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new retards are dropping

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No one cares.

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thank you for the bump

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Wow, those lucky vtubers passed the audition for the company that's always heavily shilled on this board

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wild prediction: they'll be good and unpopular

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all me

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Too soon intern-kun

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>be popular vtuber agency
>get posted on 4chans vtuber board


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Great, more 2views to end up as catalogue fodder every now and then when the bf yab hits.
Buy an Ad

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Fuck off

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Mental Illness

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Try Kiwifarms they'll probably have a collective orgasm of the next batch of screaming edgelords

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>Phase already has like 20 girls
>1 mega star in pippa
>4 other good sized chuubas with tenma, lia, shiina and lumi
>15 others that nobody gives a fuck about that are just dime a dozen white noise

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I thought phase just added a handful of talents this year. They're adding more already?

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Invaders are different.

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I wonder which of these are ENs and which are JPs

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Phase's gen2 has been a massive flop minus Shiina. Hopefully fish made better hires this go around.

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he leaked there were gonna be new jp girls
where tf are my jp girls
i thought the implication was that they would come before an official third gen

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Which one is Beryl?

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>holoen already has like 20 girls
>1 megastar named gura
>3 other good chuubas with kiara , fauna , and moomay
>17 others that nobody gives a fuck about including males

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you don't understand why those 15 are actually important

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They're in the third gen

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You mean... Hololive?

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If >>62928744 is in I will give the debuts a chance, if not than I can't see any other reason to watch the pippa and 2view friends company at all

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More like Whololive

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lol the whiteboard

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That's my wife on the couch

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I hope athy is in

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>Saya Sairroxs
>Runie Ruse
>Hikanari Hina
>Eimi Isami
>Muu Muyu
Which one is the Jelly killer that Dizzy hinted at

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found the japanese one

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Buy an ad

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>catalog already seething
phasebros we made it

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You have a cute wife

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probably the one she named on stream before

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I assume the weakest one is Panko, but she's pulling 800 right now. Not massive, but certainly not a flop.

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Why do you think they are? This is not bait. The last three Phase girls I watched were Airi, Uruka, and Hime

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I thought she was already redebuting? It'd be cool if she did make it though, she deserves a bigger audience and more support.

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I think the weakest one might still be Hime, but she gets over 500 all the time. But as far as I can tell, everyone in the second gen is a 3view and not everyone in the first gen is

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only waiting for Beryl to emerge

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Beryl my beloved come back

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There's whole damn month until debuts.
Fishman is retarded.

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because people here base their enjoyment of chuubas on the number of people watching.

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He messed up, they weren't supposed to be announced yet

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i need to hear the r rolling

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but people like Uruka. people like Rie

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so purin and beryl are confirmed

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why lie?
Cherry picking career highs is meaningless.
this is there last 5 months ccv avg according to tableanon from /numbers/

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Leave my oshi alone. Panko is #1 in my book.

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Why lie?

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Purin is most likely a guarantee. Beryl isn’t.

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So they are now just copying Advent trailer?

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Beryl rolling her arse...

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The basement is a long-running PC joke.

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buff game, regularly shes 200 ccv on a good day

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Dizzy will be a mega idol sometime next year.

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>800 playing a mega buff game coming off of a Fillian collab on a day nobody is streaming
also you can't read either
>Cherry picking career highs is meaningless.

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Phase got a massive CCV boost recently and the ongoing cope is that Youtube changed how it counts views

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i know this shit is fuckin fake because pippa had over 3k watching her grow crystals

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no, you can't show the numbers from a lazy sunday stream with a cheap fotm game. didn't you read his number autism chart?

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you move those goalposts, girlfran

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it's ccv AVERAGE, not peak, ya dingus.

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>I assume the weakest one is Panko, but she's pulling 800 right now. Not massive, but certainly not a flop.
What about this did I not read correctly?

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Dizzy is a femcel. Then again Pippa got huge so maybe it is possible

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I said Hime gets over 500 all the time, not that she averages that. And it looks like Wemi is the runt of the gen, I didn’t know that. My point that everyone in gen2 is a 3view still stands.

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Suspiciously Beryl-like post

yeah I also noticed, wtf happened? I remember Idol and Phase being more comparable a few months back. Now it looks like a mogging

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>panko has never averaged more than 500 viewers in her life
>hime has never averaged more than 300 viewers in her life
>people itt claiming otherwise

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maybe yt started to count people with adblock

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Is this supposed to be the numbers they got on their lowest stream of each month?

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I don't have the Jelly soundpost.

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>I remember Idol and Phase being more comparable a few months back. Now it looks like a mogging.
Natural growth vs artificial shilling/viewer inflation. Idol was always going to fall back down to reality.

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>side effect of anti-adblock measures
not entirely implausible

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I think most small corpos banked on “we’re like HoloEN, but no JP corpo autism and delusions that males can work” and are struggling to market themselves as more than that with Advent out now.
Meanwhile, Phase has always been the sad girl corpo, and that reputation holds for more than just the famous ones. Tbh I’ve watched less of Phase since Advent debuted, but when I’m not watching HoloEN, Phase Connect is still the next corpo I turn to.
I think that’s what’s helping them. A genuine niche that sticks out and that (despite what anons say) is more than just Pippa.

