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>doesn’t remand the room
>a theatrical way of speaking and gestures
>blindly asserting herself
That’s not what a German girl is supposed to be.
She must be a citizen of the US.

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Us nu-EUs are highly americanized

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>remand the room
OP isn't American, I can tell ya that. Also she's Austrian

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She's not German. She's Austrian.

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>doesn’t remand the room

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She's very cute.
If Austria gave her up all they'd have left is non-sequitur straw in pornos and over the top forklift operating accident videos.

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she is German lite

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According to Gemans Austria isn't a part of Germany

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She'll be American after we get married.

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If you don't propose to her in Austria, I'll end you Nerissa.

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I see your point
but remember she's a beautiful expansive extrovert zoomer and has travelled the world, and she's Austrian

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Is it like how they are different between the US and Canada?

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>According to the Allies, Austria isn't a part of Germany
ftfy anon

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holy ETL

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What’s the difference between Austrian and American.

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she is a fucking german stereotype

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Bavaria isn't a part of Germany either.

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One produced the most evil head of state in the history of mankind and the other produced Falco.

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Obama was pretty nasty, yeah.

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We need more European stacies in Hololive.

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she is a highly proficient ESL and does not know what a trousers is
t. esl

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based, fuck james k. polk

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“A Bavarian is half-way between an Austrian and a human being.”

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In what way?
I don’t think she’s a type of narcissist as many people say it’s the stereotype of German.

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She is Austrian, they are quite different from Germans desu

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>a trousers

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Large tracts of America were once owned by an Austro-Spanish king.

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That’s what a central european girl that has a clear view of what she wants does, I dont even know how can younconfuse her for american in any way.

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It should be noted, however, that Germans always end that sentence with "...but it should be".

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>In what way?
She's as blunt as a fucking sledgehammer, Anon.

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Who was born and raised in Belgium and considered himself French.

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>coloring in the “enemy countries”
what kind of retard does that. that’d be like marking your house on a map and then marking your bullies’ and ex’s houses on there too, only clarifying in fine print that they are not in fact yours

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She's a case study of basic white bitch, anon
They're all like this in central europe
Completely americanized and indistinguishable from your average Californian valley girl
t. yuropoor

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I think it's rather silly how KFPs act like "that's just what austrians are like" to excuse their oshi's narcissistic tendencies

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Her plan is to fry six million chickens in six years with only 3 fryers.

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She's Austrian, the country that caused two world wars

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>not doxxing your haters

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6 million? That seems way to much.

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germans are very literal ask them if it should be and get back to us

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Kiara is a zoomer?

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You know Hitler was on all kinds of drugs?

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Actually more like US and Mexico

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Austrians are still ethnically German brainlets.
In a nutshell Austrians are the Germans that got stuck on Habsburg lands after the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire. They lost the German civil war to the Prussians, thus remaining a separate political entity from Germany until mustache man.

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>Austrians are still ethnically German brainlets.
And all Kiwis are Australians too. And while we're at it let's add all the schweiz, hungarians and dutch too, as they are also germanic

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It's more like Canada and French Canada

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isn't OP actually South East Asian?

>can't read the room
>jumps to conclusions in a theatrical way
>channels schizophenia into the catalogue
That's not what a fan is supposed to be.
They must watch actual streams.

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>indistinguishable from your average Californian valley girl
I think you made the clearest and flawless explanation.

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Untrue, she hates sushi and avocado.

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>being blunt means you're a narcissist
Sasuga psychiatrist anon

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>doesn't remand the room


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It turns out that you Europeans copy the behaviors of your superiors. Somewhere along the lines you losers became the little brothers to the America you despise, following along with whatever they say with an obedient little nod while thinking to yourselves "fuck yeah, I'm smarter than everyone."

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It's 2023, Oji-chan.

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what is "remand"?

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the 420 gave it away

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But she loves scat and diaper play

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>Being blunt means that you are a narcissist
Just sounds like you are a snowflake that needs words packaged in fluff, instead of people being completely honest

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I mean the link to Dojin.

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She used to be high on American politics hating on Trump and advocating for BLM. Also fighting with her fans like the average e-thot.

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And she's a teetotaler.

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Just like every pretentious, incessantly smug-without-reason European.