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Hana does what Holodont.

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Like what?

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>he doesnt know

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Getting cold feet

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Cornered the NTR market, a highly contested chuuba niche

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Hana please continue the content, I will pay for it

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she will never post again and your thread is contributing to it

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But enough about Noel

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Did she do anything recently? I thought she's dead or something

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I don't understand how you even let this shit happen, like you are in a very publicly facing online job where people are constantly trying to doxx you. I cannot think of a single worse idea you could have.

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>”all vtubers are basically egirls”
No bitch, only some like you

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First time?

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Who knows what was going through her mind. She was aware early on with Nym that people knew exactly who she was, and even then the fansly was created months after Nym. There was a string of bad decisions made.

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isn't she on life support? what she did?

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Open an alt account on fansly and did some racy shit apparently.

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Nijisanji 2% finally forced her to do porn huh?

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I'm just annoyed that we won't get more

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>only some

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10 dollar blowjobs?

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So does holo also give 2%? Because Noel does the same shit.

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You must ask her bf nicely.

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Yeah but Noel owns two houses. hololive is a sidegig for her.

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> Holodont

They lack the critical information

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Noel did that well before she got into Hololive didn't she? She didn't suddenly transition to it like Hana did.

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Noel doesn't do same shit. Noel never did porn. She simply teases her viewers. Did it longer than Nijisanji existed too. Meanwhile Hana dropped porn on her first stream.

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>Noel doesn't do same shit. Noel never did porn. She simply teases her viewers.

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at least get your info right first niji defense slave
i bought her monthly fantia and there is huge difference between lewd teasing to make you coom vs getting plapped on stream
can't even try to defend her proper huh after 40k+ people downloaded that fansly vod LOL

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>there is huge difference
Yeah, one actually makes people coom the other is pathetic fence sitting.

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why do retards have to ruin good things

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I see Hana is trying to gather up the stray and lost Riitards

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>look it up
>pronouns are he/him
People think Hana is a femboy now?

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lame concession

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>all these fucking newfags

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faggots here ruin everything

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losers like BVTM just want to shitpost about nijisanji without realizing that viewers actually like seeing a vtuber be a whore. now she probably won't give us material for a long time, if ever again, and nobody is happy anymore.

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I like Hana being a whore. Yes, I cum to her stuff.

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i didn't really watch her before, but this stuff made me actually interested in keeping up with her.

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>won't give us material
Cucks get cucked twice baka

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>years back, accused all vtubers of being ethots
>current day
How the turn tables.. Or maybe she was just projecting because that's what she actually always was and wanted to be the entire time.

The absolute state of Hana Montana.

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True, but in that order. Teasing > real dick riding.

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Anyone remembers the stream where she confessed she used to be a chainsmoker?

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you say this like I had any interest in Hana Macchia in that way. She was just an entertainer I vaguely knew about before and now she's fap material and that's a good thing.

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her masturbation on the orc stream was top tier. I'm sorry you're gay

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I have seen Noel's nipples
I have seen Matsuri give a footjob

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She was right then and she's right now. The fact it lived rent free in your head all this time proves it.

>> No.62722258

if you actually watched her and her member streams you would know that she's always wanted to do stuff like this

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>Implying they aren't just pretending they don't know

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I will never forgive BVTM

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nobody here watches streams anymore unless they're masturbation streams

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99% of the posts in this thread aren't Hana watchers because no one watches her.

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so does anyone have a recording of the part after the VOD ends?

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I wonder if Mel will reach out to Hana. Vox was on her show once so Hana should be fine too, right?

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Sayu did it better

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All she's done is make herself look like lowlife trash after saying everyone else is. It's cope to call it otherwise.

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make sure to report their account. if enough people do it they'll get banned

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Really? I heard she was basically getting fucked too.

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you're so mad about a factual statement. just admit you simp for egirls. Just because they're hiding behind cartoons doesn't change anything.

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I need some fact check on that 2nd statement for reasons

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>said it while being a vtuber
>retard thinks she wasn't including herself
She was still right. Plenty of holos being ethots on the side proves it.

