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A thread for the discussion of the administer of aural aftercare herself, Mori Calliope, and the members of her extended universe.

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God I love Suisei

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Same, but in a more lustful way than the pure love I have for my Mori.

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jesus, this man never misses when it comes to art

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Absolutely beautiful art. Befitting of the Empress.

Silly sausa- I mean, based!

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We hate each other, but love Our Mori, there's nothing new about it

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I like deadbeats

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>I like deadbeats
It's always nice to have visitors.
Who's your Oshi, pal?

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I WILL beat all other Deadbeats outside the Family Mart and win Mori's heart

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We <3 you too, Mori!

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Gymbeat end of week 3
it's much easier, might keep current weights for a week or two more and then start increasing the load

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Mori, your zipper is going in my cringe compilation.

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I love Mori!

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God, I want to kiss and tickle that shinitummy

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>Schoolgirl Mori
I am GOING to die

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Very old picture.

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What archetype would Mori play in your typical HS SoL anime?

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she describe herself as quite a delinquent so probably the sukeban

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I tried something.
Original historical photo: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d9/Viktoria_Luise_von_Preu%C3%9Fen_in_Totenkopfhusaren-Uniform_-_color.jpg

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please dont try again

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I'm only floor 8 guys, i don't think i'm ready for tomorrow

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Officer's jackets are drip incarnate

>> No.6303193

don't worry, last we've seen her she'd be like f5-6
you can always go to your totsugeki reps

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I know it's you

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Okay. Screw you, I had one more more idea.

Those jackets are amazing.
Prussia & Imperial Germany has some of the best style of any period.

It does look pretty messed up with the angle. I even had the same thought when doing it. Rigger love!

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Some cute Lucitan designs

>> No.6303597

Same type as Azumanga Sakaki. Not even a question. Total dork but everyone around thinks she's cool.

>> No.6303641

Based Sakakiposter

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>devil and angel wings
is she 14?

>> No.6303689

Lucitan is adorable. I like her artstyle.
Goddamn that nigga replied in under 5 min.

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Would you support her after her inevitable debut?

>> No.6303779

森りん頑張って !!

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She wants to come across as a punkish type, people who get to know her despite that just see her as shy and sweet

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>is she 14?

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You kidding? She's already popular enough here that had shitposting antis last thread. She's basically Mori, Jr.

>> No.6303842

God I can’t wait for 3D debut t.doxxbeat

>> No.6303890

Cute. Since she mentions the voices, I wonder what plans she had. Also the old designs aren't going away, which I'm glad because it's always funny to see.

>> No.6303909

yeah that dude is a bit of a quickdraw with her. Probably just terminally online. I swear if hes harming her in anyway he deserves a beating

>> No.6303920

>is she 14?
Why do you think Ocean is after her?

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i still think these shoes are fucking stupid

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Nah, I didn't really like the voice from the cover she did. Not sure if she's fluent in English, either.

>> No.6304076

Calm the fuck down, I’ll make sure that won’t happen.
I’m a bit iffy about the demon-form replacing her old one, but man is that angel-form look cute.

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I would check out links if they're posted here but I already follow too many chuubas so at most I'd be a casual fan

>> No.6304109

I will anticipate warmly.

>> No.6304177

Lucitan's bare shoulders make me feel super dirty....

>> No.6304183

Of course I would.

>> No.6304200

I wonder how much they cost

>> No.6304258

Which ones?
I agree

>> No.6304264

given the rest of her wardrobe?
800+ dollars

>> No.6304333

They gonna look even stupider when they lodged inside yo' dumb ass

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If it weren't for them, there would be no Mori.

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appleCHADS...I kneel

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That bitch deserves to burn for making Mori cry. What a stupid cunt.

>> No.6304910

But it's true that experiences like that build character. What are our aspirations if not jumpstarted by some disgruntled middle-aged jackass throwing a drink in your face?
t. formerfoodservicebeat

>> No.6305061

Sometimes I have respect for you servers
t. cook

>> No.6305088

Applebee's has rrats! I found a whole rrat in my cobb salad!

