 KB, 400x400, Shindo_Raito_Portrait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They look the exact same too

>> No.63042802

>all those emotes
it's not just sisters, it's a holo discord (?).

>> No.63042848

Vesper just wanted that clock bussy he did nothing wrong. Kiara deserved that raid anyway :(

>> No.63042857

He said it he wouldn't get in without this holo spy help. Obviously he got more than tips. Don't deflect this on holo now.
>inb4 fubuki nepo
Lol, when holo was a nobody that just scouting anyone to join them.

>> No.63042860

Thats the unofficial(official) fan discord. Cover staff is in there so it might as well be

>> No.63042863

If it's the okbh one it's practically a sister discord. They do homo raids on the subreddit discord too.

>> No.63042864

Don't underestimate women.

>> No.63042872

My gramp did nothing wrong.
When Jurard inevitably gets terminated I’ll drink to it from Vesper’s cup.

>> No.63042914

Ollie or Zeta wouldn't know EN stars management "very well" though. Doubt they know them at all. I'd even say the things they are looking for for girls and for homos are not the same (shocker). Which makes your whole essay pointless.

>> No.63042917

Meh, nothingburger. We will all forget about this in a week or so.

>> No.63042934

>He was respecting their privacy by not giving it away for free
In other word, selling it.

>> No.63042940

>Ao/Omega -> Ina
>Ina -> Sana
>Kiara -> Nerissa
Who else?

>> No.63042973

Retard, that's her using a PNGtuber model because her internet was down already and was trying to stream with mobile data. She's doing a Twitter space right now so nice "dodging streaming" anyway

>> No.63042979

>Reine -> Anya

>> No.63042980

>We will all forget about this in a week or so.
That’s the fun part. You are absolutely right, but by next week, he’ll have three more yabs to discuss.
You can’t fix a behavior issue by just ignoring it.

>> No.63043008

the EN branches share discords. you wouldn't even have to talk to gore-mane or whatever yourself to learn about her via hearsay of the other dudes chitchatting about her/mangement etc.

>> No.63043014

it's still doxxing, even if only a select few were able to see it.

>> No.63043017

>Someone this fucking dumb and ignorant and loud

Are we sure he isn't literally Ollie's twin?

>> No.63043020

>She'd have an insider's perspective on what niches Cover are interested in or what demos they want to hit.
Bo she wouldn't, why would she? Dynofag is intentionally shit-stirring his words are not "evidence". How would he even now whether he'd pass without help?

>> No.63043050

how long before he get hitomi chris'ed?

>> No.63043059

Zeta and Ollie are not EN though?

>> No.63043061

anon job interview are pretty much the same every where, same goes with the fact that leaking sensitive info is not a good thing

>> No.63043064

>These people are too dumb to exist
Have you seen /#/?

>> No.63043068

what if he got "insider" in management and that was how he got in?

>> No.63043069

Maybe the reason Ollie hasn't graduated yet is because she's trying to nepo hire as many retards as possible to replace her

>> No.63043076

Huh? Same branch?
Also people are right for
>Ollie -> Bae

>> No.63043079

Never Cover would graduate Gura before they let go of a holostar willingly

>> No.63043083

I'd assume they are welcome to hang with the ENs however given they often mostly stream in english.

>> No.63043089

How tf people correlate zeta into this mess, they have no prior connection even from pl and the stupid spy thing is just another word esl frequently use.

>> No.63043116

Rrats are Axel was Zeta's nepohire.

>> No.63043123

Jurard said (repeatedly) it was "a spy" in Hololive who was talking to him. Zeta is lore-wise the only spy in the company and we don't know if he meant it as a coy joke or he was saying he has a secret informant/mole in general (which people are assuming is Ollie just because she's so dumb and loud like him).

>> No.63043127

Exactly, it's pretty much the same everywhere and therefore is not sensitive info. You contradict yourself in one sentence.

>> No.63043136

>Ollie nepo hire bae
>got a good result
>ollie nepo hire a homoflip
>defcon 3 disaster

>> No.63043138

How dumb do you have to be to think that saying something like this is OK?

>> No.63043155

That's a lot of assumptions on assumptions just to seethe

>> No.63043159

there is only one nepo hire in HoloEN and that was Sana

>> No.63043164

This is the most retarded rrat I've ever heard since they are just 4 months apart from debut.

>> No.63043166

They all know it's bad, they just don't want it to be, so they keep denying reality. Or as they so eloquently say on this board; they're coping.

>> No.63043169

be a homosister

>> No.63043192

I see that a lot here on /vt/. It must be something specific to differences between English and SEA languages.