>> No.62722568

Who the fuck would want to watch NIJI's washed up trash though.

>> No.62722569

there was a 20 second clip of just audio. It's not really clear if it was just roleplay or the real thing as you can't hear the dude at all.

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>Just because they're hiding behind cartoons doesn't change anything
You can nut on ugly tho

>> No.62722620

don't worry about it anon, it's too disappointing, her technique is not very good.

>> No.62722774

and what does that say for the plenty that don't?

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what does her "father" think about that I wonder

>> No.62722890

just like she seethed about her momma like a bitch

>> No.62722901

Prove him wrong, if you're so great

>> No.62722937

It's "daddy", anon.

>> No.62722989

what the fuck is going on with her? This is where she is at now?

>> No.62723038

Noel does lewd ASMR, AFAIK she never put a dildo in her or get fucked on stream.
Also Noel is rich. Other girls don't do it like she does (aside from Matsuri i guess but I think she's genuinely a nympho).

>> No.62723058

I need links for research purposes

>> No.62723077

post it with sound nigger faggot

>> No.62723078

I have clip on my computer right now of her riding a dildo.

>> No.62723145

that dildo is me btw

>> No.62723233

she didn't make any sounds in either clip

>> No.62723238

And my uncle works at Nintendo. You're talking about the stream where she put a dildo behind her and rubbed it with her ass from the frontal angel. You thought the dildo was in. You're retarded.

>> No.62723243

why is your dick plastic?

>> No.62723283

the accident...

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I'm sorry...

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Because he is cuck chair actually.
Wow almost "techically virgin" lmao

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Question for the people mad ITT: Why not just watch AVTubers if this is the content you want?

>> No.62723458

it's pretty funny and pathetic that the only response nijikeks have for someone who used to be one of their biggest talents turning into a whore is to deflect to a cinnamon roll

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Because we want more content, and we don't want people who wish to make this content to be shunned for it

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they dont watch any they just want to shit on them like the post below

>> No.62723663

thanks for proving me right lmao, enjoy your vacation

>> No.62723666

I-It's n-not the same though!!!

>> No.62723724

N-no penetration!!
D-doesn't count!

>> No.62723951

how is everyone so sure its her?

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I welcome the new whoretubers. Its clearly an untapped market and seeing people branch out isnt bad at growing their popularity. A revival of the arts. The last 20mins of the stream was hot as fuck and Ive already nutted 4 times today to it

>> No.62724051

It's not even an untapped market it's an incredibly popular market in JP

>> No.62724147

In my dream I was told it's her.

>> No.62724178

plebeian taste

>> No.62724184

Remember to report bannedvtmemes and his alt

>> No.62724251

I'm so fucking mad at the actual faggots here who can't just ignore shit they don't like.

>> No.62724284

no u

>> No.62724289

>love girls who act like sluts off main
>retards have fucked over Riro and Hana
Why do you fucking retards do this? Is this board just filled with unironic fundamentalist muslims or something? I just want to coom

>> No.62724335

Noel only does solo content.

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incels want to have this idyllic image of their pure waifus

>> No.62724365

You don't get it. It's okay when Holos do it

>> No.62724432

? There's plenty of better ones out there, that you even think it's
>clearly an untapped market
shows you're utterly moronic and have shit taste on top of that.

>> No.62724459

The nym youtube is gone, stopped allowing fansly subs over a day ago and all posts are hidden now and the twitter bio says “used to be a content creator”

Bros, I think it’s joever

>> No.62724467

but they don't even watch anyone not from hololive.

>> No.62724513

The fuck you mean "technically virgin"? You're wrong, that's all I've said. You can say that she's doing sexual streams where she moans and rubs dildos on her body, you don't have to lie.

>> No.62724527

Sorry I should be more specific: the people mad that she took down the account.