>> No.6306425

I want to tickle her shinitummy until she’s crying for me to stop

>> No.6306597

I am head over heels in love with Mori
I am not exaggerating

>> No.6306856

I need psychological help.

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Mori's recent streams have made me so fucking happy bro's. Been trying to get a hang of making digital art and now I'm nervous but also excited to maybe post a drawing on her art tag soon. What if she notices me?
Oh fuck oh fuck

>> No.6307102

Falling deeply in love with Mori!
Knowing if anyone would care about my mental health it's Mori!
Checking myself into an institution for Mori!
Taking my meds for Mori!

>> No.6307174

I don't think Mori has been taking her meds lately

>> No.6307190

our boy looking kinda THICC

>> No.6307218

Trade you a Mori for a Mori if you like, boss.

>> No.6307303

that one pic shows just how much that bagginess hides

>> No.6307425

Stop reminding me of how out of shape I am.

>> No.6307480

Good. Mori's funnier when she's interested in something and not trying to be $UltraSafe. Best PSO2 stream of the group so far, even despite my seeing the new genesis tutorial level for the umpteenth time. That's what it means to be a real streamer. If you can't make viewers laugh then why are you even in the business?

>> No.6309134

Which song in her Karaoke did Mori insert Space Jam again?

>> No.6309175

>Yfw Mori will never love you enough to blackmail you into having cheating sex behind your girlfriend’s back.

>> No.6309264

I don't remember but if I had to guess it had to be Renai Circulation

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>> No.6309427

That one Monogatari OP

>> No.6309495

Mousou express

>> No.6309583

Did Gura do this already? I'd love to hear it because it sounds like reflect.

>> No.6309682

>Good. Mori's funnier when she's interested in something and not trying to be $UltraSafe.
I love when she lets loose and stops the self-censoring. She feels much more natural that way.

>> No.6309790

Not the full version

>> No.6309809

why is her cringe so kino, bros? i don't think i've ever known a cringe this kino before

>> No.6309888

Mori stopped caring about the children after Coco graduated.

>> No.6310208

>Coco graduated only a week ago
Goddamn it feels like an eternity has passed since then...

>> No.6310254

I'm pretty sure she mentioned in some stream she's really ticklish, so it should be pretty easy. Mori laughing adorably and trying to catch your hands. So cute, just like everything else related to Mori!

>> No.6310474

Why does she have to keep calling herself 'ya boi'? She isn't Artemis...

>> No.6310475

Rephrased: Mori stopped caring about the children after Coco announced her graduation.
She's been more unhinged and open for a while.

>> No.6311187

Tickling Mori until she’s out of breath and spooning her on the couch afterwards…

>> No.6311428

It gets better, anon. Mori is a virgin, she essentially gives you her first time. What more can a deadbeat want from her?