>> No.63043206

it is bad. however, talking like "insider" is a new thing in holopro is just retarded.

>> No.63043207

Wrong, Sana was not a nepo hire either.

>> No.63043213


>> No.63043216

He's just like Millie in that regard.

>> No.63043232

Wasn't there someone who leaked Cover's hiring process to a dramafag right before Vesper and Magni were graduated?

>> No.63043234

>Man loves hololive
>Is a strong memer
>Is wildly thrashing the entire thing up while laughing loudly
The dinosaur dna I swear.
He's fine and sisters are sad they rejected him for loving holo so much.

>> No.63043238

Kiara did not have close ties with Nerissa. She was just another diehard KFP to Kiara prior to Hololive.

>> No.63043253

But Ina cried in Sana's building in minecraft days before Sana announced her graduation.

>> No.63043259

Even without the doxx he was a pathetic grifter living off drama and who picked theories from here and tried to sell them as his big brains ideas
Bottom feeding SEArat living off Intellectual pagpag

>> No.63043277

I always hear this but no one provides proof besides they knew each other.

>> No.63043302

It's bad enough but the fact he said it and was about to reveal his insider is extra retarded. His manager must've been shitting bricks. I hope he goes down and takes Ollie with him

>> No.63043340

No Ina went on the record and said she didn't. I bet gen2 did, does this mean Fauna hired her?

>> No.63043345

Yeah, like mori also had her rapper posse contact to hololive Management and also Lied during the interview and deadbeats defended her with the ideas like
>lying for a job is normal
>nepotism in Hololive is common
So whatever

>> No.63043348

Yes. Suspicion for it went on Vesper and Magni since they were already suspended when False revealed that he has info.

>> No.63043352

>I reached out to someone in the company for tips on how to pass the audition
This is only a bad thing because you people are fucking insane.

>> No.63043401

>dinosaurs are meant to be cool
>this retard is the first dinotuber
Cover is so incompetent it hurts

>> No.63043427

>sister ignoring facts
Seethe more sis. Your homo only got in because of Ollie.

>> No.63043431

Dinosaurs are meant to be dead

>> No.63043430

According to sisters he said he's never held a job for long which explains a lot.

>> No.63043446

...is that why they got terminated

>> No.63043462

where'd this bae being an ollie nepo hire rrat come from

haven't heard it before today

>> No.63043479

False accidentally confirmed Cover have a debut budget even if small when he was trying to bash Nijis

>> No.63043502

You make no sense. You trannies seem to be the ones seething here.

>> No.63043509

Lui and Watame cried

>> No.63043518

she was quite close with Ollie when she's still in myholotv

>> No.63043525

Oh god the conspiracy goes further then I thought.

>> No.63043535

Ive sent a message to cover (in Japanese) with links to what this retard sai
What are the chances that something will happen?

>> No.63043572

almost 0%. something will happen behind the scene.

>> No.63043573

Nothing Cover already tried to memoryholed it

>> No.63043579

Personally dropped into the recycle bin by Yagoo, dinoretard is going to need to yab extremely hard for him to give up on making the boys work.

>> No.63043596

>talked about her love of homostars since debut
>runt of her gen
>good result
Maybe for ollie

>> No.63043597

You just found out why NijiEN is such a shitshow. 60% of that branch is flip

>> No.63043607

Honestly seems like his past life shit would get him in more trouble, if that Gura futa stream pic was real.

>> No.63043621

Aussie and zoomber debuff most of Holos fans back then didn’t even know star existed

>> No.63043651

The only thing that happened is that your email got prob blocked lmao

>> No.63043659

Heh, so many jutard defenders. Bet they want to be the next him and probably a SEAnig.

>> No.63043671

Hololive GAMERS were very open about being nepohires. But I guess it's different when there's no audition process they tried to go through in the first place.

>> No.63043690

It's real and he has plenty of thumbnails like that and still got past vetting so wouldn't hold out hope there either. People getting assblasted at cover about a nepohire skipping the queue is more likely to get him in trouble but twitter will defend the homos from any slander.

>> No.63043697

Where do you think half the jp homos come from

>> No.63043736

I dunno, Vesper and Magni both mysteriously vanished and Yagoo didn't apparently try hard enough to keep them or allow them to bend the rules hard enough to stay (whatever it was).

>> No.63043743

I don't know starting to think their scouts aren't great like some people praise them and just really fucking lucky.

>> No.63043747

Didn’t Roberu nepo Polka

>> No.63043753

Unemployment office

>> No.63043756

Towa is a homo

>> No.63043780

Of all flips they'll pick it's this guy. But I guess it was coming anyways because of nepotism

>> No.63043820

You still have Octavio. He seems perfectly fine.

