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Internet Historian is a vtuber now.

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He should make a /vt/ video

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collab with Kronii when

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t-the mythical brotuber!?
Unicorn bros our response?

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There's a lot of post processing there, but he could easily do it for real.

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Holostars EN are all brotubers you dumb larping incel

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literally male raden

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Honestly, he's probably the only guy that could ever make a /vt/ video that's both unbiased and accurate. Sure, why not. Go for it, IH.

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There should be a v-tuber with a thick heavy southern or texan accent who does nothing but bitch about the video games he plays all day, maybe goes on long rants about libtards and other inane topics like shooting guns, drinking beer (not IPA because it's also libtard) and other inane topics, like a Terry Davis, Nick Mullen, or true capitalist radio, but in a vtuber form. Could rake in the money from the American conservative audience, have them do crossovers with kentucky ballistics, Brandon Herera or scotty kilmer and have sponsored mountain dew and Doritos streams. You probably don't even have to give them health insurance.

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This is simply impossible, it requires a huge amount of knowledge of events and context from long-deleted streams and videos that are frequently in Japanese to filter schizo bullshit from reality when it comes to the history of vtubers and the things this board cares about

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He's waiting on the Moguyacht to finally happen.

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pretty much what you're asking for

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but really I hope you find some friends anon, it's really sad that holostarsEN is your bar on what constitutes a bro

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Reminder that Fauna watches IH. She's more of a brotuber than any dogshit male Vtuber.

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Isn't this technically stealing the image of a real life human being? Like his entire "look" is based off that stock image guy, he could sue him for his likeness

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You called?

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Nord man is my oshi.

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Holy brownness of skin tone!

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unbiased sure maybe but it wouldn't it be accurate or comprehensive
too much shit went down, comments, channels, whole archives have been deleted

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You can't be unbiased with incomplete information. Look at how many people on twitter and leddit and even this board still think Rushia was fired for having a boyfriend, for example

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God, I wish. He's a pretty chill & funny guy.

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Whiteness of skin meanwhile

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That's where firsthand evidence comes in, idiots. He can just hold hostage some /jp/fags to explain it to him.

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>every youtuber with an avatar is a vtuber now
include the political rant furries while youre at it then!

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rantsonas are quite literally the modern-vtuber predecessor

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we need a general for him

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>political rant furries are more vtuber than kson

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Isn't Frederik Knudsen also one now?
Where the fuck is the next vid? It's been 2yrs.

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I remember him inserting some Korone clips in some of his videos.

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how does harold feel about having his likeness stolen?

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An internet historian style video on /wvt/ history would be 5+ hours of unfiltered kino and schizophrenia.

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He released a near-6 hour documentary on EVE Online a couple weeks ago.

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>every youtuber with an avatar is a vtuber now
Yes, that's how it works. You don't even need to be a streamer. Vtubers are literally "Virtual YouTubers." Just scroll up to the top of this page and see the board title.

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Sseth and IH please! I want them to use their current avatars.

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No he can't. What do you think a stock image is?

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You are way to late for this. His raid shadow legends stream he did years ago was full vtuber.

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Thanks for crating this timeline you faggots

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Stealing someone's likeness for intellectual property is a form of identity theft
Theyre saying le stock image man is a real human

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Wasn't it hand drawn specifically so he wouldn't get in trouble with copyright since his created image was just inspired bybthe stock image and not and exact copy?

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can't wait for the doxxfags to audition and make it into Holostars4

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>he doesn't know

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Reddit Historian

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Desertorium did this until you incels chased him out.

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>internet historian
what is the no man's sky video?

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didn't that fucker die of cancer or something?

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/vt/, Whaaat IS VEE TEE? Is annoying orange a vt? Am I a vt? Are YOU a vt? *puts on a beret and fake moustache* Hon hon hon is this Vie Tea *pour tea*? Is he V.T *show picture of a man called Victor Thomas*? If I shoot you with my knife are you a Vic Tim? BANG BANG BANG! All this and more on this episode of "In the board".
>Gender Discrimination
IH: Have you seen that clip of that orca girl shoving a pineapple up her vagina and getting banned on twitch?
Sumito: Uhhh which one?
IH: Shylily.
Sumito: I'm pretty sure it was a pear but continue.
IH: Well twitch banned her channel over that and..
Sumito: What? I've shoved fruits up my ass on stream many times and I've never been banned!
IH: You've shoved fruits up your ass?
Sumito: I'm an expert in shoving fruits up my ass, when I was still living with my parents, my dad caught me shoving an entire palm tree in my poophole.
IH: How did he react?
Sumito: I was like "Dad, it's not what you think. I'm not gay.", he looked at me and said "I did the same at your age. As long as you're not gay and read the hadith, all is forgiven."