>Mori kicks off her shoes and climbs on top of you, planting her hands on either side of your head, straddling your hips. She’s red-faced and panting, a lecherous grin plastered on her face. Despite every part of your logical brain screaming how fucked and disgusting this is, the primal reptile part wins out and you feel a twitch in your pants at the sight of the admittedly gorgeous woman in such a state because of you. She looks down at your arms resting at your sides and sits back to grab them, grinding her ass against you in the process. You hiss, and she slowly, deliberately, slides forward as she pulls your arms to place them over your head, waking your dick up even more. All this, along with the eye contact becomes too much for you and you turn your head to the side, looking at the back of the couch. Mori just leans in close and you feel her breath on your cheek.
>“Come onnn. Your boy will be gentle, so no need to treat this like a chore. You already enjoy this, I can feel it~.” She emphasizes ‘feel’ with a roll of her hips, drawing out another sharp inhale through your teeth.
>“J-just get it over with. Please…” You choke out, still not looking at her.
>Mori just hums and begins to place kisses on your cheek and jaw, trailing over to the corner of your mouth. She holds her mouth there for a moment, before grunting and tapping your temple with a finger.
>You don’t really want to oblige her, but maybe you should, if only just to end this faster. You turn your head and she makes a happy sound now that she has free access to your mouth. When she starts to prod your lips with her tongue, you decide to do whatever she wants, and open your mouth. Her tongue immediately shoots in and begins to swirl around. She bats at your own tongue with hers, trying to coax it into playing along. Soon enough, your tongues are intertwined and Mori seems intent on doing this for as long as possible, only letting out heavy exhales and deep inhales from her nose on occasion, leaving you no choice but to do the same. She eventually separates her mouth from yours, letting out a moan as she laps up the string of saliva still connecting you two.
>“See? It’s not so bad. Just don’t be a dead fish and this will go great. I can work with one of those at a time, you know?” Mori teases.
>“P-Please don’t badmouth her like that, she doesn’t deserve it-aahhh.” She cuts you off by grinding against you again. You’re hard as a rock now, and it’s far too late to pretend otherwise. Mori trails her hands down your body and unbuckles your belt once she reaches it, then unbuttons your pants along with it. Using one hand to push up your shirt and the other to pull down your pants and boxers, she successfully frees your cock, it standing straight up and the head hitting her exposed stomach, just under her belly button. She giggles.
>“Wow~. Seems like the only thing you can disappoint nowadays is a crowd, huh?” Your brain is too foggy to piece together what she means by that and you lose the train of thought when she wraps her hand around you anyway.
>She strokes and tugs at your dick, but it feels...amateurish? Has she…
>“Have-have you never done this before?” You blearily ask.
>Mori just pouts and lets go, standing up from the couch. She mutters something about how it doesn’t matter as she takes off her pants and underwear, leaving her naked from the waist down. She throws her jacket and hat onto one of the empty chairs. Now clad only in her sheer and fishnet undershirt and loose crop top, she climbs back onto you. Pressing her forehead to yours, she lifts her hips and grabs your cock, guiding it to her sopping entrance. As soon as your head presses against her lips, she stops. You grip the arm of the couch over your head and grit your teeth, while Mori shifts her head to get an angle to look down at where the two of you are touching. Her smile gets even bigger when she sees your throbbing dick pressing against her pussy. She grabs your shoulders and looks into your eyes. Your pleasure-addled mind comes through with a thought that jolts you when you see the lustful expression she has.
>“Mori, wait. W-What about a con-”

>> No.6311510

Stop fantasizing about Mori.

Its weird. You're making it weird.

>> No.6311544

i mean, is either that or listening to the voices inside your head

>> No.6311560

Do you guys seriously feel the need to quote all that text when a link to the document sufficed? NTRbeats need to fuck off.

>> No.6311682

This. Deadbeats should only fantasize about Mori and her Genmates platonic love for one another.

>> No.6311733

Who says "no homo" first while they make out feeling each other up?

>> No.6311760

I agree, it's pretty weird to fantasize about another man's(me) wife

>> No.6311774

If this excerpt stood by itself and not attached to some NTR shit itd be the best thing I read to come from all these. Knowing its connected to an NTR story loses me.

>> No.6311853

Mori. Just look at her, she's totally feeling up Ame's womb.

>> No.6311914

Are you guys that pent up or is it just one creep samefagging?

>> No.6311964

Little bit of Column A, little bit of Column B.

>> No.6312004

Is it depressing to know that this is the only recent /u/ image of Mori that isn’t with Kiara? The rest of EN needs more love with Mori.

>> No.6312062


>> No.6312067

The only thing /u/schizos need is free helicopter rides.

>> No.6312131

It is literally spam. Do what you do with spam.

>> No.6312134

it's very likely that is both

>> No.6312270

Ntr really is an acquired fetish that only the educated and intelligent will appreciate. The sweet sting of emotional pain will filter any pleb without fail.