>> No.63043847

Anon, I only know this dynofag from here. Haven't even watched this fucking clip. I'm just trying to defend common sense. Which I know is hopeless but I'm bored.

>> No.63043895

it's incredible that people can devote so much time of their lives to doxing people and researching every negative thing they've ever done, yet they never have enough time to clean their rooms.

>> No.63043947

Yagoo will release another new homo gen this year because of you

>> No.63043973
File: 6 KB, 257x196, jp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63043990

hololive is my home and I try my hardest to clean it

>> No.63044007

It's incredible how much sisters will project and deflect in order to defend a retarded flip they'd be calling an incel if he wasn't in holostars.

>> No.63044042

Judging by his behavior they probably already called him an incel /here/ unwittingly

>> No.63044067

Kind of want to hear Peterson warn me about the Trex guy and logos, and calling me Jack and Bucko.

>> No.63044069

You struck a nerve with this one kek

>> No.63044072

From the gutter outside of Yagoo's house, I always thought?

>> No.63044076
File: 158 KB, 1080x349, Screenshot_2023-11-18-15-46-22-595-edit_com.android.chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holoen and homoen have a different division and director, this already been confirmed by shinri. This are from homo scouting side. Notice there no news from dimitri LinkedIn during homo debut.

>> No.63044111

Nepo hire, makes sense now.

>> No.63044120

>It's incredible how much sisters will project and deflect in order to attack a retarded flip they'd be calling based if he wasn't in holostars
It goes both ways

>> No.63044124
File: 30 KB, 333x305, 1627575759882.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really dont understand, with the number of successful and likeable male fleshtubers this industry cant find one likeable homo to hire.

>> No.63044134

>their scouts aren't great like some people praise them
Literally who does that?
They needed three tries to even find some decent EN girls.

>> No.63044150

There is no need to become virtual if you are a successful male fleshtuber, extrapolate what you want from that.

>> No.63044156

Someone should draw or commission a drawing of him and Ollie together so a shipping could start

>> No.63044157

Successful male flesh tubers can already make it streaming without a avatar and a company taking a cut.

>> No.63044175

Male vtuber are the equivalent of twitch thot. There only 1 in 10000 that are decent enough as a human being to be in this industry.

>> No.63044192

>he banged one of Cover's key employees

>> No.63044253

Why would someone already successful join Holostars?

>> No.63044263

When Tempest was announced I saw people praising their scouting because they won't let people get in who are just after their oshi and they would be JP Stars. There was doom posting but I saw praise as well.

>> No.63044274

Amazing how the three months after the Advent debut were the needed break for HoloEN, but Cover just had to ruin it all again with another wave of retards.

>> No.63044279

dimitri was also axel's manager at one point before getting promoted, confirmed by the retard dingo himself

>> No.63044361
File: 914 KB, 640x1080, who actually wants to be a holostar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.63044400

Why would a director of hololive EN become his personal manager?
Give a timestamp where he's clearly said his name then.

>> No.63044411
File: 15 KB, 1003x93, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't forget that we also had a design leak before the official reveal. I guess we know now who leaked it

>> No.63044452
File: 93 KB, 900x900, Noir_Vesper_Ch._HOLOSTARS-EN_2a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>5 yahs in 3 days
Heh, not bad.

>> No.63044469

>you'd want to pump that girl's entire head
I sure would buddy

>> No.63044503

>ppl still not believe nepotism hire after Sana

>> No.63044550

At least pretend to read the posts you reply to.

>> No.63044588

Just say you're insecure. I assure you it's much easier than all this.

>> No.63044589

You used deepL, didn’t you?

>> No.63044605

Line them up and aim for both.

>> No.63044608

>Strike 1: friend with a known doxxer
this better not be because the retard replied to DP
>Strike 2: called a reknown OG vtuber a "Discord kitten"
OG chuuba took it well and the retard reflected upon the cringe
>Strike 3: self-insert into a girls-only group
holotori? A chan approved so instant BTFO, kiara be damned
>Strike 4: questionable room mate content
why does this matter when others do actual porn?
>Strike 5: admit having a spy in the company before auditions, something even management didn’t know. Gets bonked immediately.
the retard was just playing it for drama, and here you are seething, playing right into his tiny trex hands. the truth is he just asked ollie for advice. the bonk is to prevent misunderstanding and rrats, clearly didn't work KEK

>> No.63044614

You do know people can see his past and present role in his bio right? There no talent management and he have extensive role. Just give a timestamp then.

>> No.63044648

meant DN

>> No.63044654

Anon just post the timestamp.

