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>thing flops
>they try to do it again hoping it’d be better a second time

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They want more female fans

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It worked for Niji right?

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/vt/ lost...


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People gonna say bullshit, but the few female fans i ran into both online and offline over the years only liked hololive.

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Why do they all look like fags? Don't "Ikemen" me.
It's consistent, too. We could have old model Aruran's but no. From Tempus to this, it's all gay looking.

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From the women I know, the terminally online fujoshi types lean Niji while the older, typically more well-adjusted ones lean Holo. Niji EN being so crass is off-putting to them.

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damn it yagoo. give up. no one wants this.

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More like thing flips LMAO cause they're all Pinoys.
They shouldn't be called ARMIS they should be called Flip Flop because they are Flips and they're gonna flop.

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it worked for the original Hololive.

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How come everytime a homo debuts the projections start to kick in? Is it actually normal /here/?
Newfag btw

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what projection? holostarsJp has been a massive flop in all gens and starsEN lost the only two who had any sort of traction. unless they become a hit with some part of the world that barely speaks english i don't see this becoming any different.

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>be male vtuber
>legit only 3 choices
>join hololive, get a shit tier model, a lot of the corpos fans actually hate you and will very loudly and frequently let it be known, not allowed to even think about any of your female coworkers
>join nijisanji, be in nijisanji with all that entails, the good and the bad (but at least you’ll have a larger audience)
>stay indie

woman truly do have it the easiest

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I don't think it was considered one if they got more, hold that "L" baby

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>be a male vtuber

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You forgot to mention that you're a faggot btw

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some enterprising dude should start up a small corpo for bro chuubas jej

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>be a male vtuber
That was your first mistake

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That's simple math. If Marine has 30k CCV and 10% of it are women than she has 3k female fans. More than any Homo has CCV overall.

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Because in the small chance that Holostars explodes in popularity, Cover will gain a lot of benefits. That's the entire reason behind Nijisanji's accelerate and why there's still a Holostars branch, they will continue to invest into it by the promise of big gains from a completely different audience from Hololive.
In a way it's like that image, I wish I had it saved, of that guy that's digging for treasure and he abandons just before getting to it.

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Pls no yab for fuck sake

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Pinoy Gen seems like a good idea; less unicorns compared to the West.
Even if it becomes like an ID branch, it will be sustainable. Building up the algorithm makes it easier for future growth.
Can't rely on Covid anymore.

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Ok but the second they collab with any of the untainted Hololive girls I still watch I'm dropping said girl instantly capiche
how's that for a business plan

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>thing flops
More like thing flips

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Now hear me out-- don't kill the messenger but...
>Girls exist as vtuber fans
>A percentage of these girls look for either BFE or like watching guys, in the same way guys like watching girls
>Cover wants this market share
>A new gen with different personalities/characteristics tries to find the right niche for these potential fans to get their market share

I strongly prefer hololive (t. Ruffian), but I don't care what holostars does. Anyone losing their mind over a new holostars gen is pathetic, because 95% of the time they're completely separated from the hololive chuuba one watches. Similarly, a collab here or there doesn't mean they're fucking, but sure, keep seething and being insecure unicorns. I'm 'sure' that'll only bring one happiness and is exactly just what one's oshi would want.

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You had to type out all that preachy shit on a Mongolian basket-weaving board just to feel superior despite your own glaring flaws and insecurities. Maybe you could use some therapy, yourself?

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Yes actually

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If they want the otome audience they need to stope hiring cringey Filipino sexpests and hire a decent seiso man who can do proper kayfabe. They’ll never get the female version of a ruffian if they don’t hire the male version of fuwamoco.

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Ruffians tend to not be sanctimonious pieces of shit, like you. Stop false-flagging.

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why? because they hate us
thats why

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>t. Ruffian
>I don't care what holostars does
easy to say when your oshi is the most unicorn friendly EN

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Based ruffian.

Sidenote, your opinion doesn't matter, Holostars EN isn't considerated a flop by Cover, otherwise we wouldn't have a third gen already.
It's a business, and you are not the target audience, you already have a big catalog of girls you can pretend to be in a relationship with.

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They're a publicly traded company now, they have no choice but to emulate anycolor's ACCELERATE business strategy in order to please their shareholders and earn Yagoo his first yacht.

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Is there even a demand for this, who will watch them?

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tourist? Flip female? IDK

t. flip

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i will watch if someone is playing dota, fauna is taking too fucking long

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>who will watch them?
Not homobeggars, we know that much

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It worked for HoloID

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>be male vtuber
Or be a male streamer and have it easy

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I raughed.

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>larger audience
I guess 100 is still more than 1

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If they try to pull a Luca they're getting axed

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will any of these even reach 100k lifetime subs?

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That said, if you're a gaijin, NijiEN being a dumpster fire probably isn't a good choice either.
Taking the Holostars debuff would at least give you decent management support for your activities.