>> No.6312392

Eh, she's right. Tired of seeing the same /u/ shit with Kiara, there's Amelia, Ina and Gura, or even Coco but artist keep using Kiara. Change things up a little.

>> No.6312466

Mori and Gura for me. There’s plenty of chemistry between the two and the fact it’s ignored is absolutely inexcusable.

>> No.6312600

I prefer my Moririn with more Mature Women. Coco and Watson are the best within Hololife, Mori lewds with Jchad are only a thing here.

>> No.6312793

>Mori lewds with Jchad are only a thing here.
>Jchad only has 30 or so pics
Why are deadbeats like this?

>> No.6312810

>or even Coco
I honestly hate CocoMori as a /u/ pairing. It's too one sided with Coco being in full control. All I can imagine is how submissive Mori is towards her senpais and that's not really fun.
I prefer Mori pairings where both sides feel like equals. The TakaMori art where it's not just Kiara latching onto Mori is a good example. Even with DeathStar which is a senpai pairing, Mori and Comet feel like they're much more on equal terms than Mori and Coco. No hate against Coco though.

>> No.6312970

I can never see Calligula as a romantic pairing. They will always be platonic Bone Bros to me and I think many artists feel similarly.

>> No.6313054

>>J-chad only has 30 or so pics
>nearly all of them made by the taiwanese

>> No.6313081

I'm open to every ships regarding our boy and the arts they make are good but it just only revolves to kiara. I'm fine with it but these artist don't watch our boy's streams that much so i get why they have little to none ideas on what to draw

>> No.6313133

Eh, I’ll take a more nuance approach in that it depends who Mori’s partner is. If it’s with Coco, then Coco should be the dominant one. If it’s someone who’s equal with Mori then the relationship should be equal, but if Mori is dating (You) then Mori should be the dominant one.

>> No.6313322

Don't the Japanese have clippers?

>> No.6313432

Based One True China.

>> No.6313469

What platform will Strive be on?

>> No.6313529

>but if Mori is dating (You) then Mori should be the dominant one.
Nope. I'm an Mbeat but if I was dating Mori I'd still want to be equals where we can switch off who's dominant and who's submissive.
>but these artist don't watch our boy's streams
I don't think that's it. The only other person Mori has collabed with any kind of consistency is Gura. Artists need consistent tee tee or strong moments of tee tee to draw a pairing. Also the fact that TakaMori is seen as a "canon" ship really hurts too.
If Rainforest had stuck to the fps training streams we might've ended up in a timeline where we have a shit ton of Rainforest art.

>> No.6313600

Damn. If only i could draw, i have so many ideas in my fucking head even fanfics prompt too but i can't draw nor do literature for the life of me

>> No.6313753

>Nope. I'm an Mbeat but if I was dating Mori I'd still want to be equals where we can switch off who's dominant and who's submissive.
I'm also an Mbeat and I think that's the issue though? Mori is more famous and not to mentioned more richer than you. Already Mori is more dominant than you without even trying.

>> No.6313765

It's never too late to start your reps anon.

>> No.6313795

Where the MoriXCalli/selfcest art at?

>> No.6313808

And in that timeline the Calliomates and their Taiwanese schizo fanarts engage in shitposting war with the Callinashifags (which stubbornly reject Takamori for being the normalfag ship name).

>> No.6313838

I think they can draw whatever as long as they are that invested to our boy. I mean they are artists for a reason gotta get creative with it, and i didn't see much people drawing art in their last collab even when there are a lot of good moments and interactions there

>> No.6313863

in your head, closest thing we ever had of that was the image with mori alter

>> No.6313904

I'll think about it man, gotta do my confidence reps first

>> No.6313998

>and i didn't see much people drawing art in their last collab
We got that one art drawn by a vanillabeat with Yandere Mori chocking us with a plastic bag.

