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>first to collab with JP
>rush to form units e.g. Takamori, Holotori, etc..
>first to do an off-collab with JP
>first to collab with the new ID girls
>first to collab with NijisanjiEN and Vshojo
>first to collab with Neuro-sama
>first to collab with Advent
>tries to be the first VTuber to be featured in Eurovision
>first first first

>"Wait, I'm not the first EN to have a 3D concert?"
>*turns her entire fanbase against Cover*

What is this mentality called?

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>previous thread hits bump limit
>makes another

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you are obsessed with kiara

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Yours, or hers? You're a schizo. She's a bit miffed.

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kiara is 1000% right that EN gets shafted due purely to management

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It's called being a privileged western whore. She's convinced herself and her retard audience that she's responsible for all the success she's had despite being an absolute failure before Hololive picked her up. She fails to realize that she's not just a runt, she's a runt of a side branch. Nothing will ever be enough for people like this.

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What's yours?

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She needs to just go back to prostituting herself in the red-light district if she feels Cover is so unfair to her.

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nice strawman op

>it's a fact JPs can do 3Ds on a whim
>making it about Kiwawa

kys deadbeat

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Entitlement and ego to compensate her shitty music and low view count

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Please fuck off
You are making disliking Kiara look cringe

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This HAS to be a KFP trolling, right?
Theres no way an anti would be this idiot, grouping all her antis as retards like him, right? Right?

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>Post default vtuber image for a shitty bait thread
What is this mentality called?

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He's been trying for a few days. Even linking reddit. The absolute state

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Kiara demands respect without earning it.

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How brown must you be to seethe this much?

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>My last 10 Bait threads turned into normal discussion about how cover treats the EN branch
>I sure hope THIS TIME people start shitting on Kiara instead of having a normal discussion again.
In b4 Eggs start derailing the threads about money, fanbase vs fanbase or "KFP is mean to me"

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When your management is trying to debut as many homos as they can, this is what you get.

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kiara is obviously so jealous that the boys have the backing of management, get over it you're the runt of your shit branch and old news. graduate

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>jealous that the boys have the backing of management
...and the homobeggar finally reveals itself

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Ewwww a fucking homobeggar tranny. Fuck off to your thread sister

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stay jealous like kiara, the boys are here to stay. incel

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You boys will never be relevant. Kiara can be a 2 view shitter and she'll still be way more relevant that you failed branch. Learn your place

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to be fair, so am I.

I love you tenchou.

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>What is this mentality called?

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>it's been 3 years and people are still angry at orange woman

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The only one that kinda tries to get shit done

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She's a pickme leech. Also don't forget the time she said she specifically wanted Ina to fail so that she(Kiara) wouldn't be the smallest of her gen and didn't want to be the last one to hit 1mil.

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It's called /strongmind/.

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>she specifically wanted Ina to fail so that she(Kiara) wouldn't be the smallest of her gen and didn't want to be the last one to hit 1mil.
Sorry anti but I'm going to need proof of this. You cucks lie way to often and without shame

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>You cucks lie way to often and without shame
Sounds like every hololive anti kek

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is there something wrong with that? if it reached bump limit, that implies that it's a topic that people are interested in talking about right? and this is in fact a discussion board

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Damn I asked for proof but I didn't think that schizo would get btfo so fucking hard. >>62992242
Anti sister how do you reply to this?

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HoloEN isn't allowed to be Hololive.

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No the conversation was dying.
We already had dozen of those threads. It’s all running in circles.
>cover has a bias toward JP compared to EN/ID
>she should move to JP
>won’t change a thing, she already travel enough, she just needs studio time
>kiara just wants everything for herself
>no nigger, she’s pushing for a MYTH live and was denied. While she’s actually getting her solo 3D
>kiara has money problem
>no faggot, she has liquidity issue that will solve themselves by next paycheck
>*pien* KFP is mean to me
>fanbase vs fanbase
There wasn’t any new argument in the last 5 threads.