>> No.62724536

it was fucking hot dude. she fucked the hell out of herself. I've never cum so hard

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Yeah who would ever do that

>> No.62724575

whoretubers aren't an untapped market in the west, but purely vtuber whoretubers are, plenty of whoretubers exist but they break the illusion and just post IRL shit

>> No.62724582

Like 2 months ago some holodude told me whatever RMs do doesn't matter but I guess he was lying because a lot of them seem to care now

>> No.62724594

I'll be honest her new model is so unappealing that I already stopped watching her

>> No.62724634

no you see it's okay when hololive does it because uh it just is

>> No.62724721

>girl produce common moans

>> No.62724730

She finally got a new model?

>> No.62724750

so your proof is fucking nothing

>> No.62724767

people here only care what the other tribes RM's do, this goes for Niji as well as Holo

>> No.62724794

Oh my god, shut up, I jack off to all the whore shit holos and nijis do outside of the holo and niji channels, most people do and they love it, stop acting like it's some gross weird deplorable thing for them to do and just jack off like a normal person.

>> No.62724821

I dont actually watch her and everything below the tits does nothing for me, cute face/mouth.
Hoping So-bin gets another vtuber child

>> No.62724822

I don't care if it's a solo thing. Now, if she did a Rifu and actually did get fucked and let her audience listen, then I am laughing.

>> No.62724892

>masturbation vs getting fucked
how stupid are you

>> No.62724909

nothings done more damage to my view of women than vtubers

>> No.62724919

holy cope

>> No.62724923

....used to be? Is she actually going to graduate over this

>> No.62724930

ayy lmao, just saw this thread and had to drop in. OP, you're a faggot for even bringing this shit up. Seriously, do you even lurk? This is some normie-tier garbage. I swear, the cancer on this board is unreal. Can't believe I wasted precious seconds of my life reading this crap. Sage goes in all fields. I'm out, gonna go back to shitposting on /b/ where the real degenerates hang. Peace, fags.

>> No.62724956

It's not cope. Nijiniggers keep saying "they did the same thing". Those aren't same things. Stop lying with every breath you shitstain.

>> No.62724972

Not that guy but I get where he's coming from, anyone can moan but you can tell when they're really into it, and the way she was into it was super hot

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Explain the difference like I'm this whore (compliment)

>> No.62725033

Noel is a greedy whore double dipping, Hana is just poor.

>> No.62725040

Rifu did what? That's disgusting, where would one even find that clip?

>> No.62725068

solo action vs doing it with a dude

>> No.62725075

dude she was so into and literally gushing from her pussy. you have to be gay to not find that hot.

>> No.62725091

hana stop reading this cesspool and keep doing more i will pay up

>> No.62725134

This. I won't pay up but please continue, it was hot.

>> No.62725136

like....disappearing from the mainstream for years?

>> No.62725172

Sweet summer child...

>> No.62725275

why did she do it?

>> No.62725317

the average age of this board must be 14 or something jesus christ.

>> No.62725357

Have to pay for T injections

>> No.62725441

Have you actually watched the orc clip?

>> No.62725471

post your tits or fuck off already whore

>> No.62725482

because it's hot.

>> No.62725535

touched a nerve didn't they?

>> No.62725581

Where's the tits?

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>> No.62725626

your desire is leaking you pedophile.

>> No.62725667

I'll be honest I've listened to the audio several times and I don't honestly know that she was getting fucked by a dude. It literally sounds like a dildo, there's no panting or moaning from the guy and the pace gets extremely fast. Either he's the 6 million dollar man or her pussy was being pounded by herself.
Like you're telling me that her phone can pick up the sound of her pussy and her breaths but not the sound of the guy's? I don't believe it.

>> No.62725726

The description (that she wrote) says she's getting fucked.

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>this thread

>> No.62725745

>actually 14
Type “boobs” in google images, the results will shock you

>> No.62725833

you can fuck yourself, anon

>> No.62725914

By a dildo, yes. The slapping noises matches up with the noises she made during the Orc Massage stream. I personally don't really care if she got fucked by a guy or not but I'm a stickler for details and it doesn't line up

>> No.62725993

wait, is the whole she's actually getting fucked thing because ELS seaniggers can't into English?

>> No.62726011

do you have a clip of this from the orc massage to compare? the vod version intentionally cuts itself off before it gets to the good stuff.