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>numberfagging a small/medium corpo debut post
This just confirms all catalog threads are just /#/ in disguise

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File: 265 KB, 640x540, numbers guy [sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fjmwa2r.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Remi never gets raids and is in the worst timeslot.
Hime gets countless Pippa collabs and Pippa raids. Nobody has done less with more than her.

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I am worried we will be targeted by niji shitters more than they target hololive.

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Look at Phase's biggest risers in 2023: Tenma and Lia. What do they have in common? They have exposed themselves and made positive impressions to new fanbases who don't watch Phase.

>> No.62930498

They've been attacking all small corps now that they're on the same level, it's pretty funny

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Jelly is in the single worst time slot in Phase and even she was over 800 viewers with no raids this morning. Whatever is going in with viewer count and noombers sure makes it seem like everyone is inclining.

>> No.62930503

most of this gen will be pickups from tsunderia and other dead corps, and their audience size post debut will be the same as invaders wave 2

>> No.62930628

>looks at what she was doing
>was doing a buff easy street numbers stream
you retards are helpless
posting career highs on buff content is not your average audience. your audience is who shows up on a weekday with your regular content.

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I'll have to endure a 30 minutes NTR stream after she gets 10k donothons?

>> No.62930681

What was she doing, then?

>> No.62930744

ooc content is giga buff. like a handcam, or incest game, or south park, or hogwarts back in spring etc etc

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>Purin is most likely a guarantee.
But she could have just joined under invaders...unless she doesn't want the fish to take the IP.

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Your kind makes me laugh. It’s almost like watching /dbs/ retards argue powerscaling.

>> No.62930917

If you ever actually watched Purin you’d know that she said that if she were to join another corpo she would want to start fresh with a new name and model.

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>career highs statistically do not matter
>all of them occurred in the last 24 hours

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It's a one-guy campaign, and likely wrong. He's going to flip.

>> No.62930933

he is right though
React content and occ/ama are literally the most buff "content" a streamer can do, followed by playing FoTM game

>> No.62930980

they do matter, but they get cancelled out by AVG when it gets factored in against the 200ccv streams that are regular.

>> No.62930989

is kana in gen 3

>> No.62931015

Yeah, it’s crazy how many people love react content. Watching Asmongold getting like 40k average for reacts and then losing like half of it when he starts playing games is crazy.

>> No.62931025

She won't

>> No.62931028

It’s just a freak coincidence surely.

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The question is, though: why do noombers matter in a thread dedicated to the announcement of Phase Connect's third generation?
Even if the thread could be considered useless ("just use /pcg/" or something), it doesn't really explain why people are obsessed over whether Nasa has less views than Henya or whatever.

>> No.62931069

>ITT phase fags pretend buff content doesn't exist

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oh fair enough...well fish roped in his most wanted sad girl then...

>> No.62931099

since everyone in phase will be scrolling this thread all day to watch reactions to their new gen, take this opportunity to say something to your oshi bros! they'll probably see it!

>> No.62931116

Pippa got huge on making XQC like content, she took that niche for herself in the company and no one else there can do it now
She is also the biggest pile of garbage one can watch in Phase despite being the biggest

>> No.62931137

if everyone streams buff content every day, then is it still buff content or just growth?

>> No.62931174

>holoen already has like 20 girls

>> No.62931178

Technically she could have joined under invaders even as Purin.
Jelly, Lumi and Yuri all had that connection.
Yuri seemingly sold the IP, Lumi doesn't appear to have (??? Uncertain.), and Jelly started off with a new model entirely and semi new name.
I'm sure Dizzy still shows off Slugma, or at least has once.
Not sure about Ember personally,

>> No.62931200

I want to impregnate Tenma

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So, whose handwriting is this?

>> No.62931255

Dizzy said the slug is dead forever.

>> No.62931258

Phase's collective numbers are going up because Pippa has been collabing with everybody in the company nonstop the last like 3 months. They are all sucking off her teet.

>> No.62931321

the rrat is lumi still has hers and her oil barons funded the new model so fishman has nothing to do with it

>> No.62931333

Jelly still posts on her old persona, she's just two people now

>> No.62931336

So which one of them is japanese.

>> No.62931354

>Pippa has been collabing with everybody in the company nonstop the last like 3 months
What universe are you living in? She's notoriously collabing with pretty much everyone except the people in the company.

>> No.62931374

Ember renamed herself months before she was named as an invader. It wasn't a PC decision.
Playing it safe but also means fishman probably has the IP, if it falls apart she hasn't ruined moon jelly.

>> No.62931386

Numberfags are brown

>> No.62931403

I don’t watch Pippa unless it’s a collab. Her chat makes solo streams unwatchable. Pippa needs her coworkers who have actually funny and interesting things to say to distract her from those retards, because then she’s actually pretty funny and not constantly trying to wrangle those morons.

>> No.62931421 [DELETED] 

I thought you said we're gonna have twins too, Phasefags? These aren't twin names at all.

>> No.62931422

ITT a numbershitter gets mindbroken by a small corp being slightly bigger than he thought

>> No.62931442

>pippa gets offended by racism
1-800 go back to red dit unironically.

>> No.62931448


>> No.62931461

>pippa and lia have not collabed for 7 months
>lia has doubled in size since then
this destroys your narrative
phase has organic growth all around.