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No conversation from OP, he's just seething

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Holy BTFO.
Let my type "Ina and Kiara reaching the goal together" so that I can find that timestamp again in the archive later.

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based sapling

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>fanbase vs fanbase this early in the thread
you’re giving up fast

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She was in Eurovision?

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tries, meaning applied

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BTFO by a based stream watcher, >>62992242 too busy hanging the rope to respond

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Having Kiara in Eurovision would be great advertisement

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The west HATES idol culture and Cover knew it. EN was never an idol branch. It hasnt focused idol concerts from the beginning. EN succeeded by removing Japanese idol culture.

Blame your own western audience. They wont watch EN if it focuses idol culture like JP.

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orange woman has that effect on people

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Mori is literally the most popular EN and the most music focused
>b-but Gura!
Doesn't stream.

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Then she should do try like Mori. Nobody stops her from doing music. What Kiara demands is that EN be like JP. Its just nonsense.

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>Its just nonsense.
Is it, though? The connect the world concert sold out in minutes, online tickets sold very well too. All of Myth was on-board with getting an anniversary live.
Who exactly is against music project if fans are buying tickets and talents want to do more?

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Let me correct what you said.
The Japanese believe that the west HATES idol culture. EN was never an idol branch. It hasn't focused idol concerts from the beginning. EN almost failed by removing idol culture.
Blame Japanese autism. They're 100% convinced that westerns won't like things that are too Japanese, because that's what they made up in their head.
Really what you want to blame are the hordes of Japanese people who hate Idol culture. The Japanese are weak to face even the possibility of conflict, so they try to hide it.

HoloEN isn't allowed to be Hololive.

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>all those firsts
>last myth to hit 1 million

Says more about the person than the accomplishments.

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Japs unironically believe they are the only country in the world with 4 seasons and are shocked when a white person can use chopsticks or say よろしくお願いします in a heavy texan accent. Their exceptionalism complex is on another level so they assume that everything popular in Japan is uniquely Japanese and could never work overseas.

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>EN almost failed by removing idol culture.
Where does this fucking utter delusion come from? Its revisionism or you must be a clueless newfag. You can even see a bunch of posters mocking idol culture on this board 24/7. Not only that but vtubers themselves like Mori were always questioning about idol culture with a negative tone.

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Mori thinks holols are fake and cringe. It's also a bit personal when holofans shit on her real friends.

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This basically. This dialogue trees been completely exhausted. It has been for a year. Like can we just skip to the part where you're like "Q~Q guise why is KFP is so mean to me :,("

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>EN succeeded by removing Japanese idol culture.
HoloEN succeeded by the virtue of having hololive branding retard, not because they're "removing japanese idol culture". And what the fuck do you think Hololive as a brand really associated with.

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KFP just declares the conversation is over because they hate the truth about their toxic oshi.

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Here's some hard to swallow pills for weebs and japs.
>The west invented vtubing (technology and medium)
>The west first started using vtubing as content creation
>The west popularized Vtubing and JP vtubers (Nobody cared about Kizuna AI before she blew up in the west)
>The west Holo EN popularized Hololive
>The most popular vtuber in the world is from the west.
>The most subscribed vtuber in the world is from the west.

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Based on what?

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Do you not know just how much Japanese people mock Idol Culture. Who do you think the anti's in Japan are?

>> No.62997770

All these fact and more should be obvious to any vtuber fan.

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>KFP is mean to me
Thank you for speedrunning to the end of that conversation saving both your time and my time.

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"removing idol culture" or "de-idol" was the main factor of the success. Can you all stop pretending that the western audience WANTED Japanese idol culture? They never did except for a few non EOP fans who were watching JP before EN debut (But they arent watching EN even now). You can easily find a bunch of old threads like this about the criticism of Japanese idol culture on hololive subreddit. Same goes for this board and Twitter too.