>> No.6314190

I think you're taking my point about being equals too literally. I don't give a shit about status or if Mori is more famous or richer than me. It comes down to attitude and personal tastes.
My problem with CocoMori is Mori's tendency to bow her head down to her senpais and Coco's larger than life personality. It's not simply because Coco is "Kaichou" and Mori's senpai. Those factors create an unbalanced dynamic in my eyes that I'm not a fan of.

>> No.6314298

*** from a coma, who got BTFO'd this week?

>> No.6314404


>> No.6314440

Vanillabeats. They still haven't recovered from the ASMR stream in which Mori was a yandere and a femdom.

>> No.6314643

Hey, I'm doing just fine. My Mori was kind enough to throw you Mbeats a bone for one stream. Glad you enjoyed it.

>> No.6314712

>for one stream
I will die once the cursed ASMR comes along.

>> No.6314802

PC and PS4, apparently

>> No.6315019

>No fanfics of Mori being larger than life on stage and on interviews, but a shy cuddlebug with (You)

>> No.6315195

What is it with our boy and that island? I think if she visited, half the population would be waiting at thee gate to glomp her.

>> No.6315309

Isn't the cursed ASMR just going to be a shitpost? I'm just expecting to get a laugh from it.

>> No.6315560

God I would love to hear Wanted sung live. Its a shame it was apparently poorly received

>> No.6315642

>half the population would be waiting at the gate to glomp her
>implying luci wont be prepared for that day

>> No.6315666

Come on writebeats. Take a break from the usual NTR fanfics.

>> No.6315801

Monkey paws are one hell of a bitch you know

>> No.6315876

Luci has weapons and armor stored away specifically for such an event. She will be the last one standing as the plane lands.
Then she will meet Mori, escort her through the remains of the weaker Deadbeats there, and show her a nice time while remaining respectful.

>> No.6315966

The only way I can see this story written is it’s from the perspective of an anonymous viewer watching Mori’s recent stream where she takes a break but forgets to mute her mic and so overhears the sweet talk between Mori and (You)

>> No.6315983

I don't know its kind of a mystery. I figured Lucitan was some lone agent then I started noticing the trend and was weirded out.

t. Half-Taiwanese ghostling

>> No.6316045

Lucitan will be the final deadbeat. I can't bring myself to defeat her.

>> No.6316153

That is why you will never have Mori.

>> No.6316199

I'm okay with this.

>> No.6316257

I will sucumb to her and be Lucitan's subordinate.

>> No.6316525

notice that they were being more notorious after the taiwan arc, is like after that happened they just said fuck it and dont bother to hide their power levels anymore

>> No.6316532

She really, really likes this image.

>> No.6316592

So do I. It makes me incredibly horny.

>> No.6316616

With good reason, its one of the best pieces featuring that outfit. I feel it captures her general attitude well, too.

>> No.6316632

Is pretty good

>> No.6316667

Wait a minute, that color palette...

>> No.6316977

While it is a nice picture where does she mention it again?

>> No.6316983

does she browse her lewd art tag

>> No.6317088

She did like that one art with the womb tattoo but I can't rememeber I it was before or after she made the new tag.

>> No.6317191

After, it was only like two weeks ago.

>> No.6317253

>only like two weeks ago.
Time is passing so fast and so slowly at the same time

>> No.6317369

With how much she appreciates all her fan art, I'm thinking she almost certainly does.

>> No.6318227

Fuck Snuffy I want to have sex with Mori's horny artist.

>> No.6318237

it's the Persona 5 trailer palette so she likes it for obvious reasons

>> No.6318334

Have we ever got her in-depth opinions on P4 and P5? We know she likes P3 better but nothing really more than that.

>> No.6318375

Is there such a thing as vanillaNTR?

>> No.6318416

>it was actually a month ago

>> No.6318440

>Lucitan's new designs
>One looks like a Mori/DD hybrid
>The other is literally AngelAces.

Mori = Artoria
AngelAces timeline Mori = Mori Alter
Lucitan = Mordred

>> No.6318494

[Sad News] Gura lost Bowson Mk II in the sametori collab today.