>> No.62726016

She actually just says she's getting her pussy pounded. It literally sounds exactly like the slapping her dildo made during orc massage.
Im with the other anon and I don't give a fuck if she is getting pounded, she's always been a slut, but either the dude isn't breathing or somehow she's got the only mic that can pick up her voice but not anyone else's despite being next to her pussy

>> No.62726268 [DELETED] 


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>> No.62726297

These mental gymnastics are a sight to behold.

>> No.62726401

Those deduction posts looks like this hentai manga pages, where cuck hear suspicious noises on phone with his gf and be like - honey? what is this??
She can't be fucking with someone...

>> No.62726472


>> No.62726514

You have clearly read too much cuck porn

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>literally no proof this is real
>people literally can have the same voice
we this thirsty vt sisters?

>> No.62726782


>> No.62727017

Fuck off dramafags. I just want to coom

.t holofag

>> No.62727119

I don't give a fuck if she's fuckin some dude or not. I'm just saying that it sounds like a dildo and there is literally no breathing from the alleged guy. Maybe he's a 7 foot jacked up mother fucker but all I know is I'm fairly fit and I'm about 5'10 and the last time I had sex I wasn't nearly that fast and still was panting.

>> No.62727181


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I can't tell if i'm getting a boner from her having just a nice voice or if it's because I know it's her. Anyway, I think it sucks that people ruined the fun.

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>Someone made an animation of Hana getting fucked to the audio

>> No.62727503

You can't just say that and not post it, anon.

>> No.62727583

They said they don't think they'll post it publicly, so who knows if they will.

>> No.62727587

I literally just found it, stop being retarded

>> No.62727588
File: 352 KB, 835x546, 1694010016583236.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>doesnt post the animation

>> No.62727676
File: 138 KB, 1431x1169, hotSora.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lmao literally seconds after you posted anon, please accept this sexy sora img

>> No.62727739

She is used to be so seiso, wtf happened…

>> No.62727782

What an avant-garde strategy

>> No.62727825

Brown nips

>> No.62727965

Which ones?

>> No.62728154

All vtubers should be doing stuff like that

>> No.62728313

If you are reading this please please keep doing it, it's free advertisement and money, please i am begging you

>> No.62728328
File: 233 KB, 564x508, 1614288617303.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Couldn't it be AI?
I don't care if its real or not hot if it is though but trying to screw someone up with AI doesn't sound like something beyond fucking bvtm.

>> No.62728424

did she lock the fansly? It won't let me follow or sub

>> No.62728499


>> No.62728584

It seems like she wiped it, there was only the one audio on there though.

>> No.62728640

Point me to AI that's this sincerely hot. I'd like to know.

>> No.62728653

You're so fucking stupid.
She also said she's GETTING fingered.

>> No.62728728

vtubers sucking male cocks live onstream on their alts isn't something new.
Noel's been doing it for a decade now.
I don't get why holobronies shaming Hana for doing it?
Set your own house in order before you criticize the world

>> No.62728788

well, fuck. just has to hope she stops giving a fuck and reopens it. I will be there no matter what

>> No.62728822

he's debating whether its roleplay or real, I think its real but realistically you can't tell from just audio and what she wrote.

She's doing damage control since I think she expected this to go on incognito for a little bit longer rather than leak day 1. Stupid really. Was good stuff.

>> No.62728865

Those are the same people that think ollie was just yawning and screaming during phasmophobia

>> No.62728930

So its a girl then? Real men dont do fag shit like fingering.

>> No.62728946

>comparing sucking on a dildo to getting violently plapped
you can't possibly be this disingenuous

>> No.62729024

damn it's just like one of my ntr doujins

>> No.62729054

I feel bad for any woman that gets with you, anon.

>> No.62729158

Why do vtubers that they've never watching doing things turns so many into seething schizos?

>> No.62729206


>> No.62729354

If you cant make the women wet just by the thought of you dicking her down you're gay. Simple as.

>> No.62729363

There isn't a single communist in holo?

>> No.62729469

She nuked the nym youtube channel and the nym twitter bio now says “used to be a content creator” so I’m not hopeful.

