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that's a nice PV

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gotta replace the graduations.

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du u right it?

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>white girl
>getting licked by dogs
She'll get knotted in fanarts by tomorrow.

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It honestly feels like Niji and Holo are just trying to do what the other is doing at this point.

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So they actually made it in

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JP is always a success so i don't see why not
They should stop pumping EN members for a while tho
Alas, i don't care if they fall apart

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>JP is always a success so i don't see why not
TTT had better ccv retention than jp's latest wave...

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Not true already

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>pantyhose + short shorts
Sex with the doggy girl

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Literally no one talks about them, I'm quite sure the last wave that can get more than 1k viewers is Sanbaka, everything after that is a flop.

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Just saying that NijiEN is more of a flop than even the latest JP flops. They tend to have higher subs than JP, but less people watch them

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Cool, cant wait to see a picture of one in a month and not know who it is

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>I'm quite sure the last wave that can get more than 1k viewers is Sanbaka
My wonderful wife Toru is quite comfortable getting more than that to all of her daily 8 hour streams.

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Its just a japanese version of TTT

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i know this is a bait so i will post it, the lastest niji's girl wave even doing better than Reflop nowaday

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I feel like 1 male, 2 female batches are always strong. Blues, SMC, Meifu kinda.

The latest EN batch is the best one in a long time too.

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I love idios so much, it's what I've always wanted. Moderately popular, drama-free bunch of girls without an EOP following and shitposting.

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Damn dude 3 whole debuts, they're really going nuts

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>Edengumi is a flop

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I still have no idea what the hell they're thinking with heroes. Rananculus has their theme song and debut collab, Volta has that gimmicky station ad, an official channel and original song. Idios has the Dinamis tie-up and the predebut video relay.

Then suddenly 2 waves of four dudes without any public space ads, theme songs or any collabs.

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kek isreal

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aside from magical event tourists, they're all 1-3k shitters. lain regularly fails to even hit 1k.

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Nippleman is a 5view

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My favorite is probably Sophia. Cute, and competitively endearing.

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>Tachitsute Toto

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I find it funny how people talk about "acceleration" when the years with the most debuts by far were 2018 and 2019

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This year is third biggest to be fair

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not always... kanata's sister had a great debut but her ccv isnt in the high numbers.

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Fuck off

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WAIT ...didnt we just have 3 or is this Japan?

Also why did Niji India fail and why have never tried South America?

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