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Based and truth pilled. Even before the EN branch came along JP idols got big when they got picked up by western audiences; Miko, Coco, etc. Consider that despite Kobo existing a good chunk of ID will still speak in english for their streams and go after that audience.

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>A fucking ledditor
>Citing fucking leddit, the den of people who either only watch clips or never actually watch holo at all
of fucking course. Should've said it sooner, retard

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Go back

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>Citing fucking leddit, the den of people who either only watch clips or never actually watch holo at all
But isn't 4chan also like that? Twitter too. Also discord.
Actually saying they watch clips is giving the to much credit.

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Ofc Japan has anti-idol mobs but they never come from Hololive JP fanbase unlike EN

>> No.62998722

Is that your argument? I dont usually read reddit. I just picked them out from there just because its the easiest. I dont feel like salvaging them from Twitter or 4chan clone sites.

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It's been 3 years, how have you not moved on from orange woman seethe?

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>What is this mentality called?

>> No.62998830

>Didn't even deny that he's a ledditor
Yeah, like I said, no fucking wonder your view regarding "HoloEN" success is this retarded.

>> No.62998925

This anon is telling the truth
People started watching HoloEN because they wanted entertainment not because of an idol culture that never existed
If are really looking for idol culture then watch JP vtubers or 3DPD idols and stop shitting up the board when non-idols like non-idols

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This is now a hag thread.
Post sexy hags.

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I'm a different guy. I was just trying to make a little jork. I'm the guy who said this >>62995964

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>>62998297 (Me)
>>62998963 (Me)
>>62998925 (Me)
>>62999013 (Me)
All me btw

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okay fine

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It's probably the same guy that got banned and had a mod post to the thread about how the guy replied to himself like 50 times
It was the funniest thing to ever happen on /v/, it's why i always open these threads

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He's just trying to distract from pink woman's latest fuck up.

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EOPs started watching HoloJP because:
American men, nay all men, like anime girls
The personality they take on while being a vtuber (people call it Kayfabe, but that's dumb)
Americans like xenophilic (culture gab moe)
All English youtubers were men, Hololive was the only girls only group
Basically all the streamers before Hololive were twitch streamers who all collab with each other, Hololive was something actually different (AKA the Holobox)
And because they had standards, specifically the seiso idol standard.
It was anime girls, putting on a mask, culture gab moe, girls only, the Holobox, and idol standard that made Hololive popular in the west.
When they debuted HoloEN it was popular because HoloJP was popular. The EN fanbase were ready to enforce the Hololive culture onto the EN members, but for the most part they naturally fell into it.

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Triple retard. Explain why the connect the world concert sold out in minutes and why the online sale was so high.
Some random people who aren’t membered to anyone can bitch on reddit or twitter from time to time, but the entire fanbase is and has always been 100% supportive of all music projects.
The EN fanbase is definitely into idol culture and music project and when they bitch about "idol culture" its’ always based on a gross misunderstanding of what idol culture actually is, WHILE they actually support the actual idol activities.
It’s was such an important aspect of Myth’s success than nijisanji copied it. Lazulight IS an idol unit and was designed as an idol unit. And they debuted with an original, something that the main Nijisanji branch didn’t do.

I do thing the higher management thought that EN fanbase would be less interested in idol stuff, but they were wrong on all aspects.

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>What is this mentality called?
Ambition? The desire to succeed? Doing her fucking job?

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>People started watching HoloEN because they wanted entertainment not because of an idol culture that never existed
Nice history revisionism, retard. People started watching HoloEN because it was marketed as Hololive BUT in English.
No matter how much you denied it, HoloEN owed majority of their success simply on that "Hololive" branding. And again, what kind of brand that Hololive is associated with.

Even if you want to downplay it, at best it's still a "Hololive culture", as the reason why HoloEN even manage to be a sensation on their first 3 months.

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People started to post hags when I was writing a long post.
Here's my favorite artist: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/229230/illustrations

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Lol, is she trying to be the second version of that weeb girl who was sent in germanys place, proceeded to get absolutely zero votes, was ridiculed by the whole european continent and tried to end it all by cutting herself?