>> No.6318531

Third Bowson's the charm, right?

>> No.6318674

So us Deadbeats are the fuckups known as the Fate Knights of the Round?

Concernfag Gawain
Incel Agravain
Whinebeat Tristan
Ficklebeat Kay
NTRbeat Lancelot
MBeat Gareth
Ghostling Bedivere

>> No.6318735

I wanna fuck Concernfae Gawain

>> No.6318750

wait a second, if mori is artoria and lucitan is mordred...who is the equivalent of morgan?

>> No.6318785


>> No.6318787


>> No.6318844

I want to fuck Whinefae tristan

>> No.6318901

>ChadBeat Gallahad.

>> No.6318940


>> No.6319035

>Mori is Artoria
>Gura is Jean
>Ina is obviously Abby
>Amelia is also obviously Holmes
>Kiara is Nobunaga

>> No.6319134

God I miss when she was called arturia

>> No.6319169

and now she is altria, do you rike it?

>> No.6319248

SHES BASED OFF OF FUCKING ARTHUR YOU DUMB LOCALISER FUCKS. Its one of those things that feel like its the official tame taking a stance against the other name because it was a fan translation

>> No.6319276

How are lobbies gonna work tomorrow? Is there even a way for there to be a long line like there was for Rev with how Strive's lobbies work?

>> No.6319352

Private lobby with just me and Mori

>> No.6319390

the fanbase still uses Artoria, so the translators didn't get their way.

>> No.6319401


25 minute warning

>> No.6319476

Ya they did. the fanbased used to called her Arturia back before Fate/GO came out

>> No.6319564

fucking tertiary god damn faggots

>> No.6319579


>> No.6319671

all according to albert's plan, always remember to not be greedy

>> No.6320018

I think Nasu tipped their hand with this translation. A(L)tria is Grand Saber (L) while A(R)thur is Grand Saber (R) to mirror Beast III having an (L) and (R). They will be summoned together and use the strongest sword NP Xcalibur

>> No.6320079

Can't help but worry about the next low point.

>> No.6320116

>nasu tipped their hand with this translation
i wouldnt put it past her, nasu is the reason why sieg exists in the first place

>> No.6320120

Why? It will come and if you aren't a little bitch it will pass without any real issue.

>> No.6320163

Let'ssssssss go!

>> No.6320202


>> No.6320211

I'm expecting her to try and force one or two streams when she shouldn't during her move and they'll be a bit scuffed.

>> No.6320216

P3 > P5 > P4 according to her
nothing more in-depth, iirc

>> No.6320254

>streams inside the moving truck

>> No.6320266

>> No.6320293

Riri is taking fucking shots! Get down!

>> No.6320389

Don't worry about it! After all deadbeats are the sanest fanbase in EN, just like their oshi

>> No.6320399

I wonder what made Mori decide to put the staring stream at such an odd time for her.

>> No.6320511

The little grunt at the end of verse 4 right before the drop was glorious. Not as good as Ci but still a banger regardless

>> No.6320621

I want the snake to suffocate me, constricting my neck while laughing.

>> No.6320900

Did you see her pits in the cover, that's what I want to suffocate me

>> No.6321628

Strive is going to get permission'd again, isn't it?

>> No.6321723


>> No.6321814

Someone post that english teacher copypasta.

>> No.6321979


Everytime I hear mori I just think of this

>> No.6322038

Mori in the Fast and Furious franchise, when!?

>> No.6322070


>> No.6322122

but [REDACTED] isnt for (you) though

>> No.6322126


>> No.6323038

Mori love

>> No.6323087

Alright, Deadbeats. Status report on your reps! You are doing them, right?

>> No.6323165

Imagine the sheriff giving you oral as their pompadour acts like a spring against your stomach. Squishing and then recoiling. Then when you return the favor and they cum, they make THAT face.

>> No.6323213

I would rather not imagine that right now. You do you though.