>> No.62931462

>>62931403 (me)
And of course, since that chat loves the low-effort react streams, that’s what so many of her solo streams are. That’s the more obviously blatant reason. What I mean is chat discussing the videos along with her makes it so much worse than it is already.

>> No.62931487

Pippa had 5000 on her stream yesterday, she is unironically more popular than Bae is normally. Weird that you chose to post her and not someone like gura, but gura never streams I guess.

>> No.62931506

Top girl :
Mid girls:
And the rest...

>> No.62931523

in the last 2 months pippa has collabed with
>Tenma 5 times
>Airi 2 times
>Hime 2 times

>> No.62931545

>Pippa had 5000 on her stream yesterday, she is unironically more popular than Bae is normally


>> No.62931572

Idol girls do okay. Rin has 1600 right now.

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Hope you guys enjoy more Xalamon modding. Fishman won't drop him even though the girls don't like him and a few of them have outright told him not to watch or mod their streams like Pippa and Lia.

>> No.62931577

100 posts and not a single image.

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File: 496 KB, 1186x281, 1678216998897792.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buff Content does exist

>> No.62931645

IsaMuyu will surpass FuwaMoco by January

>> No.62931655

Image of what? They haven’t reveal their designs and we only have the teaser from the halloween picture.

>> No.62931656

Bae is normally between 2000-3000, she is entirely carried by holo while Phase is building up from nothing. And holoen sucks because it's a red dit creation, /jp/ loved Sora not fucking Gura.

>> No.62931725

Everyone is getting a boost, it is YT.

>> No.62931729

bae has an average and median of around 4k. She can often go higher, she can go lower on a bad day. Pippa had one stream at 5k. Calm down, dwarf

>> No.62931797

Pippa being so huge and respected is the point I realized that vtubing is dead.
The shit she has said and done, and none looks closer into it, its absurd, a level of absurdity I can't even comprehend, I've seen people chased off the net for far less, yet the grifter gets away with it, even something as blatant as following bvtm, a guy that shits on everyone and openly harrasses girls from other companies.

>> No.62931810
File: 181 KB, 281x380, fiupkse3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i guess nobody posted it, this was the teaser

>> No.62931825

Lia has built her own audience finally. She has gone head to head with some high interest phase overlap the last month and has held strong.

>> No.62931830

Jelly was saying earlier than she had a lot of input in her OOC stream, but whether that means she was responsible for it or not is the real question.
Her persona in general would say maybe she does? But she also said stuff along the lines of how she doesn't want to be thinking about X or Y, hence why she joined a corpo, so that entire process could have been something she offloaded.
Either way, yeah, she still has Moon Jelly anyway and still does work via it.

>> No.62931838

Retards wanting reactions to outrage porn on YouTube?

>> No.62931865
File: 707 KB, 713x1054, 1700424211329813.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Take this instead.

>> No.62931922

Pippa gets mogged by everyone in HoloEN, most of Luxiem, and Kaela and Enna, and that’s it. That’s still really impressive.
Stop being a faggot and inflating Pippa’s achievements. You’re just making yourself look like a retard. Also, plenty of us who actually watch the girls who aren’t Pippa also watch HoloEN, so fuck off.

>> No.62931995

How many femanons got in?

>> No.62932045

Just got off the phone with the share holders.
Beatani is back as en/jp

>> No.62932052

Atleast 2, Purin and Kana

>> No.62932098

nah, tenma and lia have done a lot of high profile out of company collabs and have gotten new viewers that way.
they also don't get any advertising support from phase like gen2/invaders do, but that is a schizo post for another day.

>> No.62932100

>/jp/ loved Sora not fucking Gura.
/jp/ also loves NTR. Doesn't mean anything.

>> No.62932104

Because the hobby is for /pol/fags in denial (the kind who said they liked vtubers because theyre apolitical but look the other way when vtubers like kirsche spout their brand of politics) and it's becoming increasingly obvious

>> No.62932198

Congrats, more femanons influencing vtubing is better.....i think

>> No.62932210

I'll be a bit bummed about leaving her model behind if it really will be her, but I'll simp for Purin all the same.

>> No.62932243

Idol got destroyed by advent overtaking the normie demographics, they were good at replacing the normie void while gura was gone but Rin kicking out unicorns and the Yabs killed their momentum from shorts

>> No.62932253

You were on the phone with me actually and I lied.

>> No.62932272

Because she gives small people a chance and is able to spout the same 4chan analysis of vtubers but not mash in the word fag every second

>> No.62932315

Panko has the best manko so that gives her some extra point.

>> No.62932322

Rin actually got back to her old CCV yesterday during a stream with her brother

>> No.62932324

Heard one of new members is senzawa

>> No.62932442

>but not mash in the word fag every second
This alone is an impressive skill. I accidentily still call people fags irl and on other socmed sites out of sheer habbit. No idea how she does it.

>> No.62932616

Can you imagine the meltdown if that actually happens?

>> No.62932683

Pippa and Lia are more based than expected?

>> No.62932694

>ITT numbermonkeys unironically arguing that differences in numbers are dictated by quality of the streamer and not corpo sticker, "lucky" algorithm pickups and grind.

