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Is Zeta the most two-faced tubah?

In English streams she acts cutesy and girlfriend material. Then when speaking her native language she hammers in how much GFE stuff makes her uncomfortable due to it being ''creepy and sad''.

At-least Ame told her cucks straight to their face she won't be their gf.

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why'd a homococksleeve do GFE

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It is not creepy when big white men do it.

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Zeta GFE language ranking JP > EN >> ID

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source next thread for sure right anon

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How is she even a candidate for girlfriend material after collabing with homos and male fleshtubers

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she also fucking indonesian

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Zeta already used by Axel, it is your fault to be cucked by this point.

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it baffles me how anyone willing to sexo this person when you people keep calling her homococksleeve.

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Because she is cute and has good chat interaction.

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Third worlders have no concept of being cucked because their women arent westoid harpies

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Not everyone equals chuba doing a male collab with her being in a relationship and/or fucking said male.

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Don't give a fuck, I wanna sex this stupid cat.

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your mam talking to a male

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Think about it this way: would you want a bunch of Indonesian dudes to act like they’re your bf? She’s telling it to the ones she most definitely wouldn’t date.

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I also noticed how she was sweeter to Japanese and Korean viewers

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Two-faced whore

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So did she actually call it creepy or sad or is tha just your head canon

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That's just typical ID shit
There's a reason why the SEAmen here tend to be mentally insane

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Can I get an example of Zeta GFE?

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If she was smart, she wouldn't collab with homos and ecelebs to begin with.
A pure GFE Zeta would drain EN/JP wallets at lightspeed.

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Her first karaoke

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>JP fans
sweet cinnamon rolls can do no wrong
>EN fans
slightly horny but tameable
>ID fans
Will force an ID girl down and have their way if able to

It's simple she can control chat of the other two better than her native country so they lose out on the sweeter side.

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she wants english-first-language people, not indonesians

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Pretty much this, I started learning Indonesian after watching Zeta and was surprised how her ID fans are biggest creeps while sending their $1 superchats.

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I only care about her roommate anyway. She is sex.

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>Stoped asmr because creeps indo chat

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It baffles me how IDfags manage to screw fun things by being Muslim prudes AND fucking creeps at the same time.

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Zeta is too cute to get made at. Some of you need meds bad.

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It's almost like the two things are correlated.
Islam is a garbage religion. And IDfags are some of the saner Muslims around. It gets so much worse.

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>Indogs, pinoys=bad, ugly and poor
>Sexy white men and japanese bishounen=good and rich
Its that simple, GFEchuubas don't cater to poor SEAfags