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Hoshimachi Suisei Thread

>Original Songs and special features
なかま歌 / Nakamaka (Shiraken)
Sugar Rush (Micomet)

>Midnight Grand Orchestra 2nd Album 『Starpeggio』
Album release: December 13th
Midnight Mission
夜を待つよ / I'll wait for the night

>MV Playlists: Originals, Covers and Collab Originals. In order:
https://pastebin.com/Jp67bL4F (Twitter Uploads)

Buy/stream the album
Michizure (The First Take Ver.)
Shout in Crisis Blu-ray

>Still Still Stellar
Buy the album
Stellar Stellar (The First Take Ver.)
Stellar into the Galaxy Blu-ray

>Upcoming Events
[November 17th] Anime NYC Hololive Meet - Hoshimachi Suisei Concert
[November 25th] AFA'23 Singapore x Hololive Meet - miComet Talk show appearance
[December 8th] X-CON X-DIMENSION - Guest appearance
[December 13th] Youtube FanFest Japan 2023
[December 24-25th] Comic Fiesta 2023 - miComet Guest appearance
[February 20th] Midnight Grand Orchestra 1st Live「Midnight Mission」@Toyosu PIT

Suisei x KAF Interview
Now on Space (VILLS Ver.)

https://twitter.com/suisei_hosimati https://twitter.com/suisei_submati

>Music Space, Heikosen Scramble & NHK Radio (requires a VPN)
NHK Radio Archives / ぶいあーる: https://pastebin.com/Axm4cUUG

For any questions you may have and older threads, check the FAQ:

Previous thread: >>62625575

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If Suityan was my sister I would do everything in my power to land Kerberos wife.

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Black haired Suisei cosplaying as Juri or Suisei cosplaying with Juri's costume edited to have her main color scheme?

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No, it's a projectile. And it's as lame as you think it is.

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Suisei doesn't feel much like the caring, supportive type. That is, if you're her younger brother, she might help you out or talk to you from time to time, but otherwise she'll be too focused on other shit to pay attention to you.
On the other hand, if I am her older brother, I have that as an excuse to help her out and support her, to insert myself into her life and teach her stuff (including how to please a man (me)).

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those raw DPs are definitely a bad habit

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Same with all the fullscreen divekicks she keeps doing too.

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i like incest so her being my sister wouldn't prevent me from wanting to have sex with her.
also younger 100%, she acts like a child sometimes.

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Manon sounds a lot different than I was expecting

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what the fuck is that damage? holy shit.

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grappler privilege

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Suisei using long pokes to stay out of grab range was pretty smart

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>Planning on continuing
My expectations were rock bottom after the Idol Showdown stream, but I'm really glad
Particularly if she sticks with Juri, it's always nice seeing people pick up more technical characters because they found them cool. Really hope Sui-chan can master her

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I saw her manipulate her air time and landing direction with a dive kick earlier, which confused the opponent. I don't know if that was intentional, but if it was, that was really fucking smart of her. If not, then still cool to see regardless.

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Who is this and what has she done to my oshi?
Thank you Mr. Koro

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what happened to her with Idol Showdown? Hated it?

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Never thought I'd say this but I hate Korosan so much now

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>those raw DPs

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Don't know but she played it for far less and only did 1 stream.
I'm guessing getting matched with people across the globe and having the entire thing be a lagfest didn't help either

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Im ready for the SF6 addiction streams.

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didn't expect to enjoy it considering i know jack shit about fighting games.

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imo the biggest appeal of this recent holo SF6 arc is watching shitters walk the path to gitting gud.

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Her worst habit is backing away to the other corner after successfully cornering her opponent. It costed her many game.

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agree. it’s the idol journey but with your fists
or draining their drive gauge and not going in the offensive. it’s why I want her to play with other holos so they can let her know when are the right times to pressure

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Hag grooming.
One day she will play some crappy retro games for 24 hours and fail to beat it.

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So how long until the Sui-Fighter fanart comes pouring in
God I hope so

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Not entirely sure what were suityan's thoughts but that game's just dogshit.
It was a laggy mess on both the netcode and input aspects, the spritework was inconsistent, and the voices, save for those chuubas who volunteered to to record new ones for it, are older than the foundation of both Shiraken and Micomet.

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>are older than the foundation of both Shiraken and Micomet.
ok i laughed
that game is also very ugly.

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12 hours or so.

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>it’s the idol journey but with your fists
That's a pretty great way to put it.

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sauce please

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She already said six months ago that she wants to try playing Sonic and had been asking Okayu about emulators or whatever it is they're legally allowed to use.

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I mean games like gynoug or r-type.
Mr Koro never beat them...

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Hoshimatic Project might be a top 5 thing of all time

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File: 411 KB, 1451x2048, __hoshimachi_suisei_hololive_drawn_by_user_essc4555__5dc9d48b7e9f34e55c5ffa7f6abd6e87.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Kek, bottom left and top right are physically impossible for Suityan we found out.

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Are you ready for tomorrow, NYCbros?