>> No.62932700

This retard wasn't here when Tenma was bigger than pippa
Actual mouthbreathers

>> No.62932788

Do not go around praying for the apocalypse
It would actually destroy /vt/

>> No.62932821

Pippa beat Cali & Moom yesterday, sure it was a high but you can't knock that
Fuck the guy you're responding to tho

>> No.62932893

>new retards are dropping

>> No.62932935

I thought I saw Mumei at around 9k last night, weird. Mori was around 5k too.

>> No.62932981

>It would actually destroy /vt/

>> No.62933049

Bae gets between 6-7k now, and Pippa was built off of non vtuber fans, not phase connect. Get this sad cope out of here.

>> No.62933163

I remember seeing her around 3k until Uruka raided her

>> No.62933178

putting it this way makes tenma look like shit. nobody cares if someone was bigger when the difference is 50ccv. pippa is now 5x bigger than tenma

>> No.62933198

who? who?

>> No.62933243

What is the lol here? Doodles?

>> No.62933246

Tenma was a 4view long before pippa ever was

>> No.62933283

I was promised twins. Where are they?

>> No.62933310


>> No.62933361

I just baited you.

>> No.62933410

Gotta love how they forced Hime in the debut railer. God she is such a useless shitter. She will never be popular no matter how much they try. She is just unlikeable and doesn't get it.

>> No.62933448

beryl or fucking riot

>> No.62933470
File: 86 KB, 398x295, 1680553411187016.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ruh roh raggy, a retard!

>> No.62933497

You Berylfags are the most obnoxious faggots on the internet
If you had a brain bigger than a peanut you'd know that beryl would never kill her music career by going to phase

>> No.62933534

what fucking career?

>> No.62933559

Gotta love how they forced Pippa in the debut railer. God she is such a useless shitter. She will never be popular no matter how much they try. She is just unlikeable and doesn't get it.

>> No.62933598

nobody has done less with more than rie.

>> No.62933614

>her music career
which one lmao

>> No.62933711

God, what an ugly piece of shit that model is

>> No.62933744
File: 868 KB, 1920x1080, 1698870361583778.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I fucking love retarded dipshit sadgirls, bros...

>> No.62933786

Phase only has like 3 sad girls. the rest are basic bitch normal "sad" problems

>> No.62933895

my rrat is she bought her way into phase as an investor with her crazy rich asian money

>> No.62933993

she sing, she dance, she giggle, what's not to like as an employer

>> No.62934009

it would explain why she has 2x the amount of covers as anybody else despite being maybe the 5th best voice.

>> No.62934041

Do you actually hate Hime or are you shitposting?

>> No.62934073

Hime is an asset designer on the side.

>> No.62934074

who are the three you mention? I could add more

Lia, Pippa, Dizzy?

>> No.62934126

She's a bit possessive of her fans and is prone to breakdowns, they're just trying to mess with her (and not in a fun way)

>> No.62934154

Well you don't watch them, so why say anyhthing?

>> No.62934167

Lets also not forget that Pippa raided Uruka prior to that so that was Pippa viewers boosting Cali

>> No.62934275

I'm a beryl fan since the hana days and she's done a good enough job of killing it willingly by herself, several times actually.

I was really rooting for her to get into advent but using a small corpo for sloppy seconds wouldn't be the worst situation either.

>> No.62934296

she stinks. look at all the advantages rie has had compared to her genmates.
it is embarrassing.
>has the companies top clipper designated as her personal clip slave
>most pippa collabs from gen2
>most pippa raids overall
>gets forced lia as collab partner to try to carry her
>got a 3d debut when she didn't deserve it
>gets youtube ads when she doesn't deserve it
>gets moonshine shilling
>gets fillian, rin, silvervale, sayu collabs etc etc
>gets the most covers and songs eventhough average voice
>still the 2nd lowest en in viewership

nobody has done less with more

>> No.62934369

This has been the long standing rrat. It is the only explanation.

>> No.62934445

all that is invalidated by her getting sodomized by trannies

>> No.62934457

>>most pippa raids overall
Pippa doesn't raid her at all. Hime literally told Pippa not raid her after her fans sperged out in her chat.
Why would you even talk about something if you don't know the faintest thing about it? Are you trying to stir shit perhaps?

>> No.62934686

Pippa is still the only relevant vtuber there right?

>> No.62934687
File: 367 KB, 701x685, 1700367023696137.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hope you're ready for the inevitable diss track against you now.

>> No.62934724

Yeah, me. I rail Hime. Daily. In the ass.

>> No.62934761

>Hime literally told Pippa not raid her after her fans sperged out in her chat.

>> No.62934773

Rest is low 3views and 2views

>> No.62934776

You mean... Nijisanji?

>> No.62934809

Tenma and Lia. They are relevant enough to have 1on1 collabs with Neuro, Pomu, Giri etc etc

>> No.62934838

Hime is a gem you fucking retarded nigger

>> No.62934884

>Normal anons not wanting to know about the corpo that can't stop shilling themselves in 2view threads and STILL try to claim they "own" /tsun/
No I think he's onto something

>> No.62934900

Are you kidding? It was the second generation to a ridiculously successful new agency. An agency where the staff seem happy and all but 1 member is still active. All of them are profitable, fuck your warped views of success.

>> No.62934911

WTF? in Holidays? Is this a good move? KEK

>> No.62934939

what the fuck is /tsun/?

