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Here is your Gura killer.

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Before you bite the bait, she's just obsessed with the ikea tranny shark.

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Surprised she didn't include "GAWR GURA cosplay" in the title for the extra numbers.

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Gura is fucking afraid of this number queen.

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I'm surprised she didn't call it "I drank the Gawr Gura Hololive Potion at 3am Poppy Playtime in the Backrooms New Battlepass New FNAF Theory Fortnite Unlock Gold Scar SMG Deltarune Release Date" for the extra numbers.

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meanwhile, the most recent ones.

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Well she is the Gura of Idol EN so it makes sense in a way.

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>815K, 377K, 578K, 392K
Those are pretty good. Looking at the shorts before those, she seems to regularly get 400K–1M views on her shorts and pretty regularly too.
I know they don't convert directly to stream viewers, but people still regularly watch her videos.

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Compared to "numbers queen" getting millions every short? Nah, that's a massive dropoff.

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mind broken

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The only chuuba I wished had a localization.

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She could've gone for fancy new outfit but she wanted to be ikea shark instead.
That's honestly based

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Blahaj all the way

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You will whine at me but she is unironically more mentally ill than Gura and would definitely graduate if her audience was suddenly 10 times as large.

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gura is not streaming anymore so some other vtuber is gonna reach 5 millions faster than her, it's inevitable at this point

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Loud, annoying, asexual, European.

That's four things I don't like.

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>Before you bite the bait, here's a different bait

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Her shorts come up for me a lot

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maybe the real gura killer was the friends we made along the way

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>homocollaber bitch

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>Gura killer
>She's been dead for over a year already
she killed herself already anon.

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Eleven Blahaj and a Blahaj-themed kigurumi is a lot for a cisgender woman

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That's a man

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Nice onerhole

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Here is your Gura killer.

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Those are shorts. a million views on them don't mean jack or shit.

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Chumbuds should have donated more. Now she's more valuable to cover doing everything but streaming.

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>bans the word "gura" from her chat since everyone was calling out on her leeching
>still cant stop leeching
What an embarrassment of a company

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>Every shork is goober.
This is why everyone hates Holodrones. Haha sheep is Watame boing boing.
Gura even stole her outfit from a Chinese Niji.

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She specifically named Gura
Fuck off

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>Stop mentioning Gawr Gura
>There you go, she specifically named Gura!! Fuck off
The only thing she could have done was never mention sharks again, because shark = gawrlic bread.

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When is Idols next gen?

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Stop lying nijinig

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no way thats real