>> No.62729667

said the cuck.

>> No.62730627

It's 3 hours long, could we get a timestamp?

>> No.62730647

at least we got a hell of a session out of it
don't be sad because it's gone, smile (and crank your hog) because it happened and all that

>> No.62730968

Why did she do it, bros?
I know Nijisanji pays like crap, but that crap still has to be enough for someone living in fucking Indonesia.

>> No.62731036

I'm actually worried for her because at the end of the video (the orc massage one) she said she was doing it as a way to relieve stress..
So 1 we can assume that she is not okay and 2 she lost a way to deal with it.

>> No.62731529

She will be back,probably didn't think it would spread this fast and waiting for shit to cool off before doing anything else as nym

>> No.62731695

Wait I thought it was the orc noise... did she really getting railed on stream? Holy I need to listen to it again

>> No.62731747

she diddled herself in the last 20 minutes of the stream

>> No.62731938

No people are talking about the other video that is about 40 seconds long where you can hear her moaning and plap sounds, but no actual man voice nor moan. Some people just assume that she is doing it with someone.

>> No.62731985

maybe hes just a quiet lad?

>> No.62732227

sounds like she pounding her cunt with a fat ass toy

>> No.62732389

Maybe, or she just cut and posted the only part where you can't hear him or she simply played with herself. The imagination is the limit really.
It didn't help that she didn't give a lot of context either. I personally believe she was just playing with herself, it makes more sense to me and in the orc massage video she talked about doing more fapping stream/video, not fucking ones.

>> No.62732500

are the pronouns "was/were"?

>> No.62732759

how progressive

>> No.62732788

The fansly stuff is only hidden if you didn’t get in before she closed subs… It might not be over but it probably is.

>> No.62732817

her pussy sounds awesome and she moans like a good whore 10/10

>> No.62732884

more like getting closer to the other girls made her realize being a whore was normal

>> No.62732886

Yeah, it’s easy to tell when the chick is actually enjoying herself and when she’s just doing what she thinks you want to see.

>> No.62732955

the ultimate cuck post is finally here

>> No.62733014

You… you know she can finger herself, right?

>> No.62733091

come on her pussy was so naughty i wanted more

>> No.62733134

Isn’t this chick basically a lolcow now?

>> No.62733175

does anyone here know what 'cuck' means?

>> No.62733230

I would keep the fansly subscription on the hope she’s just lying low. I will wait for you, Hana.

>> No.62733290

vt cucks are so stupid i give up. he is trying to defend the whore

>> No.62733307

It’s the last like twenty minutes. The build up of her edging for the rest of the stream adds to how hot it is when she finally goes to town though.

>> No.62733415

Is this one of those things where if we collectively jack off to it enough we can eventually manifest her return with the power of our cum

>> No.62733558

she got to know the other girls and boys

>> No.62733647

Most here are literal children or aging incels that still haven't accepted what they are yet.

>> No.62733688

That worked for Delu, didn't it?

>> No.62733713

Not the same at all

>> No.62733924

Didn't this bitch graduate months ago? What happened

>> No.62733977

Yeah I agree. It sort of reminds me of that JP ASMRist who every western viewer assumed was getting fucked on stream. You would know if it was actual proper sex.

>> No.62734042

I’m doing my part.

>> No.62734694

In this image board: People who don't get that someone can use a dildo to fuck themselves.

>> No.62734803

I guess that makes you gay then, huh.

>> No.62734855

>popularity on her main channel suddenly explodes
>gets afraid of the attention and backs off, leading to a flatline/gradual decline
>years later she suddenly gets massive attention to her alt account coomer stream
>gets afraid of the attention and backs out
Not again! How many chuubas get TWO shots at mainstream popularity and turn down both?
She's got incredibly talent, both for streaming and for cooming, she could be the Melody of ID if she wanted to!
It's just baffling how shy a person who can jerk off live on stream to dozens of people can be. She's got to learn to embrace her popularity, any publicity is good publicity!
What, is she afraid coomers subscribed to her livestream sex account so they can jack off to her playing porn games are going to think she's a slut?
People are already going to shitpost about this on her main stream, better to have an outlet for it. Oh no the nasty trolls are going to pay her $5 to come into her masturbation stream and talk about her getting fucked in the ass! Wouldn't that be a GOOD thing? That's literally what the alt account is for!
She's also obviously a total exhibitionist and said she had one of her strongest orgasms ever on her first stream, she'd totally get off on more attention and make a lot of money doing it too.