>> No.6323239

Just did mine. I'm still a noob but its a step by step process

>> No.6323272

Lots of nice new Mori art tonight

>> No.6323388

So, what did we think about this?

>> No.6323425

Has Mori ever fingered her pussy to porn?

>> No.6323457


>> No.6323464

Her voice is nice on its own, but like with most Ado covers, it's too soft, too sweet, too nice. Good singing, but the energy is just not there.

>> No.6323502

it's cute and she gets one good growl in there. It's a solid cover, not my favorite, but still solid. Art's decent too.

>> No.6323504

Not gonna lie, I’m pretty stoked for her non game streams she has planned. While all streams are better when you catch them live, I think chatting/non-game streams are easier to listen to.

>> No.6323597

There are only three holos that can channel her rage into Ado's works.
and Anya

>> No.6323650

Fingered? Weird phrasing, I would have said "pet". And she's not allowed to have a cat at her place.
So, no, I don't think Mori sits there like a Bond villain while watching NSFW material. Would be pretty strange desu.

>> No.6323867

Why is Ado so angry?

>> No.6324046

Waiting for the Usseewa cover with Mori and Milky

>> No.6324125

Counterpoint: Flare

>> No.6324174

I really like Shion's cover

>> No.6324223

>Mori gets the exact nightwear saruei drew her daki in
>Mori is planning to get a one piece swimsuit like the one in Saruei's most recent Mori art

She's too powerful...

>> No.6324329

She records during that time of the month

>> No.6324369

If only she hadn't fucked up the daki art

>> No.6324392

Kek, that or Platinum Disco by Mori would be great to hear desu

>> No.6324421

Based vanillabeat

>> No.6325811

Yes, Sion's was absolutely magnificent but her "Haaa" was more smug than angry.

>> No.6325946

Here, I made this soundpost yesterday for you guys.

>> No.6326038

Deadbeats I'm going to kick your oshi's ass tomorrow and she's going to like it.

>> No.6326046

Who was she thinking of when she did this?

>> No.6326121

S-sorry, Mori-sama...

>> No.6326137

Coco you're not even a Holo anymore.

>> No.6326165

>Screen recording

>> No.6326293

if I get in I'm going to be one of the kys and I am going to spamming foundre arc and will nitori geddan on her fukkin stupid reaper face

>> No.6326330

You will never be a woman.

>> No.6326371

Seriously though, how's it gonna work with those lobbies

>> No.6326428

Probably be like mario kart, one match with Mori, leave the lobby after you match. Meanwhile the Strive servers might actually catch fire.

>> No.6327093


>> No.6327253

dunning kruger post or you actually decent?

gonna try and get in and bully the shit out of her but im not optimistic about my chances of even getting into the park lmao

i want to try beating her using only the p button

>> No.6327469

I'm complete fucking garbage and I might as well be playing with my elbows but I'm pretty sure I'll be better than her.

>> No.6327592

>reservation and tweet imminent.

>> No.6327721

I'm not confident in getting in either but I'm sure I can body her if she goes unga and uses supers for no reason.

Hopefully she learned why RCs are important at least.

>> No.6327961

Nigger I can't download Streamables. Not like anyone was supposed to see that anyway.

>> No.6327975

Hey, me too!

>> No.6328001

>Hopefully she learned why RCs are important at least.
Has Mori done any Strive reps in her off time?

>> No.6328034

Can't been busy, she at least played 2-5 times in the last month

>> No.6328041

I forget when but she did mention playing the beta in her off time. She also wasn't able to do strive last week, so maybe she put some time in? I get the feeling that as long as your fundamentals are good, you can beat her handily.

>> No.6328111

I just realised but she has the same character type as IRyS, an angel/devil
I wonder how that's affecting her right now

>> No.6328124

>First, we will play on Playstation, about 50 minutes. Then, we play on PC, another 50 or so!
Moririn, I thought you were gonna try and break your record

>> No.6328142

I worry she's going to have a stroke one of these days. She lives a very unhealthy lifestyle.