>> No.62935038

This is my opinion on Phase as someone who mostly watches big indies and some Vshojo members:
>Pippa and Tenma
Memorable and actually entertaining in collabs.
>yellow Vei
Shilled heavily in the catalog and /lig/ but I don't find her very entertaining.
>the rest
Pretty forgettable, sometimes they appear in collabs but I can't really be bothered to learn more about them.

>> No.62935064

Almost everyone got a huge incline recently Panko apparently is a bout to become a 4 view idk if is just temporary but if she plays her cards correctly than she could be next big one below Pippa, the only one that are struggulin are the jp ones and the wolf girl Airi as far as I know the rest one are inclining hard.

>> No.62935087

>Phase gen2 been around for 18 months
>only 1 of 6 has more than 50k
meanwhile Idol's gen2 that debuted 6 months all have mogged them

>> No.62935204

Phase Connect's bigger members regularly outperform quite a few NijiENs.
Both Pippa and Tenma have broken into 4view multiple times.
They're no Hololive but they're markedly ahead of a lot of small indie companies.

>> No.62935258


>> No.62935265

You should remember Jelly
She reactivated her patreon and is ready to leave phase already

>> No.62935302

pippa is the # line between hololive and everybody else
tenma and lumi are in the top twenty or so most popular en tubers, and lia moves in and out of that range
it's the most successful "small corpo"
(idol is close and might be above phase by some measures)

>> No.62935330

2 talents who are regular 4views don't represent the entire company. Most of NijiEN still beats out 90% of phase connect. Feel free to pull up a comparison to prove me wrong

>> No.62935391

What a weird defensive thing to say

>> No.62935403

Pippa, Tenma, Lia, Lumi and Shiina.
those are the 5 bus drivers in Phase Connect.

>> No.62935481

No problem, thanks for proving my point. Now wheres that proof of regular members outperforming All NijiENs?

>> No.62935515
File: 77 KB, 602x584, 1699824456901407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like listening to Iori

>> No.62935527

Holy shit where did you move the goalposts I can't even see them anymore

>> No.62935550

people trying to lump Tenma in with Pippa as "4view" is laughable.
Tenma is not within 2,000 ccv or 150,000 subs of Pippa, but is on her level?
Shiina, Lia, Lumi are within 200-300 ccv of Tenma, but are not her level?

>> No.62935606

Nigga, 4view means there are 4 digits in the live viewer counter. That's 1000 and up, not 2000.

>> No.62935689

>one of the numbershitters here got so mad about Panko doing well that he spammed her chat with wojaks and swastikas to try killing the vod

>> No.62935761

there are tiers in phase

>gigantic power gap

>> No.62935763

Phase found its niche as the "coffee seller who went 'I can fix her' and made a business out of it" company. Idol has yet to find said niche.

>> No.62935799

Isn't Idol's thing that they're jews?

>> No.62935803

I like Tenma and Erina, I hope they get more girls like them.

>> No.62935830

Do numberfags even enjoy watching streams or do they just jerk themselves off over big numbers on the screen

>> No.62935867

The could compete with Phase Coffee by being lemonade sellers as well as other fruity drinks.

>> No.62935937

I thought Idols new niche was the girls selling their bodies?

>> No.62935956

No. They don't watch. They just crunch numbers to make people feel bad

>> No.62935985

Only the singing loli. The others sell their used clothes.

>> No.62935997

Good, she would be an idiot to continue supporting a racist CEO that mocked her ethnicity.

>> No.62936022

I actually can't think of an EN vtuber that is similar to Tenma.
Erina sure, dommy dorks are around.

>> No.62936049
File: 604 KB, 690x427, beryl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess I'll support Phase if they got her
I only watched Pippa and then some but they're okay from what I've seen

>> No.62936055

Sakana Turret

>> No.62936069

Stop being a newfag, Tenma was the first 4 view in phase

>> No.62936154
File: 274 KB, 746x369, Iorisqueak [sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fpa3c3a.mp4].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.62936151

Idol's thing is being a behind-the-curtains AVtuber and brothel company.

>> No.62936204
File: 189 KB, 1262x790, pls watch 10ma.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

breaking 4view one time for a 50k karaoke where sakana told all the girls to cancel their streams and then pinged discord begging people to turn off adblock does not make you a 4view.
by your logic, little lia was a 4view before pippa

>> No.62936235

>people like Rie
I refuse to believe this.

>> No.62936329
File: 302 KB, 490x525, 1672257232403487.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

people like Pippa, why is it so surprising that people like a cute girl like Hime?

>> No.62936391


>> No.62936450

i fail to understand how your tiny little brain cant comprehend this

>> No.62936468

Tenma’s a westaboo. That means she had to be a native JP speaker in order to exoticize western culture. A westerner can’t be a westaboo for the same reason a JP can’t be a weeaboo. Then combine that with the fact that said JP has to stream in English. JP westaboos are a dime a dozen (plenty in HoloJP) but one who streams in English? Before Tenma, any JP would think that’s a retarded idea. Now that there is Tenma, they probably think there’s no point because there’s Tenma.
She absolutely fucking nailed it with this niche. Someone familiar enough with the west to relate to EN chat, but unfamiliar enough with it for South Park to be buff content.