>> No.62735114 [DELETED] 

>holo gets fingered during a collab
>this is fine
>niji sluts it up on her rm
>this is not fine

>> No.62735227

Sounds hot. Why would she drop everything just because of allegations like that tho? Does this bitch live in a glass house?

>> No.62735232 [DELETED] 

I'm an impartial justice seeker here to say that neither were ok. I whipped zombcucks senseless back then and will do the same to nijiniggers now.

>> No.62735367


>> No.62735452

You know """NTR""" which in these cases is just having a promiscuous life despite literal whos who have a crush on you is arousing for more than just the "cuck" right? How many more boyfriends need to be discovered or chuubas be outed about emotionally manipulating their lonely fanbase before this board catches on? They laugh at (You).

>> No.62735480
File: 106 KB, 727x724, ............jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.62735588

You’ve never been with a woman before, have you anon?

>> No.62735704

Doesn't that make her worse?

>> No.62735719

I dunno for sure but words and slander hurts. A wall of people calling you a slut (obviously not in a playful way) and spreading rumors with the intention of harming you, doesn't lead to a fun time.

>> No.62735731

It’s not the same. The appeal here was essentially getting to see the other side of someone who would do this on her more public facing persona. It’s the same as a certain someone else doing similar shit, it’s who it is that makes it hot, not what they’re doing.

>> No.62735749

Which vtuber do you want to see do it next?

>> No.62735818

Pippa. her thirst alt is already out, it's pretty clear she's next up.

>> No.62735877

>he doesnt know

>> No.62735997

Oh I do, but the pedophile has been gone for a while. She was fingering herself hardcore over the 2view she collabed with, but she's been left dry there now too. I just want it to be definitive finally, so cuckpipis can't deny it any longer, even though their schedules line up perfect and she says shit like https://twitter.com/m1llipeda/status/1725047402459955597

>> No.62736006

Nice. I used to masturbate to that exposed areolae and nip

>> No.62736047

>he doesn't know about the brown nipple incident

>> No.62736271

Fucking retarded nijinigger

>> No.62736482

Go back to school and learn some English.

>> No.62736651

Needs to be one that nobody would expect. It needs to come completely out of left field.

>> No.62736750
File: 431 KB, 877x584, 5152637.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.62736826


>> No.62736932

Girl next door effect. It's extremely hot to see someone you know in a completely different context. She's not just some random stranger, I actually know who she is and watch her streams.
Also she's just a good entertainer normally and it bleeds into the coom stream. She's good at keeping a flow of commentary and expressing herself and isn't literally just moaning into a mic for 3 hours. It's one of the reasons I also like Melody, she doesn't just sit there in silence, she actually keeps up a conversation and cracks jokes while getting railed by sex machines.

>> No.62737037

>vtubers sucking male cocks live onstream on their alts isn't something new
New for me and is freaking hot. Can't stop imaging what her dad thinks about it.

>> No.62737211

>I have seen Matsuri give a footjob

>> No.62737349

>I have seen Matsuri give a footjob

Where can i see the matsuri stuff tho?

>> No.62737872

Stop lying

>> No.62738073

please dont tell me the footjob was a lie.

>> No.62738098

it was not a lie. just not a real person

>> No.62738125

Most people live in 4 cities in Indonesia and she probably afraid people will report her to the law

>> No.62738136

some fag posts it every /hlg/ thread

>> No.62738150

her "dad"

>> No.62738196

It was almost certainly with a dildo guys.....

>> No.62738205

>"I have seen Matsuri give a footjob"
You have tempted me, now you MUST answer,

>> No.62738325

You’re an actual retard.