>> No.6328171

She really needs to settle down, find a good man, marry, and have children.

>> No.6328197

I hope they release her hat as merch soon. I'd wear it.

>> No.6328211

It's hard being a workaholic

>> No.6328218

I'd even wear her top if it were made as a regular t shirt

>> No.6328219

I'd inironically wear that jacket too.

>> No.6328225

Any strivebeats wanna run a set or two while waiting?

>> No.6328232


>> No.6328255

You can buy her other one

>> No.6328259

It's unfair that her roommate is also cute as fuck. Why do they like short guys...

>> No.6328295

Ah shit that's a good point. Where?

>> No.6328308

Could Mori pull off an Ado cover?

>> No.6328311

hope you have a spare grand

>> No.6328336

Not yet for now. Gotta do more vocal lessons

>> No.6328353

I do. Hook me up.

>> No.6328358

Mori is the opposite - the energy will be there, but not her vocals.

>> No.6328377

How fun + sweaty is Strive when you compare it to other fighting games?
Never really played fighting games other than Skullgirls and Mortal Kombat in the past, but have been getting more into competitive gaming recently

>> No.6328461

It's pretty easy to get into but the depth is there.

>> No.6328515

So you gonna make a lobby or what?

>> No.6328646

Haha yeah I can beat her for sure then hey uh what are my fundamentals again

>> No.6328664

Alright since the other guy isn't making a lobby, here's one.
Code is 04epxv

>> No.6328671

She said Usseewa will come and it'll be a collab cover with somebody who has a higher voice.

>> No.6328701

Oh and this is PC

>> No.6328765

Don't care too much about the shipping stuff personally, but would like to see more WataMori content.

>> No.6329217

it's a Givenchi hat just look it up

>> No.6329306

What region is this senpai

>> No.6329330

Damn, was hopeful it was something more custom/associated with her.

>> No.6329400

It's such a joke. The thing looks like it was home-made, slapped together in 20 minunes. But nah, it's has a brand on it so it costs a 1000 bucks.
This is why everyone laughs at /fa/.

>> No.6329418

US West but I left, ill start up a new one if you want

>> No.6329452

I'm still a bit sad it wasn't made by her, it'd have more soul to it.

>> No.6329481

My favorite rrat and the one I choose to believe is that it was a gift from jchad

>> No.6329524

I'm down to try but maybe in an hour or so, i have to cook my dinner seanig here sorry, but i've gotten 150-200 ping 4-5 frame rollback that's playable to US servers

>> No.6329547

I can believe that, but there's also that jacket

>> No.6329562

She totally bought the jacket, Jchad wouldn't be dome enough to buy her a skeleton coat to wear around.

>> No.6329626

Just finished my sax reps, now I'm doing my drawing reps

>> No.6329908

fuck I hate waking up early in pst timeslots

>> No.6330247

Not been feeling well so I haven't put any extra weight on my bar for a couple weeks. Still keeping up with my exercise but i'm feeling like i'm on a plateau with it.
Been proud of a couple of verses i've written, but have been writing slightly less.
Think I got a lot of laughs with my Cowlliope story, so that was good.
Still haven't mustered the courage for the amateur voicework I was talking about.

>> No.6330281

She said she wanted to marathon this gg stream and face as many deadbeats as possible. But now it’s just an hour each . Must be tired

>> No.6330293

My question is how do I even face her. Just go to Japanese lobbies and what floor she’s on? I’m on pc

>> No.6330365

Thankfully pc is second, so I guess we just see what method she uses for console and plan accordingly

>> No.6330468


>> No.6330515

I might be remembering wrong, but isn't that just the same description she had on this last time?

>> No.6330728

I’m pretty sure it’s not, I remember last time pc was first then console. Though I could be misremembering

>> No.6331032

reminder she wants to also read PSO SCs since she didn't in the last stream
also matches are fast in hell in Strive, still can play quite a few people

>> No.6331042

she hasn't read through all of the delivery game SCs either.

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