>> No.62936476

let the record show the first non-debut 4view streams in phase
1. tenma 50k karaoke
2. lia chris chan
3. tenma new outfit debut
4. pippa nousagi interview
these all happened in the same week btw iirc

>> No.62936576

Something is up with YouTube numbers I will say. My dorky spooder Ami has doubled this week and is doing huge numbers and it makes me uncomfortable and I don't like it. i want her to be smaller

>> No.62936591

Regarding the bottom tier, I would organize them as such:


>> No.62936668

What did you expect from a tranny sympathizer?

>> No.62936683

Which bus would you board, figueratively and literally?

>> No.62936699

Lumi was pretty funny in that Uruka birthday stream, or whatever it was. (Tenma was also there.)

>> No.62936740
File: 516 KB, 2700x3431, MRS DUKURO TAKE THIS LOVE BUG TO THE PENIS EXPLODING CHAMBER AND HAVE HIS PENIS EXPLODED.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Advent gutted Idol when it came out and then a wave of other small corpo gens started coming out that went after the same demographic. Idol is competing for the same niche against 4 Gens from V&U, 1 gen from Pixel Link, 2 gens from eien, 2 gens from Reverie, and a whole host of other small corpos.
Despite, most of the girls in Phase also falling into the same sort -liteHololive or Nijisanji-lite categories as the other small corpos, Phase has been able to market itself on the niche that they are not like either of those companies. Dizzy may deeply regret coming up with the term "Sad Girl company" and Uruka may not like it, but it's undeniable that it's been effective branding for the company. There is a reason why Seraffi from V&U has been trying to market herself more towards the people who watch the Phase girls, and why Liora from V&U is now running ads with doomer wojak in them and joking about doctor-proscribed parasociality. They know the market is oversaturated/ been dealt a body blow by Advent actually being good.

>> No.62936746

Panko would be a lot more popular if she was american.

>> No.62936760

Lia is worse.

>> No.62936798

Hime’s a brat and she’s fucking good at it. She also has some crossover appeal with Lia, in that people like watching them to get a glimpse into the mind of a female degenerate.
Also, Hime’s shitpost karaokes are kino content. She picks yab songs that always risk getting the VOD privated and it’s great. Hime also has a decent ES fanbase like Pippa, which is weird, but cool.
I don’t think any of the talents are a waste of space, but of all the talents to make these kinds of shitposts about, I cannot fathom why they target Hime.

>> No.62936871

Anon, it’s ok to say it. The hate from the others doesn’t hurt us.
They are Phase Connect’s first army.

>> No.62936879

They added 3 talents in June, but that's a generation of "invaders", meaning streamers that already existed in some capacity. This is an entire new generation, meaning that the characters are completely new. The last generation of Phase, Gen2, debuted in July 2022, so more than a year ago; enough time has passed from then. This is not rushed at all.

>> No.62936881

Pretty good ad ruined by the "tip your vtuber" line.

>> No.62936894

>2. lia chris chan
Was she aware of Chrischan before she watched it or not? 'cause I can't tell. On one hand it's right up her alley, on the other she's a Tumbler/Ao3 chick. Might check out her archives if she wasn't.

>> No.62936895

find me the last time Lia did a react stream. Lia has been living off of and thriving off of her zatsu that is her bread and butter

>> No.62936980

I watched yellow Lumi, went “I can fix her”, visited /pcg/, found out the corpo actually had fucking coffee as merch, and started watching the other girls. Get the fuck out of my head, it’s creeping me out.

>> No.62937009

You shove those words right back up your ass, burger. Euros deserve some good ones here and there too.

>> No.62937022

Hime is Lia/Pippa if you remove the things that make people like Lia/Pippa. She is just missing something. It is what it is.
It feels like she is trying to be a cosplay version of Lia & Pippa.

>> No.62937058

We do, but the reality is that most europeans don't give a shit about streamers nor vtubers.
And I say this as an Italian who is happy for Panko for actually making it.

>> No.62937079

I was laughing because I thought the post was funny, not that because i was disagreeing

>> No.62937273
File: 355 KB, 637x717, 1700179407643379.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Pippa's first stream to break 4view was an interview with the well known SEAfag who paywalled gura's childhood videos behind patreon
Enormously grim, what the fuck was the retard rabbit thinking
She had zero Idea who he was outside of the occasional meme, which made the stream all the more interesting to watch. I'd check out the VOD if it's still up somewhere.

>> No.62937389
File: 74 KB, 924x581, 1660198117206344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.62937457

Honestly? The coffee is cute, since they're different beans for each girl and not just flavored grounds for a drip machine. Some of them are pretty exotic options too, not beginner-friendly at all. As promotional merch, it's completely incoherent nonsense since you have to be a coffee lover and not just a coffee drinker. Unhinged business decision.

>> No.62937502

Fair enough. Personally, I think that’s something a capipi or a liker who isn’t going out of their way to watch other vtubers would say, but that’s fine. If your oshi is Pippa or Lia, then that’s a natural thing to feel about someone who’s similar to your oshi but not your oshi.
All I know is that I’ve had hit or miss moments with every Phase member, where sometimes I check out the stream and just can’t get into it. And that that’s happened to me less with Hime than any other talent in the company.

>> No.62937632

Actually, Pippas first 4view was a 1600 ccv stream where she was botted

>> No.62937639

>Unhinged business decision.
That's their motto.

>> No.62937664

In addition, you forgot Wemi and Hime.

