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ITT post chuubas who are confirmed BF-havers.

I'll start.

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I'd post pics of your mom if I wasn't busy dickin her down

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OP here. I'm transgender btw.

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Yeah, me. I am the boyfriend of every vtuber posted in this thread. Anyone that claims to have written this is lying.

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This is pretty desperate sis...

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Yeah, me.

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I actually wrote this. It and any future posts are lying

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Sorry disregard the latter part. Decided to also write this to guarantee everyone understands I'm their boyfriend. Any future posts are now actually lying

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Ignore the larpers in this thread. I'm the boyfriend that OP is referring to. Sorry ruffians.

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>7 mana
>Take two extra turns
Absolutely fucking busted especially in a red blue deck

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I'll post vox

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all me btw

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Those boyfriends? All me.

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yeah me

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Please leave me and my wives alone

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whenever I see this guy papa franku instantly pops into my mind

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I posted this and this too

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Yes it's me. Ignore all the larping retards before and after me.

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These two posts are me btw, the actual boyfriend. Just wanted to clarify which posts are larping and which aren't.

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>'Cause I'm a weeaBAU

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It's super easy to identify which of them have boyfriends - Fauna, Kiara, Gura, Bijou, Mumei, FWMC, Nerissa, IRyS because they avoid male vtubers like the plague obviously because that would cause awkwardness in their relationship.
Ina is a hag and has asian parents so she is pretty much married confirmed and Shiori is a femcel. Mori, Bae, Ame and Kronii are single so they don't have such worries about collabing with males.

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can confirm, I'm their boyfriend

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worthless rrat doesn't even need to be slain

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The male-collaborators were the pure ones all along.....

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>not being a whore means they have a boyfriend
F tier rrat

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>They don't collab with males because they have boyfriends.
Anon, the baffling part of your post is that I know you're either a nijinigger or you watch EN vtuber twitch shit, and so you already know a bunch of EN vtubers who admit they have boyfriends on-stream and yet almost all twitch whores collab with males.
You aren't fooling anyone.

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bait or just retarded, it's all the same...

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I'm sure you'll post proof, right?

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discussion of a vtuber's real life is off topic.

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>the proof

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Ken-sama got his happy ending.

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I kneel.

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I still don't understand how Aki got out-sexed in 3D and it was by Sora of all fucking people.

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ken-sama I kneel

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living the weeb dream

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post more sora being absolute sex

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Sora is releasing her sex energy after it was denied for years.

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lucky asf

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>post more sora being absolute sex
So post Sora?

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Sorry you had to find out like this bros, it's tough dating 9 different women at the same time, but we make it work somehow

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She gets me going like no other and I don't know why.