>> No.63044662

he's high off his rockers since he got in stars.

>> No.63044695

Tiny t-rex hands typed this post, then replaced "I" with "the retard"

>> No.63044702
File: 329 KB, 460x499, gun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't really have a beef with the stars but I want this guy in particular fired. He's done nothing but bring bad attention and bad crowd from pre-debut till today. Not to mention his humor is very dry and isn't even one bit funny. His humor is shout at anything or whatever is happening, be as obnoxious as possible and be as cringe as one can get
I hope Cover fires him sooner or later

>> No.63044709

Anon number 4 is a weird point its like if your sister does porn so that give me freedom to photoshop your whole family?

>> No.63044732

Of course there’s nepohires, but what he implied is an entirely different situation all together
In all of those previous situations, the first person is the one recommending. They don’t interfere with the actual hiring procedures and auditions.

Also I remember ages ago when people were joking about Hololive PH and the Filipinos all said hiring anyone for hololive/homos would be absolutely terrible for multiple reasons. My question is, why has that other flip been unproblematic so far kek

>> No.63044788

i thought we agree that RM =/= current chuuba? so again, why does it matter when others does literal porn on their RM? they also have relationships outside of their chuuba self that will get you banned if you post about it, so again, why does RM content matter?

>> No.63044819

Eh, a few of the homos have been alright, Rex just seems like the most likely to yab himself into an early termination. Hopefully he'll smarten up and learn from this experience, but only time will tell.

>> No.63044836

That's what being born half-Asian, half-American Indigenous, and half-Spanish gets you.

>> No.63044875


>> No.63044886

It'd be so funny if ollie finally gets her comeuppance for trying to undermine hololive for so long

>> No.63044910

I don't ever remember ever agreeing to that. Pekora and Gura don't do porn I don't know what they do when they aren't Holos. And this is on the same platform as Hololive is not pixiv where you have look for it. Holy shit the algorithm might start suggesting this shit.

>> No.63044930

all the bravado and unwarranted smugness in the world didn't save magni and vesper. if management is reacting to it, which they are, then it's bad, there's no sugarcoating it.

>> No.63044940

I don't remember him being friends with DN. He didn't even interact with him before until DN's tweet.

>> No.63045001

Ive been a casual holo listener for over 3 years, before ID/EN happens, i was there during Kaoru's beyblade asmr. i never really dislike any member even someone as obnoxious as early kiara, this is the first time i see a member and directly thinks "yeah he should gtfo"

>> No.63045017

I-I'm working on it, ok Dad!?

>> No.63045031

>My question is, why has that other flip been unproblematic so far kek
Because the other flip comes from wealth, so he is less mentally challenged.

>> No.63045033

fucking twisted logic going on right here, regardless of what some talents may or may not do on their RM it's THEIR decision to portray themselves that way and also never associated with their holo persona. This chucklefuck made lewd clickbait and reuploaded content of multiple holo girls that don't do any of that shit. Making it not only not their decision but also associated with their holo persona.

>> No.63045086

Cover should really screen their auditionees properly regardless if it's nepohired or not. It's like someone picked up a literal garbage and said "we should use this" to their boss

>> No.63045124

it's a common cope around this place, this is why even the boyfriend havers have unicorns
sorry but i dont see any reuploaded content on Jurard T Rexford Ch. HOLOSTARS-EN channel
>fucking twisted logic going on right here

>> No.63045161

nepotism sucks so much... fuck this guy and his "spy"...

>> No.63045166
File: 400 KB, 800x922, Gigachad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's right, gents. If you don't know anyone in Hololive/Holostars already, then don't even bother applying.

Alright, now that the competition is out of the way... (submits audition)

>> No.63045170

>this better not be because the retard replied to DN
He’s a old viewer, he knows who DN is. That’s one of the bigger offence IMO. And according to management too, because he deleted the Tweet.
>OG chuuba took it well and the retard reflected upon the cringe
In a second phase, as a recovery. Her first reaction was to remove her likes. Nice of Mousey to not want to create more drama, but I’m untitled to my opinion and it is not a way to address anyone, let alone an OG vtuber like IronMouse. Guy’s way too cocky.
>holotori? A chan approved so instant BTFO, kiara be damned
Management being retarded doesn’t change anything. He didn’t get bonked for this one maybe, but he’ll get bonk for the next yab. This shows his character very well, tactless and no care for his colleagues. It’s just the beginning, he’ll yab more.
>why does this matter when others do actual porn?
It’s not like he’s just watching porn on his free time. He was a youtuber, a content creator, and his content was showing Pekora and Gura porn to his audience. At best it’s very fucking weird.
>the retard was just playing it for drama, and here you are seething, playing right into his tiny trex hands. the truth is he just asked ollie for advice. the bonk is to prevent misunderstanding and rrats, clearly didn't work KEK
And yet he got bonked for this one.