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Every time I think about the fact that I’m actually seeing her tomorrow my body starts freaking out. Even if it’s pre recorded, low quality, shit venue, whatever. I’m fucking excited

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Is this based on something?

>> No.62712081

not really, it's a series of drawings made by an artist about a boy cosplaying Suisei.

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What the fuck is that fried rice tsunami

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mahou wo...nee...
mahou wo...kakete

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lol why was this deleted? did the janny not see that the player is called "suisei_is_god"?

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>join at the absolute top of the list
>not a single person sold their VIP tickets
Not really surprising though. Oh well, at least I managed to get a Gold.

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I'm already in NYC. I wonder how many anons we'll rustle together this time.

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Hope you're enjoying yourself anon.
Make sure to stop by some other places, venues and food places in the meantime, one can never know when could another opportunity present itself.

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Did Daigo lose?

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/here/yomis actually meeting up tomorrow? you guys better not be too autistic. i need a gold section buddy

>> No.62716151

apparently yes
there's quite a few here, i imagine a good portion are travelling right now.

>> No.62716202

I live in NYC so I'm just waiting to hop on my comfy express bus to the city tomorrow.

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>Paying $150 to watch a pre-recorded concert
I will get the same thing for $0 after I download the torrent.

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Venue with other Hoshihomies seeing our beloved oshi > stinky unclean NEET room

>> No.62719119

Actually my Gold ticket was $180.
Who cares, I get to see it live. Even Holofes is pre-recorded, only the intermission parts are live.

>> No.62719619

Will suisei have a live mcee portion for the nyc thing?

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File: 50 KB, 850x1025, hoshimachi_suisei_hololive_drawn_by_ma_draws__sample-a1f66102b012b0f14c6b8be0dbd3c055.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honestly think this is sexier than her stomachs just being exposed

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I thought it wasn't being streamed.

>> No.62722862

If it is being streamed/recorded, it has not been said anywhere

>> No.62723229

it isn't. that anon is just coping. no doubt someone will record the performance from their phone or something but he's acting like he's going to get anything close to the real experience.

>> No.62723327

>no doubt someone will record the performance from their phone or something
If he's lucky maybe. If you get caught doing that they kick you out.

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the pekora crossdressing doujin
dude dresses up as pekora and has sex with his friend
>let's pretend i'm pekora

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Wasn't the Pekora one also based on another thing?

>> No.62725656

yeah kek
both are full doujinshis

>> No.62726274

>the pekora crossdressing doujin

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can i send a panda link? if you don't have access i'll get another

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Sure, I tried looking it up but couldn't find anything

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artist is Vaalishoo, first result on google
there's a copypasta as well (it came before the doujin), just google the title of the doujin to find it. change pekora for suisei and there's a suisei version too.
have fun.

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How desperate you have to be to do it with a male cosplayer though

>> No.62727477

It's not gay if he looks like a girl

>> No.62727498

if it makes my dick hard it's a girl.

>> No.62727535

Ah no wonder, I had it filtered by default

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....that's why i couldn't find it on panda as well lol
also while i was searching i found another gallery with suityan stuff but untagged

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with the upcoming concert... thinking about suityan and how things used to be back then and how different they are now, both for better and for worse... i concluded that despite missing some things from simpler times, i couldn't be prouder of the person she's become in the end. i love this dumb woman so much. anyway have fun at new york guys.

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That's a lot of sentence conjunctions.

>> No.62729229

yeah, i didn't give it much thought i just started dumping my thoughts. (holding back so it doesn't end up being a gigantic blogpost though.)

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I'm no longer straight.

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go to anyc and get a sui cosplayer
live your dreams anon

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Is this what the pekora one was based on?

>> No.62729519

Speaking of, its kinda annoying that all the vtuber cosplay meetups are on Saturday. I'm sure they'll be walking around even on Friday though.

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Newfags >>>/out/

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It's kinda funny to think that most of the people shocked by that or some vtuber copypastas were probably born after the original was made.

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brand new hoshiyomi interpretation....

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looks like people are already meeting up for the con. have fun burgerbros, let those who can't go know how good it was.

>> No.62735145

>looks like people are already meeting up for the con.

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>> No.62735316

Oh yeah. Anons can make their own instance of the VRChat world and watch the con from there together. But that doesn't do any of the hoshiyomi's any good since she won't be at the booth.

>> No.62735397

I was joking.

>> No.62735503

i've seen a few posts around the board commenting on how some anons have already met.

>> No.62736409

Will any portion of the con be streamed?

>> No.62736521

I don't get it, is this some japanese PE test to see how flexible you are? does this mean suichan is unfit like senchou?

>> No.62736563

The stuff at the booth will be streamed via VRChat, but that means not the concert or panels.

>> No.62736703

it simply means she's stiff. she ranked quite high consistently on the other tests especially those where stamina was tested. this woman needs yoga.

>> No.62737886

She is stiff like a plank, not unfit. Also according to Wamy there was sit and reach segment but she omitted it because most of them couldn't do it.

>> No.62739480

this art makes me severely uncomfortable

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The anatomy in this picture is mindfucking me.