>> No.62937708
File: 240 KB, 1448x2048, 1698336888776918.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd argue that Henya dominates this niche, although I guess I wouldn't call her a westaboo since she lived in the U.S. at one point and has an American father. Still it's fun to watch her learn more about western culture each stream.

>> No.62937741
File: 178 KB, 1008x720, 1697734525979490.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.62937749

It's such a fucking meme that at least it puts a smirk in people's faces. Complete nonsese frm a business stsndpoint, but it does make their con appearances more memorable when they serve the meme coffee to visitors.

>> No.62937751

I’ve heard Fishman has connections with the local coffee scene. He probably came up with this idea as a low cost, low risk publicity stunt.
Being a coffeefag, finding out that they sell actual single-source coffee and all that shit made me pay attention to the company. Fishman unironically won over one viewer with the coffee.

>> No.62937771

they are not in that tier.

>gigantic power gap
>power gap

>> No.62937868

What about holowhores and like 15 generals for them and 5 bait gura threads

>> No.62937920

I heard there lolis if this is true ill become a phase fag again.

>> No.62937943

Maybe you should stop spamming gura thread and you'll see less of them

>> No.62937975

wtf I love FC Basel now

>> No.62938025

>I’ve heard Fishman has connections with the local coffee scene.
You make him sound like he's some fucking caffeine gangster.

>> No.62938031

>Fishman unironically won over one viewer with the coffee.

>> No.62938055

that's you.
more people stick around and stay around for them than rie, despite rie having the most advantages in the company.

>> No.62938093

With all due respect, you are an absolute fucking retarded cunt for placing Hime that low. Strange to say, but I actually forgot about Jelly.

>> No.62938136
File: 437 KB, 1055x647, 1670446043962833.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.62938177

Hime is the 2nd lowest EN in Phase. Her good day is an Airi bad day.
You want to say "well this one time she had 500!" well so do all of them and they all have average 200 more ccv than her this year

>> No.62938331

Who will be GFE?

>> No.62938334

Their JP streamers are such massive flops, I even forget about them.

>> No.62938461

Are they going to be more relevant than Pippa or tenna if not who cares

>> No.62938477

I love my wife Shiina

>> No.62938496

I see that you're ranking them based on numbers. Be honest, recreate the list according to their skills, and keep in mind that a persons perception of talebt can be influenced from bias.

>> No.62938597

Sakana had the right idea with the coffee, there is a lot more merchandise you could sell.

Where is my panko pasta, my raviolia, my pippaette, you useless fish fuck?

>> No.62938612
File: 43 KB, 426x450, 1602750190292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Runie Ruse

I can't tell if that's a fucking retarded name or a fucking fantastic name. Probably both. Have I been rused? Is this a ruse?

>> No.62938621


>> No.62938874

>that's always heavily shilled on this board
hollo and niji are the only 2 corporations i saw shill here, and it makes sense, they spend millions of $ on "viral marketing"
the jew one gets dedicated shitposters, or maybe free shills too

>> No.62938913

If it managed to catch your attention and get remembered then it succeeded in some way, regardless of the reason.

So i guess smart play, fishman?

>> No.62938971

Is Pomu joining?

>> No.62939012

Yeah, joining me in bed ;)

>> No.62939055

>tenma and lumi are in the twenty most popular en tubers
There's probably 20 indies alone that are more popular than them, when you add corpos they're nowhere close

>> No.62939102

recent colab boost, dosnt count

>> No.62939133

I’m pretty sure fishman knows the roaster, that’s why he can sell the coffee. Unless Panko personally knows wheat farmers in Italy who produce bespoke flour for a craft pasta maker, it’s not gonna happen.

>> No.62939153

Stop numberfagging, all of you.

>> No.62939264

define "skills"
hime as a lot of skills that are common within vtubing (singing, music), but she doesn't have that dynamic trait that top girls in phase have.

unforutantly for her, you can't throw money or learn that dynamic trait. you either have it or you don't, she doesn't. her end game is hoping to get short algo'd to them have a big audience. basically winning the lottery.
have always said it would not shock me one day to wake up and see hime has 100k, 200k, 300k subs out of the blue.

>> No.62939413

is Lumi even bigger than Shiina or Lia? They caught her this year.

>> No.62939541

jp is too hard of a market to break into, its too flooded
im suprised this wave also supposed to include jps, risky move

>> No.62939569

Twitch is absolute bullshit

>> No.62939614

Lumi mostly streams on twitch, so who knows for sure, but I’d guess that yes, they’ve caught up to her.
Tenma and Lumi are NOT among the top twenty most popular EN vtubers, I don’t know why people have to exaggerate this shit in order to acknowledge that Phase has inclined.

>> No.62939801

Pippa sold her soul and makes absolute bottom of the barrel dogshit content for those numbers, this isn't something to brag about. She was better as a 3view.

>> No.62939805
File: 1.29 MB, 1277x718, 1678168498883959.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

but she's actually good at it

>> No.62939814

Lumi's viewers heavily vary depending on what she's playing. She regularly reaches the 900s and can got to about 1100 on her own but all the Genshin sponsored streams she does drag her average down.

>> No.62939875

on which platform

>> No.62939941

Twitch, which is where she does most of her streams.