>> No.62738376

please stop teasing me give me clues where to find it so you dont have to get banned posting links.

>> No.62738403

I always assumed she was just into older guys.

>> No.62738608

Ask nicely and I'll link and take a vacation just for (You) anon. I'm bored of this place anyway.

>> No.62738651

do it for me please, if not for the other faggot

>> No.62738693

Pretty please give me the matsuri footjob link.

>> No.62738792

Did Hanas CCV spike after the yab from her last stream?

>> No.62738806

Plz anon... I can't beg any harder.

>> No.62738877

okayu and uruka

>> No.62738911

I would suck your cock if i could

>> No.62739002

most organic thread

>> No.62739261
File: 37 KB, 680x505, 4a4 (11).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Noel doesn't do same shit.

>> No.62739384

he's a male

>> No.62739427

Selen just to watch this entire board self destruct.

>> No.62739448

no, she's a trans, FtM. Technically she's still biofem

>> No.62739462

Muslim police taking Hana to prison because she has sexual desires is top kek material.

>> No.62739474

Please I‘m begging you

>> No.62739570

Why the fuck would a girl want to be a male, especially on the internet?
There is literally no advantage.

>> No.62739650

so you will post it when this thread sages? or you intentionally know that mods will nuke this thread like the other hana threads?

>> No.62739670

>Why not just watch AVTubers if this is the content you want?
Watching a pornstar is not the same as watching someone like gura getting fucked.

>> No.62739771

Do it.

>> No.62739873

Was the he/him a serious statement?

>> No.62739883

troon then

>> No.62739954

>Couldn't it be AI?
If someone was going to do that to a vtuber, why would it be hana macchia?

>> No.62739974

Is that why her voice progressively became more lower-pitched? She still moans girly.

>> No.62740068

a hot one

>> No.62740142

>She still moans girly
It rhymes:
"You know what they say..."
>"You will never be a male!"

>> No.62740148

>he doesn't know

>> No.62740205

Evidently. Spit it out.

>> No.62740252

>"You know what they say..."
>"You will never be a male!"

>> No.62740385

>another bump limit thread
Just rangeban SEA already.

>> No.62740513

stay mad

>> No.62740568


>> No.62740726


>> No.62740811

if all chuubas want to get fucked on stream in front of their fans, and all fans want to fuck their oshi on stream.... what's stopping it from happening?

>> No.62740820

You cannot ignore Global South.

>> No.62740860


>> No.62740898

t. i wish i was born american

>> No.62740917

The question is why she did it? She hate her fans?

>> No.62740962

I don't mind being born Indonesian or Malaysian, they're really based.

>> No.62740979

With how much she clearly enjoys railing her pussy I doubt it.

>> No.62741000

But the fans aren't the ones the chuuba wants to fuck?

>> No.62741010

It's better to be born in one of the countries near Iceland, American lifestyle makes people mad or die because of horribly expensive medical bills.

>> No.62741033

Massive simultaneous adoption of NTR kink

>> No.62741036

Retard this was a service to her fans.

>> No.62741076

What? That's so cuck

>> No.62741090

Still waiting for that footjob

>> No.62741115

Probably going to graduate soon so decided to go all out while also staining ANYCOLOR on her way out.

>> No.62741175

Anon... Don't leave us hanging.

>> No.62741244

i dont really care about her enough to want her to suffer. i like how she sounded and i hope she doesnt get harassed and i hope she does more. why the fuck would anyone really care if she gets fucked by her bf? do people care when some jav actress or pornstar get fucked?

>> No.62741281

Islam was a mistake.

>> No.62741332

it's not really worth that much hype. if you have to be spoonfed i suggest going to /t/ archives and searching there. if youre not able to find it then you arent meant to.

>> No.62741404

Why are anons assuming they're getting cucked when they never had a chance in the first place. You're a loser anon, coom like the rest of us

>> No.62741428

Nope, the Judaism one

>> No.62741496

No way fag

>> No.62741524

Such is a human/male psychology. But yeah, coom and/or get pleasure from getting NTR feeling.