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He would probably plagiarise it like he did on other videos.

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except his viewerbase is compromised of normalfags and redditfags. Check out the comment on any of his video that had to do with 4chan. I'm talking about we r legun xdd here

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Always has been

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so is lazerpig technically how the mighty have fallen

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So is MrEnter a vtuber by this logic

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the Gura of male "vtubers"

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Yes. Seethe harder.

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YAGOO should get Perun. We need a brotuber autistically analying defense industrial systems while playing RTS.

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my oshi

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that fag chased himself out, he wants to go away and we're letting him

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You sound like the one seething right now, anon

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Yeah, he fits the criteria. However, it's probably not fair to label anyone as a vtuber unless they specifically say they're a vtuber. Of course, if they call themselves vtubers, then they should also:
1) have a 2D drawn or 3D modeled character to represent themselves, and
2) make content that implies the character is the one making and uploading the content (e.g. music, streams, vlogs, etc., but not say an animated series where the characters don't seem aware of their online presence)
That seems the most fair because even Hololive does things like vlogs, essay videos, and skit comedy from time to time.

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he hides his pain

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So you're saying one of the things that should define someone as a vtuber is their willingness to call themselves a vtuber? Honestly that kinda makes sense.

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can't make one without racism

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sassy and opinionated would be perfect if they handt an heroed

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>If I shoot you with my knife are you a Vic Tim?
Fuck man. My muscles hurts.

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Instant loss 2 koma

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yeah because jpfags are totally a font of honest knowledge and not the source of most of the schizo bullshit plaguing this board

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>/vt/, Whaaat IS VEE TEE? Is annoying orange a vt? Am I a vt? Are YOU a vt? *puts on a beret and fake moustache* Hon hon hon is this Vie Tea *pour tea*? Is he V.T *show picture of a man called Victor Thomas*? If I shoot you with my knife are you a Vic Tim? BANG BANG BANG! All this and more on this episode of "In the board".
Fuck you, I read it with his voice.

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His content are pretty good. If he is considered as a vtuber, then he'd easily be the most entertaining male vtuber out there. Especially in the EN market. He doesn't even need the fujobait avatar.

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wrong channel

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Don't forget the music

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Internet Historian sucks, better watch my oshi Nordman.

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someone please make a “vtuber alignment” chart

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Which one?

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>He doesn't know about Sassy's reincarnation

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Fucking KEK

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I'd watch the shit out of that

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I miss shadowman, he was never the same after his wife died

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What was wrong with it?

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He completely glosses over or downplays the extent to which Murray blatantly lied throughout its marketing, even past the point it released and people had irrefutable evidence of his lies right there in their faces, using extremely flimsy excuses. Like saying Murray was in over his head in terms of game development, when he had many years of experience both as both a game developer and director. Or that he's just a shy introvert who didn't know how to talk well enough to stop the hype train, and it's actually the game journos' fault for publishing his exact (false) words about the game, also please ignore that anyone who did anything short of sucking the unreleased game's dick would get massively shit on. Actually, please ignore all that fraud stuff because they eventually updated the game to (kind of) the point they sold it as originally! He's such a nice guy, doing the bare minimum to avoid an inevitable class action and being forever blacklisted professionally.

It's an awful video that comes off like sponsored damage control, and while he's still funny and whatnot, it forever made me reluctant to trust how he represents other situations.

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>the fall and engoodening of Mori Calliope, the Nigger of Nippon
Please no.

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oh well it's fun and i bought it when it was good so who cares
>class action

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Internet Historian "face" is just a drawing of a real person that doesn't count

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I kek'd.

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Are you IH's ghost writer?

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>[RAND] Reading Stream! Latest #RAND paper on airlift capabilities of USAF (superchat reading later!)

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>*puts on a beret and fake moustache* Hon hon hon is this Vie Tea
my fucking sides

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That's what inevitably happens with video essayists. They make a few really informative and interesting videos about things they actually care about, and then they just keep on making more and more and inevitably dabble into topics that they have no business dabbling.

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i hear it

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>Stealing someone's likeness for intellectual property is a form of identity theft
you're telling me sseth isnt a ugandan commander

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From what I watched of him back in the day, he did come across as the kind of guy who panders to the prejudices of the 4chan and adjacent crowds. So I'm not surprised he has a following here, but yeah, he didn't come across to me as particularly good historian, though from what I watched I got the impression that he is /here/ and blind to his own biases.

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Don't forget the inevitable crash in video output as they spend more time making longer videos that have worse scripting/editing and unnecessarily high production.

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He copied word for word a whole article published by mental floss and got the video taken down for plagiarism. That's why the reupload is different and credits the original article everywhere.

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Is he famous?