More that the yabs in themselves, it’s show his behavior. You don’t just get that many yabs in so little time without being a complete jackass. He’ll continue, we’ll see more yabs. Just wait.

>> No.63045216

So your
>why does this matter
damage control has turned into
>nuh uh never happened
Disingenuous sister the point is it should have been disqualifying.

>> No.63045220

Who other than Noel does "porn"?

>> No.63045232

Like If before Ina got into Hololive if she drew Pekora in a Nazi attire and platered it all over youtube do you think she should be reward for something like that?

>> No.63045247

Shouldn't you be doing a naked dogeza in front of the higher ups right now, Jurard?

>> No.63045345


>> No.63045358


>> No.63045381

Probably should gone with a different thing on this site huh.

>> No.63045458
File: 17 KB, 290x241, 1638126498634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wonder how are the managements trying to justify this guy's actions just to not fire him. I almost feel bad for them having to deal with this guy. He's not even a week old yet and he's been a major pain in the ass already. They should just kick him and say "This is Hololive, not Nijisanji"

>> No.63045503

They want the niji audience though

>> No.63045536

Everyone from the stars doesn't act like niji

>> No.63045647

The only one closest to being Niji is Bettel and he's damn entertaining doing it. This flip isn't even in the least entertaining. It's the most forced behavior I've seen. More than fucking Altare and Luna

>> No.63045684

I meant Hakka

>> No.63045743

How is hakka niji, I thought he was one of the better ones, rextard is definitely a niji reject though

>> No.63045766

Why do you feel bad for them?
They are the ones that hired this creep in first place.

>> No.63045790

My guy. We all know who gura and kiara are weeks after their debut. Only bad thing he did was monetize it.

>> No.63045829

>He’s a old viewer, he knows who DN is. That’s one of the bigger offence IMO. And according to management too, because he deleted the Tweet.
maybe. we don't really know. but management knew hence the deleted tweet. probably even blocked that faggot for good.
her first reaction was to like it first. maybe she deleted it because of the fan's reaction. we don't know. but i agree that she's a saint for not letting it fester.
>holotori shit
just a little neat "connection" about birds and dinos that even achan got the reference off. i love it when catalogtards get their pants brown on this, same thing happened to hakka KEK
>he'll yab more
oh im sure he will
>RM shit again
doesn't matter. wake me up when he does it as his new chuuba self
>And yet he got bonked for this one.
oh for sure, manager had to step on that one up. he was playing but he worded it awfully. could be the ESL but i doubt it, he wants to get out there and cause shit, that much is clear
yeah the retard is a loose cannon and is making his mark this early, we'll see
for what? getting hired? you can't possiblty ask cover to check the hire's previous works. cover approved and the retard got in, end of discussion
KEK, still up to cover if they wanna hire someone who did shit like that. iirc 2/5 of myth said the N word before getting in

>> No.63045883

>you can't possiblty ask cover to check the hire's previous works
holy retard

>> No.63045891

He did more than just giving previous online handles. He got deep into drama stuff and reuploaded videos from antis. Joking about Ame’s being scared to death and sleeping with a baseball bat near her bed and making theories about boyfriends and stuff.
There is no excuse, it was hard doxx.

>> No.63045919

He is very unhinged when he's either drunk or speaking in his native language. I don't even understand him at those streams but he lets out of control during it

>> No.63045980


>> No.63046032

>cover approved and the retard got in, end of discussion.
try again, retard

>> No.63046065
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>> No.63046104

>you can't possiblty ask cover to check the hire's previous works
absolute clown shoes retarded statement
Yes they obviously DID check and were either negligent enough to not scroll down to his older videos or saw them and hired him anyway. Nobody disputes this, what cover vetting was thinking in the first place is the problem. Keep up.

>> No.63046139

Damn.....what went wrong with hololive?

>> No.63046151
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>> No.63046174

Why is there such a hard overlap between homosisters and Doxsagi?

>> No.63046253


>> No.63046349

oh sorry, maybe i should've worded that better. what i meant is a total check on their works. and you're right, maybe they just didn't scroll down far enough but that's on them. they still approved him though, sucks for you, i guess
maybe you should apply to cover to be their hiring staff or something. maybe you know something they don't, use that knowledge instead of seething /here/, KEK

>> No.63046430

I accept your concession and I will await dinomans next yab