>> No.62940040

Phase inclined like 5 months ago. And they're still around where they were. Which Is sorta good sorta bad(but not too bad) They're not growing as aggressively as diehard Phase fans like to push.
A lot of Phase has poorer CCV despite being pretty entertaining. I think we'd see some actual serious growth if the fish would buy an ad or two, because it seems like most of this advertisement is aimed at the market they already have.

>> No.62940118

Lumi has streamed on YT 2-3 times a week since May. Her ccv avg is in the low 300s.
Without Twitch magic bots, she is in the middle of the pack.

>> No.62940210

I mainly like her because she's Italian.

>> No.62940216

>tribalfagging for a fucking website

>> No.62940238

>I’ve heard Fishman has connections with the local coffee scene.
he's a part owner of tales, the roaster that does the phase coffee.

>> No.62940344

>Phase inclined like 5 months ago. And they're still around where they were.
fact check >>62929670
Pippa up 500 from June
Tenma up 400 from June
Lia up 350 from June
Shiina down 20 from June
Airi down 80 from June
Erina up 100 from June
Panko up 6 from June

>> No.62940463

>Jelly is in the single worst time slot in Phase
She's in the best time slot because she has almost literally zero competition within the company

>> No.62940495

oh, has Uruka expressed a dislike for it?

>> No.62940573

Yeah she has no competition but the majority of Phase's viewers are burgers so she's way out of the preferred timeslot for them. Also she will never get help from any raids.

>> No.62940807

Here’s my idea: Pipkin Pepper! A tangy, sweet hot sauce inspired by THE Pipkin Pippa! Taste the pips!

god I should’ve been a marketing major holy fuck I’m so good

>> No.62940811

>Phase's viewers
Jelly is building her own viewers. That is more valuable than drawing from the existing pool of fans.

Jelly will be better for it.

>> No.62941277

/NijiEN/ has been aware of Phase for quite a while now while Holofanbase(mostly #) only know of Pippa. I blame the collab with Elira

>> No.62941293

She needs to ditch Fishman though, like seriously fuck making him any money if he's racist towards Jelly's ethnicity.

>> No.62941321

>Seraffi from V&U
She often is in Pippa's chat, which is odd, since I don't think she has collabed with her yet.
>doctor-proscribed parasociality
Proscribed means forbidden

>> No.62941345

I can see the "Cunny Ruse" already if she gets one of the good models.

>> No.62941347

streaming primetime in Phase is tricky. High risk high reward.
If your stream is mid, people will watch something else because all the killers are streaming. You have to bring it. If you bring a B stream, you will be punished hard for it being a B stream.
in other timeslots you don't have to be as "on" because there aren't as many alternatives.

>> No.62941379

They have collabed. It was a little over a month ago IIRC.

>> No.62941494

Different sauces would actually work very well, tying into a lot of stream in-jokes.

>> No.62941502

I can't remember... but yeah, probably because of that. She started hanging out in chat before and after, then

>> No.62941651

why does everyone credit fishman for all the things the talents come up with themselves?
it isnt fishman coming up with what makes phase popular, its the talents. fish has only ever tried to stunt them because he tried censoring the talents awhile back and wants to erase the "sad girl company" reputation that makes them stand out to begin with

>> No.62941710

Uruka had a comeback stream a few days ago and she talked a lot, maybe she mentioned it then. I don't know if anybody
"hates" the term but I guess nobody wants to be pigeonholed by a single phrase

>> No.62941970
File: 264 KB, 512x512, 1700083793717978.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why thread so brown?

>> No.62942182


>> No.62942442

When the fuck did pippa collab with Elira? Only Niji/PC collab I recall is the recent Pomu and Ashelia one

>> No.62942573
File: 393 KB, 1110x624, 1697879771918834.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.62942779

Niji would likely never allow their talents to work with Pippa. the hoops Lia had to jump thru to get to collab with Pomu were ridiculous but worth it.

not that pippa is trying to collab with Niji, either.

>> No.62943340

neither will holo

>> No.62943404

>Phase got a massive CCV boost
They didn't, there have been special streams that get many numbers, but their viewership stays in around the same range

>> No.62943572

>Hime also has a decent ES fanbase like Pippa, which is weird,
Rie speaks Spanish, so her Spanish speaking audience is understandable. Pippa having Latino fans is unusual, I guess they just like her energy.

>> No.62943616

I feel bad for her because one of the new homos has a similar name, so there's a chance that beggars will try to get them to interact, or the homo himself will approach her.

>> No.62943631

nobody wants lia to graduate more than hime. 70% of hime's fanbase are lia fags, so she will just absorb them.

>> No.62943658

Airi and Shiina are both over 800 right now, Uruka is nearly at 600, and Iori one of the JPs is almost at 250. YouTube definitely changed the way they are counting viewers or fucked with the algorithm because a 4 person collab would never see them reach this high, even with a buff game.

>> No.62943688

Li has been good friends with pomu for a longtime and is even a mod in her chat. But yeah I wouldn't doubt that niji management at least heard of pippa and made setting a collab up difficult.

>> No.62943711

I don't think she is trying to be anybody; she's trying to be herself, but she is immediately compared to the other two. Rie is definitely closer to Lia than Pippa, but Rie has other skills, like singing, so it's like a mix of Lia and Jelly.

>> No.62943730

>Uruka is nearly at 600
hiatus return buff