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orange hag and her orange daughter

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Thread derailed into hag pics
expecting new Orange Woman thread soon

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Shes just jealous and feels insecure because of her EN kouhais and some IDs doing better than her in Japan. I usually only watch JP, but nowadays Mori, Bae, and FWMC get attention the most there and also some IDs are trying hard to collab with JPs and it works out.

I didnt dislike her but I fucking hate her culture war-ish "JP vs EN" nonsense. Its just divisive and counterproductive. I wont say she should graduate but she needs to shut her mouth.

>> No.63000883

you are just bumping the OP to the frontpage you spastic moron.

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nothing wrong with bumping a hag thread

>> No.63000995

>Not a new IP
>Replying to OP
You can stop LARPing. At least try to reset your router.

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And just look at how well it's working for her!

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>one of the most superchated holo
>just recorded an album
>currently recording her 3D live
>plenty of collabs with her JP sempai
>MVP of her team in sport fes
>No Myth anniversary, but that’s a loose for everyone
She’s doing alright.

>> No.63002524

It's a japanese company. Why don't people understand that a japanese company is going to prioritize japanese talent? Especially when that talent is on magnitudes more popular than even Gura. Kiara is a 3K shitter, of course she's not going to get the same opportunities that Marine gets. Plus the fact that she doesn't live in Japan means it's much harder to work her into a schedule.

EN are fundementally leeches and bring almost nothing to hololive at this point. The EN market is dead while the japanese market is exploding.

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>Plus the fact that she doesn't live in Japan means it's much harder to work her into a schedule.
How is her not being in Japan ever relevant? She’s been traveling every single month this fall. She can be in Japan whenever, she’s more than ready to jump on a plane at first notice.

>> No.63003711 [DELETED] 


it's a KF-Cuck topic and v-tubers love brainwashing invalid simps who've got nothing else going on in their life

>> No.63003754


Still pretending to have sanity I see?

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This place sucks so much lately. Low effort baits, antis that can barely hide themselves.
But seeing you guys derail this thread into hag posting... Sometimes, and I mean only sometimes, this place CAN be pretty alright. Proud of you, anons.

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My future hag wife

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>one of the most superchated holo
Not anymore

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>> No.63006788


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You know it’s normal and expected to get more SCs in your first year, right? She beats 3/4 of Advent on her third year.
Yes she is one of the most supechatted.

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why are you stupid?

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Not to be a numberfag, but she has the lowest avg ccv and the lowest max ccv in all of EN.

>> No.63014258

it's more that she lives in a completely different country and expects to be given the same luxuries as the people in Japan despite that.

>> No.63014494


>> No.63015006

even if you can travel often, that still doesn't make the job easier. If you're Kiara, you have to plan when to travel, how long you're going to be able to be there, be able to have the event ready as well as be able to find a good time to schedule(which even the members in JP have trouble with), and expect to be able to do this every time you want to do something like a 3D live. Cover management likely sees that as a ridiculous setup to have to do for a single member and the other members having to do that too would just become even more of a hassle as more members get added as well. It's already annoying for the JP members to schedule shit for 3D since you have 40 members in just hololiveJP alone having to plan for birthdays, anniversaries and any other shit they want to do, so imagine now having to make it even more annoying because members from outside of Japan now have to take priority since they have to plan travel and anything that'd come with that just to do it.

>> No.63016896

>holo member reasonably complains
I think you guys don't like the girls at all, the boot CAN'T be that tasty.

>> No.63017118

First in hololive to collab with nijien, but the blue homo beat her to the punch in terms of first person in cover corp to collab with them. Inb4 some faggot tries to spin rrats about her cope spiel about not actually being the first and trying to throw the blue homo under the bus like she usually does to her gen mates and the other girls.

>> No.63019709

>*turns her entire fanbase against Cover*
Do you really believe this?

>> No.63021747

how many more threads about her are you going to make