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holo en is literally a globohomo branch. this gen literally destroyed the "western" part.

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>Nijimales are reclining
>Now's our chance!

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StarsEN is not HoloEN

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it will be like niji en once holo en members homocollab with them. they will definitely do.

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But what if StarsEN exclusively collabs with NijiEN?

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There third gen mean its not flops
they get massive support imediately from many female fans and talented artist
Just unicorn think it flops

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>Yagoo his first yacht

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>i can't refute this
Fucking unicorns were right about a new gen of girls revitalizing EN hoes.

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Twitter likes and Reddit upvotes don't count as support, anon

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Hololive needs to keep trying to make things for people that hate Hololive for some reason

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Vesper had some 4K CCV streams though I feel like he had 0 female fans

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Auditions more than half a year ago were co-ed and asked for male participants. Anyone surprised by this is beyond retarded, this is a decision that was clearly made last year.

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>you're a faggot btw
Sir, this is 4chan.
Next you're going to tell me water is wet.

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You are a single droplet in an ocean.

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probably not a flop by their internal metrics.

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And Hololive as a whole.

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It's called being gay and retarded.

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No one is "losing their mind" they are confused or mocking at most since we already got advent. It was a different time during the drought. But oversensitive homosisters can't handle any banter and need to beg #supportARMIS.

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Based ruffianbro, the only ones that are annoyed are the people scared that their oshi is gonna interact with them ore like you said
>insecure unicorns
we are very secure unicorns here

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Who would even want to join them?

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If they get 300 viewers each then they will be a success.

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>just be passive and let literal rapists hang around near your oshi at events, studios etc
you are useless herbivore failures

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Report them to police

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>female fans

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at that point i'd have to act retarded about staff too

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I mean, Mel almost got raped by staff once, and Cover had to replace all male managers at the time because fans were panicking that their oshi might have a male manager.

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You are no ruffian. Fuwamoco more than anyone in HoloEN wants the homos to be gone.

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Then Raden revealed they drink with male managers all the time.

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Most male streamers are also 0/1 views, the only advantage is that it's easier to get into a streamer clique than to get into a vtuber corporation.

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Do you live in Southeast Asia?

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Anon, your English reps...

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Why are you seething

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Yagoo is unironically the biggest homobeggar on the planet, he refuses to support the guys they have now and instead hopes to keep pooping out more dudes in hopes they become as successful as niji males because yagoo fucking loves to copy nijisanji for whatever reason.

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>Not a single british guy
And they wonder why nobody watches. I would eat that shit up as long as he wasn't a Vox-tier coomer

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>Council flops
>They try to do it again hoping it'd be better a third time
>It is

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yes this is definitely the exact same scenario, good post anon

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>source: it came to me in a dream

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So you definitely supported Mysta then, right anon?

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t. Holoinsider
Picrel is proof
Being flip flops is only smokescreen
Their PLs are:
>Mumkey Jones

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>(but at least you’ll have a larger audience)
the margin between homoEN and nijiEN is not much nowadays.

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yo tagbros and tagsisters
is crimzon ruze some elaborate arrozcaldo pun or something?

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p-please d-don't l-let t-them c-co-opt s-stutterposting...

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Why are they debuting more homos, especially now after things finally calmed down? I can already see it, endless wave of piss coloured beggar supas leaking into my oshi's chat in forthcoming months...

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Mister Jap is doing his job. >:3

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>I will improve the talents' fanbases by leaving
Two birds with one stone anon! Investment's paying off already!

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>second time
Seventh if we're count homoJP.

It's just denial and stubbornness at this point.

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> homoJP
They are decently popular and funny.
HomoFlipEN aren't

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>fail once
>oh well, may as well give up forever
great mindset, OP.

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Piss colored? Could be worse, they could be hospital mint green

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>T-rex guy already outed as a discord groomer mod
rumau even

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Why do they keep on using these kinds of fag/female oriented designs? No straight dude is going to watch this shit. They need something more relatable, like A-kun.

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Hololive didn't get big until Coco debuted.
One of those guys is Star's own Coco.

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Regardless of whether or not it is, you're still retarded because a company continuously doing something doesn't mean it's successful.

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If you are a guy just grow some balls and be a fleshtuber..

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PH audience

>> No.62724684

They need a distraction since Magni and Vesper are gone.

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He was Axel manager you know.

>> No.62729333

Bettel is dipping out soon and they're trying to stem the bleeding by throwing more bodies in the mix in hopes they bring in an audience to replace his. They won't of course because HoloStars viewers only watch their specific boys if they watch streams at all.

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3rd time's the charm, as they say

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and what they're going to bridge the gap to the world of money through the tagalog audience??? this gen is more dead on arrival than an aborted fetus. at least they've been better than any other stars gen because I had a good laugh at the name "goldbullet"