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This retarded better not touching any of HoloEN. Especially Kiara after outing himself as fucking filipinos

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Kiara is smart enough to avoid homos. She's redpilled on coed streams.

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>this retarded

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>ESL OP beefs with his fellow SEAmonkeys
I'm pretty sure she avoids them due to being a raging lesbian

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Yee of little faith in Kiara.

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Yeah......... lesbian........

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False. Kiara is married to me, her husband. She's sitting in my lap right now as I type this. Bet you're jealous.

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>Especially Kiara
No one wants to touch Kiara.

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It's not fucking nijien and even there the new girls are standing against flips.

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Stop bringing her up because your threads get no traction
Everyone knows her stance

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Gonna anti this retard till he apologizes for the Depressed Nousagi shout out.

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He did? I thought it was the other way around.

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>"Kiara-Senpai did you know that Dinosaurs evolved into birds. That means I can join Holotori right? You could say I'm the original Holotor- AACK!"

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Anon, if you're gonna pretend being ESL, at least make it believable.

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It'd be more accurate to say that birds are the dinosaurs that didn't go extinct

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I agree. Kiara only likes black men, not brown little subhuman men.

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>he did
only QRT him and called him a Homie. Couldn't be more obvious that he's a detestable little worm.

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So true sister.

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>This retarded
>not touching any

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Imagine defending a homo and a fucking filipino dramaleech who sold doxx videos and calling someone "sis"

KYS Filipino faggot.

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Are you gonna make pekora apologize for DN shouting her out? As long as he's not promoting DN's annoying ass, who cares?

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Pekora didn't shout him out. The retarded Filipino actively shouted him out with a retweet and called him his homie. Deleting the tweet is just an admission of guilt but not an apology.

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she already had her fair share of males
but srsly, the new wave seems to not know what boundaries are

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I couldn't find that.

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t. giga lesbian

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>ai pfp

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I'm really an ESL.

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guaranteed he will be collabing with Bae at the very least

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Why do you hate Filipinos so much?

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>depressed nousagi
>facebook doxxgroups
i wonder why

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Not him, but I can assure you the parrot isn't a Flip.
People like BVTM and DN make me ashamed of being Filipino, though. The FB groups are cringe as fuck too. Don't know what the fuck iketog is, and I guess it should stay that way.

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Can't forget about Aruvn. The rogue talent who leaked most of nijisanji's stuff. Otakmori as well. The centerpiece of clipper drama.
Regardless of what you feel about niji and co, rules don't matter to these vermin.

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Thank God I don't know any of these faggots then. I don't get why people even doxx vtubers in the first place. Like, why would anybody want to see what's going on behind the curtain and ruin the fun for themselves, right? Absolute retards. But I digress.

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What a coincidence, me too. I guess I typed this post and forgot about it.

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"it's okay to support someone who sold doxx info on some of her most vulnerable moments, she's a whore who REPLIED to one of her colleagues wishing her well when she was sick"

I hate every single one of you vermin.

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No one gives a shit about the new guy. You just sound like a colossal faggot

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N-no-body cares, s-shut up
OMG so true sis

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Disregard the OP Jurard, Kiara is single and straight.

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Jutard ain't getting any of that lol

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Unironically this flip has way more testosterone than anyone on this fucking board. He's 100% going to fly too close to the sun and get shit canned though.

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Love him or hate him at least he's trying to fuck his Holo oshi.

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run gura run

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You're such a retard. There is literally zero proof dino man knew who that DN guy was when he posted that reply. Literally anything you say to contradict this is conjecture and you projecting how terminally /here/ you are.

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how do you not know who DN is by this point?

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kfp and deflection are practically married

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ESL kun... Well, your heart is in the right place.

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He probably just knew him as "that guy who does vtuber video essays" without any of controversy. Pretty easy to do if you're not glued to drama boards like /here/.

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NTA but I have no idea who dn is till yesterday. I got into holo this year. T-rex dude is clearly an idiot but assuming some kind of malicious collaboration with a doxxer when the simpler answer is he literally doesn’t know DN is just absolute paranoia. From what I saw before I looked into these stupid threads, the dumb new guy responded because he saw an account with followers that recognized his flip pride and he responded. Mane-chan covered his ass and told him to delete anyway.

Now him creeping out Ironmouse is a completely different problem. But I’m not a huge fan of vshoujo so it’ll probably be a nothingburger anyway. If anything else, the “controversy” gives him publicity where there would otherwise be done. And that’s a good thing for any newcomer.

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*done = none. Fuck phoneposting

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ah the post is deleted now? that's very interesting, I wonder if Doxfaggot is going to whine about this.

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>leader of holostars
I thought that was the blue guy, can some lorefag fill me in?

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>>leader of (ALL OF) holostars
Are you really so stupid you need an explanation?

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isn't the guys group called holostars? I don't get it

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It's a joke about him being extremely conceited just like everything else sisters are clutching their pearls over.

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He's making a fucking joke. Holy shit you're smooth brained.
And no, blue dude is the leader of "TEMPUS," not literally all of HOLOSTARS.

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>Tries to make fun of someone for having the 'pino
>is ESL

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from what I can tell it's not that they want to know, rather, not knowing drives them crazy

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>not kobo

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Mousey is obviously not creeped out, she's not remotely retarded enough to take that discord mod act seriously.

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>TEMPUS," not literally all of HOLOSTARS
ok that's on me, i forgot that the guys have different factions as well like myth/council

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Then they're just entitled pricks on top of being retards. There are things people ought to know, but there are also things people are better off not knowing at all.

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I know this faggot was way too brown for the good of hololive.